Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 20 July 2012]

Sharkey, J to Ziemer, M

Staff Member (i.e. Sponsor) Other Relevant Gainful Occupation or Benefit
SHARKEY Jennifer Theresa May None.
SHARMA Maneesh Chris Leslie None.
SHARMA Monica Virendra Sharma None.
SHAW Catriona Gareth Johnson None.
SHAWCROSS Eleanor George Osborne Special Adviser to the Chancellor, HM Treasury.
SHAW-HARVEY Luke Esther McVey Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
SHAYLOR Christine Sir Malcolm Rifkind None.
SHEEHAN Karen Eric Pickles None.
SHEERER Karen Michael Gove None.
SHELDON Andrew Rebecca Harris Councillor, Castle Point Borough Council.
SHERBROOKE Zoe Sir Paul Beresford None.
SHERIDAN Daniel David Jones None.
SHERIDAN Joanne Jim Sheridan None.
SHERWOOD Ian Nick Clegg None.
SHIRES James Chris Williamson None.
SHORT Eileen Austin Mitchell Campaigns & Publicity, Camden Federation of Tenants (representing tenants in Camden ).
SHORT Jack Stephen Lloyd None.
SHORT Selina Geoffrey Cox None.
SHUTTER Susan Fiona Mactaggart None.
SIBBALD Chris Angus Robertson None.
SIBLEY Grant Simon Hughes None.
SIBLEY Nathan Tim Yeo None.
SIDDIQ Tulip Jim Fitzpatrick Councillor, London Borough of Camden .
SIDNELL Gail John Redwood None.
SIDNICK Lewis Geoffrey Clifton-Brown Head of Corporate Affairs, NHBC (National House-Building Council), a non profit distributing housing organisation.
SILCOCK Vanessa Mark Hoban None.
SIMISTER Elizabeth Sir John Stanley None.
SIMMONDS David Charlotte Leslie None.
SIMMONDS Lizbeth Mark Simmonds None.
SIMMONDS Mark Chi Onwurah None.
SIMON Ufuoma Nick Raynsford None.
SIMPSON Alexander Aidan Burley None.
SIMPSON Charles Shailesh Vara None.
SIMPSON Edward Nick Clegg Direct Communications and Research Officer, The Liberal Democrats party.
SIMPSON Joanne Nick Raynsford None.
SIMPSON Michael Tim Loughton None.
SINCLAIR Duncan Richard Burden Overseas visits: 8-14 April 2012 , to Jordan with the All-Party Parliamentary Jordan Group. Costs of flights, accommodation, visa, transport and subsistence met by the Government and Parliament of Jordan. 6-10 May 2012, to Israel and the West Bank with the Britain-Palestine All-Party Parliamentary Group. Costs of travel, accommodation and subsistence met by the Sir Joseph Hotung Programme . 19-23 May 2012, to Doha, Qatar to attend the 2012 Doha Forum. Costs of flights, accommodation and subsistence met by the Embassy of the State of Qatar to the UK.
SINCLAIR John David Gauke None.
SINGER Maureen Stephen Dorrell None.
SINGH Iqbal John McDonnell None.
SIVYER Derek Henry Smith None.
SIZYAKOVA Maria Adrian Sanders None.
SKINNER James Graham Stuart None.
SKRICZKA Mildred Jake Berry None.
SLACK Kirsty Tom Brake Constituency Organiser, Sutton Liberal Democrats (political party).
SLEAT Daniel Jack Straw None.
SLIPPER Daniel Tracey Crouch None.
SMALL Gerald Iain Stewart Ward Councillor, Milton Keynes Borough Council.
SMART Madeleine Nick de Bois None.
SMETHURST Alex David Ward None.
SMITH Anna Virendra Sharma None.
SMITH Anthony John Hemming Policy executive, Birmingham City Council.
SMITH Catherine Jeremy Corbyn Parliamentary Officer, BASW – The College of Social Work (professional association for social workers).
SMITH Colin Dr Julian Lewis None.
SMITH Craig Jenny Chapman None.
SMITH Elizabeth Alun Michael None.
SMITH Georgia John Bercow None.
SMITH Greg Aidan Burley Councillor and Cabinet Member, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Communications and marketing consultant for Bournemouth West Conservatives. Communications consultant for Greg Hands MP.
