Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 9th March 2011]

Abbott, D to Cox, G

Member (i.e. Sponsor) Staff Other Relevant Gainful Occupation or Benefit
ABBOTT Diane Yao Adu None.
Georgios Chalkias None.
Ruby Morgan None.
Gabriel Trodd None.
ADAMS Nigel Amey Boles None.
Hazel Dales None.
AFRIYIE Adam James Coady None.
Kayleigh Williams None.
AINSWORTH Bob Oliver Deed None.
Neil Smith None.
ALDOUS Peter Helen Fox None.
Caitrin McCarron None.
Edward Phelps Deputy Secretary General, The Information Society Alliance (promotes a globally competitive, socially inclusive and democratically accountable information society).
ALEXANDER Danny Jack Furniss None.
ALEXANDER Douglas Tom Price Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
Stephen Van Riel Senior Policy Adviser, The Labour Party.
Catherine Watson None.
ALEXANDER Heidi Elizabeth Ashford None.
Ossie Fikret None.
Jamie Milne None.
ALI Rushanara Philip Glanville Councillor, London Borough of Hackney.
Mazida Khatun Overseas visits: 3-9 November 2010, to Bangladesh accompanying Rushanara Ali MP. Cost of visit was met by Oxfam.
Alexandra Voce-Russell None.
ALLEN Graham Matthew Woolston None.
AMESS David Joanna Ashworth None.
Gareth Jenkins None.
Laura Kennedy None.
ANDERSON David Paul Foy Councillor, Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council. Board member of Gateshead Housing Company (social housing) and Keelman Homes (social housing).
Karie Murphy None.
ANDREW Stuart Elizabeth Harwood None.
Louis Phillips None.
ARBUTHNOT James Virginia Heffernan None.
Luke Heighway None.
Janet Walker None.
Rosemary Zonneveld None.
AUSTIN Ian Rhiannon Hughes None.
Jack Kelly None.
BACON Richard Tracy Reeve None.
Michael Rigby None.
BAGSHAWE Louise Thomas Clayton None.
Isabel Phillipson None.
Natalie Thomas Researcher, Henderson Risk (business intelligence, asset protection and crisis management).
BAILEY Adrain Mark Greer None.
BAILEY Adrian Katherine O’Brien None.
Michael Stephenson General Secretary, Co-operative Party (political party).
BAIN William David Hilferty None.
Matthew Pitt Caseworker, Lambeth Liberal Democrat Group.
BAKER Norman Georgia Berry None.
Umair Choudhry None.
Thomas Hawkins None.
David Orr-Ewing None.
BAKER Steve Jane Dickins None.
Jean-Paul Floru Parliamentary Liaison Officer for the Adam Smith Institute (think tank).
Timothy Hewish None.
BALDRY Tony Catharine Gammie None.
Rosemary Hadow Employed by the Lighting Industry Federation to provide administrative services to the All-Party Parliamentary Lighting Group.
Janet McLeod-Hatch None.
BALDWIN Harriett Edward Davies None.
Rose Eastham Reservist, Royal Navy.
BALLS Ed Caroline Abrahams None.
Alex Belardinelli None.
Keir Cozens None.
Richard Hincks None.
BANKS Gordon Sonny Leong None.
Colin McFarlane None.
BARCLAY Stephen Iain Carter None.
Lucy Lermer None.
BARKER Gregory Lydia Ogilvie None.
Anja Wiedemann None.
BARON John Anthony Barton Self-employed legal consultant.
Claire Chipp None.
Antony Higginbotham None.
BARRON Kevin Kate Edwards None.
Cally Oldershaw Curriculum manager, Association for Science Education (education).
BARWELL Gavin Susan Bennett None.
Jennifer Clark None.
Katrina Jones None.
BAYLEY Hugh Lesley Dellagana None.
Martin Leay None.
Alexandra O’Donoghue Research Co-ordinator, Royal African Society (a charity).
BEBB Guto Samantha Cotton None.
Bethan Thomas None.
BECKETT Margaret Lionel Beckett None.
Nicola Brown None.
Lyn Bryan None.
Elizabeth Dudley None.
BEGG Dame Anne Gavin Donoghue None.
Pamela Fryer None.
BEITH Sir Alan Gillian Cheeseman None.
Margaret Ronald None.
