Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 17th December 2010]

Henig, K to Merrill, S

Staff Member (i.e. Sponsor) Other Relevant Gainful Occupation or Benefit
HENIG Katherine Catherine McKinnell None.
HENNEY Rebecca Glenda Jackson None.
HENRICSON-BELL Torsten Alistair Darling None.
HENRY Ursula Dominic Raab None.
HENTSCHEL Julian Nia Griffith Assistant Economist, Department of Energy and Climate Change.
HERNANDEZ Alexandra Malcolm Bruce None.
HEWISH Timothy Steve Baker None.
HEYDECKER Rachel Stewart Hosie None.
HIGGINBOTHAM Antony John Baron None.
HILFERTY David William Bain None.
HILL Jessica Barry Sheerman None.
HILLER Jakob David Davis None.
HILLMAN Nicholas David Willetts Special Adviser, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.
HINCKS Richard Ed Balls None.
HIND Anthony John Baron None.
HINTON Lisa Ben Gummer None.
HIRONS Thomas Jesse Norman None.
HODGE Jonathan James Duddridge None.
HODGE Mary Stephen O’Brien None.
HODGSON Alan Sharon Hodgson None.
HOFFMAN Stephen David Nuttall Parliamentary Consultant, The Freedom Association (promotes freedom of the individual).
HOLLAND Jenny Dr Alan Whitehead Head of parliamentary team, Association for the Conservation of Energy (lobbying research organisation).
HOLLAND Tessa Andrew Love None.
HOLLIDAY Adam Anna Soubry None.
HOLLIS Anne David Hanson None.
HOLT Alice Mary Creagh None.
HOLZHAUSEN Emily Dr Hywel Francis Director of Policy, Carers UK (a charity).
HOMAN Lisa Meg Hillier Councillor, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.
HOPE Elaine Jenny Chapman None.
HOPE Rollo Caroline Nokes None.
HOPKINSON Alice Stephen Hammond None.
HOPPER David Sharon Hodgson None.
HORAK Kevin Patrick Mercer Director, Clearwater Special Projects Ltd (security company).
HORROCKS Matthew John Healey Shadow Health Team Co-ordinator, The Labour Party.
HORWICH Kiran Tim Farron None.
HOUGHTON John Chris Ruane None.
HOWARD Dan Mike Wood None.
HOWARD Daniel Therese Cofffey None.
HOWARD Rachel John Pugh None.
HOWARTH Christopher Mark Francois None.
HOWATSON Madeleine Sir Stuart Bell None.
HOWELLS Jonathan Sir Malcolm Rifkind Agent, Kensington and Chelsea Conservatives.
HUCKLE Andrew Robert Halfon Parliamentary work experience is funded by an individual donor, Mr Dean Barclay, as part of an apprenticeship scheme run by Harlow College .
HUGHES Daniel Angela Eagle None.
HUGHES Helen Catherine McKinnell None.
HUGHES Ian Roger Godsiff None.
HUGHES Jason Shailesh Vara None.
HUGHES Rhiannon Ian Austin None.
HUGHES Sophie Anne McIntosh None.
HULME Katherine Ben Gummer None.
HUMPHREYS James Caroline Lucas Director, Woodnewton Associates Ltd (research agency).
HUMPHREYS Jennifer Madeleine Moon None.
HUMPHRIES Paul Sheryll Murray Warden for Opal Housing (student housing group), and for this position I get a room rent free.
HUNT Anthony Paul Murphy None.
HUNT Thomas Paul Blomfield None.
HUNTER Hilary Bill Wiggin None.
HUNTER Joan Mark Prisk None.
HUNTLEY Gabriel Chuka Umunna None.
HURST James David Hanson None.
HUTCHINGS Nicholas Edward Leigh Researcher, War Child UK (children’s charity).
HUTCHINSON Genevieve Richard Ottaway None.
HUTCHINSON Sophie Oliver Colvile None.
HUXLEY Christopher Gloria De Piero None.
HYDON Ruth Geraint Davies None.
INGALL Pauline Jeremy Lefroy Administrator, African Speciality Products Ltd (sales of coffee and cocoa).
INGE Verity David Lidington None.
