House of Commons

Session 2010-12
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Summary Agendas and Orders of Business

Summary Agenda Tuesday 3 May 2011

Summary Agenda
2.30 pm
Oral Questions to the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, including at 3.15 pm Topical Questions.
3.30 pm
Urgent Questions, Ministerial Statements (if any).
Planning (Green Belt Protection)—Motion for leave to introduce a Bill under the Ten minute rule (Bob Stewart) (for up to 20 minutes).
Finance (No. 3) Bill (Clauses 4, 7, 10, 19, 35 and 72): Committee (may continue until any hour).
At the end of the sitting
Presentation of Public Petition (without debate).
Adjournment Debate: Role of the Special Representative for International Trade and Investment (Paul Flynn) (until 10.30 pm or for half an hour, whichever is later).

Sitting in Westminster Hall
General Debates:
9.30 am
Future provision of English for speakers of other languages courses (Heidi Alexander).
11.00 am
Childhood obesity (Mary Macleod).
12.30 pm
Effect of the Budget on Coventry (Mr Jim Cunningham).
1.00 pm
Effects of larch disease on forests (Neil Parish).
1.30 pm
Funding for medical students (Mr Andrew Smith) (until 2.00 pm).

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