BELL Sir Stuart Margaret Bell None.
Madeleine Howatson None.
BELLINGHAM Henry Louise Cramsie None.
Alexandra Duff None.
Eleanor Harris None.
BENN Hilary Wesley Ball Shadow Cabinet Adviser, the Labour Party.
Stephen Benn Parliamentary Affairs advisor, Royal Society of Chemistry (learned scientific society and a registered charity).
BENTON Joe Martin Collins Parliamentary Adviser to Federation of Irish Societies (a charity) and Agreed Ireland Forum (policy group).
Ann McCartney None.
BENYON Richard Graham Barnes None.
Michele De Angeli None.
BERCOW John Emma Macey None.
Georgia Smith None.
Sadie Smith Clerk, Parliamentary Committee Against Antisemitism (a charity). Freelance writer for W4MP website (website for MPs’ staff) and Total Politics (magazine). Parliamentary Consultant, Inter-Parliamentary Coalition on Combating Antisemitism (charity).
BERESFORD Sir Paul Maureen Duke None.
BERGER Luciana Richard Durber None.
Rebecca Rowland None.
BERRY Jake Martine Moser None.
Mildred Skriczka None.
BERSEFORD Sir Paul Alice Harbord-Hamond None.
BETTS Clive Daniel Register None.
BINGHAM Andrew Robert Dean None.
Jamie Douglas None.
Caroline Ready None.
BINLEY Brian Tim Montgomerie Web Editor, Conservative Intelligence (subscription and briefing service).
Rebecca Russell None.
Michael Tunks None.
BIRTWISTLE Gordon Jennifer Berger None.
Erin Harvey None.
BLACKMAN-WOODS Roberta Robert Higson None.
Gareth Shaw None.
Richard Toomer None.
BLACKMAN Bob John Dawson None.
Sara Habachi None.
Billie Harwood None.
Arabella Mates None.
BLACKWOOD Nicola Bianca D’Orsi None.
Jonathan Graham None.
Benjamin Walker Councillor, Southampton City Council.
BLEARS Hazel Steven Clapperton None.
Rosie Clayton None.
Aimy Saunders None.
BLENKINSOP Tom Alex Bryce None.
James Lancaster None.
BLOMFELD Paul Anna Chester None.
Masoma Sherazi None.
BLOMFIELD Paul Thomas Hunt None.
BLUNKETT David Rosie Hamer None.
Benjamin Hamilton None.
Chloe Hamilton None.
Robert Newman None.
Janet Pickering None.
BLUNT Crispin Thomas Brackenbury None.
Joshua Mead None.
Charles Pitt None.
BOLES Nicholas Robina Longworth None.
BOLES Nick Jane Gordon-Cumming None.
Andrea Webster Councillor, South Kesteven District Council.
BONE Peter Victoria Michell None.
James Newhall Overseas visits: November 2010, to Asia accompanying the chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Human Trafficking (airfares and accommodation costs were met by Love146, a charity registered in USA ). 16-19 February 2011, to Portugal to visit the Portuguese parliament to discuss human trafficking (costs of visit met by ECPAT UK ).
BOTTOMLEY Sir Peter Colette Hanson None.
Sally Myers None.
BRADLEY Karen Judith Milner None.
Tracy Sutton None.
BRADSHAW Ben Scott Bell None.
Michael Chick None.
Stephen Race None.
Leonard Shallcross Political Adviser, the Labour Party.
BRADY Graham Sybil Crowther None.
Oliver Duggan None.
BRAKE Tom Samuel Emden None.
Derek Guruswamy None.
Grant Sibley None.
Kirsty Slack Part-time Constituency Campaigns Co-ordinator for the Liberal Democrat Party.
Jonathan Sutcliffe Executive Officer, Birbeck Student Union (student union).
BRAY Angie Emily Knight None.
Nicholas Sabin Non.e
Hugo Sutherland None.
BRAZIER Julian Katherine Brazier None.
Joel Charles Councillor, Harlow District Council.
Hilary Dannatt None.
Andrew Williams None.
BRENNAN Kevin Catherine McDonald Cabinet Member and Councillor, London Borough of Southwark,
BRIDGEN Andrew Harpreet Sangra None.
Andrew Woodman None.
BRINE Steve Gabrielle Mancini None.
Russell Norton None.
