Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 17 April 2013]

Hancock, M to May, T

Member (i.e. Sponsor) Staff Other Relevant Gainful Occupation or Benefit
HANCOCK Mike Gemma-Louise Craggs None.
Fergus Moffatt None.
HANDS Greg Peter Graham Councillor, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.
Emily Hellicar Antenan None.
Thomas McCall None.
Madeleine Rudge None.
HANSON David Samuel Bacon None.
Anne Hollis None.
HARMAN Harriet Laura Allen None.
Charlotte Dunn None.
Gavin Freeguard None.
Rumbidzai Gotosa None.
Ayesha Hazarika Gifts and Benefits: Two tickets, including drinks, were provided by The Society of London Theatre to attend the Olivier Awards Ceremony held on 14 April 2102. Attended ‘Pride of Britain Awards’ awards ceremony and dinner as a guest of the Mirror Group on 29 October 2012. NBC Universal provided a ticket for BAFTA ceremony held on 10 February 2013. Sony provided a ticket to the Brit Awards held on 20 February 2013.
Charlotte Montague None.
Catherine Wanjiku None.
Sophie Wingfield None.
HARPER Mark Patrick Cartwright None.
John Hammersmith Special Constable, Metropolitan Police.
HARRINGTON Richard Joshua Franklin None.
Victoria Peck None.
Jennifer Reed None.
HARRIS Rebecca Anthony Hind None.
Catherine Humphrey None.
Samuel Nahk None.
Andrew Sheldon Councillor, Castle Point Borough Council.
HARRIS Tom Russell Antram None.
Donald Campbell None.
Stuart Donaldson None.
HART Simon Georgina Kester None.
HARVEY Sir Nick Marie Jenkins None.
Philippa Page None.
HASELHURST Sir Alan Joel Fayers None.
David Haselhurst None.
HAVARD Dai Ann-Marie Moran None.
HAYES John Ian Bettles None.
Scott Kelly Lecturer, New York University. Researcher, Learning and Skills Network (further education improvement services).
Lee Rotherham Campaign Secretary, Conservatives Against a Federal Europe. Researcher, Taxpayers’ Alliance (political campaigning on public spending).
Robert Thomas None.
HEALD Oliver Catherine Gresham-Thompson None.
Christine Heald None.
Christiane Moore None.
HEALEY John Tracey Allen Assistant to the General Secretary, The Labour Party.
James Hall None.
Irene Hartley None.
Alice Johns None.
HEATON-HARRIS Chris David Hoy None.
Sarah Peck None.
Thomas Pursglove Borough Councillor, Wellingborough.
Walter Schostak None.
HEMMING John Martin Shapland None.
Anthony Smith Policy executive, Birmingham City Council.
Emily Wilson-Gavin None.
HENDERSON Gordon Jessica McMahon None.
Selina Short None.
HENDESON Gordon Samantha Williams None.
HENDRICK Mark Sara Brouillette None.
Richard Daniels None.
HENDRY Charles Rachel Dowling None.
Christopher Hulm None.
Kari Sargeant None.
HEPBURN Stephen James Kennedy None.
HERBERT Nick William Cudmore None.
Gloria Nicholl None.
James Phillips None.
HERMON Lady Sylvia Stephen Knott None.
HILLIER Meg Richard Banham None.
Julie Grimble None.
Zoe Shippen None.
Emily Sollis None.
HILLING Julie Noelene Gillatt None.
Lisa Homan Councillor, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.
Lindsey Kell Councillor, Bolton Council.
HINDS Damian Janice Dust None.
Mhairi Fraser None.
Corinne Jenkinson Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
HOBAN Mark Peter Kershaw None.
Vanessa Silcock None.
HODGE Margaret Elizabeth Bradshaw None.
Michael Haywood Councillor, Swale Borough Council.
Michael Lillis None.
Jessica Mullins None.
HODGSON Sharon Joel Baker None.
Jean Brown None.
Michael Forster None.
Alan Hodgson None.
Zoey Litchfield None.
HOEY Kate Max Freedman None.
Sabrina Lopes None.
Katherine Matheson None.
Lara Nicholson None.
HOLLINGBERY George Matthew Bramwell None.
Joanna Lloyd None.
Thomas Miller None.
Owen Millward None.
Philip Williams Councillor, Southampton City Council.
HOLLOWAY Adam Martha Bedford None.
Nicola Dolman None.
Sarah Lloyd-Davis None.
James Pershing None.
Tom Pettinger None.
HOOD Jim Karen McKay None.