INGER Mark Sadiq Khan None.
INGHAM Stafford Jim Fitzpatrick None.
INGLIS Frances Sarah Teather None.
IRELAND Michael Mike Weatherley None.
IRIMIA Danut Keith Vaz None.
IRVINE Chris Mark Reckless None.
JACKSON Benjamin Stephen O’Brien Researcher, Conservative Friends of Israel (lobby group that supports Israel and promotes Conservatism).
JACKSON Catherine Shaun Woodward None.
JACKSON Elaine Helen Grant None.
JACKSON Richard Andrew Stephenson None.
JACKSON Sarah Andrea Leadsom None.
JACQUIN Adele Mark Francois None.
JAMES Alex Thomas Docherty None.
JAMES Emily Alex Cunningham None.
JAMES Emma Margaret Hodge None.
JAMES Mara Denis MacShane None.
JAMES Peter Stephen Timms None.
JAMES Thomas Jonathan Evans None.
JAMIESON Henry Greg Hands None.
JENKINS Gareth David Amess None.
JENKINS Timothy Neil Parish None.
JENKINS Venetia Hugh Robertson None.
JENNINGS Leigh Roger Godsiff Co-ordinator for the British-Japanese Parliamentary Group.
JEWELL Delyth Dr Hywel Williams Employed as a researcher by Plaid Cymru party.
JOHNSON Claire Edward Miliband None.
JOHNSON Corin Ronnie Campbell None.
JOHNSON Helen Lillian Greenwood None.
JOHNSON Ian Elfyn Llwyd None.
JOHNSON Lisa Lisa Nandy Political liaison for UCU (education union).
JOHNSTON Elizabeth Gerald Howarth None.
JOHNSTON-JONES Danielle Sajid Javid None.
JONES Annabel Maria Miller None.
JONES Christopher Claire Perry None.
JONES Christopher Stephen Lloyd None.
JONES Katrina Gavin Barwell None.
JONES Matthew Alistair Burt None.
JONES Sian Philip Hammond Special Adviser, Department of Transport.
JONES Thomas Anne Main None.
JOSEPH John David Lidington None.
JOSLIN Michael Ed Miliband Campaigns Officer, The Labour Party.
JUPP Matthew David Ruffley None.
KAMAL Hamed Sarah Teather None.
KARSOV-SZECHTER Nina Dr Julian Lewis None.
KAY Matthew Austin Mitchell None.
KEEHAN Nicholas Dave Watts None.
KEEN Christina Andrew Selous None.
KEILTY Nicholas Simon Hughes None.
KELAART Thierry Rory Stewart Gifts and Benefits: Ticket to the Conservative Summer Ball from Mr Jon Moynihan (registered July 2010).
KELLY Andrew Dominic Raab Councillor, Elmbridge Borough Council.
KELLY Jack Ian Austin None.
KELLY Nicola Chris Kelly None.
KELLY Scott John Hayes Lecturer, New York University . Researcher, Learning and Skills Network (further education improvement services).
KEMP Richard Patrick Mercer None.
KEMP Stephen Jon Trickett Political officer for the GMB (trade union).
KENDALL Graham George Howarth Partner, Graham Kendall Consulting (a strategic communications consultancy). Clients are shown below. Consulting Adviser on health policy, NHS Partners Network (an alliance of independent healthcare organisations). Adviser on strategy and health-related policy, IMS Maxims plc (a healthcare software company). Provides advice on PR and strategy to Asteral (supplier of managed equipment services to the health service) via The Crocodile (a marketing company). Adviser on health policy and communications to Research in Motion ( designer, manufacturer and marketer of wireless solutions). Advice on health policy given in January 2010 to The Open Road (communications consultancy). Communications advice to Norfolk Independent Care (care providers) and The Health Foundation (a healthcare charity).
KENDALL Marsha Fabian Hamilton None.
KENNEDY James Stephen Hepburn None.
KENNEDY Laura David Amess None.
KENNEDY Neil Anne Milton None.
KENNEDY Raymond Dr Alasdair McDonnell None.
KENNEDY Thomas Jesse Norman None.
KENRICK Joel Chris Huhne Special Adviser, Department of Energy and Climate Change.