James Styles None.
Margaret West None.
BROKENSHIRE James Victoria Aley None.
Linda East None.
BROOKE Annette Christine Payne None.
BROWN Gordon Elizabeth Dupuy None.
Kirsty McNeill Director of Strategy, Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown (a registered company). Overseas visits : 24 July 2010 to Uganda to staff Mr Brown during his trip to the Africa Union summit and a local school. Flight upgrades provided by Kenya Airways. 20-24 September 2010 to Harvard to staff Mr Brown during his visiting fellowship. Commercial flights and accommodation were provided by Harvard University . 15-16 November 2010 to Italy to staff Mr Brown during his trip to Italy to discuss global economic affairs. Commercial flights were provided by New York University Florence, accommodation was provided on campus. 19-21 November 2010 to India to staff Mr Brown during his trip to India , including meetings with the Indian government and local charities. Commercial flights were provided by HT Media Limited. 12-15 December 2010 to  America to staff Mr Brown during his trip to the United States . Commercial flights were paid by New York University . 22-25 February 2011 to Abu Dhabi to staff Mr Brown during his trip to NYU Abu Dhabi. Commercial flights and accommodation provided by Visa.
BROWN Lyn Daniel Greenhough None.
Ayla Ozmen None.
Frances Parrott None.
Asger Van Lier None.
BROWN Nick Sean Kippin None.
Ewan Russell None.
BROWN Russell Andrew Mackenzie None.
Wilfred Wong Director of Stephen’s Children (humanitarian aid organisation which assists poor Christian children and their families in Egypt ).
BROWNE Jeremy Hanneke Hart None.
BRUCE Fiona Samuel Bruce None.
Lauri Moyle Gambling Policy Officer, CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) a registered charity.
Edward Winstanley None.
BRUCE Malcolm William Davidson None.
Alexandra Hernandez None.
BRYANT Chris Daniel Butler None.
Claire Pryor None.
BUCK Karen Matthew Pennycook Councillor, London Borough of Greenwich .
BUCKLAND Robert Rachel Earle None.
Claire Ellis None.
Peter Heaton-Jones Councillor, Swindon Borough Council.
Chris Van Roon None.
BURDEN Richard Graham Bambrough Paid by the Council for Arab British Understanding to act as secretariat staff to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Arab-British Understanding.
Ruth Breidenbach-Roe None.
Jason Ellar Councillor, London Borough of Hounslow.
BURLEY Aidan George Rees None.
Alexander Simpson None.
Greg Smith Councillor and Cabinet Member, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Political Consultant, Bournemouth West Conservatives and Hammersmith Conservatives.
Aglaia Varvarina None.
BURNHAM Andy Sarah Bickerstaffe None.
Jennifer Farley None.
Christopher Rigby None.
BURNS Conor Jeanne Mousley None.
David Sells None.
Rosanna Turner None.
BURNS Simon Joseph Moor None.
Annalinda Riley None.
BURROWES David Joseph Ammoun Benefit: Bursary/ scholarship received from CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) a registered charity, as an intern on their graduate training scheme.
Rebecca Chard None.
Adam Hawksbee None.
BURSTOW Paul Jessica Cowan None.
John Foster None.
Lucy Yaqub None.
BURT Alistair Eve Burt None.
Samantha Mackewn None.
James Stonebridge None.
BURT Lorely Ben Rathe None.
Lisa Vine None.
BYLES Dan Raluca Cursureanu None.
Sandra Trickett None.
Sally Wilson None.
BYRNE Liam William Mills None.
Ali Moussavi None.
Paul Richards None.
CABLE Vince James Bertin None.
CAIRNS Alun Charles Fletcher None.
CAIRNS David Jennifer Gerber Paid by Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) to assist David Cairns MP in his role as chair of the LFI.
Mark Harrison Councillor, London Borough of Lambeth.
CAMERON David Caroline Balcon Gifts/Benefits: Bonus paid by the Conservative Party for parliamentary work undertaken.
Hannah Parmley Gifts/Benefits: Bonus paid by the Conservative Party for parliamentary work undertaken.
Bryony Pring None.
CAMPBELL Alan Christopher Lennie Deputy General Secretary, The Labour Party.
CAMPBELL Ronnie Corin Johnson None.
Stephen Turner National Officer, Unite (trade union).
