Summary Agenda Tuesday 15 October 2011

Summary Agenda
11.30 am
Private Business (without debate).
Oral Questions to the Deputy Prime Minister, including at 11.50 am Topical Questions.
12.10 pm
Oral Questions to the Attorney General.
12.30 pm
Urgent Questions, Ministerial Statements (if any).
Metal Theft (Prevention)—Motion for leave to introduce a Bill under the Ten minute rule (Graham Jones) (for up to 20 minutes).
Backbench Business: (1) Fisheries (Motion); (2) Fuel Prices (Motion) (may continue until 7.00 pm).
At the end of the sitting
Presentation of Public Petition (without debate).
Adjournment Debate: Independent Police Complaints Commission (Mr David Lammy) (until 7.30 pm or for half an hour, whichever is later).

Sitting in Westminster Hall
General Debates:
9.30 am
International Monetary Fund and the Eurozone Crisis (Mr John Baron).
11.00 am
East-West rail link between Bletchley and Oxford (Iain Stewart).
The sitting will be suspended from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm
2.30 pm
Future of the UK aviation industry (Mr Brian H. Donohoe).
4.00 pm
Effect of fraud on access to bank accounts (Stephen Timms).
4.30 pm
Implications for Northumberland of proposed planning guidance (Sir Alan Beith) (until 5.00 pm).

       Members wishing to table questions in person may do so in the usual way in the Table Office until 7.30 pm or the rising of the House (if earlier) on Tuesday 15 November. Thereafter, they may table oral and written questions electronically or by post. In accordance with the House’s resolution of 13 October, Members will be able to e-table no more than five questions for written answer during the recess and such questions will count towards their quota for e-tabled questions on Monday 21 November.
       Under Standing Order No. 22(6), the Speaker has made the following arrangements for tabling Questions for oral answer in the week commencing 21 November.
Last date for tabling*
Date for answer
Departments etc
Tuesday 15 November
Monday 21 November
Tuesday 15 November
Tuesday 22 November
Tuesday 15 November
Wednesday 23 November
Prime Minister
Monday 21 November
Thursday 24 November
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Church Commissioners, Public Accounts Commission, and Speaker’s Committee on the Electoral Commission
       * The shuffles will be held at 12.30 pm.
       The results of the shuffles held on Tuesday 15 November will be available on Wednesday 16 November from the Vote Office and on the internet at
       For further details of last tabling days, see the Order of Oral Answers to Questions rota available from the Vote Office and on the internet at
       The following date has been specified for the minimum notice for tabling named day written questions for answer after the adjournment:
Time for tabling
For answer not earlier than
Before 7.30 pm or the rising of the House (if earlier) on Tuesday 15 November
Wednesday 23 November
       Questions for ordinary written answer and for named day written answer tabled after 7.30 pm or the rising of the House (if earlier) on Tuesday 15 November will be treated as having been tabled on Monday 21 November. Such Questions for ordinary written answer will be for answer on Wednesday 23 November; such Questions for named day written answer will be for answer not earlier than Thursday 24 November.

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Prepared 15th November 2011