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HAGUE, Rt. Hon. William (Richmond (Yorks))
1.Remunerated directorships
AES Engineering, Rotherham.
AMT-SYBEX Group Ltd, Dublin (non-executive). The company is a systems integrator which focuses on the utility, transport and energy retail industries.
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Parliamentary adviser to the JCB Group. (£45,001-£50,000)
Member of the Political Council of Terra Firma Capital Partners. (£65,001-£70,000)
Contract with Harper Collins Publishers to write a book about William Pitt The Younger and a contract with Knopf Publishing Group, New York, to publish the book in the United States.
Contract with the Sunday Telegraph for serialisation rights to my book on Pitt the Younger.
Adviser to Dunalastair Ireland Ltd (£10,001-£15,000)
4 December 2003, speech for Caspian Publishing. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 22 January 2004)
8 December 2003, leading a seminar for AMT-SYBEX. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 22 January 2004)
18 December 2003, speech for Association of Licensed Retailers. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 22 January 2004)
From December 2003, 6 month contract to supply articles for the News of the World. (£90,000-£95,000)
12 January 2004, speech for Halifax General Insurance Services. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 22 January 2004)
20 January 2004, speech for the British Council for Offices. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 22 January 2004)
4 February 2004, speech for Mercedes Benz in Portugal. (£10,001-£15,000) (Registered 22 March 2004)
6 February 2004, speech for Jefferson Smurfit Group. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 22 March 2004)
7 February 2004, speech for Clifford Chance. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 22 March 2004)
11 February 2004, one man theatre show at the Lighthouse Theatre, Poole. (Up to £5,000) (Registered 22 March 2004) (Registered 22 March 2004)
23 February 2004, speech for Brewin Dolphin. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 22 March 2004)
4 March 2004, speech for KPMG. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 22 March 2004)
5 March 2004, speech for Sheffield and District Chartered Accountants. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 22 March 2004)
10 March 2004, speech for Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 22 March 2004)
19 March 2004, speech for Grant Thornton, Manchester. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 22 March 2004)
22 March 2004, speech for Cinven. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 22 March 2004)
25 March 2004, speech for Bank of Scotland, Warwick. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 22 March 2004)
30 March 2004, speech for Birmingham Law Society. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 22 March 2004)
1 April 2004, speech for British Vehicle Renting and Leasing Association. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 24 May 2004)
13 April 2004, one man theatre show at the Swan Theatre, High Wycombe. (Up to £5,000)
20 April 2004, speech for Sytner Conference. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 24 May 2004)
22 April 2004, speech for Factors and Discounters Association. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 24 May 2004)
30 April 2004, speech for Life Insurance Association. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 24 May 2004)
6 May 2004, presenting Have I Got News For You, Hat Trick Productions (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 24 May 2004)
13 May 2004, speech for Risk Management Association, Dublin. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 24 May 2004)
19 May 2004, speech for Vertex. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 24 May 2004)
20 May 2004, speech for UBS. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 24 May 2004)
6 month contract to supply articles for the News of the World (from June 2004). (£90,001-£95,000)
4 June 2004, speech for R3 in Monte Carlo. (£10,001-£15,000) (Registered 15 July 2004)
11 June 2004, speech for the Yorkshire International Business Convention in Harrogate. (£10,001-£15,000) (Registered 15 July 2004)
16 June 2004, speech for the Grocer Gold Awards Ceremony. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 15 July 2004)
23 June 2004, speech for the Investment Property Forum. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 15 July 2004)
7 July 2004, speech for Haymarket Publishing. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 15 July 2004)
September 2004, two speeches for the Royal Bank of Scotland in London. (£15,001-£20,000) (Registered 20 October 2004)
13 September, speech for National Express - cancellation fee. (Up to £5,000) (Registered 20 October 2004)
21 September 2004, speech for X-changing Insurance in Brighton. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 20 October 2004)
5 October 2004, speech for Marketing Week Awards in London. (£10,001-£15,000) (Registered 20 October 2004)
8 October 2004, speech for Leicestershire & Northampton Society of Chartered Accountants. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 20 October 2004)
13 October 2004, speech for KPMG in London. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 20 October 2004)
20 October 2004, speech for Arthur D Little in London. (£5,001-£10,000) (Registered 20 October 2004)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
The following people and company make financial support available to my office:
Lord Ashcroft KCMG
Lord Harris of Peckham
Lord Kirkham
Mr Howard Leigh
Mr Malcolm Scott
Mr Christopher Shale
Dr Leonard Steinberg
Flowidea Limited (investment company)
9.Registrable shareholdings
(a)100% of share capital of Canyon Research Limited; company established to receive income and make payments relating to my forthcoming book on William Pitt The Younger and related or similar activities.
HAIN, Rt. Hon. Peter (Neath)
5.Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)
I occasionally accept hospitality from SKY Sports to attend Chelsea Football Club for some of Chelsea's home matches. (Registered 29 January 2004)
10-11 July 2004, travel to and attendance at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone at the invitation of the Motorsport Association and Williams Grand Prix Engineering. (Registered 13 July 2004)
8.Land and Property
Flat in London, jointly owned with parents and aunt.
Share in small property near Malaga, Spain.
HALL, Mike (Weaver Vale)
8.Land and Property
Flat in London from which rental income is received.
