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EAGLE, Angela (Wallasey)
6.Overseas visits
August 2004, stayed with my partner for one week at Premier House in Wellington, New Zealand, at the invitation of the New Zealand Prime Minister, Rt Hon Helen Clarke MP (a personal friend). This was part of a holiday which I otherwise paid for in full myself. (Registered 1 November 2004)
EAGLE, Maria (Liverpool Garston)
EDWARDS, Huw (Monmouth)
 8.Land and Property
Two-bedroom flat in Monmouth.
EFFORD, Clive (Eltham)
6.Overseas visits
11-14 June 2004, to Portugal as a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Football Team, with travel, accommodation and hospitality provided by McDonalds, and football facilities and hospitality by the Portuguese Parliament. (Registered 26 August 2004)
ELLMAN, Louise (Liverpool Riverside)
6.Overseas visits
30 October-3 November 2004, to Israel and the Palestinian territories with Labour Friends of Israel to meet with members of the Israeli Government, Parliament and military, and grassroots organisations promoting Arab-Israeli co-operation. Travel and accommodation paid for by the Labour Friends of Israel. (Registered 26 October 2004)
ENNIS, Jeff (Barnsley East and Mexborough)
5.Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)
As Joint Chair of the All-Party Racing and Bloodstock Group I have been given a badge by the Race Course Association for 2004 which gives access to most race meetings. (Registered 30 March 2004)
ETHERINGTON, Bill (Sunderland North)
EVANS, Nigel (Ribble Valley)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Owner of a retail convenience store in Swansea.
6.Overseas visits
28 December 2003-2 January 2004, to Taiwan at the invitation and expense of the Government of Taiwan. (Registered 12 March 2004)
14-20 February 2004, to Egypt at the invitation and expense of the Government of Egypt. (Registered 12 March 2004)
2-9 April 2004, to Qatar to attend a conference on Middle East peace, as a guest of the Qatari Government, who provided flights and accommodation. (Registered 5 May 2004)
EWING, Annabelle (Perth)

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