House of Commons

The Register of Members' Financial Interests: Part 1
As at 20 February 2012

BAKER, Steven (Wycombe)

1. Directorships

Ambriel Consulting; software consultancy (not trading), Treluswell Hill Main Street The Lizard Cornwall TR12 7NZ.

2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc

Adviser to Cobden Partners, 23 Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BL; a consultancy firm providing banking advisory services to nations whose banking systems have collapsed or are in difficulty. I will provide sovereign advisory services. Startup business - no remuneration yet received. (Registered 25 May 2011)

6. Overseas visits

Name of donor: The Iman Foundation

Address of donor: 4th Floor, 100 New Bond Street, Mayfair, London, W1S 1SP

Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): £1,050

Destination of visit: Cairo, Egypt

Date of visit: 24 to 27 July 2011

Purpose of visit: To present a seminar on the principles of a free society and to promote dialogue to strengthen international understanding in relation to current events in Egypt.

(Registered 9 September 2011)

Name of donor: the Triarius Foundation

Address of donor: "Stonecroft", Dr Gruze Micelli Street, Gzira GZR 1723, Malta

Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): UK transport, flights, accommodation and subsistence; total £8,130

Destination of visit: Equatorial Guinea

Date of visit: 17-21 August 2011

Purpose of visit: a parliamentary delegation, undertaken with the knowledge of the FCO, to assess the business and political conditions prevailing in Equatorial Guinea.

(Registered 22 September 2011)

9. Shareholdings

(a) Securities Automation Ltd (not trading)

Prepared 24th February 2012