Homelessness Reduction Bill (HL Bill 96)


Explanatory notes to the Bill, prepared by the Department for Communities and Local Government with the consent of Lord Best, the Member in charge of the Bill, are published separately as HL Bill 96—EN.


  1. Threatened homelessness

    1. 1. Meaning of “threatened with homelessness”

  2. Advisory services

    1. 2. Duty to provide advisory services

  3. Assessments and plans

    1. 3. Duty to assess all eligible applicants’ cases and agree a plan

  4. Duties to those who are homeless or threatened with homelessness

    1. 4. Duty in cases of threatened homelessness

    2. 5. Duties owed to those who are homeless

    3. 6. Duties to help to secure accommodation

  5. Failure to co-operate by an applicant for assistance

    1. 7. Deliberate and unreasonable refusal to co-operate: duty upon giving of notice

  6. Local connection

    1. 8. Local connection of a care leaver

  7. Reviews of local housing authority decisions etc

    1. 9. Reviews

  8. Duty on public authorities in England to refer cases

    1. 10. Duty of public authority to refer cases to local housing authority

  9. Codes of practice

    1. 11. Codes of practice

  10. Suitability of accommodation

    1. 12. Suitability of private rented sector accommodation

  11. General

    1. 13. Extent, commencement and short title