House of Commons

The Register of Members' Financial Interests
As at 30 October 2023

Hunt, Jeremy (South West Surrey)

Hunt, Jeremy (South West Surrey)

3. Gifts, benefits and hospitality from UK sources

Name of donor: Lloyds Banking Group
Address of donor: 25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN
Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: Hospitality for two at the Chelsea Flower Show Gala Dinner (£185 each) on 22 May 2023, and two standard day tickets for Flower Show (£120.85 each) on 23 May 2023, total value £611.70
Date received: 22-23 May 2023
Date accepted: 22 May 2023
Donor status: company, registration 2065
(Registered 14 June 2023)

Name of donor: Avalon Entertainment
Address of donor: 4a Exmoor Street, London W10 6BD
Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: Three tickets (£180) to see Spitting Image The Musical, total value £540
Date received: 14 June 2023
Date accepted: 14 June 2023
Donor status: company, registration 05991699
(Registered 10 July 2023)

Name of donor: Royal Opera House Covent Garden Foundation
Address of donor: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9DD
Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: Two tickets (£249 each) with refreshments (£84) to see Don Carlo, total value £582
Date received: 3 July 2023
Date accepted: 3 July 2023
Donor status: company, registration 480523
(Registered 25 July 2023)

6. Land and property portfolio: (i) value over £100,000 and/or (ii) giving rental income of over £10,000 a year

Half-share of holiday house in Italy: (i) and (ii).

Half-share of an office building in London: (i) and (ii). (Updated 03 September 2018)

From 7 February 2018, seven apartments in Southampton, owned by Mare Pond Properties Ltd: (i) and (ii). (Registered 07 March 2018)

7. (i) Shareholdings: over 15% of issued share capital

From 19 September 2017, Mare Pond Properties Ltd; a property holding company which I own jointly with my wife. (Registered 07 March 2018)

8. Miscellaneous

Portfolio of shares held in a blind trust. (Registered 29 October 2019)

From 18 December 2019, a Trustee of the charity Patient Safety Watch, an organisation which carries out and commissions research into patient safety issues. (Registered 10 January 2020)

From 4 February 2020, temporary representative board member (unpaid) of Soak and Sleep Ltd. I consulted ACoBA about this appointment. (Registered 11 February 2020)


Prepared 2nd November 2023