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Adoption and Children Bill

Here you can browse publications of the Select Committee on the Adoption and Children Bill arranged with the most recently published item at the top. Publications of the Committee in Session 2000-2001 will appear on these pages as they are published.

Session 2000-2001
*26 June 2001 HC 510ISBN 0 10 238101 1£3.00
Minutes of Proceedings
Oral Evidence
* 8 May 2001 HC 431-iii ISBN 0 10 235901 6 £9.70
Minutes of Evidence for Tuesday 8 May 2001
Adoption and Children Bill
Liv O'Hanlon, Sue James, Philly Morrall, Lynda Gilbert, Helen Wilkins, Pam Hodgkins, Angela Tanner, Doreen Ward, Sandra Webster, Gerri McAndrew, Pat Verity, Mr Jim Parton and Mr John Shirley
* 8 May 2001 HC 431-ii ISBN 0 10 232801 X £8.00
Minutes of Evidence for Tuesday 1 May 2001
Adoption and Children Bill
Felicity Collier, Deborah Cullen, Robert Hutchinson, Meg Staples, Cllr Maureen Rutter, Andrew Christie and Dorothy Blatcher
* 11 May 2001 HC 431-i ISBN 0 10 232301 1 £7.00
Minutes of Evidence for Tuesday 24 April 2001
Adoption and Children Bill
Mr James Paton, Mr Mark Ferrero and Sandra Walker; Diane Shepherd; Amanda Finlay and Kay Birch
* 11 May 2001 HC 431-iv ISBN 0 10 233301 7 £9.70
Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence
Adoption and Children Bill
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