HOPKINS Kelvin Russell Cartwright None.
Sara Kibel None.
HOPKINS Kris Mohammed Nazam None.
Elizabeth Walton None.
Barry White None.
HORWOOD Martin Rachel Burns None.
Joshua Cheetham None.
Catherine Kingdom None.
Kelsey Smith None.
HOSIE Stewart Anne Harvey Director, Perjink Research and Editorial Services Ltd (provides research and editorial services).
Christopher Levick Smaller Parties Project Manager, Westminster Foundation for Democracy (a non-departmental public body for the consolidation of democratic practices and institutions in developing democracies).
HOWARTH George Anna Abulafia None.
Jayne Aston Local Authority Councillor, Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council.
Kate Brady None.
HOWARTH Sir Gerald Marisa Heath Councillor at Surrey County Council.
Rollo Hope None.
Elizabeth Johnston None.
HOWELL John Angela Paterson None.
Bryony Pring None.
Olivia Stanton None.
HOYLE Lindsay Michael Gaskill None.
George McNamara None.
Peter Wilson None.
HUGHES Simon Vincenzo Coppola None.
Alexia Ogden None.
Anne Sullivan None.
Billy Taylor None.
George Turner None.
Thomas Verellen None.
Kris Verle None.
HUNT Jeremy Laura Anstey Part of salary for parliamentary work is paid by South West Surrey Conservative Association.
Morwenna Brown None.
Lydia Manley-Cooper None.
Emma Terry None.
HUNT Tristram Alan Lockey None.
Carrie Martin None.
Hannah O’Rourke None.
HUNTER Mark John Brooks None.
Michael Martins None.
HUPPERT Dr Julian Thomas Gault None.
Susannah Kerr None.
Christine Longworth Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
HURD Nick Matthew Baird None.
Hannah Briggs None.
Jill Brown None.
Grant Cherry None.
IRRANCA-DAVIES Huw Sukhcharn Boora None.
Louis Rynsard None.
JACKSON Glenda Rebecca Carpenter None.
Lydia George None.
Rebecca Henney None.
JACKSON Stewart Michael Horwood District Councillor, Sevenoaks District Council.
Chloe Walker None.
JAMES Margot Kate Evans Overseas visits: 9-15 March 2013, to Singapore and Indonesia with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Trade and Investment. Accommodation and travel costs were split between Barclays Plc, Prudential Plc and the UK-ASEAN Business Council.
William Smith None.
Emma Turney None.
JAMES Sian Carolyn Harris None.
JAMIESON Cathy Fiona Goodwin None.
Stephanie Hunt None.
Ian Sharpe None.
JARVIS Dan Stephen Carter Freelance researcher, Human Rights Watch (human rights research).
Kamella Hopkins None.
Matthew Percy None.
Alexandra Rennick None.
JAVID Sajid Jonathan Delaney None.
Jessica Hosmer-wright None.
Danielle Johnston-Jones None.
JENKIN Bernard Peter Cannon Councillor, Dartford Borough Council.
Thomas Fairweather None.
Catherine Perry None.
JOHNSON Alan Caroline Arding None.
Catherine Bramwell None.
Jane Davies None.
JOHNSON Diana John Cafferty Regional Manager, Unison (trade union).
Martin Lennon None.
JOHNSON Gareth Susan Aslett None.
Sarah Bedford Solicitor, Thomas Boyd Whyte (private legal practice).
Lisa Erlandsen None.
JOHNSON Joseph Daniel Arenson None.
Mark Florman None.
Kate Goodhart None.
Camilla Trotter None.
JONES Andrew Rebecca Burnett None.
Eric Cooper None.
Janice Letts None.
Michael Renton None.
JONES David Deri Hughes None.
Lauren McEvatt Special Adviser, Wales Office.
Naomi Roose-Lloyd None.
Daniel Sheridan None.
JONES Graham Julie Milligan None.
Benjamin Swanson None.
JONES Helen Alison Orlandi None.
JONES Kevan Alexander Diner None.
JONES Marcus Jeffrey Clarke None.
Hayden Walmsley None.
Michael Windridge None.
JONES Susan Elan Valerie Bradfield None.
Katy Harrison None.
Nicholas Tott None.
JOWELL Dame Tessa Jessica Asato Political Adviser, The Labour Party. Councillor, London Borough of Islington.
Duncan Chapman None.
Andrew Coates None.
Shamir Patel None.
Julia Rowley None.
JOYCE Eric Danielle Biloa Foe None.
Martin Brown None.
KAUFMAN Sir Gerald Nicola Cootes None.
