House of Commons

The Register of Members' Financial Interests: Part 2
As at 20th January 2014


Part 2

(prepared pursuant to Resolution of the House of 27 March 2008)

Category 12. Family members employed and remunerated through parliamentary allowances

Note: The job titles given are those set out in guidance issued by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority: see,-Payroll,-Interns.aspx. Employment is full-time unless otherwise stated.

AINSWORTH, Bob (Coventry North East)

I employ my wife, Gloria Ainsworth, as part-time Constituency Caseworker.

AMESS, David (Southend West)

I employ my wife, Julia Amess, as part-time Secretary/Caseworker.

BAILEY, Adrian (West Bromwich West)

I employ my wife, Jill Bailey, as part-time Junior/Diary Secretary.

BARRON, Rt Hon Sir Kevin (Rother Valley)

I employ my wife, Andree Deane, as part-time Parliamentary Assistant.

BECKETT, Margaret (Derby South)

I employ my husband, Leo Beckett, as Office Manager.

BELLINGHAM, Henry (North West Norfolk)

I employ my wife, Emma Bellingham, as temporary part-time Parliamentary Assistant/Researcher.

BENN, Hilary (Leeds Central)

I employ my wife, Sally Clark, as part-time Research/Parliamentary Assistant.

BENTON, Joe (Bootle)

I employ my wife, Doris Benton, as a Senior Secretary.

BERESFORD, Sir Paul (Mole Valley)

I employ my wife, Julie Beresford, as part-time Secretary/Diary Secretary.

BETTS, Clive (Sheffield South East)

I employ my partner, James Thomas, as Parliamentary Assistant.

BLACKMAN, Robert (Harrow East)

I employ my wife, Nicola Blackman, as Office Manager.

BONE, Peter (Wellingborough)

I employ my wife, Jeanette Bone, as Executive Secretary.

BRADY, Graham (Altrincham and Sale West)

I employ my wife, Victoria Lowther, as Senior Research/Parliamentary Assistant.

BRAZIER, Julian (Canterbury)

I employ my wife, Katharine Brazier, as part-time Executive Secretary.

BROOKE , Annette (Mid Dorset and North Poole)

I employ my daughter Eleanor Perera as a temporary part time Junior Secretary.

BROWN, Russell (Dumfries and Galloway)

I employ my daughter, Gillian Carey, as Senior Secretary.

BRUCE, Malcolm (Gordon)

I employ my wife, Rosemary Bruce, as Office Manager.

BURROWES, David (Enfield Southgate)

I employ my niece by marriage, Rebecca Chard, as my Senior Parliamentary Assistant.

BUCKLAND, Robert (South Swindon)

I employed my wife, Sian Buckland, as part-time caseworker from 5 November 2012 to 3 December 2012.

BURT, Alistair (North East Bedfordshire)

I employ my wife, Eve Burt, as Office Manager

BYRNE, Liam (Birmingham, Hodge Hill)

I employ my wife, Sarah Harnett, as part-time office manager.

CAMPBELL, Alan (Tynemouth)

I employ my wife, Jayne Campbell, as a temporary part-time Junior Secretary from 29 November 2011 to 15 December 2011, and from 12 March 2012 to 23 March 2012.

CAMPBELL, Gregory (East Londonderry)

I employ my wife, Frances Campbell, as part-time Secretary.

CAMPBELL, Sir Menzies (North East Fife)

I employ my wife, Elspeth Campbell, as Secretary.

CAMPBELL, Ronnie (Blyth Valley)

I employ my wife, Deirdre Campbell, as part-time Caseworker.

CARSWELL, Douglas (Clacton)

I employ my wife, Clementine Carswell, as part-time diary secretary.

CASH, William (Stone)

I employ my wife, Bridget Cash, as Parliamentary Assistant.

CATON, Martin (Gower)

I employ my wife, Bethan Caton, as Senior Parliamentary Assistant.

CHISHTI, Rehman (Gillingham and Rainham)

I employ my sister, Nusrat Ahmed, as office manager.

CHOPE, Christopher (Christchurch)

I employ my wife, Christine Chope, as Secretary.

CRABB, Stephen (Preseli Pembrokeshire)

I employ my wife, Beatrice Crabb, as part-time Executive Secretary.

CRAUSBY, David (Bolton North East)

I employ my wife, Enid Crausby, as Office Manager.

CUNNINGHAM, Alex (Stockton North)

I employ my son, John Cunningham, as a part-time caseworker.

DANCZUK, Simon (Rochdale)

I employ my partner Karen Burke as Senior Secretary.

DAVIDSON, Ian (Glasgow South West)

I employ my wife, Morag Mackinnon, as Secretary/Office Manager.

