Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 17th March 2012]

May, T to Ruffley, D

Member (i.e. Sponsor) Staff Other Relevant Gainful Occupation or Benefit
MAY Theresa David Beckingham None.
Ian Bennett None.
Jennifer Sharkey None.
MAYNARD Paul Adam Boon None.
Alexander Buchanan None.
Simon Renwick None.
MCCABE Steve Sergio Esposito None.
Bethan Jones None.
Craig Owen None.
MCCANN Michael Benjamin Garratt Paid by Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) to assist Michael McCann MP in his role vice-as chair of the LFI.
John Muldoon None.
Gordon Paterson None.
MCCARTHY Kerry Chloe Alexander None.
Orla Berry None.
MCCARTNEY Jason Sally-Ann Cook None.
Martine Martin None.
John Travis None.
MCCARTNEY Karl Matthew Baird Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
Mel Barratt None.
Michael Vivona Councillor, Reigate and Banstead Borough Council.
MCCLYMONT Gregg James Stafford None.
Andrew Tarrant Overseas Visits: 9-10 November 2011, to Berlin accompanying Gregg McClymont MP to a conference. Flights and accommodation paid for by Friedrich-Ebert Foundation.
MCDONAGH Siobhain Mark Allison Councillor, London Borough of Merton.
Amy Chapple Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
Deirdre Colgan None.
Ross Garrod None.
MCDONNELL Dr Alasdair Christopher Browne None.
Raymond Kennedy None.
Caroline McNeill None.
MCDONNELL John Helen Lowder None.
Lori Malone Research Assistant, Union Consultancy Service (parliamentary and political consultancy). Clients: Trade Union Co-ordinating Group (federation of trade unions), Labour Representation Committee (Labour party activists and supporters campaigning organisation), Public and Commercial Services Union (union representing civil servants and staff in all government departments and political bodies).
Iqbal Singh None.
Stuart Watkin Parliamentary Consultant, Union Consultancy Services (a public affairs consultancy) – Clients: Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union, National Union of Journalists, Performers Alliance, Justice Unions (all are trade unions or trade union confederations).
MCFADDEN Pat Gemma Ricketts None.
MCGOVERN Alison Jo Kibble None.
Jessica Mullins None.
MCGOVERN Jim Lee Butcher None.
Michael Marra Adviser to the Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, Scottish Parliament.
Jane O’Neill None.
MCGUINNESS Martin John Oliver None.
MCGUIRE Anne Thomas Atkinson None.
Graham Fraser Parliamentary Assistant to Dr Richard Simpson MSP, Scottish Parliament.
Frances Junnier None.
Rachel Timmins None.
MCINTOSH Anne Heather Bate None.
Tristan Dew None.
Sophie Pye None.
MCKECHIN Ann Catherine Taylor Salary as a Political Adviser is partly funded by the Labour Party.
Sarah Thoms None.
MCKINNELL Catherine Rebecca Maddock None.
Njoki Mahiaini Benefit: Bursary/ scholarship received from CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) a registered charity, as an intern on their graduate training scheme.
MCLOUGHLIN Patrick Alex Barwell None.
Eileen Wright Secretary to Mr Matthew Parris, a journalist for News International.
MCPARTLAND Stephen Katherine Bramson None.
Charlotte Fuller None.
Kirsten McAuliffe None.
MCVEY Esther Christopher Blakely None.
Leanne Davies None.
Andrew Rimmer None.
Luke Shaw-Harvey Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
MEACHER Michael Ann Fine None.
Jon Lansman Management Consultant, Guy’s & St Thomas ’s NHS Trust (healthcare). Editor, Left Futures (blog).
Monica Masson None.
MEALE Sir Alan Roger Easterby None.
Roy Lakey None.
Charalambos Sophoclides None.
MEARNS Ian Jeannie Kielty None.
MENSCH Louise Thomas Clayton None.
Isabel Phillipson None.
Natalie Thomas Researcher, Henderson Risk (business intelligence, asset protection and crisis management).
