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The Register of Members' Financial Interests

"The Register of Members' Interests is published soon after the beginning of a new Parliament, under the authority of the Committee on Standards and Privileges, and annually thereafter. Between publications the Register is regularly updated electronically and is available for public inspection in the Search Room of the Parliamentary Archives. Employment agreements deposited with the Registrar are available for personal inspection only.

Editions of the Register published after 1 April 2008 reflect the Resolution of the House of 27 March 2008 enabling Members to Register, in Part 2 of the Register, their employment of family members paid from the Staffing Allowance.

The edition dated 8 July 2009 is the first Register to reflect two sets of changes agreed by the House to the rules regarding entries on the Register of Members' Financial Interests (formerly known as the Register of Members' Interests).

Changes agreed on 9 February 2009 mainly relate to interests which Members have hitherto been expected to register with the Electoral Commission as well as on the Register of Members' Interests. Henceforth this dual reporting will no longer be required but more detail will be published on the Register. These changes apply to Categories 4, 5 and 6, and a new category 10 (Loans and other controlled transactions) of the Register.

Changes agreed on 30 April 2009 require Members to register, in respect of all interests falling within Categories 1, 2, and 3, the precise amount of each individual payment made in respect of that interest, the nature of the work carried out in return for that payment, the number of hours worked during the period to which the payment relates and (except where legal or professional privilege applies) the name and address of the person, organisation or company making the payment.

Both these rule changes took effect on 1 July 2009 and apply only to the registration of benefits received on or after that date. As before, benefits must be registered within four weeks of receipt.

Entries on the Register made after 1 July and which have been made under the new rules, have been highlighted. From now on each edition of the Register will highlight all entries made since the last one.

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Prepared 8 July 2009