House of Commons
26th September 2014
Notices of Motions for which no days have been fixed
('Early Day Motions')

*The figure following this symbol is the number of Members who have added their names in support of the Motion, including the Member in charge of the Motion.

After an Early Day Motion (EDM) has been printed for the first time, it is only reprinted when names are added or amendments tabled; only the first six names and any names added since the last printing are included. After the week in which a Motion is first printed and the following week, added names and amendments appear only in a separate paper, Mature EDMs, distributed the next Thursday. In the meantime, they are available for inspection by Members in the Table Office and the Library or on the EDM database at

Ms Margaret Ritchie
Mark Durkan

That this House is extremely concerned about the potential impact on the National Health Service of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal between the EU and the US; notes with concern that the deal would give private companies and investors new rights to sue the Government and the devolved administrations for unlimited sums of money through the investor state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism if privatised services are returned to public ownership; is shocked that there will be no right of appeal for decisions made by the ISDS mechanism and that this panel of trade lawyers will meet in private and have the capacity to award unlimited amounts in damages; recognises that this trade deal has the potential to fundamentally undermine the public health service and reconfigure the relationship between the state and private investors; and calls on the Government to clarify its position on this and categorically commit to exempting the NHS from the TTIP deal.

Prepared 27th September 2014