Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 16th December 2011]

Courtney, A to Hay, G

Staff Member (i.e. Sponsor) Other Relevant Gainful Occupation or Benefit
COURTNEY Ann Edward Miliband None.
COWAN Amanda George Eustice None.
COWDREY Benjamin Stephen Williams None.
COX James Mike Freer Overseas visits: 29 May-3 June 2011, to Israel and the West Bank . Cost of visit was met by Conservative Friends of Israel.
COX Lucy James Duddridge Councillor, Rochford District Council.
COXON Linda Heather Wheeler None.
COYNE Joe Ian Austin None.
CRAIG Teresa Crispin Blunt None.
CRAMSIE Louise Bill Wiggin None.
CRAVEN Catherine Keith Simpson None.
CRAWFORD Kathryn Andrew George None.
CRAWFORD Tamsin David Amess None.
CRAWFORD Valerie Andrew Tyrie None.
CRAWFORD Victoria Hugh Bayley Employed by the Royal African Society to work as Research Coordinator for the Africa All-Party Parliamentary Group.
CREWS Connor Jack Dromey None.
CRIMES Daniel Mike Wood Parliamentary Researcher, Union Parliamentary Services (a parliamentary consultancy) – clients: Rail, Maritime and Transport Union, PCS Trade Union, Fire Brigades Union, and Conference Consortium (a coalition of agencies working with people who have drug and/or alcohol addiction problems).
CROOK Alexander Stephen Lloyd None.
CROPPER Neil Bob Stewart None.
CROSSICK Richard Sir Robert Smith None.
CROWLEY REIDY Liam Andrew Miller None.
CROWTHER Sybil Graham Brady None.
CUDMORE William Nick Herbert None.
CUFFE Daniel Greg Mulholland Gifts/Benefits: On parliamentary internship scheme funded by bursary from Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales.
CULLEN Daniel Ivan Lewis None.
CULLEN Sam Gordon Marsden None.
CUMMINGS Dominic Michael Gove Special Adviser, Department for Education.
CUMMINS Caroline Caroline Dinenage None.
CUNNINGHAM John Alex Cunningham None.
CURRY John Michael Dugher None.
CURSUREANU Raluca Dan Byles None.
CUSACK Andrew Edward Leigh None.
CUTHBERTSON Jill Edward Miliband Diary Manager, the Labour Party.
D’ORSI Bianca Nicola Blackwood None.
DALE Iain Keith Simpson Presenter, LBC Radio. Managing Director, Biteback Media (publishers of Total Politics Magazine) and Biteback Publishing (publishers of books). Regular pundit and comm entator for Sky, BBC Radio TV. Co lumnist for Daily Telegraph, Eastern Daily Press, Mail on Sunday. Columnist and Contributing Editor for GQ Magazine.
DALES Hazel Nigel Adams None.
DAMMERS Tom Simon Hughes None.
DANIEL Hannah Mark Simmonds None.
DANIELS Rosie Philip Dunne None.
DANNATT Hilary Julian Brazier None.
DARKINS Emma Heather Wheeler None.
DARLINGTON Nicholas Robin Walker None.
DARVILL Simon Geraint Davies None.
DAVENPORT James Damian Collins None.
DAVIDSON Denzil William Hague Special advisor, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
DAVIDSON Ingrid Caroline Lucas None.
DAVIDSON Robert Sheryll Murray Political Agent, Cornwall Conservatives.
DAVIES Charlotte Nick Gibb None.
DAVIES Edward Harriett Baldwin None.
DAVIES Emma Jim Cunningham None.
DAVIES Jane Alan Johnson None.
DAVIES Leanne Esther McVey None.
DAVIES Owen Alun Michael Researcher, Eurim Ltd (IT security).
DAWES Scott Stephen Gilbert None.
DAWSON Craig Rachel Reeves None.
DAWSON Helen Austin Mitchell None.
DAWSON John Andy Slaughter None.
DAWSON John Bob Blackman None.
DAWSON Keir Rosie Winterton None.
DAY Ashley Lynne Featherstone Constituency Organiser, Haringey Liberal Democrats.
DAY-HARRIS Rebekah Stephen Lloyd None.
DE ANGELI Michele Richard Benyon None.
DE LA MONTANYA Ceci Christopher Pincher None.
DE MINCKWITZ Edward George Eustice None.
DEAN Katie Dr Therese Coffey None.
