This is a revised version to correct an error in paragraph 33

Private International Law (Implementation of Agreements) Bill [HL]

Explanatory Notes

Financial implications of the Bill

65 Clause 1 means that the provisions of three Hague Conventions, which were directly applicable in UK law during the transition period, continue to have legal effect in UK law after the end of the transition period. No substantive changes are being made to the Hague Convention provisions being implemented under the Bill and clause 1 is therefore not expected to have any financial implications.

66 Clause 2 creates the delegated power which will be used to implement a range of international agreements on PIL which could have financial implications for UK businesses, individuals and families. However, each use of this power will require separate financial analysis with the implications depending on the agreement being implemented. The creation of the power has no financial effect in and of itself.

67 Clause 3 and Clause 4 have no financial impact.


27th February 2020