DAVIES, David (Monmouth)

I employ my wife, Aliz Davies, as part-time Senior Secretary.

DAVIS, David (Haltemprice and Howden)

I employ my wife Doreen Davis as Constituency Office Manager.

DOBBIN, Jim (Heywood and Middleton)

I employ my wife, Patricia Dobbin, as Parliamentary Assistant/Office Manager.

DONALDSON, Jeffrey (Lagan Valley)

I employ my wife, Eleanor Donaldson, as part-time Secretary.

DONOHOE, Brian (Central Ayrshire)

I employ my wife, Christine Donohoe, as Secretary.

DORRIES, Nadine (Mid Bedfordshire)

I employ my daughter, Jennifer Dorries, as Senior Secretary.

DOWD, Jim (Lewisham West and Penge)

I occasionally employ my partner’s son, David Humphreys, as a casual Senior Parliamentary Assistant

DOYLE-PRICE, Jackie (Thurrock)

I employ my partner, Mark Coxshall, as Office Manager.

DUGHER, Michael (Barnsley East)

I employ my wife, Joanna Dugher, as part-time Office Manager/Senior Secretary

ELLIOTT, Julie (Sunderland Central)

I employ my son, Miles, as a Parliamentary Assistant.

EVANS, Graham (Weaver Vale)

I employ my wife, Cheryl Evans as a Senior Secretary

FALLON, Michael (Sevenoaks)

I employ my wife, Wendy Fallon, as Senior Caseworker (constituency based).

FARRELLY, Paul (Newcastle-under-Lyme)

I employ my wife, Victoria Perry, as part-time Parliamentary Assistant.

FLINT, Caroline (Don Valley)

I employ my husband, Phil Cole, as Office Manager.

FLYNN, Paul (Newport West)

I employ my wife, Lynne Samantha Flynn, as Senior Secretary.

FOVARGUE, Yvonne (Makerfield)

I employ my husband, Paul Kenny, as a part-time Senior Parliamentary Assistant.

FRANCIS, Dr Hywel (Aberavon)

I employ my wife, Mair Francis, as Senior Parliamentary Assistant.

GALE, Sir Roger (North Thanet)

I employ my wife, Suzy Gale, as Office Manager.

GARDINER, Barry (Brent North)

I employ my wife, Caroline Smith, as part-time immigration office manager.

GARNIER, Mark (Wyre Forest)

I employ my spouse, Caroline Garnier, as Office Manager.

GILBERT, Stephen (St Austell and Newquay)

I employ my mother, Jackie Bull, as part-time Senior Caseworker.

GILLAN, Cheryl (Chesham and Amersham)

I employ my husband, Jack Coates Leeming, as a part-time Office Manager/Researcher.

GOODWILL, Robert (Scarborough and Whitby)

I employ my wife, Maureen Goodwill, as Parliamentary Assistant and Caseworker.

GRAY, James (North Wiltshire)

I employ my wife, Philippa Gray, as Executive and Diary Secretary.

GRAYLING, Chris (Epsom and Ewell)

I employ my wife, Sue Grayling, as Executive Secretary.

HAMILTON, David (Midlothian)

I employ my wife, Jean Hamilton, as Office Manager.

HAMMOND, Stephen (Wimbledon)

I employ my wife, Sally Hammond, as Office Manager/Secretary.

HARRIS, Tom (Glasgow South)

I employ my wife, Carolyn Harris, as Office Manager.

HART, Simon (Carmarthen West & South Pembrokeshire)

I employ my wife, Abigail Kate Hart, as part-time Office Manager.

HASELHURST, Sir Alan (Saffron Walden)

I employ my wife Lady (Angela) Haselhurst, as Office Manager.

HAYES, John (South Holland and The Deepings)

I employ my wife, Susan Hayes, as Administrative Manager.

HEALD, Oliver (North East Hertfordshire)

I employ my wife, Christine Heald, as Office Manager.

HEALEY, John (Wentworth and Dearne)

I employ my wife, Jackie Bate, as part-time Office Manager.

HEATH, David (Somerton and Frome)

I employ my wife, Dr Caroline Netherton, as Senior Caseworker (Junior Secretary payscale).

HODGSON, Sharon (Washington and Sunderland West)

I employ my husband, Alan Hodgson, as Senior Caseworker.

HOOD, Jim (Lanark and Hamilton East)

I employ my wife, Marion Hood, as part-time Research/Parliamentary Assistant.

HOPKINS, Kelvin (Luton North)

I employ my wife, Patricia Hopkins, as part-time Constituency Secretary.

HOWARTH, Rt Hon George (Knowsley North and Sefton East)

I employ my wife, Julie Howarth, as Office Manager.