DEAN Robert Andrew Bingham None.
DELANEY Jonathan Sajid Javid None.
DELLAGANA Lesley Hugh Bayley None.
DENNETT Carole Andrew Turner Provides marketing services to Parkes Browne (solicitors).
DENNIS Susan Mark Garnier Organising Secretary, The 1900 Club (political dining club).
DENNISON James Anne Marie Morris None.
DERRINGTON Giles Jenny Willott None.
DEW Tristan Anne McIntosh None.
DEWDNEY-HERBERT Elizabeth Tobias Ellwood None.
DHILLON Pirandeep Pat McFadden None.
DIAMOND Oliver Edward Vaizey None.
DICKINS Jane Steve Baker None.
DICKINSON Rose Dr Alan Whitehead Co-ordinator, PRASEG Ltd (renewable and sustainable energy).
DICKSON Sally Peter Luff None.
DINER Alexander Kevan Jones None.
DIX Matthew Joan Ruddock None.
DIXON Katie Robin Walker None.
DOCKERILL Julia Mark Field Overseas visits: 25-30 May 201, to Azerbaijan with the Azerbaijan All-Party Group. The cost of the visit was met by the European Azerbaijan Society.
DODDS William Simon Reevell None.
DOGUS Ibrahim Stephen Twigg None.
DOLAN Hannah John Stevenson None.
DOMANSKI Charlotte Simon Hughes None.
DONATTI Daniella David Burrowes None.
DONEGAN Brendan Paul Farrelly None.
DONNE Mark Lisa Nandy Parliamentary Consultant, Fair Pay Network (role of low pay regarding poverty in the UK ).
DONNELLAN Jennifer Matthew Hancock None.
DONNELLY Elizabeth John Robertson Researcher, Chatham House (international affairs research institute).
DONOGHUE Gavin Dame Anne Begg None.
DORAN Allan Lee Scott None.
DORAN Karen Mark Lazarowicz None.
DORILEO Antonio Richard Burden None.
DORRIES Philippa Nadine Dorries None.
DOS SANTOS Katheryn Mary Macleod None.
DOUBLE Nigel Gary Streeter None.
DOUGALL Sandra Sir Peter Tapsell None.
DOUGLAS Ione Dr Liam Fox None.
DOUGLAS Jamie Andrew Bingham None.
DOWLING Rachel Charles Hendry None.
DREWERY Jessica Gordon Henderson None.
DUDDRIDGE Katy James Duddridge None.
DUDLEY Elizabeth Margaret Beckett None.
DUDLEY Helyn Matthew Hancock None.
DUFF Alexandra Henry Bellingham None.
DUFFETT Helen Nick Clegg Internal Communications Manager, Liberal Democrats party.
DUFFY Scott David Miliband None.
DUGGAN Christopher James Wharton None.
DUGGAN Davina Roger Godsiff None.
DUGGAN Glenn Caroline Dinenage None.
DUGGAN Justine Brandon Lewis None.
DUGHER Joanna Michael Dugher None.
DUKE Maureen Sir Paul Beresford None.
DUNCAN Andrew Paul Murphy None.
DUPONT Jonathan Kwasi Kwarteng None.
DURBER Richard Luciana Berger None.
DUST Janice Damian Hinds None.
DYKES Christina Dominic Grieve Works as self employed political coach as follows: Senior Special Advisor, Leadership Centre for Local Government, advising on cultural change within local gov ernment for the Conservatives; Consultant to the Local Government Association on leadership development for Conservative councillors. Oversea s visit: 26 May -1 June 2011, to Egypt . Fl ights and hotels paid for by Conservative Arab Network .
EARLE James Elizabeth Truss None
EARLE Rachel Robert Buckland None.
EASTERBY Roger Sir Alan Meale None.
EASTHAM Rose Harriett Baldwin Reservist, Royal Navy.
EATON Anna Harriet Harman None.
EDGEWORTH Paul Dan Rogerson None.
EDMONDSON Caroline Stephen Hammond None.
EDWARDS Hannah Philip Hammond None.
EDWARDS Kate Kevin Barron None.
EDWARDS Lauren Teresa Pearce None.
EDWARDS Mathilda Richard Drax None.
ELLINGSON Gregory Graham Jones None.
ELLIOTT Clive David Wright None.
ELLIOTT Miles Julie Elliott None.
ELLIS Claire Robert Buckland None.
ELPHICK Christopher Norman Baker None.
