House of Commons

The Register of Members' Financial Interests
As at 2 May 2023

Throup, Maggie (Erewash)

Throup, Maggie (Erewash)

4. Visits outside the UK

Name of donor: The Eleanor Crook Foundation
Address of donor: Suite 1110, 150 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, NC276021
Estimate of the probable value (or amount of any donation): Transport (£2586.91), hotel (£580), food and subsistence (£400), total value £3,566.91
Destination of visit: Kenya
Dates of visit: 13-18 February 2023
Purpose of visit: Visit organised by the Coalition for Global Prosperity and WorldVision to demonstrate the impact UK Aid has in communities in Kenya.
(Registered 14 March 2023)

6. Land and property portfolio: (i) value over £100,000 and/or (ii) giving rental income of over £10,000 a year

House in Bradford: (i). (Registered 21 May 2015)

House in Solihull: (i) and (ii). (Registered 21 May 2015)

8. Miscellaneous

From 31 January 2020, Board Member of Erewash Borough Council Towns Fund Committee. This is an unpaid position. (Registered 10 February 2020)


Prepared 4th May 2023