Andrew Wagstaff None.
MENZIES Mark Johannes Munter None.
Christopher Rees None.
James Stopford None.
MERCER Patrick Edward Barker None.
Richard Kemp None.
METCALFE Stephen Beverley Groves None.
Jacqueline Lawrence None.
Luke Mackenzie Councillor, Basildon Council.
Rachael Squire None.
MICHAEL Alun Ellen Brandenberger None.
Daniel Mount Assistant Secretary-General, The Information Society Alliance (promotes a globally competitive, socially inclusive and democratically accountable information society).
Elizabeth Smith None.
Holly Taylor None.
MILIBAND David Scott Duffy None.
Susan Jackson None.
Oliver Money None.
MILIBAND Edward Simon Alcock Policy and Research Manager, The Labour Party.
Charles Allen None.
Greg Beales Director of Policy, The Labour Party.
Polly Billington None.
Ann Courtney None.
Jill Cuthbertson Diary Manager, the Labour Party.
Asher Dresner Provides research, editing and speechwriting services via own company called
Rhiannon Evans Assistant Diary Secretary, The Labour Party.
Torsten Henricson-Bell Director of the Leader’s Office, The Labour Party.
Tim Horton None.
Rachel Kinnock Head of Events, The Labour Party.
Tim Livesey None.
Victoria Mitchell None.
James Morris Vice President, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner (public opinion research and strategy).
Ali Moussavi Economic researcher, the Labour Party.
Calum O’Byrne Mulligan None.
Lucy Powell Acting Chief of Staff, The Labour Party.
Harvey Redgrave None.
Jennifer Smith Trade Union Liaison Manager, The Labour Party.
Sonia Sodha Senior Policy Advisor, The Labour Party. Overseas visits: 3-6 October 2011, to Singapore to look at policies to promote SME growth (accommodation and travel paid by Nigel Doughty). 31 October -3 November 2011, to Washington DC to look at policies to promote SME growth (accommodation and travel paid by Nigel Doughty). 30 January-3 February 2012, to Germany to look at policies to promote SME growth (accommodation and travel paid by Nigel Doughty)
Lisa Stevens None.
James Wallace Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
Nirmalee Wanduragala Operations Manager, The Labour Party.
John Wrathmell Economic Adviser, The Labour Party.
Kenny Young Press Manager, The Labour Party.
MILLER Andrew Julie Spencer None.
MILLER Maria Lynn Fox None.
Annabel Jones None.
Anastasia Starostina None.
MILLS Nigel Arline Hammond None.
Harriet Smith None.
MILTON Anne Anna Caffell None.
Sarah Coleby None.
Matthew Dawes None.
Eleanor McGrath None.
MITCHELL Andrew Karen Grieve None.
John Hildred None.
Rebecca Richards None.
Sarah Ward None.
MITCHELL Austin Helen Dawson None.
Matthew Kay None.
Eileen Short Campaigns & Publicity, Camden Federation of Tenants (representing tenants in Camden ).
MOON Madeleine Linda Fray None.
Daniel Hendrie None.
Jennifer Humphreys None.
MOORE Michael Stephanie Archer None.
Benjamin Stevenson None.
MORDAUNT Penny Adam Chambers None.
MORDEN Jessica Dimitri Batrouni None.
David Collins None.
Lynn Glaister None.
MORGAN Nicky Safa Choudhury None.
Susan Clarke None.
Aaron Kotler None.
MORRICE Graeme Ryan Norton None.
MORRIS Anne Marie Rachel Andrews Financial Director, Andrews Computer Services Ltd (computer services).
James Dennison None.
John Moorcraft None.
Angharad Richardson-Jones None.
MORRIS David Andre Walker Director, Millbank Poly Press Ltd (publishing).
Dominic Walker None.
MORRIS Grahame Daniel Carden Gifts and Benefits: Ticket and hospitality provided by Japan Tobacco International to attend Chelsea Flower Show on 24 May 2011.