EMERY Caroline Richard Graham None.
ENAKER Shefali Geraint Davies None.
EPPS James Nic Dakin Manager, Policy Connect (not-for-profit organisation that links Parliament and industry to promote effective public policy in various sectors).
ESCOTT Caroline Richard Shepherd None.
ESPASA REIG Josef Stewart Hosie None.
ESPOSITO Sergio Steve McCabe None.
EVANS Cheryl Graham Evans Complementary therapist, Bollington Leisure Centre.
EVANS Clare Lorraine Fullbrook None.
EVANS Cynthia David Evennett None.
EVANS Kate Margot James None.
EVANS Kevin Stephen Mosley None.
EVANS Matthew Jeremy Hunt None.
EVANS Rhiannon Edward Miliband Assistant Diary Secretary, The Labour Party.
EYNON Lisa Paul Flynn None.
FAIRBNK Oliver John Leech None.
FAIRHURST Dulcie Roberta Blackman-Woods None.
FAIRWEATHER Thomas Bernard Jenkin None.
FALOYIN Oladipo Stephen Timms None.
FARRINGTON-DOUGLAS Joseph John Healey Health Policy Adviser, The Labour Party.
FARRIS Amanda Graham Stuart None.
FARROW Jonathan John Baron None.
FAYERS Joel Sir Alan Haselhurst None.
FAYZULLAEV Khurshid Sir Stuart Bell None.
FEATONBY Jonathan Sarah Teather None.
FENN Debra Jim Fitzpatrick None.
FERTIG Jonathan Michael Dugher Works one day a week as Parliamentary Officer for SIGOMA (special interest group of municipal authorities within the Local Government Association). Overseas visits: 6-9 February 2011, to Israel to attend 2011 Herzliya conference (travel paid for by Institute for Policy and Strategy, Israel). 19-20 June 2011, to Paris to attend Paris Air Show (travel paid for by MBDA (defence company) and accommodation paid for by Mr Graham Cole). 19-23 July 2011, to Washington DC as part of review of defence procurement policy (flights, accommodation and some hospitality were paid for by Cellcrypt).
FICO Adam James Gray Web designer for Portcullis Media (a web design company).
FIKRET Ossie Heidi Alexander None.
FINCH Breon Andrea Leadsom None.
FINCH Elizabeth Jacob Rees-Mogg None.
FINE Ann Michael Meacher None.
FINLAYSON Lorna Fiona O’Donnell None.
FINNIGAN Christopher Graham Allen None.
FISHER Jayne Michelle Gildernew None.
FITCH Sarah Kwasi Kwarteng None.
FITZHERBERT Teresa Mark Garnier None.
FLACK Kevin Ian Davidson Government Affairs Consultant, International Fund for Animal Welfare (animal welfare organisation).
FLANNAGAN Andrew Gary Streeter Director, Christian Socialist Movement (organisation for networking, supporting and resourcing Christians to be responsibly engaged with party politics).
FLEMING Laura Sarah Teather None.
FLETCHER Sarah Eric Ollerenshaw None
FLIPPANCE Victoria Joan Ruddock None.
FLORMAN Mark Joseph Johnson None.
FOLLEY Benjamin Jeremy Corbyn Parliamentary Officer, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
FORSTER Michael Sharon Hodgson None.
FORTUNE Joe Jonathan Reynolds Parliamentary Officer, Co-Operative Party (political party).
FOSTER John Paul Burstow None.
FOX Helen Peter Aldous None.
FOX Lynn Maria Miller None.
FOY Kieran David Anderson None.
FOY Paul David Anderson Councillor, Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council. Board member of Gateshead Housing Company (social housing) and Keelman Homes (social housing).
FRANKLIN Natalie Gareth Thomas None.
FRANKLIN Peter Greg Clark None.
FRASER Andrew Alistair Carmichael None.
FRASER Graham Anne McGuire Parliamentary Assistant to Dr Richard Simpson MSP, Scottish Parliament.
FRAY Linda Madeleine Moon None.
FREEDMAN Max Kate Hoey None.
FREEMAN Carol Geoffrey Cox None.
FREEMAN Melissa Caroline Lucas Senior Parliamentary Press Officer, Green Party (political party).
FREEMAN-OWEN Henrietta David Gauke None.
FREIDIN Abraham Angus Robertson None.
FRENCH Chloe Charles Walker None.
FRIES Nicole Angus MacNeil None.
