Register of Members' Interests Contents


CABLE, Dr. Vincent (Twickenham)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
Donations to my constituency party received from:
Rachel Smith (Mrs Cable)
Aida Kenny (Cable)
Lord Jacobs
Ros Maddalena (constituent)
Liberal Democrat Council Group
(Registered 28 October 2005)
CABORN, Rt. Hon. Richard (Sheffield Central)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
Office accommodation and car parking provided by Sheffield City Council at an annual charge of £2,000 toward rent and rates. Staff, furniture, telephone and cleaning costs are paid by myself; heating and lighting are provided by the Council. (Registered 23 March 2005)
CAIRNS, David (Inverclyde)
CAMERON, Rt Hon David (Witney)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Fees from BBC. (Up to £5,000) (Registered 17 October 2005)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
In my capacity as Shadow Secretary of State for Education support for my office is received from:
Lord Harris of Peckham
Jayroma (London) Limited
(Registered 9 July 2005)
Simon Wolfson (personal donation)
(Registered 5 September 2005)
Abbey Business Centres Ltd
Mr Alasdair J C Currie (personal donation)
Mr Anthony Wigram (personal donation)
Mr Mike Balfour (personal donation)
Mr John Kenny (personal donation)
Tamares Real Estate Investments UK Ltd
Mr Tim Carrington (personal donation)
Mr Jonathan Green, a retired businessman from London (personal donation)
Mr Dominic Vail (personal donation)
Jamie Borwick (personal donation)
(Registered 26 October 2005)
Firoka (Heythrop Park) Ltd
Historical Portraits Ltd
(Registered 31 October 2005)
Eldesfield Consulting Ltd
(Registered 1 November 2005)
Mr Rodney Leach, of London (personal donation)
Mr James McNaught-Davis, of London (personal donation)
Tufton Services Ltd, London
Murphshore Ltd, London
Daniel Janner QC, of London (personal donation)
(Registered 2 November 2005)
Edwina Herrmann (personal donation)
Mark Foster Brown (personal donation)
(Registered 7 November 2005)
Tamares Real Estate Investments Ltd
Jacksons Bournemouth Ltd
Lewis Chester (personal donation)
Robin Fleming (personal donation)
(Registered 9 November 2005)
George Hollinbery (personal donation)
Ken Costa (personal donation)
(Registered 24 November 2005)
Michael Pass (personal donation)
Captain Cloud Limited; media consultancy company.
(Registered 5 December 2005)
The following donors contributed to my campaign for leadership of the Conservative Party:
Tangent Industries Ltd
CMS Chemicals Ltd (previously registered as personal donation from Michael Peagram)
Lord Chadlington of Dean (personal donation)
Mrs S M Anstey (personal donation)
Mr Dominic Casserley (personal donation)
Insinger de Beaufort
Mr James Lyle (personal donation)
Intercapital Private Group
Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover (personal donation)
Mr Peter Czernin (personal donation)
Mr Trevor Pears (personal donation)
Border Harvesters Ltd (personal donation)
(Registered 26 October 2005)
London and Regional Properties Ltd
(Registered 31 October 2005)
Trevor Pears (personal donation)
(Registered 7 November 2005)
Adam Ayfryie MP (personal donation)
(Registered 9 November 2005)
Ed Hall, of London (personal donation)
Peter Dubens, of London (personal donation)
(Registered 13 December 2005)
During the 2005 Conservative Party Conference, Paddy Gillford, of London, hosted a party for me. (Registered 19 December 2005)
5.Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)
2 October 2005, helicopter flight from London to Dewsbury to Blackpool for party conference, provided by David Instance, Sellinge, Ashford. (Registered 17 October 2005)
6 October 2005, plane flight from Blackpool to London provided by Michael Spencer. (Registered 17 October 2005)
13 October 2005, helicopter flight to and from Newcastle and London from JJ Gallagher Estates. (Registered 17 October 2005)
In my role as the Shadow Education Minister, Member of Parliament for Witney and Conservative Party leadership candidate, I have had occasional use of a helicopter from Harris Ventures Ltd, Orpington, Kent. (Registered 28 November 2005)