MORRIS James Lisa Townsend None.
MOSLEY Stephen Kevin Evans None.
MOWAT David Roger Cawthorne None.
Robert Hancock None.
Elizabeth MacDonald None.
MUDIE George Hilary Harris None.
Mark Sanders None.
MULHOLLAND Greg Ami Clare None.
Daniel Cuffe Gifts/Benefits: On parliamentary internship scheme funded by bursary from Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales.
Gregor Sutherland None.
MUNDELL David Allan Rae Employed by the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party as a Special Adviser.
MUNN Meg Shelley Hopkinson None.
Joanne Wilson None.
MUNT Tessa Kate Langley None.
Simon Milner None.
Tom Ryder None.
MURPHY Jim Joseph Carberry Overseas visits: 19-21 June 2011, to Paris Air Show as part of defence policy review. MBDA provided transport and some hospitality. Mr Graham Cole met hotel costs. 18-21 July 2011, to Washington DC as part of defence policy review. Cellcrypt provided return flights, hotel accommodation and some hospitality.
Claire Pryor Overseas visits: 6-9 June 2011, to Israel accompanying Jim Murphy MP. Return flights, transfers and some hospitality were paid for Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre.
MURPHY Paul Andrew Duncan None.
Anthony Hunt None.
David Roberts None.
MURRAY Ian Aneeqa Ali None.
Thomas Lazarowicz None.
Paul McKay None.
MURRAY Sheryll Rachael Beadle Office Administrator, Cornwall Conservatives.
Robert Davidson Political Agent, Cornwall Conservatives.
Alice Perry None.
NANDY Lisa Louise Haigh Paid by CORE Coalition (an NGO that campaigns for corporate responsibility) to act as Coordinator for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on International Corporate Responsibility: Business, Human Rights and the Environment.
Lisa Johnson Political liaison for UCU (education union).
NASH Pamela Matthew Zarb-Cousin None.
NEILL Robert Timothy Chilvers None.
Deborah Linthwaite None.
Vanessa Michna None.
NEWMARK Brooks Paula Malone None.
Ilaria Nelson None.
Rikki Williams None.
NEWTON Sarah Greg Munro None.
Phillipa Peel None.
NOKES Caroline Joanne Hatley None.
Rollo Hope None.
Claire Pearsall None.
NORMAN Jesse Thomas Hirons None.
Thomas Kennedy None.
Jemima Warren None.
NUTTALL David Nabila Afilal None.
Robert Broadhurst Senior Researcher, European Research Group ( a group of Members that collectively employs a member of staff to support them in their Parliamentary functions). My employment by the ERG is funded by: Members’ subscriptions paid for from their parliamentary allowances (or in one Member’s case, paid for by a donation from Mr John Winter); by a donation from GR Software & Research Limited; and by a donatio n from Lord Lamont of Lerwick. .
O’BRIEN Stephen Mary Hodge None.
Helen McIvor None.
Katie Purser None.
Emma Wegoda None.
O’DONNELL Fiona Lorna Finlayson None.
Avril Rodger None.
OFFORD Matthew Hilary Butler Constituency Agent, Hendon Conservative Association.
Vanessa Hirst None.
Laura Pike None.
OLLERENSHAW Eric Sarah Fletcher None
David Park None.
Richard Rigby Employed by Prince’s Trust (youth charity) to provide secretariat services to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Mobility.
Derek Sewell Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
ONWURAH Chi Mark Simmonds None.
OPPERMAN Guy Charlie Campbell None.
Peter McManus None.
OSBORNE George Lisa Buckland None.
Guy Levin Employed by the Conservative Party as a researcher.
Poppy Mitchell-Rose Special Adviser, HM Treasury.
Beverley Robertson None.
Phillipa Rudkin None
Eleanor Shawcross Special Adviser to the Chancellor, HM Treasury.
OTTAWAY Richard Patrick Callaghan Online Campaigns Coordinator, Dignity in Dying (non-profit campaigning organisation).