HOYLE, Lindsay (Chorley)

I employ my wife, Catherine Hoyle, as part-time Constituency Secretary.

JOHNSON, Diana (Hull North)

I employ my partner, Kevin Morton, as Office Manager/Senior Researcher.

JOHNSON, Gareth (Dartford)

I employ my wife, Wendy Johnson, as part-time Senior Secretary.

JONES, Helen (Warrington North)

I employ my husband, Mike Vobe, as Senior Parliamentary Assistant.

KNIGHT, Rt Hon Greg (East Yorkshire)

I employ my wife, Janet Knight, as Parliamentary Assistant.

LAVERY, Ian (Wansbeck)

I employ my wife, Hilary Lavery, as part-time Junior Secretary.

LEE, Phillip (Bracknell)

I employ my father, Antony Lee, as part time junior secretary.

LEIGH, Sir Edward (Gainsborough)

I employ my wife, Mary Leigh, as Office Manager.

LIDDELL-GRAINGER, Ian (Bridgwater and West Somerset)

I employ my wife, Jill Liddell-Grainger, as Parliamentary Assistant.

LOUGHTON, Tim (East Worthing and Shoreham)

I employ my wife, Elizabeth Loughton, as part-time Caseworker.

LUCAS, Ian (Wrexham)

I employ my wife, Norah Lucas, as part-time Secretary.

LUFF, Sir Peter (Mid Worcestershire)

I employ my wife, Julia Luff, as Office Manager.

MAUDE, Rt Hon Francis (Horsham)

I employ my wife Christina as office manager (maternity leave cover)

MCCANN, Michael (East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow)

I employ my wife, Tracy Anne McCann, as Office Manager.

MCCARTNEY, Karl (Lincoln)

I employ my wife, Cordelia McCartney, as Office Manager.

MCDONNELL, Dr Alasdair (Belfast South)

I employ my niece, Siobhan McDonnell, as Caseworker.

MCKENZIE, Iain (Inverclyde)

I employ my wife, Alison McKenzie, as part-time Junior Secretary.

MCLOUGHLIN, Rt Hon Patrick (Derbyshire Dales)

I employ my wife, Lynn McLoughlin, as Executive Secretary and Office Manager.

MACNEIL, Angus (Na h-Eileanan an Iar)

I employ my wife, Jane MacNeil, as Parliamentary Assistant and Caseworker.

MANN, John (Bassetlaw)

I employ my wife, Joanna White, as Office Manager.

MERCER, Patrick (Newark)

I employ my wife, Cait Mercer, as Junior Caseworker.

MILLER, Andrew (Ellesmere Port and Neston)

I employ my wife, Fran Miller, as part-time Secretary/Office Manager.

I employ my cousin, Julie Spencer, as part-time Senior Researcher/Parliamentary Assistant.

MOORE, Michael (Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk)

I employ my wife, Alison Moore, as casework assistant.

MORRIS, Grahame (Easington)

I employ my wife, Michelle Morris, as part-time senior secretary.

MUNDELL, David (Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale)

I employ my son, Oliver Mundell, as Parliamentary Assistant from 1 March 2013. I previously employed him as Parliamentary Assistant from May 2012-9 September 2012.

MUNN, Meg (Sheffield, Heeley)

I employ my husband, Dennis Bates, as part-time Researcher/Parliamentary Assistant.

I employ my sister-in-law, Deborah Stenton, as Caseworker/Secretarial Assistant.

MURRISON, Andrew (South West Wiltshire)

I employ my wife, Jennifer Murrison, as a part-time Parliamentary Assistant.

OTTAWAY, Sir Richard (Croydon South)

I employ my wife, Nicola Ottaway, as a part-time Parliamentary Assistant.

PAICE, James (South East Cambridgeshire)

I employ my wife, Ava Paice, as part-time constituency caseworker.

PARISH, Neil (Tiverton and Honiton)

I employ my wife, Susan Parish, as Junior Secretary.

PATERSON, Owen (North Shropshire)

I employ my wife, Rose Paterson, as Senior Parliamentary Assistant.

PEARCE, Teresa (Erith & Thamesmead)

I employ my partner, Paul O Neil, as Constituency Office Manager.

PENNING, Mike (Hemel Hempstead)

I employ my wife, Angela C Penning, as Office Manager.

POULTER, Daniel (Central Suffolk and North Ipswich)

I employ my mother, Carol Poulter, as a Senior Caseworker.

POUND, Steve (Ealing North)

I employ my wife, Maggie Pound, as constituency Caseworker.

PRITCHARD, Mark (The Wrekin)

I employ my wife, Sondra Pritchard, as Office Manager.

