Subsidy Control Bill (HL Bill 84)


Explanatory notes to the Bill, prepared by the Department for Business, Energy and
Industrial Strategy, have been ordered to be published as HL Bill 84—EN.


Lord Callanan has made the following statement under section 19(1)(a) of the Human
Rights Act 1998:

In my view the provisions of the Subsidy Control Bill are compatible with the Con
vention rights.


  1. Part 1

    Overview and key interpretation

    1. Overview etc

      1. 1.Overview and application of Act

    2. “Subsidy”

      1. 2.“Subsidy”

      2. 3.Financial assistance which confers an economic advantage

      3. 4.Financial assistance which is specific

      4. 5.Section : modification for air carriers

    3. “Public authority”

      1. 6.“Public authority”

    4. “Enterprise”

      1. 7.“Enterprise”

      2. 8.Persons under common control

    5. Other key terms

      1. 9.The subsidy control principles and the energy and environment principles

      2. 10.Subsidy schemes and streamlined subsidy schemes

      3. 11.Subsidies and schemes of interest or particular interest

  2. Part 2

    Subsidy control requirements

    1. Principles

      1. 12.Application of the subsidy control principles

      2. 13.Application of the energy and environment principles

    2. Prohibitions and other requirements

      1. Introductory

        1. 14.Introductory

      2. General prohibitions

        1. 15.Unlimited guarantees

        2. 16.Export performance

        3. 17.Use of domestic goods or services

        4. 18.Relocation of activities

      3. Ailing or insolvent enterprises

        1. 19.Rescuing

        2. 20.Restructuring

        3. 21.Restructuring deposit takers or insurance companies

        4. 22.Liquidating deposit takers or insurance companies

        5. 23.Liquidity provision for deposit takers or insurance companies

        6. 24.Meaning of “ailing or insolvent”

        7. 25.Meaning of “deposit taker”

        8. 26.Meaning of “insurance company”

      4. Other specific prohibitions and requirements

        1. 27.Subsidies for insurers that provide export credit insurance

        2. 28.Subsidies for air carriers for the operation of routes

        3. 29.Services of public economic interest

      5. Subsidy schemes

        1. 30.Effect of prohibitions etc in relation to subsidy schemes

      6. Subsidies or schemes subject to mandatory referral

        1. 31.Subsidies or schemes subject to mandatory referral

    3. Transparency

      1. 32.Subsidy database

      2. 33.Duty to include information in the subsidy database

      3. 34.Information to be included in the subsidy database

  3. Part 3


    1. Introductory

      1. 35.Introductory

    2. Minimal or SPEI financial assistance

      1. Minimal financial assistance

        1. 36.Minimal financial assistance

        2. 37.Section : procedural requirements

      2. Services of public economic interest assistance

        1. 38.Services of public economic interest assistance

        2. 39.Section : procedural requirements

      3. General

        1. 40.Mergers and acquisitions

        2. 41.Exemption for certain subsidies given to SPEI enterprises

        3. 42.Chapter 2: supplementary and interpretative provision

    3. Emergencies etc.

      1. 43.Natural disasters and other exceptional circumstances

      2. 44.National or global economic emergencies

    4. Other miscellaneous exemptions

      1. 45.National security

      2. 46.Bank of England monetary policy

      3. 47.Financial stability

      4. 48.Legacy and withdrawal agreement subsidies

      5. 49.Tax measures

      6. 50.Large cross-border or international cooperation projects

      7. 51.Nuclear energy

  4. Part 4

    CMA: referrals and functions

    1. Functions on referrals of subsidies and schemes

      1. Mandatory referrals

        1. 52.Mandatory referral to CMA

        2. 53.CMA reporting period for mandatory referral

        3. 54.Cooling off period following mandatory referral

        4. 55.Call-in direction

      2. Voluntary referrals

        1. 56.Voluntary referral to CMA

        2. 57.CMA reporting period for voluntary referral

        3. 58.Call-in direction following voluntary referral

      3. Mandatory and voluntary referrals: contents of CMA report

        1. 59.CMA report following mandatory or voluntary referral

      4. Post-award referrals

        1. 60.Post-award referrals

        2. 61.CMA reporting period for post-award referrals

        3. 62.CMA report following post-award referral

      5. Exemptions

        1. 63.Referrals in relation to subsidy schemes

        2. 64.Other exemptions

    2. General functions

      1. 65.Monitoring and reporting on subsidy control

      2. 66.CMA annual report

      3. 67.Information-gathering powers

    3. Subsidy Advice Unit

      1. 68.Subsidy Advice Unit

      2. 69.References to subsidy control groups

  5. Part 5


    1. Appeals to the Competition Appeal Tribunal

      1. 70.Review of subsidy decisions

      2. 71.Time limits for applications under section

      3. 72.CAT powers on review: England and Wales and Northern Ireland

      4. 73.CAT powers on review: Scotland

      5. 74.Recovery orders

      6. 75.Appeals against decisions of the CAT

    2. Pre-action information

      1. 76.Duty to provide pre-action information

    3. Misuse

      1. 77.Misuse of subsidies

  6. Part 6

    Miscellaneous and general

    1. Miscellaneous

      1. 78.Subsidies and schemes in primary legislation

      2. 79.Guidance

      3. 80.Disclosure of information

      4. 81.Modifications to subsidies and schemes

      5. 82.Gross cash and gross cash equivalent amount of financial assistance

      6. 83.Minor amendment to the Financial Services Act 2021

    2. General

      1. 84.Financial provision

      2. 85.Crown application

      3. 86.Power to make consequential provision

      4. 87.Regulations

      5. 88.Directions

      6. 89.Interpretation

      7. 90.Extent

      8. 91.Commencement

      9. 92.Short title

    1. Schedule 1

      The subsidy control principles

    2. Schedule 2

      The energy and environment principles

    3. Schedule 3

      Subsidies provided by primary legislation