SMITH Harriet Nigel Mills None.
SMITH Jennifer Edward Miliband Trade Union Liaison Manager, The Labour Party.
SMITH Linda John Spellar Local Councillor, London Borough of Hackney.
SMITH Lydia Mark Lancaster None.
SMITH Martin David Ruffley None.
SMITH Neil Bob Ainsworth None.
SMITH Raymond Fiona Mactaggart Gift/Benefit: Hospitality for myself and a guest was provided by European Azerbaijan Society on 13 May 2012 in a box within the Royal Enclosure at the Royal Windsor Horse show and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee pageant, including buffet lunch, drinks, souvenir book and woollen commemorative scarf.
SMITH Sadie John Bercow Freelance writer for W4MP website (website for MPs’ staff) and Total Politics (magazine).
SMITH Thomas Adrian Sanders None.
SNOWDON Laura David Amess None.
SODHA Sonia Edward Miliband Senior Policy Advisor, The Labour Party. Overseas visits: 3-6 October 2011, to Singapore to look at policies to promote SME growth (accommodation and travel paid by Nigel Doughty). 31 October -3 November 2011, to Washington DC to look at policies to promote SME growth (accommodation and travel paid by Nigel Doughty). 30 January-3 February 2012, to Germany to look at policies to promote SME growth (accommodation and travel paid by Nigel Doughty)
SOLLIS Emily Meg Hillier None.
SONECHA Meera Edward Garnier None.
SOPHOCLIDES Charalambos Sir Alan Meale None.
SOWEMIMO Nicholas Dame Joan Ruddock None
SPENCE Julia David Cameron None.
SPENCER Julie Andrew Miller None.
SPENCER Linda Gisela Stuart None.
SPRAKE Matthew Justine Greening None.
SPRENT Catherine Liam Byrne None.
SPRY Jessica Dame Anne Begg None.
SQUIRE Rachael Stephen Metcalfe None.
ST CLAIR-LEGGE Elizabeth Helen Grant Director of Development, Conservative Women’s Organisation (political party).
STAFFORD Alexander Owen Paterson Overseas visits: 15-22 December 2011, to Taiwan as part of a delegation of Young Leaders of the Conservative Party. Taiwan Representative Office in the UK met the cost of accommodation, travel and meals.
STAFFORD James Gregg McClymont None.
STAFFORD Timothy Sir Malcolm Rifkind Single payment received from Nottingham University’s School of Contemporary Chinese Studies for a lecture given at on the 10th August 2011. Transportation costs were also covered . Overseas visits: 27 July to August 2011 attended the Asian Economic Forum in Phnom Penh, for which travel and accommodation costs were paid for by the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Pacific Forum.
STAINTON-JAMES Angela Hugh Robertson None.
STANLEY-CLARKE Doune James Paice None.
STANTON Olivia Anne Milton None.
STAPLETON Susannah William Cash None.
STARKINGS Peter Liam Byrne Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
STAROSTINA Anastasia Maria Miller None.
STEER Ruth Oliver Letwin None.
STEINITZ Jennifer Adrian Sanders None.
STENNER Jack Barry Gardiner Parliamentary Assistant, Labour Friends of India (lobbying group).
STEPHEN Elizabeth Catherine McKinnell None.
STEPHENS Christine Cheryl Gillan Assistant secretary/administration for the Royal Automobile Club.
STEPHENS Sally Mary Macleod None.
STEPHENSON Michael Adrian Bailey General Secretary, Co-operative Party (political party).
STEPHENSON Ryan Alec Shelbrooke None.
STEVENS Alexandra Anne McIntosh None.
STEVENS Daniel Barry Gardiner Director, DJS Consultants (public affairs consultancy) – clients: All-Party Parliamentary Group on Biodiversity (an all-party group). Councillor, London Borough of Hackney.
STEVENS Lisa Edward Miliband None.
STEVENSON Benjamin Michael Moore None.
STEVENSON Jack Stephen Lloyd None.
STEWART Ian Gerry Sutcliffe Owner of Education Matters Worldwide (an educational consultancy business) – clients: Bolton University, and British Computer Society (a chartered institute for computer professionals).
STEWART James Alistair Carmichael None.
STEWART Paul Stuart Andrew None.
STEWART Samantha Nigel Adams None.
STEWART-BROWN Henry Edward Vaizey None.
