House of Commons

The Register of Members' Financial Interests: Part 1
As at 30th June 2014

HEMMING, John (Birmingham, Yardley)

1. Remunerated directorships

JHC plc, of 78 Alcester Road, Birmingham B13 8BB; software.

Unremunerated director of JHC Systems Ltd, of 1 Temple Row, Birmingham B2 5LG (software) (Updated 14 May 2014)

2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc

I am Senior Partner of JHC (aka John Hemming and Company) LLP, of 1 Temple Row, Birmingham B2 5LG; a software house.

Senior Partner in MarketNet and Music Mercia International (part of John Hemming Trading, 78 Alcester Road, Birmingham B13 8BB).

John Hemming has two self-employed sources of revenue outside parliament: JHC (John Hemming & Co) LLP for which he had a taxable profit of £183,254 in 2012-13 and John Hemming Trading for which he had a profit of £3,867 in 2012-13.  The time taken was under 100 hours for that year. (Registered 3 March 2014)

4. Sponsorships

The salary of a member of my staff was paid by Birmingham City Council until June 2013 (Updated 13 September 2013)

8. Land and Property

Two flats in London, from one of which rental income is received.

Property in Birmingham which is used as a house and office, and from which rental income is received. (Updated 15 May 2014)

Farmland and woodland in Devon (from which rental income was received) until January 2014. (Updated 28 February 2014)

9. Registrable shareholdings

(a) JHC plc; software

JHC LLP; software

John Hemming Trading Ltd

JHC Systems Ltd; software (Registered 28 February 2014; updated 14 May 2014)

(b) Bank of Ireland


Irish Life (until May 2014) (updated 12 May 2014)

Lloyds Bank (Registered 9 December 2011)

BP, until October 2013(Registered 30 July 2012; updated 18 October 2013)

Total (until May 2014) (Registered 30 July 2012; updated 12 May 2014)

Statoil (until May 2014) (Registered 30 July 2012; updated 12 May 2014)

Shell (Registered 30 July 2012)

Co-Op Bank (until May 2014) (Registered 4 June 2013; updated 12 May 2014))

Barclays Bank plc (Registered 28 February 2014)

Santander (Registered 9 April 2014)

Amlin plc (insurance) (Registered 12 May 2014)

National Accident Repair Services (Registered 12 May 2014)

Vianet plc (Registered 4 June 2014)

11. Miscellaneous

Partner and director of JHC LLP; software.

Prepared 2nd July 2014