Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 28 November 2013]

McGuinness, A to Sandham, R

Staff Member (i.e. Sponsor) Other Relevant Gainful Occupation or Benefit
MCGUINNESS Andrew David Ward None.
MCGUIRE Sarah Frank Roy None.
MCGUIRK Katherine Bill Esterson Councillor, London Borough of Barnet.
MCINTYRE Simon Nadhim Zahawi None.
MCIVOR James Rachel Reeves Political Advisor, The Labour Party.
MCKAY Paul Ian Murray None.
MCKAY Ronald George Galloway None.
MCKELLAR Kirsty Nicola Blackwood None.
MCKENNA Frances Gregory Barker None.
MCKENNA John Alan Johnson Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
MCKERNAN Michael Margaret Ritchie Adviser, Department of the Environment, Northern Ireland Assembly.
MCKIRDLE Murray Ben Bradshaw None.
MCLEAN Kathleen Julian Sturdy None.
MCLEOD Laura Gordon Birtwistle None.
MCLEOD-HATCH Janet Sir Tony Baldry None.
MCMAHON Daniel Michael Ellis None.
MCMAHON Jessica Gordon Henderson None.
MCMANUS Peter Guy Opperman None.
MCNAIR Alastair Bob Blackman None.
MCNAMARA George Lindsay Hoyle None.
MCNEILL Caroline Dr Alasdair McDonnell None.
MCNICHOLAS Adam Stephen Twigg Part-time Political Advisor, The Labour Party.
MCNICOL Iain Edward Miliband General Secretary, The Labour Party.
MCSORLEY Terence John Woodcock None.
MEADOWS Justin Andrew Smith None.
MELLOTTE Rebecca Michael Gove None.
MELVILLE-KIRK Charlotte Dr Andrew Murrison None.
MEMMOTT Ann Robert Buckland None.
MENZIES Philippa Andy Burnham None.
MEREDITH Owen Jeremy Lefroy Self-employed management consultant. Clients: 45 West Group (property management).
MERRICK Antonia David Ruffley None.
MERRILL Sarah Gerry Sutcliffe Parliamentary Officer, Justice for Columbia (human rights non-governmental organisation).
MERSON Robert Dr Eilidh Whiteford Councillor, Aberdeenshire Council.
MICHELSON Oliver Bill Wiggin None.
MICHNA Vanessa Robert Neill None.
MIDDLETON Robert Gerry Sutcliffe Councillor, Milton Keynes Borough Council.
MIDGLEY Laura Philip Davies Founder, Campaign Against Political Correctness (non-profit organisation).
MILES Annabelle Mary Macleod None.
MILES Anthony Alan Reid Constituency Organiser, the Liberal Democrats party.
MILL Bernadette Robert Goodwill None.
MILLER Benjamin Jamie Reed None.
MILLER Beth Vernon Coaker None.
MILLER Catherine Caroline Lucas Executive Assistant to the Leader of the Green Party, The Green Party (political party).
MILLER Thomas George Hollingbery None.
MILLICAN Heather Robin Walker None.
MILLICHEAP Sam Pauline Latham None.
MILLIGAN Jason Steve Reed None.
MILLIGAN Julie Graham Jones None.
MILLS Clare Sir Alan Beith None.
MILLS James Pamela Nash None.
MILLWARD Owen George Hollingbery None.
MILNE Jamie Heidi Alexander None.
MILNER Darren Karl Turner None.
MINSHALL Katy David Blunkett None.
MITCHELL Elisabeth Chris Grayling None.
MITCHELL Jonathan Austin Mitchell None.
MITKOV Cyril Alok Sharma None.
MOFFATT Fergus Mike Hancock None.
MOFFETT Victoria Liz Kendall Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Anthony Nolan (a charity).
MOFFITT Dominic Graham Stringer Company Director, Labour for a Referendum (lobbying group).
MOLE Heather Mike Penning Director, Buttermountain Ltd (websites and e-newsletters for MPs).
MOLE Jonathan Mike Penning Director, Buttermountain Limited (websites and electronic newsletters for Members of Parliament).
MONRO Jonathan Mark Pawsey None.
MONTGOMERY Sarah Paul Uppal None.
MOOR Natasha Anne Milton None.
MOORCRAFT John Anne Marie Morris None.
MOORE Christiane Oliver Heald None.
MOORE Paul Tom Watson Cabinet Member for Health and Commissioning, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council.
MOORE William Mark Menzies None.
MOORHOUSE Christina Andrew Mitchell None.