STOCKWELL Fay Priti Patel None.
STOKES Benjamin David Amess None.
STOLZENBERG Dale Huw Irranca-Davies Assistant to the Shadow Energy and Climate Change Team, The Labour Party. Overseas visit: 2-5 October 2011, to Morocco to visit various energy projects. Accommodation and travel costs were paid by Ministère de l’Energie des Mines, de l’Eau et de l’Environnement du Royaume du Maroc (Ministry of Energy of Mines, Water and the Environment of the Kingdom of Morocco).
STONE Andrew Michael Ellis Overseas visits: 27 May -1 June 2012, to Israel and the West Bank on fact finding political delegation. Conservative Friends of Israel met the cost (£1700 approximately) of accommodation, flights and meals.
STONEBRIDGE Paul Richard Fuller None.
STOPFORD James Mark Menzies None.
STORMONT John Andrew Gwynne None.
STORRY Jack Helen Goodman None.
STOTT Ellen Mike Weir None.
STRINGER Michael Jim Dowd None.
STRONG Matthew Paul Goggins Councillor, Manchester City Council.
STROUD Philippa Iain Duncan Smith Consultant, Centre for Social Justice (a think-tank). Special Adviser, Department for Work and Pensions.
STRUDWICK Oliver Jack Dromey None.
STURGESS Connie Nick Gibb None.
STURGESS Heather Mike Hancock None.
STURROCK David David Blunkett None.
STYLES James Dr Daniel Poulter None.
SUGG Deborah Kenneth Clarke None.
SUMNER Jake Chuka Umunna None.
SUNDERLAND Jeanette David Ward None.
SUTCLIFFE Jonathan Tom Brake Executive Officer, Birbeck Student Union (student union).
SUTCLIFFE Sophie Ivan Lewis Policy Adviser, The Labour Party. Overseas visits: 10-15 November 2011, to Bangladesh with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Global Action Against Childhood Pneumonia. Trip was funded by the International Vaccine Access Center. 26 January-1 February 2012, to Tanzania accompanying Ivan Lewis MP. Transport, accommodation and costs associated with field visits and meetings were met by ActionAid UK.
SUTHERLAND Gregor Greg Mulholland None.
SUTHERLAND Hugo Angie Bray None.
SUTHERLAND Peter John Leech None.
SUTTON Tracy David Rutley None.
SWALES Michael Gerry Sutcliffe None.
SWANN Stuart David Tredinnick Constituency Agent, Bosworth Conservative Association.
SWANSON Benjamin Graham Jones None.
SWARBRICK Jonathan Ian Swales None.
SWEENEY John Sir Malcolm Rifkind None.
SWIDZINSKI Adam Keith Vaz None.
SWIFT Charlotte Eleanor Laing None.
SWIRE Sasha Hugo Swire None.
SYED Deeba Ed Balls None.
SYKES Jane Robert Goodwill None.
SYLVESTER Timothy David Gauke None
SZPERA Louise Malcolm Wicks None.
TAIT Cameron John Denham None.
TALBOT Christine Heather Wheeler None.
TALBOT Martin Jack Straw None.
TAMAM Nathalie Douglas Carswell Parliamentary Adviser, Conservative Friends of Israel (advocacy organisation).
TAMI Sally Mark Tami None.
TANNER Alexander Andrew Rosindell Provides consultancy services on business development, marketing and building company profile to Abbey Total Care Group Limited (care homes). Overseas visits: 15-22 December 2011, to Taiwan as part of a delegation of Young Leaders of the Conservative Party. Taiwan Representative Office in the UK met the cost of accommodation, travel and meals.
TANNER Talitha Gary Streeter None.
TARRANT Andrew Gregg McClymont Overseas Visits: 9-10 November 2011, to Berlin accompanying Gregg McClymont MP to a conference. Flights and accommodation paid for by Friedrich-Ebert Foundation.
TAY Penelope Jonathan Djanogly None.
TAYLOR Amanda Laura Sandys None.
TAYLOR Catherine Ann McKechin Salary as a Political Adviser is partly funded by the Labour Party.
