House of Commons

The Register of Members' Financial Interests
As at 9 November 2020

Freeman, George (Mid Norfolk)

Freeman, George (Mid Norfolk)

1. Employment and earnings

Payments from The Big Tent Ideas Festival, a not-for-profit non-party foundation for the renewal of mainstream political engagement. Address of payer: c/o The Raingods Ltd, 76 Vincent Square, London SW1P 2PD.

4 September 2019, received £1,000 plus expenses for setting up the foundation. Hours: approx. 200 hrs in total over two years. (Registered 06 April 2020)

1 August 2020, received £5,000 for communications advice. Hours: 100 hrs over one year. (Registered 15 October 2020; updated 06 November 2020)

1 June 2020, received £5,000 for technology consulting from Aerosol Shield Ltd, a group of clinicians and medical technology specialists working on the problem of cross contamination during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Address of payer: The Bizzinn, Birmingham Research Park, 97 Vincent Drive, Birmingham B15 2SQ. Hours: 23 hrs over two months. (Registered 15 October 2020; updated 06 November 2020)

8. Miscellaneous

Director (unpaid) of The Norfolk Way, a non-profit social enterprise. (Registered 02 February 2018)

From 16 August 2016, Chairman (unpaid) of the Board of the Capital Ideas Foundation Ltd, a non-profit company. (Registered 02 February 2018)


Prepared 10th November 2020