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Session 2010-12
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Summary Agendas and Orders of Business

Summary Agenda Thursday 19 May 2011

Summary Agenda
10.30 am
Oral Questions to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, including at 11.15 am Topical Questions.
11.30 am
Urgent Questions (if any); Business Question to the Leader of the House; Ministerial Statements, including on McNulty Report on Rail value for money and West Coast.
Backbench Business (27th allotted day): (1) BBC World Service (Motion); (2) Rural broadband and mobile coverage (Motion) (may continue until 6.00 pm).
Business of the House (8 June) (Motion) (no debate after 6.00 pm).
At the end of the sitting
Adjournment Debate: East Coast main line call centre contract (Ian Mearns) (until 6.30 pm or for half an hour, whichever is later).

Sitting in Westminster Hall
General Debate:
2.30 pm
Debate on the First Report from the Welsh Affairs Committee, Implications for Wales of the Government’s Proposals for Constitutional Reform, HC 495, and the Government response, HC 729, followed by a debate on the Third Report from the Committee, Severn Crossings Toll, HC 506, and the Government response, HC 837 (until 5.30 pm).

       Members wishing to table questions in person may do so in the usual way in the Table Office until 7.30 pm or the rising of the House (whichever is earlier) on Tuesday 24 May. After that, they may table questions for oral or written answer electronically or by post, and questions for written answer received before 4.30 pm on Monday 6 June will be treated as if tabled on that day. Questions for written answer submitted after that time will be treated as if tabled on Tuesday 7 June.
       Under Standing Order No. 22(6), the Speaker has made the following arrangements for tabling questions for oral answer when the House returns:
Last date of tabling*
Date for answer
Departments etc.
Tuesday 24 May
Tuesday 7 June
Tuesday 24 May
Wednesday 8 June
International Development; Prime Minister
Tuesday 24 May
Thursday 9 June
Business, Innovation and Skills
Tuesday 7 June(First sitting day after the adjournment)
Monday 13 June
Work and Pensions
       * The shuffles will be held at 12.30 pm.
       The results of the shuffles on Tuesday 24 May will be available on Wednesday 25 May from the Vote Office and on the internet at
       The latest time for tabling a Question for written answer on a named day before the Whitsun adjournment is 6.30 pm or the rising of the House (whichever is earlier) on Thursday 19 May, for answer on Tuesday 24 May.
       The following dates have been specified for the minimum notice for tabling named day written questions for answer after the adjournment:
Time for tabling
For answer at earliest on
10.30 pm or the rising of the House, whichever is the earlier, on Monday 23 May
Tuesday 7 June
7.30 pm or the rising of the House, whichever is the earlier, on Tuesday 24 May
Wednesday 8 June


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