TAYLOR David Gordon Brown Part-time Project Assistant, Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown (a registered company). 11-12 December 2011, to Doha to staff Mr Brown. Comme rcial flights and one night’s a ccommodation covered by UN Alliance of Civilisations. 30-31 January 2012, to Kuwait to staff Mr Brown. Commercial flights and one night’s accommodation covered by Kuwait Finance House. 2-3 February 2012, to Russia to staff Mr Brown. Commercial flights and one night’s accommodation covered by Troika Dialog Investment Company.
TAYLOR David Peter Hain Senior Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
TAYLOR Holly Alun Michael Paid by Alun Michael from his private funds for work undertaken from 1-4 May 2012 as his Campaign Co-ordinator regarding his campaign for selection as the Labour nomination for Police Commissioner in South Wales (registered June 2012).
TAYLOR Joanne Paul Goggins None.
TAYLOR Philip Maria Eagle Senior Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
TAYLOR Tyson Martin Vickers Administrative Assistant, Taylor Made Fun Ltd (tourism and leisure).
TENNENT Lila Rehman Chishti None.
THACKARA Robyn Grant Shapps None.
THACKERAY Charlotte Adrian Sanders None.
THIND Sarah Clive Betts None.
THOMAS Bethan Guto Bebb None.
THOMAS Emma Dr Philip Lee None.
THOMAS Ian Chris Ruane None.
THOMAS James Clive Betts None.
THOMAS Louise Adam Afriyie None.
THOMAS Matthew Greg Knight None.
THOMAS Oliver Roger Williams Lance Corporal, Territorial Army.
THOMAS Rachael Russell Brown None.
THOMAS Rebecca Mark Durkan None.
THOMAS Robert John Hayes None.
THOMPSON Alice Dr Daniel Poulter None.
THOMPSON Diana Andrew Robathan None.
THOMPSON Sophie Laura Sandys None.
THOMS Sarah Ann McKechin None.
THOMSON Amelia Nick Gibb None.
THORBURN Malcolm Karl Turner None.
THORNTON Victoria Robert Halfon None.
THYER Alison Gavin Shuker None.
TILLEY Emma James Clappison None.
TIMMINS Rachel Anne McGuire None.
TIMMINS William Jonathan Lord None.
TINGGAL Ryan Zac Goldsmith None.
TINLEY Amy Dr Liam Fox None.
TINSLEY Louise Rachel Reeves None.
TO Silvestra Barry Gardiner None.
TOLCHARD Anna Mark Francois None.
TONG Stacey Jacob Rees-Mogg None.
TOTT Nicholas Susan Elan Jones None.
TOTTEN Callum Debbie Abrahams None.
TOVELL Shirley Edward Garnier None.
TOWNEND Edward Simon Reevell None.
TOWNER Myriah Charles Walker None.
TOWNING Avril Bill Wiggin None.
TOWNSEND Lisa James Morris None.
TOWNSEND Suzanne Hugo Swire None.
TRAVIS John Jason McCartney None.
TREMBLETT Simon Andrew George Tax Senior Manager, KPMG LLP (professional services).
TRICKER William Maria Eagle None.
TRICKETT Sandra Dan Byles None.
TRIVETT Frances Hugo Swire None.
TRODD Gabriel Diane Abbott None.
TROTTER Camilla Joseph Johnson None.
TRUNDLE Adam Peter Bone None.
TULLY Bradley Stephen Williams None.
TUNKS Emma Neil Carmichael None.
TURAY Abdul Helen Grant None.
TURNER George Simon Hughes None.
TURNER Iain Alison Seabeck None.
TURNER Katy David Ruffley None.
TURNER Laurence Lillian Greenwood None.
TURNER Rosanna Conor Burns None.
TURNER Stephen Ronnie Campbell National Officer, Unite (trade union).
TURNER Stuart Ian Austin Councillor, Dudley Council.
TURNER-MORRIS Elisabeth Gareth Thomas Overseas Visits: 23-29 June 2012, to USA t o research American co-operatives, community development finan ce institutions and non-profits. Accommodation and travel costs were paid by the Co-operative Group and Mutuo.
TURNEY Emma Margot James None.
TWEDDLE Thomas John Bercow None.
TWIGG Bethan Ian Lucas None.
TYRRELL Fiona Jacob Rees-Mogg Office Manager, Somerset Capital Management (investment management).
TYRRELL Helene Stephen Barclay None.
UNGLESS Jenny Jeffrey Donaldson Search Consultant, Watson Helsby Ltd (executive search company).