Catherine Lea None.
KAWCZYNSKI Daniel Michael Green None.
Justin King None.
KEELEY Barbara Sarah Hall None.
KELLY Chris Jonathan Cope None.
Olivia Kybett None.
KENDALL Liz Razina Begum None.
Anna Wojnilko None.
Justin Wood None.
KENNEDY Charles George Ellis Chair, Ellis & Company (retail consultancy).
Anthony Gale None.
Sian Norris-Copson None.
Jane Vaus Co-ordinator of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Intelligent Energy and paid for this work from the group’s funds.
KHAN Sadiq Joy Adeyemo None.
Nick Bowes Senior Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
Anna Cooper None.
Mark Inger None.
Ali Picton None.
Uroosa Syed None.
KIRBY Simon Philip Brownlie None.
Brian Oxley None.
Matthew Pringle None.
KNIGHT Greg Matthew Thomas None.
KWARTENG Kwasi Jonathan Dupont None.
Sarah Fitch None.
Marc Morrison None.
Ruth Porter Communications Director, Institute of Economic Affairs (think tank).
LAING Eleanor Iona Bensusan None.
Carol Chatfield None.
Francesca Whiteoak None.
LAMB Norman Ruth Gripper None.
Edward Maxfield None.
LAMMY David Georgina Colegate-Stone PA, Allen and Overy LLP (law firm).
Daisy Goodman None.
Kathrine Hanna None.
Lindsey Rostron None.
Mark Rusling Councillor and Cabinet Member, London Borough of Waltham Forest.
LANCASTER Mark Alice Bramall Councillor, Milton Keynes Council.
Lucia Hodgson None.
Jeffrey Townsend Director, Global Development Partnerships (extractive industry government relations consultancy). Clients: Shell (oil and gas) and Anglo American (mining).
LANSLEY Andrew Maria Crick None.
Briony Whitehouse None.
LATHAM Pauline David Goss Occasional shifts for Conservative Campaign Headquarters as a press officer.
Jack Palmer None.
Lauren Wood None.
LAVERY Ian Stephen Kemp None.
Liam Lavery None.
Peter Moran None.
LAWS David James Mole None.
LAZAROWICZ Mark Andrew Bocking None.
Karen Doran Councillor, City of Edinburgh Council.
LEADSOM Andrea Luke Graystone None.
Sarah Jackson None.
Duncan McCourt None.
Daisy Peck None.
Marc Pooler None.
LEE Dr Philip Jade Appleton None.
Andrew Best None.
Eva Kagan None.
LEE Dr Phillip Joe Armitage None.
LEE Jessica Ian Gutteridge None.
James Harrington None.
Allison Maguire None.
LEECH John Matthew Dolman None.
James Hennigan Councillor, Manchester City Council. Member, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority.
Joel Moorcroft Fundraiser, Pell and Bales (charity fundraising).
Christopher Tucker None.
LEFROY Jeremy Colin Bloom Executive Director, Conservative Christian Fellowship (faith organisation).
Pauline Ingall None.
Owen Meredith Self-employed management consultant. Clients: 45 West Group (property management).
LEIGH Edward Andrew Cusack None.
James Langford Gifts/Benefits: On parliamentary internship scheme funded by bursary from Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales.
Hugh Selka None.
LESLIE Charlotte John Flesher None.
Christopher James None.
LESLIE Chris Joe Atkinson None.
Peter Edwards None.
Maighread McCloskey Economy and Business Policy Officer, The Labour Party.
Muniza Mehrban None.
Annie Powell None.
LETWIN Oliver Angela Charles None.
Richard Park None.
Ruth Steer None.
Faye Wong None.
LEWIS Brandon Justine Duggan None.
Christopher Parkinson None.
LEWIS Dr Julian Diana Brooks Councillor, Totton and Eling Town Council. Councillor, New Forest District Council.
Nina Karsov-Szechter None.
Colin Smith None.
LEWIS Ivan Tara Acomb Overseas Visits: 18-27 July 2012, to Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi accompanying Ivan Lewis MP. UNICEF met the cost of flights, accommodation/food and visas. 15-18 November 2012, to Tunisia to attend the Hammamet Conference. British Council met the cost of flights, accommodation and meals. 24 November-2 December 2012, to Burma and Thailand accompanying Ivan Lewis MP. Burma Campaign UK met the cost of flights, transportation, visa, accommodation and meals.
David Courcoux Shadow Department for International Development Team Co-ordinator, The Labour Party.
Patrick Heneghan National Officer, The Labour Party.