MORAN Ann-Marie Dai Havard None.
MORE Matthew Gareth Thomas None.
MOREY Martha John Woodcock None.
MORGAN Kevin Chris Bryant None.
MORGAN Paul Geoffrey Clifton-Brown None.
MORRIS James Edward Miliband Director, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner (polling organisation).
MORRIS Thomas Ben Gummer None.
MORRIS-ADDINGTON Ann Julian Smith None.
MORRISON Claire Francis Maude None.
MORRISON Jake Graham Brady None.
MORRISON Marc Kwasi Kwarteng None.
MORRISSEY Joy Angie Bray None.
MORTON Teresa-Rae Stella Creasy None.
MOSS Ronald Mike Penning None.
MOSS Rosemary Andrew Bingham None.
MOSTAFAVI Majid Sir John Randall None.
MOUSLEY Jeanne Conor Burns None.
MULLANEY Laura Mary Creagh None.
MULLARKEY Patrick Andrew Rosindell None.
MULLER Laura Neil Carmichael None.
MULLINS Jessica Margaret Hodge None.
MULLINS-SILVERSTEIN Christopher Angus Robertson None.
MUNDELL Oliver David Mundell None.
MUNDY Aidan Bridget Phillipson None.
MUNRO Greg Sarah Newton None.
MURPHY Karie David Anderson None.
MURPHY Luke Jack Dromey Senior Housing Adviser (part-time), The Labour Party.
MURPHY Peter Albert Owen None.
MURRAY-HETHERINGTON Keith Graeme Morrice None.
MUSCUTT Jack Austin Mitchell None.
MYRONIDIS Catherine Nick Raynsford None.
MYTON Gareth John Cryer None.
NAHK Samuel Rebecca Harris None.
NAPCHAN Michelle Douglas Alexander Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
NASH Josephine Iain Duncan Smith None.
NASSIF Aline Richard Ottaway None.
NAVEA-ROGERS Tizane David Blunkett Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
NAYLOR Helen Iain Wright Head of Business Relations, The Labour Party.
NAZAM Mohammed Kris Hopkins None.
NEILSON Alice Gavin Williamson None.
NELSON LUCAS Jane Nicola Blackwood None.
NEMETH Robert Mike Weatherley None.
NEWALL Felicity Stephen Dorrell None.
NEWELL Georgia Christopher Chope None.
NEWELL Jordan Hazel Blears Overseas Visits: 10-13 October 2013, to Czech Republic to attend international forum on social enterprise. Travel and accommodation paid for by Ergotep Ltd (registered October 2013).
NEWTON Alec David Laws None.
NEWTON Jon Ed Balls Senior Parliamentary Researcher, The Labour Party.
NICHOLAS David Jeremy Wright None.
NICHOLL Gloria Nick Herbert None.
NICHOLS Andrea Paul Blomfield None.
NICHOLSON Heidi Jonathan Evans None.
NICHOLSON Lara Kate Hoey None.
NICHOLSON Sheena George Hollingbery None.
NIXON Tracy John Stevenson None.
NOBLE Flora George Freeman None.
NODDING Robert Charlie Elphicke None.
NORRIS Mark Chris Bryant Councillor, Rhondda County Borough Council.
NORRIS-COPSON Sian Charles Kennedy None.
NORTH Philip Dr Therese Coffey Councillor, Test Valley Borough Council.
NORTH Stephanie Charlotte Leslie None.
O’BRIEN Andrew Chris White None.
O’BRIEN Sandra Sam Gyimah None.
O’BRIEN Sean Paul Burstow None.
O’BYRNE Daniel Nigel Evans None.
O’BYRNE MULLIGAN Calum Edward Miliband None.
O’CALLAGHAN Amy Gavin Shuker None.
O’DONNELL-PACHA Hannah George Galloway None.
O’MALLEY James Iain Stewart None.
O’NEIL Steven Nick Clegg Policy Development Manager, Liberal Democrats party.
O’NEILL Jane Jim McGovern None.
O’REILLY Abigail Teresa Pearce None.
O’RIORDAN Eleanor Amber Rudd None.
O’RIORDAN Katherine Sir Peter Bottomley None.
O’ROURKE Hannah Tristram Hunt None.
O’SHEA Sean Andrew Tyrie None.
ODEDRA Suraj Fiona Mactaggart Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
OLDERSHAW Cally Martin Caton None.
OLIPHANT-HOPE Georgina Shailesh Vara None.
OLIVER Amy Frank Field None.