HALL, Patrick (Bedford)
HAMILTON, David (Midlothian)
HAMILTON, Fabian (Leeds North East)
HAMMOND, Philip (Runnymede and Weybridge)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Fee for consultancy advice to the purchasers of Consort Resources Limited (of which I was formerly a director) during the period from completion of the purchase, 31 October-31 December 2003. (Registered 12 December 2003)
5.Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)
South West Trains have provided me with a car park pass for use at all SWT stations. (Registered 12 December 2003)
17 February 2004, two tickets for the Brit Awards provided by the British Phonographic Industry. (Registered 24 February 2004)
9.Registrable shareholdings
(a)Castlemead Ltd.; a company whose principal activity is property development.
HANCOCK, Michael (Portsmouth South)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Councillor and an Executive Member of Portsmouth City Council.
HANSON, David (Delyn)
HARMAN, Rt. Hon. Harriet (Camberwell and Peckham)
6.Overseas visits
8-12 March 2004, to Sierra Leone, to visit Freetown, Makeni town, Bombali and Binkolo, organised and partially funded by Plan UK (registered charity Plan International UK). I met the remaining costs myself. (Registered 28 July 2004)
HARRIS, Dr. Evan (Oxford West and Abingdon)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
Provision of office rented at reduced - but still market - rate by Wellister Investments.
HARRIS, Tom (Glasgow Cathcart)
HARVEY, Nick (North Devon)
HASELHURST, Rt. Hon. Sir Alan (Saffron Walden)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Earnings from publication of novels.
HAVARD, Dai (Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney)
HAWKINS, Nick (Surrey Heath)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession, etc.
Barrister (not currently practising post-2001 election).
Parliamentary consultant to UK Betting PLC. (£5,001-£10,000)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
Donation of £11,000 to my constituency party by Strangers Gallery Business Club. (Registered 26 January 2004)
6.Overseas visits
28 December 2003-3 January 2004, to Taiwan, as a member of a delegation from the British-Taiwan Parliamentary Group, with my wife, as guests of the Taiwan Government. (Registered 5 January 2004)
9-13 September 2004, to Gibraltar, accompanied by my wife, for Gibraltar National Day, as guests of the Gibraltar Government. (Registered 11 October 2004)
5-7 October 2004, to Tobago, accompanied by my wife, as co-chairman of the British Trinidad and Tobago All-Party Parliamentary Group. I paid for our flights to Tobago, but our hotel costs for two days in Trinidad and internal flights from Tobago to Trinidad and return were provided by the Trinidad and Tobago Government. (Registered 11 October 2004)
10.Miscellaneous and unremunerated interests
I am a future beneficiary of a small family trust.
HAYES, John (South Holland and The Deepings)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Lecturer in British Politics at the American International University in London, from January-April 2004 and late September 2004-mid-January 2005 (one hour weekly for duration of three month course) (Up to £5,000).
Six-month contract from July 2004 as consultant on sales strategy to SX3, an IT systems company. (Up to £5,000)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
Research assistant funded by CARE.
Donation from Mr J King of Holbeach, Spalding, Lincolnshire, to support my constituency newsletter. (Registered 1 July 2004)
HEAL, Sylvia (Halesowen and Rowley Regis)
HEALD, Oliver (North East Hertfordshire)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession, etc.
Barrister (not currently practising).
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
I have an intern provided by CARE charity (Christian Action for Research and Education) whose subsistence and travel costs I pay.
HEALEY, John (Wentworth)
HEATH, David (Somerton and Frome)
HEATHCOAT­AMORY, Rt. Hon. David (Wells)
1.Remunerated directorships
Lowman Manufacturing Co. Ltd.; agricultural machinery retailer.
LDT (London and Devonshire Trust Ltd.); property management and related businesses.
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
As a former member of Lloyd's I have a possible contingent interest in Equitas, an insurance vehicle owned by Lloyd's.
Fee for journalism from News International. (Up to£5,000) (Registered 22 January 2004)
8.Land and Property
Farm in Scotland with holiday lettings .
9.Registrable shareholdings
(a)Lowman Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
(b)LDT (London and Devonshire Trust Ltd.).
HENDERSON, Doug (Newcastle­upon­Tyne, North)
1.Remunerated directorships
Ergonomy Ltd.; marketing company.
6.Overseas visits
8-12 October 2004, to United Arab Emirates as a guest of the UAE Government. (Registered 18 October 2004)
9.Registrable shareholdings
(a)Ergonomy Ltd.
HENDERSON, Ivan (Harwich)
HENDRICK, Mark (Preston)
HENDRY, Charles (Wealden)
1.Remunerated directorships
IncrediBull Ideas Ltd. (non-executive); consultancy company in the fields of public relations and event management. (£5,001-£10,000)
9.Registrable shareholdings
(a)The Agenda Group Ltd.; corporate networking consultancy which provides advice on developing business-to-business contacts.
10.Miscellaneous and unremunerated interests
Non-executive Chairman (unpaid) of The Agenda Group Ltd.
HEPBURN, Stephen (Jarrow)
HEPPELL, John (Nottingham East)
HERMON, Lady Sylvia (North Down)
HESFORD, Stephen (Wirral West)
10.Miscellaneous and unremunerated interests
Barrister (now non-practising).
HEWITT, Rt. Hon. Patricia (Leicester West)
HEYES, David (Ashton-under-Lyne)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Member of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council until 10 June 2004 - paid allowances in accordance with published scheme.
HILL, Keith (Streatham)
HINCHLIFFE, David (Wakefield)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Proceeds from sales of my book "Rugby's Class War" published by London League Publications Limited.
5.Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)
In my capacity as an officer of the All-Party Parliamentary Rugby League Group I receive an annual invitation from the Rugby Football League to the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final and also occasional invitations to other Rugby League matches.

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Prepared 3 December 2004