KENSELL Fiona Chris Heaton-Harris None.
KENT Justine Tim Loughton None.
KENT Sam John Thurso None.
KERR Susannah Julian Huppert City Councillor, East Chesterton ward in Cambridge .
KERSHAW Peter Mark Hoban None.
KERSHAW Valerie David Winnick None.
KESTER Georgina Simon Hart None.
KHATUN Mazida Rushanara Ali None.
KIBBLE Jo Alison McGovern None.
KIBEL Sara Kelvin Hopkins None.
KIDDOO Leslie Nick de Bois None.
KIELTY Jeannie Ian Mearns None.
KILMARTIN James Caroline Flint None.
KING Dominic Julian Smith None.
KING Katherine David Ward None.
KING Tom Dr Julian Huppert None.
KING PATTERSON Susan Richard Drax None.
KINLOCH Emma Gemma Doyle None.
KINNOCK Rachel Ed Miliband Head of Events, The Labour Party.
KIPPIN Sean Nick Brown None.
KIRK Annabel Stephen Dorrell None.
KIRKBY Lindsay Jane Ellison None.
KIRKLAND Simon Rachel Reeves None.
KIRWAN Valerie Nick Clegg None.
KLAUKKA Gary Glenda Jackson None.
KNIGHT Emily Angie Bray None.
KNOTT Stephen Lady Sylvia Hermon None.
KNUCKEY Michael Mel Stride None.
KOTLER Aaron Nicky Morgan None.
KRANTZ Caroline Dominic Grieve None.
KUNZMANN Peter Jo Swinson None.
KYBETT Olivia Chris Kelly None.
KYRIAKOU Barbara Keith Simpson None.
LACEY-HOLLAND Joseph Chris Leslie None.
LADDS Thomas Barbara Keeley None.
LAING Kathryn Kenneth Clarke Employed as Special Adviser to the Lord Chancellor/Secretary of State for Justice by the Ministry of Justice.
LAITY Emma Andrew Mitchell None.
LAKEY Roy Alan Meale None.
LANCASTER James Tom Blenkinsop None.
LANDRUM David Jim Dobbin Senior Parliamentary Officer for the Bible Society (a charity).
LANE Nicholas Norman Lamb None.
LANGLEY Anne Edward Vaizey None.
LANSMAN Jon Michael Meacher Management Consultant, Guy’s & St Thomas ’s NHS Trust (healthcare). Editor, Left Futures (blog).
LARGAN Robert Graham Evans None.
LARGE Daniel Edward Timpson Sole director of ByAndLarge Limited (political administration). Paid by Timpson Ltd (shoe repair and key-cutting shops) to act as head of office to Edward Timpson MP. Political consultant for: women2win (training organisation). Gifts/Benefits: Guest of Bentley Motors Ltd, who provided ticket for and car to and from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Annual Dinner held on 23 November 2010.
LARRINGTON Myles John Redwood Councillor, Boston Borough Council.
LATHAM Joanne Steve Webb Freelance research for the Relationships Foundation (think-tank).
LATHWOOD Rebecca Kate Green None.
LAVERY Liam Ian Lavery None.
LAWRENCE Linda Mike Penning None.
LAWRINSON Karen Yasmin Qureshi Assistant Editor, W4MP (website for MPs’ staff).
LAWSON Faye Gareth Johnson None.
LAWSON Joseph Bridget Phillipson None.
LE MARQUAND Christopher Sharon Hodgson Benefit: Bursary/ scholarship received from CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) a registered charity, as an intern on their graduate training scheme.
LEAF David Priti Patel None.
LEAHY Michael Dr Hywel Francis None.
LEAY Martin Hugh Bayley None.
LEECH Edward Sam Gyimah None.
LEEMING John Cheryl Gillan None.
LEE-SMITH Tamsin Tobias Ellwood None.
LEGRAND Sarah Rory Stewart None.
LEITCH Robert Julian Sturdy None.
LEMAIRE Axelle Denis MacShane None.
LENNIE Christopher Alan Campbell Deputy General Secretary, The Labour Party.
LENNON Claire Pamela Nash Trainee Campaign Organiser in the East Midlands for the Labour Party.