Lynne Hale Councillor, London Borough of Croydon.
Gillian Hall None.
Genevieve Hutchinson None.
OWEN Albert Mary Roberts None.
PAICE James Rachel Banting None.
Alice Groom None.
Doune Stanley-Clarke None.
PAISLEY Ian Peter Harrison None.
PARISH Neil Laura Goodall None.
Timothy Jenkins None.
PATEL Priti Frances Carlisle None.
Paul Church None.
David Leaf None.
Hayley Rogers None.
PATERSON Owen Claire Ayres None.
Jonathan Caine Special Adviser, Northern Ireland Office. Gifts and Benefits: Rugby Football League provided two tickets to the Challenge Cup Final held on 28 August 2010, two tickets to Super League Grand Final held on 2 October 2010, and two tickets to Millennium Weekend, Cardiff held on 12-13 February 2011 (registered July 2011).
Alexander Stafford Overseas visits: 15-22 December 2011, to Taiwan as part of a delegation of Young Leaders of the Conservative Party. Taiwan Representative Office in the UK met the cost of accommodation, travel and meals.
Kirsty Walmsley None.
PAWSEY Mark Gemma Anslow None.
Simon Richards None.
PEARCE Teresa Lauren Edwards None.
Daisy Harper None.
Miranda Williams Councillor, London Borough of Greenwich .
PENNING Mike Ronald Moss None.
PENROSE John Charlotte Beaupere None.
PERCY Andrew Andrew Barrett None.
Matthew Keracher None.
Liam Overfield None.
Mary Shepro None.
PERKINS Toby Christine Bowen None.
Helen Gibson Councillor, London Borough of Lewisham.
PERRY Claire Sophie Bolsover None.
James Cartwright None.
Olivia Parish None.
Jack Withrington None.
PHILLIPS Stephen Amy Bannister None.
Emma Salisbury None.
PHILLIPSON Bridget Jennifer Citak None.
Joseph Compagnone None.
Scott Gilfillan None.
Aidan Mundy None.
Tara Mundy None.
PICKLES Eric Kay Bellwood None.
Lesley Gaymer None.
Karen Sheehan None.
Sheridan Westlake Special Adviser, Department of Communities and Local Government.
PINCHER Christopher Warren Clegg None.
Ceci De La Montanya None.
Merlin Hanbury-Tenison Army Officer, HM Forces. Intern, HM Treasury.
POULTER Dr Daniel Edward Barker None.
Carol Poulter None.
Alice Thompson None.
POUND Stephen Nomundari Bold None.
Cieran McCartan None.
Diane Wall None.
PRIMAROLO Dawn Sean Beynon None.
Carolyn Manuel None.
Claire Radford None.
PRISK Mark Lesley Bagulay None.
Joan Hunter None.
Charles Rowley Councillor, East Hertfordshire District Council.
PRITCHARD Mark Michael Heffernan-Robinson Overseas visits: 20-22 February 2012, to Doha, Qatar, t o attend a security and counter-terrorism conference and attend the launch of a study on counter-violent extremism . Flights and accommodation costs paid for by Qatar International Academy Security Studies.
PUGH John Jemima Bland None.
David Langran None.
Daniel Lewis None.
QURESHI Yasmin Sadia Ali None.
Karen Lawrinson Assistant Editor, W4MP (website for MPs’ staff).
Christopher Peacock Councillor, Bolton Council.
RAAB Dominic Georgina Calle None.
Simon Clarke None.
Ursula Henry None.
Alexander Hughes None.
Ian Pendlington None.
RANDALL John Delma Beebe None.
Mohsen Mostafavi None.
RAYNSFORD Nick Alexander Grant None.
Catherine Myronidis None.
Ufuoma Simon None.
Joanne Simpson None.
RECKLESS Mark Mark Eastham None.
Elizabeth Gwilt None.
Chris Irvine None.
Victoria Wallace None.
REDWOOD John Myles Larrington None.
Gail Sidnell None.
