Technical and Further Education Bill

Explanatory Notes

Overview of the Bill

1 This Bill takes forward policies relating to Technical and Further Education which support the government’s social mobility agenda and seek to help boost the country’s productivity by addressing skill shortages and ensuring high quality technical education.

2 The Technical Education (TE) measures in the Bill focus on supporting the implementation of the reforms to post-16 TE which were set out in the Skills Plan (published in July 2016). It takes forwards provisions which extend the Institute for Apprenticeships’ remit to cover classroom-based TE in addition to apprenticeships. It also includes measures which support the Institute’s establishment and remit regarding apprenticeships.

3 The Further Education (FE) measures introduce a FE insolvency regime which seek to ensure the financial resilience of FE and sixth form colleges, and build on the ongoing area-based reviews of the sector. The regime follows a consultation that was launched in July 2016. There is also an additional measure regarding FE information which ensures the continued provision of information on FE to the Secretary of State after functions and budget for adult education have been transferred to combined authorities.


Prepared 10th January 2017