House of Commons

The Register of Members' Financial Interests: Part 1
As at 20th May 2013

HOLLOWAY, Adam (Gravesham)

2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc

Lecturer at Defence Academy/Staff College, Wiltshire, undertaking 4 lectures a year for £350 a lecture. (Registered 23 August 2012)

6. Overseas visits

Name of donor: Kurdish Democratic Party

Address of donor: Erbil, Kurdish Autonomous Region, Iraq

Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): flights and accommodation worth approximately £2,500

Destination of visit: Northern Iraq

Date of visit: 11 to 13 June 2012

Purpose of visit: to view progress since the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

(Registered 21 August 2012)

Name of donor: Conservative Middle East Council

Address of donor: 55 Tufton St, London SW1P 3QL

Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): flights, accommodation, vehicles and services of interpreters worth approximately £1,000 in total

Destination of visit: Lebanon

Date of visit: 18 -23 April 2012

Purpose of visit: to look at fallout from civil war in Syria and to visit border area

(Registered 21 August 2012)

Prepared 3rd June 2013