USMAR James Christopher Chope None.
VAN KLAVEREN Henk Nick Clegg Employed as a Press Officer by The Liberal Democrat Party.
VAN LIER Asger Lyn Brown None.
VAN ROON Chris Robert Buckland None.
VARDON-HYNARD Joseph Mary Macleod None.
VARLEY Nicholas Mike Freer None.
VASCONCELOS Margarida William Cash Researcher, The European Foundation (think tank).
VAUS Jane Charles Kennedy Co-ordinator of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Intelligent Energy and paid for this work from the group’s funds.
VAZ TOWNSEND Liberty Valerie Vaz None.
VENTRESS-TIERNAN Fallon Caroline Flint Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
VERELLEN Thomas Simon Hughes None.
VIDAL Alexander Nigel Evans None.
VINER Nicholas John Howell None.
VINES Peter Richard Shepherd None.
VINEY Amelia John Mann None.
VIRGO Arthur Philip Dunne None.
VIVONA Michael Karl McCartney Councillor, Reigate and Banstead Borough Council.
VOCE-RUSSELL Alexandra Rushanara Ali Overseas Visits: 1-11 October 2011, to Bangladesh for field programme visits. Accommodation and travel costs were paid by Oxfam and Care International.
VOEGELIN Tiana Hywel Williams None.
VUKOMANOVIC Anita Pauline Latham Overseas visits: 15-22 December 2011, to Taiwan as part of a delegation of Young Leaders of the Conservative Party. Taiwan Representative Office in the UK met the cost of accommodation, travel and meals.
WADE Georgina Bill Wiggin None.
WAILOO Thomas Andrew Love None.
WALKER Andre David Morris Director, Millbank Poly Press Ltd (publishing).
WALKER Chloe Stewart Jackson None.
WALKER Dominic David Morris None.
WALKER Fiona Elizabeth Truss None.
WALKER Janet James Arbuthnot None.
WALKER Sarah Oliver Heald Administrative secretary, Society of Conservative Lawyers (political society).
WALL Diane Stephen Pound None.
WALLACE Donald Andrew George None.
WALLACE James Edward Miliband Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
WALLACE Victoria Mark Reckless None.
WALLIS Charlotte Kenneth Clarke None.
WALMSLEY Hayden Marcus Jones None.
WALMSWELL Elizabeth Stephen Timms None.
WALTERS Russell Steve Baker None.
WALTON Elizabeth Kris Hopkins None.
WANDURAGALA Nirmalee Edward Miliband Operations Manager, The Labour Party.
WARD Jonathan Stephen Lloyd None.
WARD Lucy Charlotte Leslie None.
WARD Martina Dr Daniel Poulter None.
WARD Orlanda Harriet Harman Paid by The Labour Party as Diary and Correspondence Co-ordinator.
WARD Sarah Andrew Mitchell None.
WARD Susan Damian Green None.
WARE Linda Alun Cairns None.
WARREN Catherine Justine Greening None.
WARREN Jemima Jesse Norman None.
WARRINGTON Brenda Andrew Gwynne Councillor, Metropolitan Borough of Tameside.
WATERFIELD Luke Sadiq Khan None.
WATKIN Stuart John McDonnell Parliamentary Consultant, Union Consultancy Services (a public affairs consultancy) – Clients: Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union, National Union of Journalists, Performers Alliance, Justice Unions (all are trade unions or trade union confederations).
WATKINS Neil Paul Farrelly None.
WATSON Catherine Douglas Alexander None.
WATSON Christine Jackie Doyle-Price None.
WATTS Barry Rehman Chishti None.
WEAL Rory Maria Eagle None.
WEAVER Carole Chris White None.
WEBBER Sally Thomas Docherty None.
WEBLEY Alec Jack Dromey None.
WEBSTER Andrea Nick Boles None.
WEBSTER Luke Sam Gyimah None.
WEGODA Emma Stephen O’Brien None.
WELIHINDA Dieuni Stephen Twigg None.
WEST Margaret Steve Brine None.
WESTLAKE Sheridan Eric Pickles Special Adviser, Department of Communities and Local Government.
WHATLEY Mark Dr Philip Lee None.
WHEALE Jon Dan Jarvis None.
