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Here you can browse documents of the North West Regional Committee arranged with the most recently published document at the top of each section.

Session 2009-10
Oral and Written Evidence
Oral and Written Evidence  

Green C indicates Committees in the House of Commons 31 March 2009   The future of the nuclear industry in the North West
Oral Evidence given by Professor Colin Boxall, North West Universities Association, Julie Maykels, National Skills Academy for Nuclear, and Rupert Steele, Scottish Power Ltd
Fergus McMorrow, Chief Executive, Copeland Borough Council, David Hayes, Energy Consultant, Britain’s Energy Coast – West Cumbria, and Richard Leafe, Chief Executive, Lake District National Park
Martin Forwood, Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment, and Councillor Ralph Pryke, Nuclear Free Local Authorities England - HTML version (browsable)

Oral Evidence given by Dr Ian Hudson, Programme Director – Sellafield, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, and Dr Joe McHugh, Head of Radioactive Substances Regulation, Environment Agency
Joe Flanagan, Head of Energy, Mark Hughes, Executive Director of Development, and Stewart Smith, Partnership Manager for Cumbria, Northwest Regional Development Agency
Mr Phil Woolas MP, Regional Minister for the North West, David Higham, Deputy Director for Economy for Economy, Environment and Regional Issues, and Michael Contaldo, Head of Economic Development, Government Office for the North West - HTML version (browsable)

Written Evidence - HTML version (browsable)
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Green C indicates Committees in the House of Commons The future of the nuclear industry in the North West
Session 2008-09
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