Anthony Woodley None.
CAMPBELL Sir Menzies Elspeth Campbell None.
Emma Collinson None.
Caroline Henderson None.
CARMICHAEL Alistair Adam Clarke None.
Andrew Fraser None.
CARMICHAEL Neil Lewis Robinson Councillor, London Borough of Southwark.
CARSWELL Douglas Victoria Barr None.
Helen Morrison None.
Nathalie Tamam Parliamentary Adviser, Conservative Friends of Israel (advocacy organisation).
CASH Bill James McConalogue Editor, The European Foundation (EU affairs think tank).
Margarida Vasconcelos Researcher, The European Foundation (think tank).
CATON Martin Ronald Bailey Parliamentary consultant. Contracts with: Association for the Conservation of Energy (an NGO that promotes energy efficiency); Micropower Council (trade association that promotes microgeneration). Campaigns Director, Unlock Democracy (an NGO campaigning for a written constitution on greater democracy).
CHAPMAN Jenny Elaine Hope None.
Laura McEvoy None.
Sarah Richards None.
CHISHTI Rehman Nusrat Ahmed None.
James Barrow None.
CHOPE Christopher Patrick Ford None.
CLAPPISON James Sophia Adhami None.
Emma Tilley None.
CLARK Greg Peter Franklin None.
Joanna Garner None.
David Godfrey Policy Adviser, Kent County Council.
Rachel Godfrey None.
CLARK Katy John Percival None.
CLARKE Kenneth David Hass Employed as Special Adviser to the Chancellor/Secretary of State for Justice by the Ministry of Justice.
Kathryn Laing Employed as Special Adviser to the Lord Chancellor/Secretary of State for Justice by the Ministry of Justice.
Deborah Sugg None.
Charlotte Wallis None.
CLARKE Tom Susanna Grady Payment received from CAFOD (a non-governmental organisation on international development) as a parliamentary intern.
Samuel Harty None.
Oliver Parker None.
CLEGG Nick David Angell Paid by the Liberal Democrats party as Web Officer in Nick Clegg’s office.
Catherine Banks None.
Rory Belcher Employed by the Liberal Democrats party as Parliamentary Researcher and Leader’s Aide.
Donald Campbell None.
Helen Duffett Internal Communications Manager, Liberal Democrats party.
Matthew Hanney None.
Valerie Kirwan None.
Paul Maloney None.
Elizabeth Mayhew Employed by the Liberal Democrat Party as Correspondence Leader to Nick Clegg.
Philip Reilly Press Officer, Liberal Democrats party.
Eleanor Sanderson-Nash None.
Ian Sherwood None.
Luke Tyson None.
Henk van Klaveren Employed as a Press Officer by the Liberal Democrat Party.
CLIFTON-BROWN Geoffrey Judith Betterton None.
Lewis Sidnick Head of Corporate Affairs for the National House-Building Council.
CLWYD Ann Stewart Watters None.
Paul White None.
COAKER Vernon Rebecca Lynch None.
Karim Palant Paid by the Labour Party to work as a Political Adviser to the Shadow Education Secretary.
Janet Peet None.
Colette Roberts None.
COFFEY Ann Joy Copley None.
COFFEY Dr Therese Philip North Councillor, Test Valley Borough Council.
COFFEY Therese Donna Edmunds None.
COFFFEY Therese Daniel Howard None.
COLLINS Damian James Davenport None.
Lorraine Pitcher None.
Gordon Williams Parliamentary Researcher, Folkestone and Hythe Conservative Association.
COLVILE Oliver Sally Hamilton None.
Sophie Hutchinson None.
COLVILLE Oliver Janet Coope None.
CONNARTY Michael Robert Blizzard Consultancy work on renewable energy for Saipem Ltd (contractor in energy sector).
Joseph Irvin Parliamentary research assistant/consultant for CWU (a trade union).
COOPER Rosie Christopher Mawdsley Councillor, West Lancashire Borough Council.
COOPER Yvette Kaveh Azarhoosh None.
Kiran Mahil None.
Karl Pike None.
CORBYN Jeremy Benjamin Folley Parliamentary Officer, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
Niall Macentee Creighton None.
Nicolette Petersen None.
Catherine Smith None.
COX Geoffrey Thomas Cox None.
Edward Thomas None.