Summary Agenda Wednesday 30 January 2013

Summary Agenda

11.30 am



Private Business (without debate).

Oral Questions to the Secretary of State for International Development, including at 11.53 am Topical Questions.

12 noon

Oral Questions to the Prime Minister.

12.30 pm

Urgent Questions, Ministerial Statements (if any).


Housing Market Reform-Motion for leave to introduce a Bill under the Ten minute rule (Mr Gareth Thomas) (for up to 20 minutes).

General Debate:Europe (may continue until 7.00 pm).

Statutory Instruments (Motions for approval) (without debate).

At the end of the sitting

Adjournment Debate: Use of partial stalls in the European pig industry (Mr Richard Bacon) (until 7.30 pm or for half an hour, whichever is later).

Sitting in Westminster Hall

General Debates:

9.30 am

Government policy on horsemeat in the food chain (Mr Steve Reed).

11.00 am

Regional government for the North (Mrs Linda Riordan).

The sitting will be suspended from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm.

2.30 pm

Scam mailing (Heather Wheeler).

4.00 pm

Role of the Planning Inspectorate in the core strategy of Reigate and Banstead Borough Council (Mr Crispin Blunt).

4.30 pm

Local services for disabled children and children with SEN (Angela Smith) (until 5.00 pm).

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Prepared 30th January 2013