OLIVER Henry Elizabeth Truss None.
OLIVER John Francie Molloy None.
OLSEN Sara Chris Grayling None.
ORLANDI Alison Helen Jones None.
ORR-EWING David Norman Baker None.
ORSO Georgina Greg Mulholland None.
OSTROWSKI Jan Joan Walley Member of employment tribunals, Department of Trade and Industry
OSTROWSKI Marius Ian Liddell-Grainger None.
OSWALD Simon Joan Walley Employed by the Lighting Industry Federation (a trade association) to provide secretariat services to the All-Party Parliamentary Lighting Group.
OVERFIELD Liam Martin Vickers None.
OXLEY Brian Simon Kirby None.
PACK Alexander Andrew Percy None.
PACKER Harry Nicholas Brown None.
PACKER Jacqueline Dr Andrew Murrison None.
PADGETT Nathalie Shaun Woodward None.
PADLEY Rhiannon Philip Davies None.
PAGE Philippa Sir Nick Harvey None.
PAGET Nicholas Gloria De Piero None.
PAISLEY Fiona Ian Paisley None.
PAKES Andrew Mary Creagh Senior Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
PALANT Karim Ed Balls Political Adviser, The Labour Party. Overseas Visits: 3-5 July 2013, to Berlin and Hamburg on an energy fact-finding trip. Friends of the Earth paid for flights and other travel costs, accommodation, and food.
PALMA Dominic Emma Reynolds Overseas Visits: 5- 8 May 2013, to Bratislava and Vienna, accompan ying Emma Reynolds MP . Aston University and the Karl Renner Institute met the cost of transport and accommodation.
PALMER Sarah-Jane Tracey Crouch None.
PANDOULAS Anna Claire Perry None.
PANTON Thomas Annette Brooke None.
PARK David Eric Ollerenshaw None.
PARK Richard Oliver Letwin None.
PARKER Fiona Peter Lilley None.
PARKER Lara Gavin Shuker None.
PARKER-SMITH Felix Stephen Barclay Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
PARKES Caroline Tom Watson Paid by Reprieve (a human rights NGO) to provide administrative a ssistance to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drones. Overseas visits: 21-22 February 2013, to Florence to attend a seminar on behalf of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drones. Flights and accommodation were paid for by the European University Institute.
PARKES Duncan Tom Brake Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
PARKIN Zoe Chris White None.
PARKINSON Christopher Brandon Lewis None.
PARROTT Frances Lyn Brown None.
PARROTT Nick Lisa Nandy Political Officer, Unite (trade union).
PARRY Keir Liz Kendall None.
PATEL Aaron Grant Shapps None.
PATEL Aneeka David Evennett None.
PATEL Mili Frank Dobson None.
PATEL Shamir Dame Tessa Jowell None.
PATEL Sofia Seema Malhotra None.
PATEL Suresh Glenda Jackson None.
PATERSON Angela John Howell None.
PATERSON Gordon Michael McCann Overseas Visits: 19-24 May 2013, to Israel and the Palestinian Territories on a fact-finding visit. Labour Friends of Israel paid for flights, additional transport, accommodation, food and drink; some hospitality was provided by the Portland Trust in Ramallah and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (registered June 2013).
PATEY Oliver Richard Drax None.
PAYNE Christine Annette Brooke None.
PAYNE Katie Nadhim Zahawi None.
PAYNE Matthew Michael Dugher None.
PEACOCK Christopher Yasmin Qureshi Councillor, Bolton Council.
PEARCE Katherine Alun Cairns Gifts/Benefits: Japan Tobacco International provided me with a ticket to attend each of the following events: Chelsea Flower Show held on 22 May 2013; Michael Buble concert at the O2 Arena on 8 July.
PEARSALL Claire Caroline Nokes None.
PECK Matthew Keith Vaz None.
PECK Sarah Chris Heaton-Harris None.
PECK Victoria Richard Harrington None.
PEMBERTON Elizabeth Meg Munn None.
PERCIVAL Christine Peter Lilley None.
PERCIVAL John Katy Clark None.
PERKINS Elliott Stephen Doughty None.
PEROWNE Richard Jonathan Lord None.
PERRY Alice Sheryll Murray None.
PERRY Catherine Bernard Jenkin None.
PERRY Georgina Sir Peter Tapsell None.
PETERS Dana Robert Walter None.
PETERSEN Nicolette Jeremy Corbyn None.
PETT William Stephen Williams None.
PETTIGREW Robert Brian Binley None.
