Draft Legislative Reform Orders

Session 2013–14

Wednesday 11 December 2013

(a) The draft Order should be made (negative procedure) or approved (affirmative procedure) or should be proceeded with unamended (super-affirmative procedure): * indicates that the Committee’s recommendation was agreed after a Division.

(b) A revised draft Order should be laid (super-affirmative procedure).

(c) The draft Order should not be made (negative procedure) or no further proceedings may be taken in relation to it (affirmative or super-affirmative procedure).

† The period for Parliamentary consideration lasts 40 days (60 days for the super-affirmative procedure) from the day on which the draft Order is laid, not counting days when Parliament is dissolved or prorogued or either House is adjourned for more than four days (Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006, sections 16(3), 17(2), 18(2), 19). The number of days remaining includes the date of issue of this list.

‡ The Committee must report on a draft Order under the super-affirmative procedure within 15 sitting days of the laying of statement that the Minister proposes to make an order in the form of the draft Order or 25 sitting days of the laying of a revised draft Order (2006 Act, sections 18(3), (7), and Standing Order No. 141(7)). The number of sitting days remaining includes the date of issue of this list.

§ The Committee may recommend upgrading the Minister’s recommended procedure within 30 days of the draft Order being laid (calculated in the same way as in note †) (2006 Act, section 15).

# Indicates that a motion for the approval of the draft Order stood on the Order Paper for the day prior to the date of issue of this list.

Date laid


Minister’s recommended procedure

Committee’s recommended procedure§

Days remaining

Recommendation of the Regulatory Reform Committee

Decision of the House

11 November 2013

Legislative Reform (Payments by Parish Councils, Community Councils and Charter Trustees) Order 2013




5 December 2013

Draft Legislative Reform (Overseas Registration of Births and Deaths) Order 2014




Prepared 11th December 2013