Order of Business Friday 22 March 2013

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House of Commons

Order of Business

At 9.30 am Prayers


Main Business

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† 1 WAYS AND MEANS: Adjourned debate on Question [20 March]. [Until 2.30 pm]

1. Amendment of the Law

(1) That it is expedient to amend the law with respect to the National Debt and the public revenue and to make further provision in connection with finance.

(2) This Resolution does not extend to the making of any amendment with respect to value added tax so as to provide-

(a) for zero-rating or exempting a supply, acquisition or importation;

(b) for refunding an amount of tax;

(c) for any relief, other than a relief that-

(i) so far as it is applicable to goods, applies to goods of every description, and

(ii) so far as it is applicable to services, applies to services of every description.

For the remaining Budget Motions, numbers 2 to 71, and those relating to Procedure and Money, see separate Paper.

Those Motions are to be moved at the conclusion of the Budget Debate, after the decision on the motion before the House on Amendment of the Law. They will be decided without debate (Standing Order No. 51(3)).

Debate may continue until 2.30 pm.


Mr Andrew Lansley

That, notwithstanding the Resolution of this House of 3 December 2012, it be an instruction to the Joint Committee on Parliamentary Privilege that it should report by 28 June 2013.

If opposed, this item cannot be taken after 2.30 pm.

At the end of the sitting:


Proposed subject: Proposed changes to the Magistrates’ Court matrix in Wiltshire (John Glen).

Debate may continue until 3.00 pm or for half an hour, whichever is later (Standing Order No. 11).


Friday 22 March

Time of publication



Public Accounts

00.01 am

HC 865

Department of Health: progress in making NHS efficiency savings (Thirty-Ninth Report).



00.01 am

HC 875

Land Transport Security-scope for further EU involvement? (Eleventh Report).



11.00 am

HC 719

Defence and Cyber-Security: Government Response to the Committee’s Sixth Report of Session 2012–13 (Sixth Special Report).


European Scrutiny

11.00 am

HC 86-xxxv

(Thirty-Fifth Report).


European Scrutiny

11.00 am

HC 798

The 2014 block opt-out: engaging with Parliament (Thirty-Seventh Report).

Written Ministerial Statements to be made today

1Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills: Insolvency Service performance targets 2013-14.

2Secretary of State for Defence: Cabinet Office Triennial Review of Non-Departmental Bodies-Advisory Committee on Conscientious Objectors.

3Secretary of State for Defence: Submarine dismantling project.

4Secretary of State for Defence: Tri-Service Recruit Trainee Survey-Annual Report 2011.

5Secretary of State for Health: Mandate for Health Education England.

6Secretary of State for Justice: Female offenders.

7Secretary of State for Transport: Aviation policy framework.

8Secretary of State for Work and Pensions: Advance from the Contingencies Fund.

Prepared 22nd March 2013