House of Commons

The Register of Members' Financial Interests
As at 14 March 2022

Bottomley, Sir Peter (Worthing West)

Bottomley, Sir Peter (Worthing West)

6. Land and property portfolio: (i) value over £100,000 and/or (ii) giving rental income of over £10,000 a year

Flat in Worthing: (i). (Registered 04 June 2015)

Cottage in Waverley: (i). (Registered 04 June 2015)

House in Westminster: (i). (Registered 04 June 2015)

7. (i) Shareholdings: over 15% of issued share capital

Grosvenor House (Worthing) Ltd, management of residential property. The company holds the freehold of six flats. (Registered 03 December 2018)

7. (ii) Other shareholdings, valued at more than £70,000

Streetbook Ltd; an internet community communications company. (Updated 4 June 2015)

8. Miscellaneous

Unpaid director of Grosvenor House (Worthing) Ltd, a company which holds the freehold of six flats. (Registered 06 November 2018)

Chairman of Trustees for the Revd Dr Busby’s Trustees (Willen) Main Charity Ltd, which supports clergy and their families in two dioceses. (Registered 03 December 2018)

Member of the Court of the Drapers Company and a trustee for its charitable activity and assets, together with shared responsibility for other assets and activity. (Registered 03 December 2018)

Unpaid director of PbandvbLtd; no activity since incorporation on 11 January 2012. (Registered 03 December 2018)


Prepared 16th March 2022