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PAICE, James (South East Cambridgeshire)
8.Land and Property
Smallholding in Cambridgeshire, which is my main home.
PAISLEY, Rev. Ian (North Antrim)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession, etc.
Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly.
PALMER, Dr. Nick (Broxtowe)
9.Registrable shareholdings
Millholt Investments Ltd; a family company owning a flat and some investments.
PATERSON, Owen (North Shropshire)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
In my capacity as Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, I receive research assistance funded by Castle Rising Holdings Limited.
6.Overseas visits
20 September 2005, flight from Lansing, Michigan to Alpena, Michigan, in order to study bovine TB, and one night's stay in Lansing, paid for by the State of Michigan Department of Agriculture. (Flights to and from Michigan paid for by party funds.) (Registered 2 November 2005)
8.Land and Property
Buildings and agricultural land at Bunbury and Spurstow, Cheshire, from which rental income is received.
Buildings attached to my house near Ellesmere, Shropshire, from which rental income is received.
PEARSON, Ian (Dudley South)
PELLING, Andrew (Croydon Central)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Greater London Assembly Member.
Member, Croydon Council.
PENNING, Mike (Hemel Hempstead)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
My constituency party organisation received donations from the following:
November 2004, Mr Ron Moss, of Berkhamsted (personal donation)
January 2005, Mrs I Cox, of Kings Langley (personal donation)
November 2005, Mr Peter Baker, of Harpenden (personal donation)
November 2005, Mr Jan Telensky, of St Albans (personal donation)
(Registered 27 February 2006)
December 2005, Jitesh Kaneria, Piccadilly Greetings Group Ltd, Hemel Hempstead.
February 2006, Mrs Nancy Hopking, of Hemel Hempstead (personal donation)
(Registered 3 April 2006)
My Election Fighting Fund received donations from the following:
March 2005, Mr M Bradfield, of London (personal donation)
March 2005, Mr and Mrs A R Foster, of Hemel Hempstead (personal donation)
March 2005, Mr J Kaneria, of Hemel Hempstead (personal donation)
April 2005, Mr D J Lewis, of Clinton Cards Plc, Loughton, Essex
April 2005, Mr and Mrs J R Wolff, of Berkhamsted (personal donation)
April 2005, Mr and Mrs P Allen, of Berkhamsted (personal donation)
(Registered 27 February 2006)
My constituency party organisation has received donations in kind from:
March 2006, Cllr Andrew Williams, Hemel Hempstead
April 2006, Mr Jan Telensky, Flamstead
June 2006, Mr Jitesh Kaneria, Picadilly Greetings Group Limited
(Registered 26 June 2006)
6.Overseas visits
8-12 September 2005, to Gibraltar, as part of the delegation from the All-Party Parliamentary Gibraltar Group to attend National Day celebrations, as guest of the Gibraltar Government. (Registered 24 October 2005)
PENROSE, John (Weston-Super-Mare)
1.Remunerated directorships
Non-executive chairman, Logotron Ltd; educational software company.
6.Overseas visits
18-21 September 2005, to USA, to extend and improve links between British and American legislators. Travel and accommodation costs met by Dr Liam Fox's office from a donation by Mr Michael Lewis, a businessman from London. I received free upgrade on return flight from Virgin Atlantic. (Registered 24 October 2005)
8.Land and Property
House in Somerset.
Part share of house in France.
9.Registrable shareholdings
(b)Logotron Ltd.
Credit Market Analysis, a financial information publishing company.
PICKLES, Eric (Brentwood and Ongar)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
Printing of calendars and advice centre notices by International Property Magazine, of Chelmsford.
6.Overseas visits
8-12 September 2005, to Gibraltar to attend National Day celebrations, as part of the delegation from the All-Party Parliamentary Gibraltar Group, as guests of the Gibraltar Government. (Registered 10 November 2005)
PLASKITT, James (Warwick and Leamington)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
Donation to my constituency party at 2005 General Election from Mr Maurice Milward (personal donation from constituent). (Registered 9 September 2005)
POPE, Greg (Hyndburn)
POUND, Stephen (Ealing North)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Fee from Granada Television for appearance on University Challenge 'The Professionals' on 16 October 2005. Fee donated to charities and community groups in Ealing North. (Up to £5,000) (Registered 17 November 2005)
6.Overseas visits
13-16 November 2005, to Bangalore, India on BA inaugural flight on Heathrow-Bangalore route and to meet Karnataka state officials and politicians. Flights and accommodation provided by British Airways. (Registered 17 November 2005)
1-9 April 2006, to India, with Labour Friends of India. International travel provided by the Confederation of Indian Industry and all accommodation, domestic travel and hospitality provided by the Government of India. (Registered 18 April 2006)
PRENTICE, Bridget (Lewisham East)
PRENTICE, Gordon (Pendle)
PRESCOTT, Rt. Hon. John (Kingston upon Hull East)
7.Overseas benefits and gifts
22-25 July 2005, while on government business in the United States, I stayed, together with three civil servants, at a ranch near Denver owned by Mr Phil Anschutz. My Department made a contribution to the Red Cross appeal for victims of the London bombings of 7 July in lieu of the cost of this accommodation. (Registered 5 July 2006)
PRICE, Adam (Carmarthen East and Dinefwr)
PRIMAROLO, Dawn (Bristol South)
PRISK, Mark (Hertford and Stortford)
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Non-practising chartered surveyor.
5.Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)
April 2006, my wife and I received upgrades from Virgin Atlantic on return flights from London Heathrow to Miami. (Registered 26 April 2006)
6.Overseas visits
27-29 January 2006, to Paris, accompanied by my wife, to participate in a conference organised by European Study Tours, who paid for our Eurostar first class travel, hotel accommodation and a dinner. (Registered 6 February 2006)
PRITCHARD, Mark (The Wrekin)
1.Remunerated directorships
Pritchard Communications Ltd; marketing communications, media relations, community relations, public affairs.
Next Steps Market Research Ltd; market research services.
Rubberball Ventures Ltd.; internet company - tyre import/retailing.
2.Remunerated employment, office, profession etc
Guest lecturer at Keele University.
Guest lecturer at London Metropolitan University.
6.Overseas visits
18-22 September 2005, to Israel with Conservative Friends of Israel to meet members of the Israeli Government and opposition, Parliament and the military; and grassroots organisations promoting Arab-Israeli co-operation. Meeting with Palestinian think-tank. Travel and accommodation paid for by the Conservative Friends of Israel. (Registered 27 September 2005)
9.Registrable shareholdings
(a)Pritchard Communications Ltd
Next Steps Market Research Ltd
Rubberball Ventures Ltd
PROSSER, Gwyn (Dover)
8.Land and Property
Flat in London, from which rental income is received.
PUGH, John (Southport)
4.Sponsorship or financial or material support
Donation to my election expenses from Sue and Aidan Maguire (Blue Fountain Systems Ltd). (Registered 26 July 2005)
PURCHASE, Ken (Wolverhampton North East)
6.Overseas visits
18-20 November 2005, to Bahrain, at the invitation and expense of the Bahrain Businessmen's Association. (Registered 5 December 2005)
31 March-6 April 2006, to Egypt with UK-Egypt All-Party Parliamentary Group, to further political relations between the UK and Egypt. I was accompanied by my wife and our visit was made at the invitation and expense of the Egyptian Government. (Registered 25 April 2006)
PURNELL, James (Stalybridge and Hyde)

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Prepared 25 July 2006