Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 5 September 2013]

Creagh, M to Hancock, M

Member (i.e. Sponsor) Staff Other Relevant Gainful Occupation or Benefit
CREAGH Mary John Leahy None.
Andrew Pakes Senior Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
CREASY Stella Clare Billing District Councillor, North Herts District Council.
Jonathan Broadbery None.
Jonathan Chambers None.
CROCKART Mike Robert Craig Consultant, KPMG LLP (professional services).
Elizabeth Dawson None.
Eva Duncan Waitress, Splendid (catering).
CROUCH Tracey Theo Boggis None.
Sarah-Jane Palmer None.
Khobi Vallis Duty Press Officer, The Conservative Party.
CRUDDAS Jon James Brown None.
Ben Grubb None.
CRYER John Gareth Myton None.
Gulsharan Sall Organiser, Medway Labour Party.
David Seaton None.
CUNNINGHAM Alex Robert Cook Councillor, Stockton Borough Council.
Susan Donaghy None.
Sam Reeve None.
CUNNINGHAM Jim Eleanor Connolloy None.
CUNNINGHAM Sir Tony Anna Gelderd None.
Catherine Louis None.
Denise Whitt None.
CURRAN Margaret Martin McCluskey Policy and Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
Rachel McGee None.
Stephanie Shewchuk None.
DAKIN Nic Craig Busby None.
Gaia Lambert None.
Laurence Rayner None.
DANCZUK Simon Thomas Railton None.
DARLING Alistair Carol Wright None.
DAVEY Edward Elizabeth Green None.
Elizabeth Mayes-Reid None.
DAVID Wayne Christopher Bradley None.
DAVIDSON Ian Colin Davidson None.
Kevin Flack Government Affairs Consultant, International Fund for Animal Welfare (animal welfare organisation).
DAVIES David Bethan Lloyd None.
Laura Pike None.
DAVIES Geraint Simon Darvill None.
Owen John None.
DAVIES Glyn Philip Carlick None.
Huw Cookson None.
Julie Turner None.
DAVIES Philip Miroslava Macejkova Gifts and Benefits: Japan Tobacco International provided me with a ticket to attend each of the following events: Girls Aloud concert at the O2 Arena on 1 March 2013; reception, dinner and viewing at the Royal Academy of Arts on 12 March 2013; Kings of Leon concert at the O2 Arena on 12 June 2013.
Laura Midgley Founder, Campaign Against Political Correctness (non-profit organisation).
Rhiannon Padley None.
DAVIS David Samuel Crook None.
Samantha Hollex None.
Carl Jackson None.
Renate Samson None.
DE BOIS Nick Jack Hart None.
Eve Sontag None.
DE PIERO Gloria Melanie Darrington None.
Nicholas Paget None.
Peter Smeed None.
DENHAM John Cameron Tait None.
DINENAGE Caroline Glenn Duggan None.
Natasha Hook None.
Edwina Iddles None.
Hamed Kamal None.
DJANOGLY Jonathan Ryan Fuller Councillor, Huntingdonshire District Council.
Nichola Holland None.
Penelope Tay None.
DOBBIN Jim Michael Behan None.
Robert Carr Parliamentary Researcher, Christian Socialist Movement (campaigning non-profit organisation).
Emily Crouch None.
Mary Dobbin None.
David Landrum Senior Parliamentary Officer for the Bible Society (a charity).
DOBSON Frank Barbara Collins None.
Sylvia Cornforth None.
Mili Patel None.
Richard Visinho None.
DOCHERTY Thomas Alex James None.
Sophie Macnair None.
Sally Webber None.
DONALDSON Jeffrey Julie Anderson None.
Robert Beckett None.
Emma Steen Intern paid by the Democratic Unionist Party.
DONOHOE Brian Ruth Brown None.
DORAN Frank Caitriona Bearryman PA, Thompsons Solicitors. Councillor, London Borough of Enfield.
DORRELL Stephen Felicity Newall None.
Maureen Singer None.
Clare Whelan Councillor, London Borough of Lambeth. Councillor, Local Government Association. Non-Executive Director, WRAP - Waste and Resources Action Programme (resource and recycling programme).
Natalie Yakimiuk None.
DORRIES Nadine Jennifer Dorries None.
Andrea Gordon None.
William Joce None.
DOUGHTY Stephen Rhian Jones None.
