Richmond Burgage Pastures Bill [HL]


This Bill amends two outdated provisions of the Richmond Burgage Pastures Act 1853
(“the 1853 Act”). The 1853 Act makes provision about the regulation of the pasturing
and management of certain pastures in Richmond, North Yorkshire, including the
disused racecourse. It also established the Richmond Burgage Pastures Committee
(“the Committee”), which continues to manage the pasture land in accordance with the
1853 Act.

Clause 1 deals with citation.

Clause 2 amends two provisions of the 1853 Act.

First, it amends section 5 of the 1853 Act by removing a requirement that members of
the Committee must reside no more than seven miles from the boundaries of the old
borough of Richmond.

Secondly, it amends section 10 of the 1853 Act by removing restrictions on the
Committee's power to lease land under that section. Those restrictions require that any
leases must be granted from year to year and at the best yearly rent that can reasonably
be had.

Clause 3 enables the costs of preparing for, obtaining and passing of the Bill paid or
payable by the Committee to be paid out of the Committee's revenue.


In the view of the Richmond Burgage Pastures Committee the provisions of the Bill are
compatible with the Convention Rights.