House of Commons

The Register of Members' Financial Interests: Part 1
As at 29th November 2011

SLAUGHTER, Andrew (Hammersmith)

2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc

Populus Limited, Northburgh House, 10 Northburgh Street, London, EC1V 0AT.

Survey completed September 2010. Hours: 30 mins. Fee of £50 donated to my local Party. (Registered 8 October 2010)

16 December 2010, received £50 for taking part in survey. Hours: 30 mins. Fee donated to my local Party. (Registered 6 January 2011)

18 March 2011, received £75 for opinion survey interview, February 2011. Hours: 15 mins. Payment donated to my constituency party. (Registered 1 April 2011)

Surveys completed ComRes, 4 Millbank, London, SW1P 3JA.

Fee of £75 donated to my local Party. Hours: 50 mins (Registered 8 October 2010)

6. Overseas visits

Name of donor: 1) Friends of Al-Aqsa (flight)

2) Middle East Monitor (accommodation)

Address of donor: 1) PO Box 5127, Leicester LE2 OWU

2) 419-421 Crown House, North Circular Rd, London NW10 7PN

Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): 1) cost of flight; £392

2) cost of accommodation; £535

Destination of visit: Jerusalem

Date of visit: 5-8 November 2010

Purpose of visit: fact-finding mission

(Registered 30 November 2010)

Name of donor: Council for European Palestinian Relations

Address of donor: 1 Olympic Way, London HA9 0P

Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): Flights, transport within Cairo and Border Visa in Cairo, accommodation and food; total value £680

Destination of visit: Cairo, Egypt

Date of visit: 17-20 March 2011

Purpose of visit: member of CEPR’s parliamentary delegation

(Registered 11 April 2011)

11. Miscellaneous

Barrister (not practising).

Prepared 8th December 2011