PETTIGREW Susanna Gordon Brown Projects and Events Manager, Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown Ltd (a registered company).
PHILLIPS Alexander David Winnick None.
PHIPPS Jack Barry Sheerman None.
PHOENIX Charlotte Peter Luff None.
PHOENIX Olivia Peter Luff None.
PICHE Nicole Ann Clwyd Coordinator/Legal Advisor, All-Party Parliamentary Human Rights Group. Paid for this work from the group’s registered funds.
PICKERING Caroline Jeremy Wright None.
PICKERING Janet David Blunkett None.
PICKLES Anthony Michael Fabricant Chief of Staff to Welsh Conservative Group in Welsh Assembly.
PICTON Ali Sadiq Khan None.
PICTON Ross Clive Betts None.
PIGNON Emily David Crausby None.
PIGNON James Stephen Timms None.
PIKE Karl Yvette Cooper Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
PIKE Laura David Davies None.
PILNICK Kevin Stephen Twigg None.
PILSBURY Claire Mark Tami None.
PITCHER Lorraine Damian Collins None.
PITT Matthew William Bain None.
PLATT Amanda Kevin Brennan None.
PLATT Julie William Hague None.
PLATT Marie-Claire Graham Allen None.
POLLOCK Abigail Lyn Brown None.
POLLOCK Rosemarie Mark Simmonds None.
PONT James Paul Maynard None.
POOLE Emily Stephen Crabb None.
POOLER Marc Andrea Leadsom None.
POOLEY Clare John Whittingdale None.
PORTEOUS Carol Ronnie Campbell None.
PORTER Ruth Kwasi Kwarteng Communications Director, Institute of Economic Affairs (think tank).
POULAIN Ariane Dominic Raab None.
POULTER Carol Dr Daniel Poulter None.
POULTNEY Henry Christopher Pincher None.
POUND Matthew John Spellar None.
POWELL Benjamin Andrew Stephenson None.
POWELL Stephen Andrew Turner None.
PRABHANANDA Piriyah Diane Abbott None.
PRANCE Harry Crispin Blunt None.
PRESCOTT Will Maria Eagle None.
PRICE Brenda Geoffrey Robinson None.
PRICE Edward Rushanara Ali None.
PRIDE Sophia Helen Grant Systems Planner, NOW Wireless (telecommunications).
PRIESTLEY Shona Vince Cable None.
PRINCE Jason Jonathan Reynolds None.
PRING Bryony John Howell None.
PRINGLE Matthew Simon Kirby None.
PRIOR Robert Karl McCartney None.
PRITCHARD Adam Nick Clegg Senior Policy Manager, Liberal Democrats Party.
PROSYANYK Yuliya Robert Goodwill None.
PROUDMAN Charlotte Robert Flello Parliamentary Researcher, The Labour Party.
PRYKE Annabel Sharon Hodgson None.
PRYOR Claire Jim Murphy None.
PURSER Katie Stephen O’Brien None.
PURSGLOVE Thomas Chris Heaton-Harris Borough Councillor, Wellingborough. Director, Together Against Wind Ltd (campaigns on impact of wind turbines on rural communities). Payment from Sunday Publishing for writing an article for Ethos (registered October 2013).
PUW Siwan Guto Bebb None.
PYE Sophie Anne McIntosh None.
QUIGLEY Christine Mary Creagh Political Advisor, The Labour Party.
QUINEY Matilda Harriet Harman None.
QUINN Owen Paul Flynn None.
RAILTON Thomas Simon Danczuk None.
RAINE David Sheila Gilmore None.
RAJA Khurram Khalid Mahmood None.
RALEIGH Fraser Alan Duncan None.
RAMSAY Stuart John Glen None.
RAMSEY Marjorie Dame Angela Watkinson None.
RANDELL Emily Dr Sarah Wollaston None.
RANKIN George Stephen Mosley None.
RAPSON Jane Richard Drax None.
RATHE Benjamin Nick Clegg None.
RAYNER Laurence Nic Dakin None.
READ Rebekah Emily Thornberry Legal Researcher, Leigh Day (solicitors).
READY Caroline Andrew Bingham None.
REARDON BOND Jack Jeremy Corbyn None.
REAY Tamara Claire Perry None.
REDGRAVE Harvey Edward Miliband None.
REECE Emma Nigel Mills None.
REED Jennifer Richard Harrington None.
REES Catrin Stephen Crabb None.
REES Clair Andrea Leadsom None.
