This is a revised version to correct an error in paragraph 33

Private International Law (Implementation of Agreements) Bill [HL]

Explanatory Notes

Territorial extent and application

31 Clause 4(1) of the Bill sets out the territorial extent of the Bill as England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. These are the jurisdictions in which the Bill forms part of the law and the Bill applies throughout the whole of the UK.

Legislative Consent Motions

32 There is a convention that Westminster will not normally legislate with regard to matters that are within the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales, or the Northern Ireland Assembly without the consent of the legislature concerned.

33 The matters to which the provisions of the Bill relate are within the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament and of the Northern Ireland Assembly, and, to a limited extent, the National Assembly for Wales. A legislative consent motion is being sought from the Scottish Parliament and Northern Ireland Assembly.

34 Annex A summarises the position regarding territorial extent and application in the United Kingdom.


27th February 2020