WHELAN Clare Stephen Dorrell Councillor, London Borough of Lambeth. Councillor, Local Government Association. Political Adviser to the Leadership Centre for Local Government ( support and training programmes for local councillors and councils). Non-Executive Director, WRAP - Waste and Resources Action Programme (promotes waste reduction and recycling). Local government health adviser to ‘2020Health’ from February-September 2011.
WHISSON Isabel Joan Walley None.
WHITE Barry Kris Hopkins None.
WHITE Elly Frank Field None.
WHITE Joanna John Mann None.
WHITE Patrick Frank Field None.
WHITE Victoria Martin Horwood None.
WHITEHOUSE Briony Andrew Lansley None.
WHITNEY Thomas Andy Burnham None.
WHITT Denise Sir Tony Cunningham None.
WICKHAM Julia Ann McKechin None.
WIEDEMANN Anja Gregory Barker None.
WILKINSON Alexandra Nicky Morgan Membership and Communications Manager, Conservative Christian Fellowship ( organisation of Christians who support the Conservative Party).
WILLIAMS Antony Helen Grant None.
WILLIAMS Carole Debbie Abrahams Councillor, London Borough of Hackney.
WILLIAMS Emyr Ann Clwyd None.
WILLIAMS Gordon Damian Collins Researcher, Folkestone and Hythe Conservative Association.
WILLIAMS Jacqueline Chris Evans None.
WILLIAMS John Roger Williams None.
WILLIAMS Matthew David Tredinnick None.
WILLIAMS Miranda Teresa Pearce Councillor, London Borough of Greenwich .
WILLIAMS Philip George Hollingbery Councillor, Southampton City Council.
WILLIAMS Richard Jim Dowd None.
WILLIAMS Rikki Brooks Newmark None.
WILLIAMS Sarah Tim Yeo Research work for Locana Corporation (London) Limited (an investment company). Overseas visits: 9-13 September 2011, to Uganda to visit Victoria University (accommodation paid for by Edulink Holdings Ltd; flights paid for by Locana Corporation (London).
WILLIAMS Thomas Andrew Gwynne None.
WILSON Craig Brian Binley None.
WILSON Joanne Meg Munn None.
WILSON Jonathan Jackie Doyle-Price None.
WILSON Peter Lindsay Hoyle None.
WILSON Sally Dan Byles None.
WILSON Steven Angela Smith Councillor, Sheffield City Council.
WILSON-GAVIN Emily John Hemming None.
WINDRIDGE Michael Marcus Jones None.
WINGATE Glenys Sir Peter Tapsell None.
WINNINGTON Alexandra Harriett Baldwin None.
WINSBURY Annie David Willetts None.
WINSTANLEY Edward Fiona Bruce None.
WINSTANLEY Katie Julian Sturdy None.
WITHRINGTON Jack Claire Perry None.
WOJNILKO Anna Liz Kendall None.
WOLF Allison Margaret Curran None.
WONG Wilfred Russell Brown Director of Stephen’s Children (humanitarian aid organisation which assists poor Christian children and their families in Egypt ).
WOODBRIDGE Dominic Sajid Javid None.
WOODMAN Andrew Andrew Bridgen None.
WOODYATT Janet Sammy Wilson None.
WOOLLEY Andrew Graham Allen None.
WRATHMELL John Edward Miliband Economic Adviser, The Labour Party.
WRIGHT Carol Alistair Darling None.
WRIGHT Chloe Emily Thornberry None.
WRIGHT Eileen Patrick McLoughlin Secretary to Mr Matthew Parris, a journalist for News International.
WRIGHT Grace Jenny Chapman None.
WYATT Derek Paul Farrelly None.
WYATT Philip Peter Hain None.
YAKIMIUK Natalie Stephen Dorrell None.
YALLOP Anna Paul Farrelly None.
YATES Benjamin John Baron None.
YATES Rebecca Meg Hillier None.
YOUNG Camilla Sir George Young None.
YOUNG Deborah Neil Carmichael Cabinet Member for Housing, Stroud District Council.
YOUNG Kenny Edward Miliband Press Manager, The Labour Party.
ZACHARIOU Anthie Stephen Pound None.
ZAR Michelle Rushanara Ali None.
ZARB-COUSIN Matthew Pamela Nash None.
ZIEMER Maximillian Jeremy Wright None.

Prepared 23rd July 2012