House of Commons

The Register of Members' Financial Interests
As at 2 May 2017

Penning, Mike (Hemel Hempstead)

Penning, Mike (Hemel Hempstead)

2. (b) Any other support not included in Category 2(a)

Name of donor: Metropolitan International School Ltd
Address of donor: 500 Chesham House, 150 Regent Street, London W1R 5QZ
Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £35,000 towards campaigning, research and constituency activities
Date received: 17 March 2017
Date of accepted: 17 March 2017
Donor status: company, registration 2646404
(Registered 07 April 2017)

8. Miscellaneous

On 20 May 2016 a donation of £1,120 from Jan Telensky was accepted by Hemel Hempstead Conservative Association. Mr Telensky's company, Metropolitan International School Ltd, made a donation earlier in 2016 to support my office. (Registered 06 June 2016)

9. Family members employed and paid from parliamentary expenses

I employ my wife, Angela C Penning, as Office Manager.


Prepared 3rd May 2017