FRIZELL Fortunate Don Foster None.
FROST Matthew Chris Williamson None.
FRYER Lynda David Rutley None.
FRYER Pamela Dame Anne Begg None.
FULLER Charlotte Stephen McPartland None.
FULLER Heather Huw Irranca-Davies None.
FULLER Ryan Jonathan Djanogly None.
FUREY Christopher Mark Field None.
FYFE John Jamie Reed None.
GAGNEUX Claire Philip Davies None.
GALE Anthony Nick Clegg None.
GALE Suzy Roger Gale None.
GAMMIE Catharine Tony Baldry Co-ordinator, The Democracy Forum Ltd (publication).
GARDNER Stuart Mark Field None.
GARLAND Jessica Meg Hillier Senior Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
GARRATT Benjamin Andrew Gwynne Director, Labour Friends of Israel (promotes balanced debate on Middle East ).
GARROD Ross Siobhain McDonagh None.
GASCOIGNE Hannah Brandon Lewis None.
GASKILL Michael Lindsay Hoyle None.
GAUGHAN Sarah Lynne Featherstone None.
GAULT Thomas Julian Huppert None.
GAYMER Lesley Eric Pickles None.
GEANEY Robert David Hamilton None.
GELLARD Eleanor Ed Balls None.
GEORGE Jackie Alison Seabeck None.
GEORGE Lydia Glenda Jackson None.
GEORGIOU Andrew Karl Turner None.
GERBER Jennifer John Woodcock Paid by Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) to assist John Woodcock MP in his role as chair of the LFI.
GIBSON Claire Ian Liddell-Grainger None.
GIBSON Helen Toby Perkins Councillor, London Borough of Lewisham.
GIDDINGS Jack Jane Ellison None.
GILBERTSON Philip Andrew George Senior Manager, KPMG UK Ltd (professional services).
GILL Ross David Lammy None.
GILLAM Alan Cathy Jamieson None.
GILLATT Noelene Julie Hilling None.
GILLIE Gemma Chris Huhne None.
GLAISTER Lynn Jessica Morden None.
GLANCY Helen Sam Gyimah None.
GLASNER Alexander Rachel Reeves None.
GLEDHILL Clare John Whittingdale None.
GODFREY David Greg Clark Policy Adviser, Kent County Council.
GODFREY Rachel Greg Clark None.
GODSIFF Anthony Roger Godsiff None.
GODWIN Joanne Michael Fabricant None
GOODALL Elizabeth Caroline Spelman None.
GOODALL Laura Neil Parish None.
GOODBRAND Scott Alistair Carmichael None.
GOODE William Chris Bryant None.
GOODFELLOW Andrew Chris Skidmore None.
GORDON Alasdair Stephen Timms None.
GORDON Andrea Nadine Dorries None.
GORDON-CUMMING Jane Nick Boles None.
GORING Sandra James Gray None.
GOSS David Pauline Latham None.
GOTOSA Rumbidzai Harriet Harman None.
GOULD Gareth Derek Twigg None.
GRADY Susanna Tom Clarke Payment received from CAFOD (a non-governmental organisation on international development) as a parliamentary intern.
GRAHAM Georgina Nick Hurd None.
GRAHAM Jonathan Nicola Blackwood None.
GRAHAM Peter Greg Hands Councillor, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.
GRANT Alexander Nick Raynsford None.
GRAY Caroline Mike Freer None.
GRAY Emma Damian Green None.
GRAYLING Susan Chris Grayling None.
GRAYSTONE Luke Andrea Leadsom None.
GREEN Abigail Stephen Crabb Overseas visits: 9-13 July 2011, to Rwanda to co-ordinate Project Umubano 2011. Accommodation and travel costs were paid by Project Umubano, the Conservative Party’s social action project in Rwanda and Sierra Leone .
GREEN Elizabeth Edward Davey None.
GREEN Jolyon Caroline Flint Paid by the Labour Party to work as Political Adviser to Caroline Flint.
GREEN Michael Daniel Kawczynski None.
GREEN Michael John Glen None.
GREEN Richard Dr Alan Whitehead None.
GREENHAIGH James Yvette Cooper None.
GREENHOUGH Daniel Lyn Brown None.
GREENING Joanne Kevan Jones International Policy Officer, The Labour Party.
GREER Lara Stephen Williams None.
GRESHAM-THOMPSON Catherine Oliver Heald None.