Elliott Perkins None.
Shira Valek None.
DOWD Jim Fleur Costa None.
Michael Stringer None.
Richard Williams None.
DOYLE-PRICE Jackie Ross Archer None.
Emily Clifton None.
Benjamim Maney None.
DOYLE Gemma Graeme Hay None.
DRAX Richard Mathilda Edwards None.
Susan King Patterson None.
Oliver Patey None.
Jane Rapson None.
DROMEY Jack Ben Goldsborough None.
Luke Murphy Senior Housing Adviser (part-time), The Labour Party.
Chris Steward None.
Oliver Strudwick None.
Daniel Wood None.
DUDDRIDGE James Hannah Brown None.
Lucy Cox None.
Katy Duddridge None.
Alexander Lancaster None.
DUGHER Michael John Curry None.
Joanna Dugher None.
Jonathan Fertig Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
Matthew Payne None.
DUNCAN SMITH Iain Josephine Nash None.
DUNCAN Alan Jean Baldam None.
Matthew Kinghorn None.
Fraser Raleigh None.
DUNNE Philip Rosie Daniels None.
Arthur Virgo None.
EAGLE Angela Olivia Bailey Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
Thomas Rowland-Symondson None.
EAGLE Maria Philip Taylor Senior Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
William Tricker None.
EFFORD Clive Stefan Blakiston Moore None.
Gillian Hayes None.
ELLIOTT Julie Miles Elliott None.
Jack Kessler None.
ELLIS Michael Hugh Corbett None.
Daniel McMahon Gifts/Benefits: Arsenal Football Club provided a ticket for the directors’ box and associated hospitality at a match held on 21 November 2012 (registered November 2012).
Andrew Stone None.
ELLISON Jane Jane Cole None.
Jack Giddings None.
John Hall None.
Lindsay Kirkby None.
ELLMAN Louise Alexander Mayes None.
Rebecca Rowland None.
Laurence Russell None.
ELLWOOD Tobias Natalie Allen None.
Katherine Armitage None.
ELPHICKE Charlie Alexandra Beard-Gould None.
Daniel Ellis None.
Robert Nodding None.
ENGEL Natascha Daisy Baldwin None.
Heidi Benzing Political Liaison Officer, GMB (General, Municipal, Boilermakers and Allied Trades Union).
Catherine Hamlyn Non-Executive Director for Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust (NHS services).
Adam Haxell None.
ESTERSON Bill Veronica Bennett None.
Katherine McGuirk Councillor, London Borough of Barnet.
EUSTICE George Christopher Burley None.
Amanda Cowan None.
Frederick Dent None.
Thomas Woolhouse None.
EVANS Chris David Knowles None.
Jacqueline Williams None.
Lynda Williams None.
EVANS Graham Cheryl Evans Complementary therapist, Bollington Leisure Centre.
Katy Turner None.
EVANS Jonathan Thomas James None.
Heidi Nicholson None.
EVANS Nigel Lulu Cane None.
Alastair Crooks None.
Simon Fell Public Affairs Manager, CIFAS (fraud prevention).
Daniel O’Byrne None.
EVENNETT David Cynthia Evans None.
Aneeka Patel None.
Matthew Scott None.
FABRICANT Michael Joanne Frey None
Anthony Pickles Chief of Staff to Welsh Conservative Group in Welsh Assembly.
FALLON Michael Deborah Leonard None.
Michael Plant None.
James Wild Special Adviser, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.
FARRELLY Paul Sophie Pavlovic None.
Neil Watkins None.
Derek Wyatt None.
Anna Yallop None.
FARRON Tim Shireen Anthony None.
Kiran Horwich President’s Aide, Liberal Democrat party.
Christine Longworth President’s Aide, Liberal Democrats Party.
Glen Saffery Intern, Liberal Democrats Party.
FEATHERSTONE Lynne Jennifer Hollis None.
FIELD Frank Catherine Bedford Parliamentary Consultant, Foundation Years Trust (a charity).
Amy Oliver None.
Timothy Weedon Overseas Visits: 14-15 March 2013, to Sweden as part of Parliamentarians Against Human Trafficking delegation. ECPAT UK met the cost of return flights, accommodation and a subsistence allowance. 17-20 April 2013, to Lithuania as part of Parliamentarians Against Human Trafficking delegation. ECPAT UK met the cost of return flights, accommodation and a subsistence allowance. 26-27 June 2013, to Romania as part of Parliamentarians Against Human Trafficking delegation. ECPAT UK met the cost of return flights, accommodation and a subsistence allowance.