In my role as Shadow Education Minister, Member of Parliament for Witney and Conservative Party Leadership candidate I have had occasional use of a private plane from Finsbury Sailing LLP, London, for official engagements. (Registered 28 November 2005)
12 December 2005, gift of a Christmas hamper from Lord Harris of Peckham. (Registered 12 December 2005)
13 December 2005, helicopter flight from Birmingham to Warwick provided by JCB Research Ltd. (Registered 5 January 2006)
20 December 2005, plane flight London to Edinburgh, Edinburgh to Cardiff, and Cardiff to London, provided by Jonathan Green, a retired businessman from London. (Registered 5 January 2006)
12 December 2005, return helicopter flight from London to Leeds provided by Lord Harris. (registered 5 January 2006)
6 January 2006, return plane flight from London to Paris provided by Michael Spencer. (Registered 6 January 2006)
7.Overseas benefits and gifts
Gift of a Christmas hamper from His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei. (Registered 14 December 2005)
CAMPBELL, Alan (Tynemouth)
6.Overseas visits
18-26 November 2004, to the Falkland Islands. Travel and accommodation paid for by the Government of the Falkland Islands. (Registered 22 March 2005)
CAMPBELL, Gregory (East Londonderry)
CAMPBELL, Rt. Hon. Sir Menzies (North East Fife)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Occasional practice as Queen's Counsel.
Fee for speech made near Zurich for the Civil Society Association. (Up to £5,000) (Registered 12 December 2005)
5.Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)
4 July 2005, upgrade to First Class by BA when travelling on parliamentary business from Washington to London. (Registered 5 July 2005)
5-7 October 2005, to Azerbaijan, on behalf of the John Smith Foundation and the British Council; fares paid by Foundation and Council and accommodation provided by British Embassy. (Registered 28 October 2005)
28-29 October 2005, to Switzerland, to give keynote speech at conference of Civil Society Association of Switzerland at Wolfsberg Centre near Zurich. Fee (Up to £5,000), fares and accommodation provided by the Civil Society Association. (Registered 1 November 2005)
CAMPBELL, Ronnie (Blyth Valley)
CARMICHAEL, Alistair (Orkney and Shetland)
CARSWELL, Douglas (Harwich)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
Donation to my constituency party from:
Bearwood Corporate Services Ltd
Clacton Conservative Club
(Registered 21 July 2005)
6.Overseas visits
8-13 January 2006, to Israel, hosted by Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI). CFI contributed the cost of flights, accommodation and some meals. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs contributed to the costs of travel inside Israel and some meals. (Registered 24 January 2006)
8.Land and Property
Residential property in Hertfordshire, from which rental income is received.
CASH, William (Stone)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession, etc.
Solicitor - William Cash & Co.
Consultant to Halliwells; solicitors. (£20,001-£25,000 plus bonus)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
Research and organisational assistance from the European Foundation (nil remuneration).
8.Land and Property
Three houses at Upton Cressett, Shropshire from which rental income is received.
9.Registrable shareholdings
(a)Africa Speaks Holdings (UK) Limited (not trading); African data, information and culture.
CATON, Martin (Gower)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
Donation to my constituency party from the Communication Workers Union. (Registered 27 June 2005)
CAWSEY, Ian (Brigg and Goole)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
A lease from North Lincolnshire Council of two rooms in an office block in Brigg on terms appropriate to a not-for-profit organisation.
5.Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)
I am a member of the parliamentary rock group 'MP4' with Kevin Brennan MP, Greg Knight MP and Pete Wishart MP. Sponsorship of group equipment hire, rehearsal space etc by Freshwater Marketing Communications.
