Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 9th March 2011]

Harper, M to Maude, F

Member (i.e. Sponsor) Staff Other Relevant Gainful Occupation or Benefit
HARPER Mark Myles Bailey None.
Timothy Sagar None.
HARRINGTON Richard Samantha Abrahams None.
Victoria Peck None.
Steven Treible None.
HARRIS Rebecca Anthony Hind None.
Margaret Rayfield None.
Andrew Sheldon Councillor, Castle Point Borough Council.
HARRIS Tom Donald Campbell None.
HART Simon Georgina Kester None.
HARVEY Nick Monica Allen None.
James Bird None.
Angelica Surra None.
HASELHURST Sir Alan David Haselhurst None.
Ruan Tremayne None.
HAVARD Dai Ann-Marie Moran None.
HAYES John Ian Bettles None.
Julia Hatmaker None.
Scott Kelly Lecturer, New York University . Researcher, Learning and Skills Network (further education improvement services).
Lee Rotherham Campaign Secretary, Conservatives Against a Federal Europe . Serves in Territorial Army. Consultant on EU affairs under the trading name of Skeptika, in which capacity I have co-authored a book commissioned by the TaxPayers’ Alliance and another by Open Europe. EU Policy Analyst, the TaxPayers’ Alliance (campaign group). Researcher, No2AV (campaign for the No vote in the AV Referendum).
HEALD Oliver Catherine Gresham-Thompson None.
Christine Heald None.
Christiane Moore None.
Sarah Walker Administrative secretary, Society of Conservative Lawyers (political society).
HEALEY John Joseph Farrington-Douglas None.
Irene Hartley None.
Matthew Horrocks Shadow Health Team Co-ordinator, The Labour Party.
Ian Parker None.
HEATH David Alexandra Scott None.
HEATON-HARRIS Chris Fiona Kensell None.
Thomas Pursglove Borough Councillor, Wellingborough.
HEMMING John Martin Shapland None.
Anthony Smith Policy executive, Birmingham City Council.
Emily Wilson-Gavin None.
HENDERSON Gordon Jessica Drewery None.
Jessica McMahon None.
HENDRICK Mark Anthony Timlin None.
HENDRY Charles Rachel Dowling None.
Christopher Goode None.
Kari Sargeant None.
HEPBURN Stephen James Kennedy None.
HERBERT Nick William Cudmore None.
Gloria Nicholl None.
Samuel Wilson Overseas visits: 21-23 September 2010, to Washington DC to attend Log Cabin Republicans’ National Dinner and Liberty Education Forum Symposium (Log Cabin Republicans paid for accommodation and flights).
HERMON Lady Sylvia Stephen Knott None.
HILLIER Meg Kathryn Dawe None.
Jessica Garland None.
Sarah Griggs None.
Lisa Homan Councillor, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.
Carole Williams None.
HILLING Julie Noelene Gillatt None.
Lindsey Kell None.
HINDS Damian Edward Condon None.
Janice Dust None.
HOBAN Mark Peter Kershaw None.
Vanessa Silcock None.
HODGE Margaret Elizabeth Bradshaw None.
Michael Haywood Councillor, Swale Borough Council.
Emma James None.
HODGSON Sharon Michael Forster None.
Alan Hodgson None.
Christopher Le Marquand Benefit: Bursary/ scholarship received from CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) a registered charity, as an intern on their graduate training scheme.
John Ringer None.
Sara Sproates None.
HOEY Kate Max Freedman None.
Sabrina Lopes None.
Katherine Matheson None.
Lara Nicholson None.
HOLLINGBERY George Joanna Lloyd None.
Owen Millward None.
Sheena Nicholson None.
HOLLOWAY Adam Michael Asher None.
Andrew Friday None.
Nicholas Reaves None.
Finnian Rook None.
HOOD Jim Karen McKay None.
HOPKINS Kelvin Russell Cartwright None.
Sara Kibel None.
Roderick Robertson National organiser, Unison (trade union).
HOPKINS Kris Mohammed Nazam None.
Elizabeth Walton None.
HORWOOD Martin Jaynesh Patel None.