RIORDAN, Linda (Halifax)

I employ my partner, Stephen J. Roberts as Senior Researcher.

ROBATHAN, Andrew (Blaby)

I employ my wife, Rachael Robathan, as part-time Senior Parliamentary Assistant.

ROBERTSON, Angus (Moray)

I employ my wife, Carron Anderson, as Parliamentary Caseworker.

ROBERTSON, John (Glasgow North West)

I employ my daughter, Laura Robertson, as a part-time Junior Secretary.

ROBERTSON, Laurence (Tewkesbury)

I employ my wife, Susan Robertson (from whom I am separated) as Senior Secretary.

I employ my partner, Anne Marie Adams, as Office Manager.

ROGERSON, Dan (North Cornwall)

I employ my wife, Heidi Rogerson, as Diary Secretary.

ROY, Frank (Motherwell and Wishaw)

I employ my wife, Ellen Roy, as part-time Junior Secretary.

RUANE, Chris (Vale of Clwyd)

I employ my wife, Gill Roberts, as part-time Office Manager.

SANDERS, Adrian (Torbay)

I employ my wife, Alison Sanders, as Office Manager.

SCOTT, Lee (Ilford North)

I employ my wife, Estelle Scott, as Senior Secretary.

SHELBROOKE, Alec (Elmet and Rothwell)

I employ my wife, Susan Shelbrooke, as part-time Secretary.

SHEPHERD, Richard (Aldridge-Brownhills)

I employ my sister, Davida Catleugh, as Office Manager.

SHERIDAN, Jim (Paisley and Renfrewshire North)

I employ my daughter, Joanne Sheridan, as Parliamentary Assistant/Caseworker/Administrator.

SIMMONDS, Mark (Boston and Skegness)

I employ my wife, Lizbeth Simmonds, as part-time Office Manager.

SKINNER, Dennis (Bolsover)

I employ my partner, Lois Blasenheim, as Executive Secretary.

SMITH, Rt Hon Andrew (Oxford East)

I employ my wife, Val Smith, part time as Senior Caseworker.

SMITH, Angela C (Penistone and Stocksbridge)

I employ my husband, Steven Wilson, as Senior Parliamentary Researcher.

SMITH, Henry (Crawley)

I employ my wife, Jennifer Millar-Smith, as Secretary.

STEVENSON, John (Carlisle)

I employ my partner, Tracy Nixon, as part-time senior secretary.

STREETER, Gary (South West Devon)

I employ my wife, Janet Streeter, as part-time Junior Parliamentary Researcher.

STRINGER, Graham (Blackley and Broughton)

I employ my step-daughter, Eleanor Carr, as Parliamentary Assistant.

STUART, Graham (Beverley and Holderness)

I employ my sister, Niki Roberts, as Office Manager.

SWALES, Ian (Redcar)

I employ my daughter-in-law, Anne-Marie Swales, as a part-time Junior Secretary.

SWAYNE, Desmond (New Forest West)

I employ my wife, Moira Swayne, as Secretary/Office Manager.

SWIRE, Hugo (East Devon)

I employ my wife, Alexandra (Sasha) Swire, as Senior Researcher/Parliamentary Assistant.

SYMS, Robert (Poole)

I employ my wife Fiona Syms as a part time Senior Parliamentary Assistant.

TAMI, Mark (Alyn and Deeside)

I employ my wife, Sally Tami, as part-time Secretary/budget control.

TURNER, Andrew (Isle of Wight)

I employ my partner, Carole Dennett, as Parliamentary Assistant.

TWIGG, Derek (Halton)

I employ my wife, Mary Twigg, as Executive Secretary.

VAZ, Valerie (Walsall South)

I employ my husband, Paul Townsend, as Office Manager.

VICKERS, Martin (Cleethorpes)

I employ my wife, Ann Vickers, as part-time Junior Secretary.

WALKER, Charles (Broxbourne)

I employ my wife, Fiona Walker, as Office Manager.

WALLACE, Ben (Wyre and Preston North)

I employ my wife, Liza Wallace, as part-time Research Assistant.

WHITTAKER, Craig (Calder Valley)

I employ my daughter, Sophie Whittaker, as part-time Junior Secretary.

WILLIAMSON, Chris (Derby North)

I employ my partner, Maggie Amsbury, as Senior Secretary.

WILSON, Phil (Sedgefield)

I employ my partner, Margaret Brown, as personal assistant/Office Manager.

WRIGHT, Iain (Hartlepool)

I employ my wife, Tiffiny Wright, as Office Manager.

YOUNG, Sir George (North West Hampshire)

I employ my daughter, Camilla Young, as Office Manager.

Prepared 30th January 2014