LEONARD Deborah Michael Fallon None.
LEONARD Mark Andrew Mitchell Overseas visits: 15-20 June 2010, to Rwanda to organise the Conservative Party’s Social Action Project (flights and in-country costs were paid by Andrew Mitchell MP from registered donations made to him in his previous capacity as Shadow Secretary of State for International Development).
LEONG Sonny Gordon Banks None.
LEONHARDT Alex Madeleine Moon None.
LERMER Lucy Stephen Barclay None.
LESLIE Frances Michael Gove None.
LEVICK Christopher Stewart Hosie Smaller Parties Project Manager, Westminster Foundation for Democracy (a non-departmental public body for the consolidation of democratic practices and institutions in developing democracies).
LEVIN Guy George Osborne Employed by the Conservative Party as a researcher.
LEVISEUR James Sam Gyimah None.
LEWIS Pamela Sammy Wilson Councillor, Antrim Borough Council.
LEY Glyn Adrian Sanders None.
LIDDELL-GRAINGER Jill Ian Liddell-Grainger None.
LIDDELL-GRAINGER Peter Ian Liddell-Grainger None.
LIDDELL-GRAINGER Sophie Ian Liddell-Grainger None.
LIDDIARD Sarah Chloe Smith None.
LINTHWAITE Deborah Robert Neill None.
LLOYD Christopher Louise Ellman None.
LLOYD Hannah David Ruffley None.
LLOYD Joanna George Hollingbery None.
LOI Rebecca Grant Shapps None.
LOMAS Theodore Mark Menzies None.
LONGSTAFF Lee Grahame Morris None.
LONGWORTH Robina Nicholas Boles None.
LOPES Sabrina Kate Hoey None.
LOUDEN Lizzie Sarah Teather None.
LOVE Sandra Gemma Doyle None.
LOVERING Lisa John Glen None.
LOWDER Helen John McDonnell None.
LOWRY David Paul Flynn Researcher, Newzeye (publishing).
LUCASS William Dominic Grieve None.
LUFF Julia Peter Luff None.
LUSHER James Don Foster None.
LYALL Joanna Fiona O’Donnell None.
LYKOURGOU Kallipoi Dr John Pugh None.
LYNCH Rebecca Vernon Coaker None.
LYNCH Tim Mark Menzies None.
MACDONALD Alice Bob Ainsworth Overseas visits: 30 November-7 December 2010, to Afghanistan to look at development projects. All costs were met by ActionAid.
MACDONALD Eleonore Rehman Chishti None.
MACDONALD Elizabeth David Mowat None.
MACDOUGALL Sarah Sarah Teather None.
MACENTEE CREIGHTON Niall Jeremy Corbyn None.
MACEY Emma John Bercow None.
MACKAY Isabel Stewart Jackson None.
MACKENZIE Andrew Russell Brown None.
MACKENZIE Luke Stephen Metcalfe Councillor, Basildon Council.
MACKEWN Samantha Alistair Burt None.
MACLEOD Catherine Alistair Darling None.
MACNAUGHTON Caroline Tim Loughton None.
MAGEE Grainne Philip Davies None.
MAGUIRE Allison Jessica Lee Councillor, Erewash Borough Council.
MAGUIRE Emma Greg Hands None.
MAHER Rebecca Anna Soubry None.
MAHIL Kiran Yvette Cooper None.
MALINS Lynda Jonathan Lord None.
MALONE Paula Brooks Newmark None.
MALONEY Jessica Joan Ruddock None.
MALONEY Paul Nick Clegg None.
MANCINI Gabrielle Steve Brine None.
MANEY Benjamim Jackie Doyle-Price Councillor, Thurrock Council.
MANNING Alex David Willetts None.
MANUEL Carolyn Dawn Primarolo None.
MAROTI Szabolcs Valerie Vaz None.
MARSH Mary Sajid Javid None.
MARSHALL James James Arbuthnot None.
MARSHALL Yuliya Alec Shelbrooke None.
MARTIN Martine Jason McCartney None.
MARTIN Robin Emma Reynolds None.
MARTINS Oliver Maria Eagle Solider under training, Territorial Army.
MASHARI Roxanne Barry Gardiner Local Councillor, Brent Council.