Harriet Shone None.
Victoria White None.
HOSIE Stewart Stuart Hamilton None.
Anne Harvey Director, Perjink Research and Editorial Services Ltd (provides research and editorial services).
Christopher Levick Smaller Parties Project Manager, Westminster Foundation for Democracy (a non-departmental public body for the consolidation of democratic practices and institutions in developing democracies).
HOWARTH George Graham Kendall Partner, Graham Kendall Consulting (a strategic communications consultancy). Clients are shown below. Consulting Adviser on health policy, NHS Partners Network (an alliance of independent healthcare organisations). Adviser on strategy and health-related policy, IMS Maxims plc (a healthcare software company). Provides advice on PR and strategy to Asteral (supplier of managed equipment services to the health service) via The Crocodile (a marketing company). Adviser on health policy and communications to Research in Motion ( designer, manufacturer and marketer of wireless solutions). Communications advice to Norfolk Independent Care and UK-Specialist Hospitals (care providers).
HOWARTH Gerald Marisa Heath Councillor at Surrey County Council.
Elizabeth Johnston None.
Alastair Masser None.
HOWELL John Angela Paterson None.
Fay Stockwell None.
Nicholas Viner None.
HOYLE Lindsay Michael Gaskill None.
George McNamara None.
Peter Wilson None.
HUGHES Simon Mark Bryceland None.
Thomas Greenwood None.
Nicholas Keilty None.
George Turner None.
HUHNE Chris Zoe Dixon Employed by the Liberal Democrat party as Director of the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum.
Joel Kenrick Special Adviser, Department of Energy and Climate Change.
Joanne White None.
HUNT Jeremy Laura Anstey Part of salary for parliamentary work is paid by South West Surrey Conservative Association.
Matthew Evans None.
Kate Gillett None.
Naomi Gummer None.
HUNT Tristram Alan Lockey None.
Imogen Walford None.
Daniel Whittle Councillor, London Borough of Lewisham. Officer, Territorial Army. Director, Unions 21 (think tank).
HUNTER Mark John Brooks None.
HUPPERT Dr Julian Tom King None.
HUPPERT Julian Susannah Kerr City Councillor, East Chesterton ward in Cambridge .
HURD Nick Luke Anderson None.
Hannah Briggs None.
Jill Brown None.
ILLSLEY Eric Roberta Hamilton None.
Marianne Phillips None.
Rebecca Simon None.
IRRANCA-DAVIES Huw Jillian Purvis None.
Dale Stolzenberg Assistant to the Shadow Energy and Climate Change Team, The Labour Party.
JACKSON Glenda Lydia George None.
Rebecca Henney None.
Gary Klaukka None.
Gordon Miller Policy Officer, The Labour Party.
JACKSON Stewart Isabel Mackay None.
Chloe Walker None.
JAMES Margot Kate Evans None.
Gary Moore None.
JAMES Sian Emily Secker None.
JAMES Siân C Carolyn Harris None.
JAMIESON Cathy Alan Gillam None.
David Meechan None.
Audrey Richard None.
JAVID Sajid Jonathan Delaney None.
Danielle Johnston-Jones None.
Mary Marsh None.
JENKIN Bernard Peter Cannon None.
Thomas Fairweather None.
Catherine Perry None.
JOHNSON Alan Caroline Arding None.
Jane Davies None.
Mario Dunn None.
JOHNSON Diana John Cafferty Regional Manager, Unison (trade union).
Jennifer Headlam-Wells None.
JOHNSON Gareth Jessica Crowe None.
Faye Lawson None.
Janice Small None.
JOHNSON Joseph Daniel Arenson None.
Robert Eisenberg None.
Camilla Trotter None.
JONES Andrew Alec Brown None.
Eric Cooper None.
Antonia Gilpin Director, Closepatch Ltd (property management).
JONES David Lauren McEvatt None.
Naomi Roose-Lloyd None.
Daniel Sheridan None.
JONES Graham Julie Milligan None.
Lewis Rogers None.
Benjamin Swanson None.
JONES Kevan Joanne Greening International Policy Officer, The Labour Party.