REED Jamie Carl Carter None.
John Fyfe None.
Hywel Lloyd None.
REES-MOGG Jacob Elizabeth Finch None.
Alexia Roe None.
Stacey Tong None.
Fiona Tyrrell Office Manager, Somerset Capital Management (investment management).
REEVELL Simon Harriet Anderson None.
William Dodds None.
Edward Townend None.
REEVES Rachel Craig Dawson None.
Alexander Glasner None.
James McIvor Political Advisor, The Labour Party.
Nicholas Quin None.
Louise Tinsley None.
REYNOLDS Jonathan Joe Fortune Parliamentary Officer, Co-Operative Party (political party).
Stephen Mann None.
Deborah Price None.
Jason Prince None.
RIFKIND Sir Malcolm Jonathan Howells None.
Alexander Reynolds None.
Christine Shaylor None.
Timothy Stafford Single payment received from Nottingham University’s School of Contemporary Chinese Studies for a lecture given at on the 10th August 2011. Transportation costs were also covered . Overseas visits: 27 July to August 2011 attended the Asian Economic Forum in Phnom Penh, for which travel and accommodation costs were paid for by the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Pacific Forum.
John Sweeney None.
RIORDAN Linda Michael Brooke None.
Stephen Roberts None.
RITCHIE Margaret Andrew McCullough None.
Michael McKernan Adviser, Department of the Environment, Northern Ireland Assembly.
ROBATHAN Andrew Rachael Robathan None.
Diana Thompson None.
ROBERTSON Angus Clara Jordan-Baird None.
ROBERTSON Hugh Venetia Jenkins None.
Angela Stainton-James None.
ROBERTSON John Elizabeth Donnelly Researcher, Chatham House (international affairs research institute).
James Mills None.
ROBERTSON Laurence Anne Adams None.
Mark Calway None.
ROBINSON Geoffrey Elizabeth McFarlane None.
Brenda Price None.
ROGERSON Dan Paul Edgeworth None.
Benedict Maguire None.
ROSINDELL Andrew Starbuck Coleman Freelance writer for W4MP website (website for MPs’ staff). Parliamentary consultant to the IMAN Foundation (organisation which promotes inter-cultural dialogue and challenges extremism). Fee for speech written for the Organisation for Freedom and Democracy in Syria (registered May 2011). Overseas visits: 15-22 December 2011, to Taiwan as part of a delegation of Young Leaders of the Conservative Party. Taiwan Representative Office in the UK met the cost of accommodation, travel and meals.
James Harrison-Allen Overseas visits: 15-22 December 2011, to Taiwan as part of a delegation of Young Leaders of the Conservative Party. Taiwan Representative Office in the UK met the cost of accommodation, travel and meals.
Alexander Tanner Provides consultancy services on business development, marketing and building company profile to Abbey Total Care Group Limited (care homes). Overseas visits: 15-22 December 2011, to Taiwan as part of a delegation of Young Leaders of the Conservative Party. Taiwan Representative Office in the UK met the cost of accommodation, travel and meals.
Damian White Councillor, London Borough of Havering.
ROTHERAM Steve Dave Hanratty Member of Liverpool City Council and Member of Merseyside Fire Authority.
Joel Lewis None.
ROY Frank Sarah McGuire Overseas visits: 2-7 October 2011, to Israel and Palestine on a fact-finding visit (cost of visit was met by Labour Friends of Israel, plus some hospitality within Israel and the Palestine was provided by the Portland Trust in Ramallah and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs ) .
Robert Semp None.
ROY Lindsay Kirsty McCullagh None.
RUANE Chris John Houghton None.
Tomas Quinn None.
Ian Thomas None.
RUDD Amber Eleanor O’Riordan None.
RUDDOCK Dame Joan Matthew Dix None.
Victoria Flippance None.
Jessica Maloney None.
Nicholas Sowemimo None
RUFFLEY David Martin Smith None.
Katy Turner None.

Prepared 17th March 2012