MASON Peter Liz Kendall None.
MASRANI Daksha Mike Gapes None.
MASSER Alastair Gerald Howarth None.
MASSON Monica Michael Meacher None.
MATES Arabella Bob Blackman None.
MATHESON Katherine Kate Hoey None.
MATTHEWS Blaise Helen Grant None.
MATTHEWS Corinna Mark Simmonds None.
MATTHEWS Jane Sir John Stanley None.
MATTHEWS Kevin Bill Esterson None.
MATTHEWS Stephen Natascha Engel None.
MAWDSLEY Christopher Rosie Cooper Councillor, West Lancashire Borough Council.
MAYES Alexander Louise Ellman None.
MAYES-REID Elizabeth Edward Davey None.
MAYHEW Elizabeth Nick Clegg Employed by the Liberal Democrat Party as Correspondence Leader to Nick Clegg.
MAYNARD Luke Nadhim Zahawi None.
MAYNE Stephen Gareth Thomas None.
MCCALLUM Hamish Stephen Gilbert None.
MCCANN Kathryn Anne Milton None.
MCCARRON Caitrin Peter Aldous None.
MCCARTNEY Ann Joe Benton None.
MCCAULEY Stephen Stephen Gilbert None.
MCCONALOGUE James Bill Cash Editor, The European Foundation (EU affairs think tank).
MCCULLAGH Kirsty Lindsay Roy None.
MCCULLOUGH Andrew Margaret Ritchie None.
MCEVATT Lauren David Jones None.
MCEVOY Laura Jenny Chapman None.
MCFARLANE Colin Gordon Banks None.
MCFARLANE Elizabeth Geoffrey Robinson None.
MCFARLANE George Edward Davey None.
MCGAHREN Fiona Mike Gapes None.
MCGEE Rachel Margaret Curran None.
MCGOWAN James David Hamilton Parliamentary Consultant, ASLEF (trade union).
MCGOWAN Susan Oliver Letwin None.
MCGRADY Justine Stephen Mosley None.
MCGREGOR Rory Mark Menzies None.
MCGUIRE Sarah Frank Roy None.
MCGUIRK Katherine Bill Esterson None.
MCINTYRE Simon Nadhim Zahawi None.
MCIVOR Helen Pauline Latham None.
MCKENZIE Ian John Cryer None.
MCKEOWN Mabel Harriet Harman Employed by the Labour Party as an office manager.
MCLEAN Charlene Marsha Singh Councillor, London Borough of Newham.
MCLEOD-HATCH Janet Tony Baldry None.
MCMAHON Jessica Gordon Henderson None.
MCNAMARA George Lindsay Hoyle None.
MCNAMEE Paul Virendra Sharma None.
MCNEILL Kirsty Gordon Brown Director of Strategy, Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown (a registered company). Overseas visits : 24 July 2010 to Uganda to staff Mr Brown during his trip to the Africa Union summit and a local school. Flight upgrades provided by Kenya Airways. 20-24 September 2010 to Harvard to staff Mr Brown during his visiting fellowship. Commercial flights and accommodation were provided by Harvard University . 15-16 November 2010 to Italy to staff Mr Brown during his trip to Italy to discuss global economic affairs. Commercial flights were provided by New York University Florence, accommodation was provided on campus. 19-21 November 2010 to India to staff Mr Brown during his trip to India , including meetings with the Indian government and local charities. Commercial flights were provided by HT Media Limited.
MCNICHOLAS Adam Stephen Twigg None.
MCNICOL Iain Frank Doran Political Officer, GMB (General, Municipal, Boilermakers and Allied Trades Union.).
MCRANDAL Edward Andrew Lansley None.
MCSORLEY Terence John Woodcock None.
MEAD John David Ward None.
MEADOWS Justin Andrew Smith None.
MEECHAN David Cathy Jamieson None.
MEHRABIAN Julie Andrew Tyrie None.
MENGHINI Fulvio Barry Gardiner None.
MEREDITH Owen Jeremy Lefroy None.
MERRETT Kieron Barbara Keeley None.
MERRILL Sarah Fabian Hamilton Organiser, Justice for Columbia (an NGO).