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NAYSMITH, Dr. Doug (Bristol North West)
6.Overseas visits
18 January 2005, to Toulouse to attend the Airbus UK celebration of the A380. Return air travel from London to Toulouse paid for by Airbus UK. (Registered 28 January 2005)
NEWMARK, Brooks (Braintree)
1.Remunerated directorships
Telesis Management Ltd.
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
I provide research and advice on investment opportunities in the UK and Europe to Apollo Management LP, both independently and through Telesis Management Ltd.
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
Donation to my constituency party received from Mr M Lewis (business man - personal donation). (Registered 26 July 2005)
6.Overseas visits
19-20 September 2005, to Washington DC on introductory visit, for meetings at the State Department, National Security Council, White House and Congress. Travel and accommodation costs met by Dr Liam Fox's office from a donation by Mr Michael Lewis, a London businessman. I received free upgrades of airline seats from Virgin Atlantic during my flights to and from Washington. (Registered 18 October 2005)
9.Registrable shareholdings
(a)Telesis Management Ltd
NORRIS, Dan (Wansdyke)

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