Simon Puddick None.
JONES Marcus Allan Andrews Councillor, City of Coventry .
Jeffrey Clarke None.
Michael Windridge None.
JONES Susan Elan Valerie Bradfield None.
Elizabeth Stephen None.
JOWELL Tessa Duncan Chapman None.
Andrew Coates None.
Robbie Erbmann Senior Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
Karen Muldoon-Ibarra None.
Julia Rowley None.
Tulip Siddiq Councillor and Cabinet Member, London Borough of Camden Council.
Andrew Troke None.
JOYCE Eric Martin Brown None.
Stephen Carter In-country representative/researcher, Talk for Peace International (reconciliation and policy research, especially in Afghanistan ).
Sophia Pickles Researcher, All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Great Lakes Region of Africa and Genocide Prevention (paid by the group from its registered funds).
KAUFMAN Sir Gerald Nicola Cootes None.
KAWCZYNSKI Daniel Michael Green None.
Ashton Tang None.
KEELEY Barbara Kieron Merrett None.
Cherry Miller None.
KEEN Alan Lindsay Allan None.
Lucille Harvey None.
Christie Rawlings None.
Kendra Riddleberger None.
KELLY Chris Nicola Kelly None.
Olivia Kybett None.
KENDALL Elizabeth Anna Wojnilko None.
KENDALL Liz Richard Bourne None.
Peter Mason None.
Shyam Thakrar None.
KENNEDY Charles Humphrey Amos None.
Sian Norris-Copson None.
Jane Vaus Co-ordinator of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Intelligent Energy and paid for this work from the group’s funds.
KHAN Sadiq Harriet Blain None.
Nick Bowes Senior Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
Mark Inger None.
Leah Kreitzman Political Advisor, The Labour Party.
David Parry None.
Luke Waterfield None.
KIRBY Simon Philip Brownlie None.
Brian Oxley Councillor, Brighton and Hove City Council.
Matthew Pringle None.
KNIGHT Greg Matthew Thomas None.
KWARTENG Kwasi Sarah Fitch None.
Marc Morrison None.
KWARTNEG Kwasi Jonathan Dupont None.
LAING Eleanor Timothy Baynham None.
Iona Bensusan None.
Carol Chatfield None.
LAMB Norman Ruth Gripper None.
Canan Nuri None.
LAMMY David Nora Mulready None.
Senay Nihat None.
Lindsey Rostron None.
Mark Rusling Councillor and Junior Cabinet Member, London Borough of Waltham Forest .
LANCASTER Mark Alice Bramall None.
Jessica Cunniffe None.
Lauren Morehouse None.
LANSLEY Andrew Samantha Stewart None.
Briony Whitehouse None.
LATHAM Pauline Helen McIvor None.
Jeffrey Townsend None.
Anita Vukomanovic None.
LAVERY Ian Liam Lavery None.
Peter Moran None.
LAWS David Doug Hardman None.
Thomas Powsey None.
LAZAROWICZ Mark Kristoffer Backer-Rowley None.
Andrew Bocking None.
Karen Doran None.
LEADSOM Andrea Sarah Jackson None.
Duncan McCourt None.
Marc Pooler None.
Selina Short None.
LEE Dr Philip Lorelle Harker None.
LEE Dr Phillip Colette Conway None.
LEE Jessica Kathryn Clarkson None.
Allison Maguire Councillor, Erewash Borough Council.
LEE Phillip Christina Solli None.
LEECH John Lee Baker None.
Craig Bickerton None.
Richard Crossick None.
LEFROY Jeremy Amy Gower None.
Pauline Ingall Administrator, African Speciality Products Ltd (sales of coffee and cocoa).
Owen Meredith None.
LEIGH Edward Andrew Cusack None.
Nicholas Hutchings Researcher, War Child UK (children’s charity).
Alexander Shaw None.
LESLIE Charlotte Carol Allan None.
Lucy Ward None.
LESLIE Chris Joseph Lacey-Holland None.
LESLIE Christopher James Huddleston None.
LETWIN Oliver Angela Charles None.
Susan McGowan None.
