Pension Schemes (Conversion of Guaranteed Minimum Pensions) Bill

Explanatory Notes

Legal background

13 The following notes give a brief overview of significant existing legislation that is referenced by this Bill.

14 The Pensions Schemes Act 1993 is a consolidation Act that sets out various provisions in relation to classification of pension schemes, contracting out, early leavers (including preservation, revaluation and the right to take a transfer), the Pensions Ombudsman and other miscellaneous requirements.

15 The Pensions Act 2007 makes provision about pensions and other benefits payable to persons in connection with bereavement or by reference to pensionable age.

16 The Pension Schemes (Northern Ireland) Act 1993 and the Pension Act (Northern Ireland) 2008 make mirroring provision for Northern Ireland.


10 March 2022