GRIER David Frank Dobson None.
GRIEVE Fraser Danny Alexander None.
GRIEVE Karen Andrew Mitchell None.
GRIFFIN David Nia Griffith None.
GRIMBLE Julie Meg Hillier None.
GRIPPER Ruth Norman Lamb None.
GROCOTT Sally David Wright None.
GROOM Alice James Paice None.
GROVES Beverley Stephen Metcalfe None.
GRUBB Ben Jon Cruddas Parliamentary Assistant, Parliamentary Labour Party.
GRUBB Helen Andrew Tyrie None.
GRUNEWALD Barrie Shaun Woodward Deputy Leader of St Helens Metropolitan Borough Council.
GUNN Alastair Andrew Stephenson None.
GUTTERIDGE Ian Jessica Lee None.
GUYAN Kevin Dame Anne Begg None.
HABACHI Sara Bob Blackman None.
HADDOCK William Clive Efford None.
HADOW Rosemary Tony Baldry Employed by the Lighting Industry Federation to provide administrative services to the All-Party Parliamentary Lighting Group.
HAIGH Louise Lisa Nandy Paid by CORE Coalition (an NGO that campaigns for corporate responsibility) to act as Coordinator for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on International Corporate Responsibility: Business, Human Rights and the Environment.
HAINES Sophie Valerie Vaz None.
HALE David Shabana Mahmood None.
HALE Lynne Richard Ottaway Councillor, London Borough of Croydon.
HALE Madeleine Sir George Young None.
HALL Christopher Martin Vickers None.
HALL Gillian Richard Ottaway None.
HALL John Jane Ellison None.
HALLATT Georgina Lorraine Fullbrook None.
HAMILTON Chloe David Blunkett None.
HAMILTON Sally Oliver Colvile None.
HAMMOND Arline Nigel Mills None.
HAMPTON Wendy Sir George Young None.
HANCOCK Robert David Mowat None.
HANEY Dominic Ian Swales None.
HANNAM Alice Mike Crockart None.
HANNEY Matthew Nick Clegg Political Adviser, Liberal Democrats Party. Overseas visits: 22-28 May 2011, to Beijing and Hohot to attend UK-China Young Leaders Roundtable meeting. Airfare paid by Great Britain China Centre and accommodation paid by ACYF (Chinese hosts). 23 July -13 August 2011, to USA as participant on US Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (accommodation and subsistence paid by US Department of State).
HANRATTY Dave Steve Rotheram Member of Liverpool City Council and Member of Merseyside Fire Authority.
HANSON Colette Sir Peter Bottomley None.
HARBORD-HAMOND Alice Shailesh Vara None.
HARDY Ben Andrew George None.
HARLEY Matthew Paul Uppal None.
HARLOW Thomas David Lidington None.
HARPER Daisy Teresa Pearce None.
HARPER Elinor Simon Hughes None.
HARRIS Aidan Emma Reynolds None.
HARRIS Carolyn Siân C James None.
HARRIS Eleanor Henry Bellingham None.
HARRIS Hilary George Mudie None.
HARRIS Joshua Steve Webb None.
HARRISON Margaret John Thurso None.
HARRISON Mark Stella Creasy Councillor, London Borough of Lambeth.
HARRISON Peter Ian Paisley None.
HARRISON-ALLEN James Andrew Rosindell None.
HART Jack Nick de Bois None.
HART Stephen Jim Sheridan Political Director, Unite (trade union).
HARTLEY Irene John Healey None.
HARTMAN Kristin Andy Slaughter None.
HARTWILL Katie Chloe Smith None.
HARTY Samuel Tom Clarke None.
HARVEY Anne Stewart Hosie Director, Perjink Research and Editorial Services Ltd (provides research and editorial services).
HARVEY Erin Gordon Birtwistle None.
HARVEY Lucille Alan Keen None.
HARWOOD Billie Bob Blackman None.
HARWOOD Elizabeth Stuart Andrew None.
HASELHURST David Sir Alan Haselhurst None.
HASLAM Melanie Heidi Alexander None.
HASS David Kenneth Clarke Employed as Special Adviser to the Chancellor/Secretary of State for Justice by the Ministry of Justice.
HATHAWAY Daniel Jim Sheridan None.
HATLEY Joanne Caroline Nokes None.
HAWLEY Rosamund Sam Gyimah None.
HAY Graeme Gemma Doyle None.

Prepared 16th December 2011