CHALLEN, Colin (Morley and Rothwell)
CHAPMAN, Ben (Wirral South)
6.Overseas visits
1-4 June 2005, to China, to participate in British Airways' inaugural flight to Shanghai on 1 June. Flights and two nights' accommodation provided by British Airways. (Registered 9 June 2005)
CHAYTOR, David (Bury North)
8.Land and Property
House in Bury, Lancashire.
Flat in London.
CHOPE, Christopher (Christchurch)
1.Remunerated directorships
Carclew Limited; small private company which provides business consultancy services but excludes advice on parliamentary or public affairs.
9.Registrable shareholdings
(a)Carclew Limited.
10.Miscellaneous and unremunerated interests
I am a barrister, currently non-practising.
CLAPHAM, Michael (Barnsley West and Penistone)
CLAPPISON, James (Hertsmere)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc.
Member of Lloyd's. (Resigned 31 December 1994.)
Categories of business underwritten for open years: All.
8.Land and Property
Farmland in Patrington, East Yorkshire, from which rental income is received.
13 rented houses in Patrington and in Withernsea, North Humberside.
10.Miscellaneous and unremunerated interests
Barrister, not undertaking work.
CLARK, Greg (Tunbridge Wells)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
Donation to my constituency party from Lord Kalms. (Registered 3 August 2005)
6.Overseas visits
1-9 January 2006, to India with Conservative Friends of India, to discuss economic and industrial policy issues. Visits to Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur. Travel and accommodation expenses met by the Government of India and Confederation of Indian Industry. (Registered 9 February 2006)
CLARK, Katy (North Ayrshire and Arran)
CLARK, Paul (Gillingham)
CLARKE, Charles (Norwich South)
CLARKE, Rt. Hon. Kenneth (Rushcliffe)
1.Remunerated directorships
Deputy Chairman (non-executive) of Alliance Unichem PLC.
Director (non-executive) of Foreign and Colonial Investment Trust PLC.
Deputy Chairman (non-executive) of British American Tobacco PLC.
Chairman (non-executive) of Savoy Asset Management PLC.
Director (non-executive) of Independent News and Media (UK).
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Programmes on jazz for BBC Radio 4. (Registered 15 July 2005)
9 March 2005, fee for speaking at an event for CapGemini in London. (Up to £5,000) (Registered 10 March 2005)
Occasional appearances on BBC1 This Week programme. (Up to £5,000)
19-24 May 2005, fee for participation in a Daimler Chrysler International Advisory Board meeting in Moscow. Travel and accommodation expenses for myself and my wife also paid by Daimler Chrysler. (Registered 15 July 2005)
22 and 29 November 2005, fee for speaking at two A Level Conferences, organised by Philip Alan Updates. (Up to £5,000) (Registered 20 December 2005)
2 December 2005, fee for book review for Daily Mail newspaper. (Up to £5,000) (Registered 20 December 2005)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
I have received the following registrable donations to my campaign for election as Leader of the Conservative Party:
Lord Tugendhat
Sir David Scholey
Colmore Trust Ltd
Sir Michael Bishop
Mark Robbins
Omar Din
Philip Mould
(Registered 29 September 2005)
Peter Hall (private donation)
Zahid Iqbal (private donation)
Dr R Chandran (private donation)
Cubitt Consulting (company donation)
Sir Christopher Gent (private donation)
Michael Stubbs (private donation)
Lord Leonard Steinberg (private donation from peer)
Algy Cluff (private donation)
(Registered 18 October 2005)
Iain Hutchinson (private donation) (Registered 27 October 2005)
I have also received other donations of amounts below the threshold for registration.
CLARKE, Rt. Hon. Tom (Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
Donation to my constituency party at 2005 General Election from GMB. (Registered 1 August 2005)
Donation to my constituency party at General Election 2005 from the Tom Clarke Trust Fund (Registered 30 September 2005)
6.Overseas visits
24 February-3 March 2005, to Columbia, sponsored by the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund. (Registered 11 March 2005)

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