REEVE Sam Alex Cunningham None.
REEVE Tracy Richard Bacon None.
REILLY Ciaran Barry Gardiner None.
REILLY Ian Bob Ainsworth Regional Director (West Midlands) Labour Party.
REILLY Matthew Chris Bryant None.
RENNICK Alexandra Dan Jarvis None.
RENNIE Geraint David Hanson Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
RENSHAW Jodie Ben Bradshaw None.
RENWICK Simon Paul Maynard None.
REYNOLDS Caroline Alan Johnson None.
REYNOLDS Thomas Andrew Griffiths None.
RIBEIRO-ADDY Bellavia Diane Abbott None.
RICE Amy Stewart Jackson None.
RICH Alexandra Mark Francois None.
RICHARDS Benjamin David Crausby None.
RICHARDS Colton Harriet Harman None.
RICHARDS Jake Stephen Twigg None.
RICHARDS Samuel Caroline Dinenage None.
RICHARDS Simon Mark Pawsey None.
RICHARDSON Eliza Peter Bone None.
RICHARDSON Jane David Winnick None.
RICHARDSON Matthew George Freeman None.
RICKMAN Jade Valerie Vaz None.
RIGBY Mike Richard Bacon None.
RILEY Annalinda Simon Burns None.
RILEY Ian Dominic Raab None.
RIMMER Andrew Esther McVey None.
RITCHIE David Steve Brine None.
ROBATHAN Rachael Andrew Robathan None.
ROBERTS Colette Vernon Coaker None.
ROBERTS David Paul Murphy None.
ROBERTS Elin Elfyn Llwyd None.
ROBERTS Fiona Heidi Alexander Admin Assistant, Gillian Merron (political consultancy).
ROBERTS Rhian Elfyn Llwyd None.
ROBERTS Stephen Linda Riordan None.
ROBERTSON Beverley George Osborne None.
ROBEY Benjamin Ben Wallace None.
ROBINSON Alexander Justine Greening None.
ROBINSON Briony Paul Murphy None.
ROBINSON Lewis Neil Carmichael Councillor, London Borough of Southwark.
ROBINSON Thomas Andy McDonald None.
ROBSON Candida Nicholas Soames None.
ROLLINSON Rebecca Stephen McPartland None.
RONALD Margaret James Arbuthnot None.
ROOSE-LLOYD Naomi David Jones None.
ROSAS Laura David Mundell None.
ROSEN Nina Chloe Smith None.
ROSLING Chrysoulla Sam Gyimah None.
ROSS David Tom Greatrex None.
ROSTRON Catherine Lorraine Fullbrook None.
ROSTRON Lindsey David Lammy None.
ROTHERHAM Lee John Hayes Campaign Secretary, Conservatives Against a Federal Europe. Research Fellow, Taxpayers’ Alliance (political campaigning on public spending). Researcher for David Campbell-Bannerman MEP.
ROUND Laura Roger Williams None.
ROWEN Catriona Dr Sarah Wollaston None.
ROWLAND Rebecca Louise Ellman None.
ROWLAND-SYMONDSON Thomas Angela Eagle None.
ROWLEY Charles Mark Prisk Councillor, East Hertfordshire District Council.
ROWLEY Edward Cheryl Gillan None.
ROWLEY Hannah Adam Afriyie None.
ROWLEY Julia Dame Tessa Jowell None.
RUDDICK Jennifer Alok Sharma None.
RUDGE Madeleine Greg Hands None.
RUDKIN Phillipa George Osborne None
RUDRAN Devaki Gareth Thomas Campaign Assistant, The Labour Party.
RUSHTON Sally George Osborne None.
RUSLING Mark David Lammy Councillor and Cabinet Member, London Borough of Waltham Forest. Overseas Visits: 20-23 October 2013, to Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Flights, accommodation and hospitality paid for by BICOM.
RUSSELL Bethany Priti Patel None.
RUSSELL Sarah Chris Williamson Councillor, Derby City Council.
RYDER Tom Tessa Munt None.
SABIN Nicholas Angie Bray None.
SADAEVA Natasha Stephen Gilbert None.
SAGAR-FENTON Bethany Andrew George None.
SALISBURY Emma Stephen Phillips None.
SALL Gulsharan John Cryer Organiser, Medway Labour Party.
SAMPSON David Shaun Woodward None.
SAMSON Renate David Davis None.
SANDERS Alison Adrian Sanders None.
SANDHAM Richard Nick Raynsford None.

Prepared 2nd December 2013