Richard Park None.
Ruth Steer None.
LEWIS Brandon Justine Duggan None.
Hannah Gascoigne None.
Lewis Roberts None.
LEWIS Dr Julian Diana Brooks Councillor, Totton and Eling Town Council. Councillor, New Forest District Council.
Nina Karsov-Szechter None.
Colin Smith None.
LEWIS Ivan Patrick Heneghan National Officer, The Labour Party.
Sophie Sutcliffe Policy Adviser, The Labour Party.
LIDDELL-GRAINGER Ian Edmund Boyle None.
Claire Gibson None.
Jill Liddell-Grainger None.
Peter Liddell-Grainger None.
LIDINGTON David Lee Crouch None.
Verity Inge None.
John Joseph None.
LILLEY Peter Annabel Palmer None.
Fiona Parker None.
Christine Percival Councillor, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames .
LLOYD Stephen Jemima Greaves None.
Christopher Jones None.
Jack Short Overseas visits: 9 November 2010, to Kracow , Poland (travel costs and tour of Auschwitz provided by Holocaust Educational Trust).
LLOYD Tony George Butterworth None.
LLWYD Elfyn Ian Johnson None.
Rhian Roberts None.
LONG Naomi Julianne Broten Noble None.
Ami Cochrane None.
LOPRESTI Jack Jonathan Benjamin None.
Christopher Berry None.
LORD Jonathan Lynda Malins None.
Richard Perowne None.
Charlotte Warne None.
LOUGHTON Tim Justine Kent None.
Caroline Macnaughton None.
Paul Oginsky Youth Policy Adviser, Department of Education.
Michael Simpson None.
LOVE Andrew Matthew Ball Director, Westminster Bridge Partnership Ltd (public affairs consultancy). Clients: The Co-operative Group (retail), Co-operative Financial Services (financial services), Mutuo (think tank), Francis Clark LLP (accountancy firm).
Tessa Lidstone None.
Thomas Wailoo None.
LOVE Andy Sinead Coogan Jobes None.
LUCAS Caroline Ingrid Davidson None.
Melissa Freeman Senior Parliamentary Press Officer, Green Party (political party).
Catherine Miller Constituency Coordinator, Green MEP Trust (oversees work of Green Party MEPs). Leader’s Assistant, The Green Party (political party).
Adam White Paid by the Green Party to work as a researcher in Ms Lucas’s parliamentary office.
LUCAS Ian Bethan Twigg None.
LUFF Peter Sally Dickson None.
Julia Luff None.
Sophie Tredinnick None.
LUMLEY Karen Philippa Broom Director, International Office, The Conservative Party.
Anna Pandoulas None.
Amy Tinley None.
MACLEOD Mary Katheryn Dos Santos None.
Sarah Evander Works part-time as Campaign Assistant and paid for this work from Mary Macleod’s Campaign Fund, the donors to which are listed in the Register of Members’ Interests.
Ashley Shackleton None.
Sally Stephens None.
MACNEIL Angus Christopher Mullins-Silverstein None.
MACSHANE Denis Axelle Lemaire None.
Lea Renoux None.
MACTAGGART Fiona Matthew Lawrence None.
Natasa Pantelic Elected member of Slough Borough Council.
Susan Shutter None.
Raymond Smith None.
MAHMOOD Khalid Elaina Cohen None.
Khurram Raja None.
MAHMOOD Shabana Joe Burton None.
Mark Williams None
MAIN Anne Thomas Jones None.
Robert Oxley None.
Teresa Rosell None.
MANN John Richard Angell Deputy Director, Progress Ltd (think tank).
Ewan Nicholas None.
Danny Stone Director, The Parliamentary Committee Against Antisemitism (PCCA), which provides research and other administrative support to members of the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism. In that capacity I expect to go on a number of overseas visits paid by the PCAA.
Joanna White None.
MARSDEN Gordon Sam Cullen None.
James Epps Manager, Policy Connect (not-for-profit organisation that links Parliament and industry to promote effective public policy in various sectors).
MAUDE Francis Claire Morrison None.
Philippa Way None.