Patrick White None.
FIELD Mark Julia Dockerill None.
Gregory Dooley None.
Christopher Furey None.
Stuart Gardner Gifts/Benefits: Two tickets from Japan Tobacco International to attend a Mexican Fiesta held at the Royal Academy of Arts on 4 July 2013.
FITZPATRICK Jim Tom Evans None.
Debra Fenn None.
Stafford Ingham None.
FLELLO Robert Lloyd Brown None.
Samuel Hargreaves Parliamentary internship paid for by Road Haulage Association (trade association).
Peter Hayes None.
William Jarvis-Smith Gifts/Benefits: On parliamentary internship scheme funded by bursary from Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales.
FLINT Caroline Philip Cole Councillor, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.
Riyadh Issa Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
James Kilmartin Political Adviser (part-time), The Labour Party. Overseas Visits: 2-5 July 2013, to Germany on energy fact-finding trip. Friends of the Earth paid for flights, accommodation and food.
Charles Malissard Researcher, ARUP (engineering firm).
Fallon Ventress-Tiernan Political Adviser, The Labour Party. Overseas Visits: 27-29 November 2012, to Kassel and Berlin on an energy policy study trip. Costs covering flights, accommodation, train fare and meals were paid by a grant from the German Federal Foreign Office.
FLYNN Paul Jayne Bryant None.
Lisa Eynon None.
David Lowry Independent Policy Consultant, Newzeye (environmental publishing).
FOSTER Don Rosanna Cobb None.
FOVARGUE Yvonne Paul Kenny Local Councillor, Wigan Council.
John Ludlow None.
FOX Dr Liam Ione Douglas None.
James Heappey None.
Amy Tinley Overseas Visits: 28-30 October 2012, to Oslo to accompany Dr Liam Fox on a speaking engagement that was part of a programme organised by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Flights, accommodation, internal travel and some meals were paid for by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 29-31 July 2013, to Israel to attend meetings. Conservative Friends of Israel paid for accommodation and some meals.
FRANCIS Dr Hywel Mair Francis Overseas Visits: 17-22 April 2013, to North Carolina and Kentucky, USA, for conference on ‘Appalachia’s Bright Futures’. Flights paid for by Appalachian State University.
Jaselle Williams None.
FRANCOIS Mark Adele Jacquin None.
Alexandra Rich None.
Anna Tolchard None.
FREEMAN George Benjamin Fellows None.
Toby Hannam None.
Flora Noble None.
Matthew Richardson None.
FREER Mike Caroline Gray None.
Nicholas Varley None.
Jonathan Wilson None.
FULLBROOK Lorraine Matthew Dawes None.
Georgina Hallatt None.
Catherine Rostron None.
Hugo Sumner None.
FULLER Richard Lucy Sellers None.
Paul Stonebridge None.
GALE Sir Roger Suzy Gale None.
GALLOWAY George Salma Ashraf None.
Frederick Hoveman None.
Lee Jasper None.
Ronald McKay None.
GAPES Mike Varinder Bola None.
Daksha Masrani None.
Fiona McGahren None.
GARDINER Barry Amarit Bains Manager, Labour Friends of Israel.
Ellen Evans None.
Thomas Lafford None.
Ciaran Reilly None.
Silvestra To None.
GARNIER Mark Susan Dennis Organising Secretary, The 1900 Club (political dining club).
Caroline Garnier None.
Agnieszka Kandouci None.
Kelly Kealey None.
Vincent Mok None.
GARNIER Sir Edward Meera Sonecha None.
Shirley Tovell None.
GAUKE David Richard Farrow None.
Henrietta Freeman-Owen None.
John Sinclair None.
GEORGE Andrew Jasleen Chadha None.
Bethany Sagar-Fenton None.
GIBB Nick Jonathan Cockfield None.
Connie Sturgess None.
Amelia Thomson None.
GILBERT Stephen Scott Dawes None.
Hamish Mccallum None.
Stephen McCauley None.
Laura Round None.
GILDERNEW Michelle Jayne Fisher None.
GILLAN Cheryl Miles Evans None.
John Leeming None.
Edward Rowley None.