Sophie Sutcliffe Policy Adviser, The Labour Party.
Jessica Toale Political Advisor, The Labour Party. Overseas Visits: 22-23 January 2013, to Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo accompanying Ivan Lewis MP. W orld Vision UK met the costs of transportation, entry cards, accommodation and meals during visit.
LIDDELL-GRAINGER Ian Claire Gibson None.
Jill Liddell-Grainger None.
Peter Liddell-Grainger None.
Marius Ostrowski None.
LIDINGTON David Victoria Blane None.
Thomas Harlow None.
Verity Inge None.
LILLEY Peter Fiona Parker None.
Christine Percival Councillor, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.
Ruth Stanley None.
LLOYD Stephen Laura McLeod None.
Alec Newton None.
Jack Short None.
Jonathan Ward None.
LLWYD Elfyn Ian Johnson Commissioned by Plaid Cymru to author a paper on Police and Crime Commissioner elections. Councillor, Vale of Glamorgan County Borough Council. Councillor, Barry Town Council.
Elin Roberts None.
Rhian Roberts None.
LONG Naomi Ami Cochrane None.
Jennifer Leigh Benefit: Bursary/ scholarship received from CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) a registered charity, as an intern on their graduate training scheme.
Christopher Madden None.
LOPRESTI Jack Jonathan Benjamin None.
Andrew Hing None.
Nathalie Tamam Adviser, Conservative Friends of Israel (advocacy organisation).
LORD Jonathan Lynda Malins None.
Richard Perowne None.
William Timmins None.
LOUGHTON Tim Justine Kent None.
Caroline Macnaughton None.
Michael Simpson None.
Yasmin Sonde None.
LOVE Andrew Tessa Lidstone None.
Thomas Wailoo None.
James Walsh Councillor and Cabinet Member, Slough Borough Council.
LUCAS Caroline Ingrid Davidson None.
Melissa Gurumurthy Senior Parliamentary Press Officer, Green Party (political party).
Laura Mackenzie Parliamentary Researcher, The Green Party.
Catherine Miller Executive Assistant to the Leader of the Green Party, The Green Party (political party).
LUCAS Ian Bethan Twigg None.
LUFF Peter Julia Luff None.
Olivia Phoenix None.
LUMLEY Karen Philippa Broom Director, International Office, The Conservative Party.
Jack Hands None.
Lucy Lermer None.
MACLEOD Mary Annabelle Miles None.
Ashley Shackleton None.
Nicole Simon None.
Sally Stephens None.
Joseph Vardon-Hynard None.
Ellen Wright Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
MACNEIL Angus Xavier Bello None.
MACTAGGART Fiona Simon Devine None.
Nadar Khalifa None.
Hazel Nolan None.
Suraj Odedra Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
Susan Shutter Gifts and Benefits: Occasional attendance at Westminster Legal Policy Forum seminars, for which the Forum provides complimentary places to MPs’ staff who hold a parliamentary pass.
Raymond Smith Gift/Benefit: Hospitality for myself and a guest was provided by European Azerbaijan Society on 13 May 2012 in a box within the Royal Enclosure at the Royal Windsor Horse show and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee pageant, including buffet lunch, drinks, souvenir book and woollen commemorative scarf.
MAHMOOD Khalid Elaina Cohen None.
Khurram Raja None.
MAHMOOD Shabana Glenda Dunster None.
Mark Leach None.
MAIN Anne Emma Birch None.
Joseph Cawley Overseas Visits: 14-20 September 2012, to Bangladesh on a Conservative Social Action project. Cost of visit was met by donations from the following individuals: Bajiloor Rashid, Muquim Ahmed and Abdul Karim.
Andrew Hutson None.
MALHOTRA Seema Mary Jo Bishop None.
Jack Dyas None.
Charles Haines None.
Lucille Harvey None.
Gavin Patel None.
Yan Zhang None.
MANN John Richard Angell Deputy Director, Progress Ltd (think tank).
Laura Scharsach None.
Amelia Viney None.
Joanna White Councillor, Bassetlaw District Council.
MARSDEN Gordon Emily Ball None.
Sam Cullen None.
Jeffrey Masters Policy Adviser, The Labour Party. Associate Fellow at the Social Market Foundation (politically independent public policy think tank).
Nicholas Wright None.
MAUDE Francis Marla Bulf None.
Elizabeth Dewdney-Herbert None.
Claire Morrison None.
MAY Theresa Charlotte Adams None.
David Beckingham None.
Jennifer Sharkey None.

Prepared 18th April 2013