Christine Stephens Assistant secretary/administration for the Royal Automobile Club.
GILMORE Sheila Matthew Brennan None.
Shuhena Khatun None.
David Raine None.
GLASS Pat Malcolm Clarke None.
Gordon Miller Policy Adviser, The Labour Party (political party).
Carole Storey None.
GLEN John Lisa Lovering None.
Laura Mason None.
Stuart Ramsay None.
GLINDON Mary Christine Aird None.
GODSIFF Roger Anthony Godsiff None.
Ian Hughes Overseas Visits: 10-17 February 2012, to Japan for first anniversary of Tsunami. Accommodation and internal travel costs paid for by Japanese Government. External flights paid for by British-Japanese All-Party Parliamentary Group (registered May 2013).
GOGGINS Paul Alan Franco None.
Louise Leyland None.
Matthew Strong Councillor, Manchester City Council.
Joanne Taylor None.
GOLDSMITH Zac Ryan Tinggal None.
GOODMAN Helen Bonnie Burke None.
Lucy Corbell None.
Victoria Powell None.
GOODWILL Robert Bernadette Mill None.
Yuliya Prosyanyk None.
Jane Sykes None.
GOVE Michael Susannah Amoore None.
Frances Leslie None.
Rebecca Mellotte None.
Karen Sheerer None.
GRAHAM Richard Benjamin Carlton None.
Caroline Emery None.
Tom Skinner None.
GRANT Helen Paul Church None.
Ross Matthewman None.
Stephanie Peate None.
GRAY James Adam Fico Web designer for Portcullis Media (a web design company).
Sandra Goring None.
GRAYLING Chris Susan Grayling None.
Elisabeth Mitchell None.
Sara Olsen None.
GREATREX Tom Catherine Godsell Political Officer, GMB (union).
Kirsty Hogg None.
Oliver Ilott None.
David Ross None.
GREEN Damian Emma Gray None.
Susan Ward None.
GREEN Kate Rebecca Lathwood None.
Roxanne Mashari Councillor, London Borough of Brent.
GREENING Justine Clare Collard None.
Matthew Sprake None.
Catherine Warren None.
GREENWOOD Lilian David Green None.
Richard Steedman None.
Laurence Turner None.
GRIEVE Dominic Melissa Cathcart None.
Christina Dykes Senior Adviser, Local Government Association, providing political coaching for individual Conservative councillors.
Caroline Krantz None.
William Lucass None.
GRIFFITH Nia Charlotte Beynon None.
David Griffin None.
GRIFFITHS Andrew Sarah Bridgman None.
Thomas Reynolds None.
GUMMER Ben Callie Lanham-Tolliday None.
Thomas Morris None.
James Wakeley None.
GWYNNE Andrew John Stormont None.
Brenda Warrington Councillor, Metropolitan Borough of Tameside.
Thomas Williams None.
GYIMAH Sam Rosamund Hawley None.
Sandra O’Brien None.
Chrysoulla Rosling None.
Luke Webster None.
HAGUE William Chloe Dalton None.
Denzil Davidson Special advisor, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Arminka Helic None.
Chris McCarthy None.
Julie Platt None.
HAIN Peter Madeleine Jennings Telephone fundraiser, Listen (a charity).
Philip Wyatt None.
HALFON Robert Paul Abbott Overseas visits: 12-17 March 2013, to Erbil, Kurdistan Region in Iraq, to attend the Genocide Remembrance Conference on the 25th anniversary of the Halabja massacre. Travel and accommodation paid by the Kurdistan Regional Government.
Emily Burditt None.
Aaron Farrell Parliamentary work is funded by Barclay Bros CS Ltd (building contractors).
Maria Strizzolo None.
HAMES Duncan Kelley Ireland None.
Jonathan Jones None.
Toby Thomas None.
HAMILTON David Robert Geaney None.
James McGowan Parliamentary Consultant, ASLEF (trade union).
HAMILTON Fabian Geila Alpion None.
Gerald Harper None.
Marsha Kendall None.
HAMMOND Philip Hannah Edwards None.
HAMMOND Stephen Caroline Edmondson None.
Paul Holmes City Councillor, Southampton City Council.
Charles MacClelland None.
HANCOCK Matthew John Brocklehurst None.
Helyn Dudley None.
William Hensher None.
Andrew Hill None.

Prepared 6th September 2013