Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 9 January 2014]

Abbott, D to Crausby, D

Member (i.e. Sponsor) Staff Other Relevant Gainful Occupation or Benefit
ABBOTT Diane Georgios Chalkias None.
Adam Jogee None.
Piriyah Prabhananda None.
Bellavia Ribeiro-Addy None.
ABRAHAMS Debbie Kari Mawhood None.
Carole Williams Councillor, London Borough of Hackney.
ADAMS Nigel Hazel Dales None.
Howard Ferguson None.
Matthew Sutton None.
AFRIYIE Adam Jordan Greenaway None.
Hannah Rowley None.
Louise Thomas None.
AINSWORTH Bob Ian Reilly Regional Director (West Midlands) Labour Party.
Neil Smith None.
ALDOUS Peter Anna Askew None.
Annabel Kirk None.
ALEXANDER Danny Heather Sturgess None.
ALEXANDER Douglas David Chaplin Paid by the Labour Party to act as a political adviser to Douglas Alexander MP. Overseas Visits: 18-24 April 2013, to Suzhou, China to take part in the 4th China-Europe High-Level Political Parties Forum. People’s Government of Suzhou paid for accommodation, dinners, and airport transfers. 14-18 July 2013, to Israel and the Palestinian Territories for meetings and briefings with journalists, officials and policy experts. BICOM paid for flights, accommodation and internal travel. 12 November 2013, to Poland to tour the Auschwitz-Birkenau camps. Holocaust Educational Trust met the cost of flights, travel, staff/guide and access to the camps.
Andrew Mackenzie None.
Michelle Napchan Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
Catherine Watson Director of Operations, Better Together Campaign (campaign for Scotland to remain in the UK).
ALEXANDER Heidi Melanie Haslam None.
Jamie Milne None.
Fiona Roberts Admin Assistant, Gillian Merron (political consultancy).
ALI Rushanara Elise Graham Overseas visits: 31 January-3 February 2013, to Paris and Grenoble to accompany Rushanara Ali MP to a conference. Travel costs were met by the French newspaper, Liberation. 26 April-2 May 2013, to Burma accompanying Rushanara Ali MP. Refugees International paid for UK taxis, international flights, visa application. Burma Campaign UK paid for domestic flights and taxis, accommodation, food and phone rental. 5-7 June 2013, to Lebanon accompanying Rushanara Ali MP. World Vision UK paid for international flights, taxis, accommodation and food.
Sadiqul Islam Overseas visits: 11-18 September 2013, to Bangladesh accompanying Rushanara Ali MP. Flights paid for by Seamark Group; accommodation, domestic flights and food paid for by NRB Bank Limited.
Victoria Macadam None.
Edward Price None.
ALLEN Graham Anna Bage None.
Marie-Claire Platt None.
AMESS David Philip Campbell None.
Agnieszka Kandouci None.
Gillian Lee None.
Liam Walpole None.
ANDERSON Dave Paul Foy Councillor, Gateshead Council. Board Member, Gateshead Housing Company.
Anna Hossain None.
ANDERSON David Karie Murphy None.
ANDREW Stuart Elizabeth Harwood None.
Paul Stewart None.
ARBUTHNOT James Inger Charlett None.
Hilary Hunter None.
Margaret Ronald None.
Janet Walker None.
ASHWORTH Jonathan Karey-Anne Hunter None.
Rosalind Kelly None.
Radhika Madhani None.
AUSTIN Ian Keiran Casey Councillor, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council.
Callum Hood None.
Stuart Turner Councillor, Dudley Council.
BACON Richard Tracy Reeve None.
Mike Rigby None.
Michele Savage None.
Malcolm Venning None.
BAILEY Adrian Chloe Bukata None.
BAIN William Patrick McGlinchey Councillor, West Dunbartonshire Council.
Matthew Pitt None.
Mary Southcott None.
BAKER Norman Richard Clare None.
David Shaw Councillor, Crowborough Town Council.
BAKER Steve Gareth Crimp None.
Jane Dickins None.
Robyn Halbert None.
Timothy Hewish None.
Russell Walters None.
BALDRY Sir Tony Catharine Gammie None.
Rosemary Hadow Researcher, Lighting Industry Federation.
Janet McLeod-Hatch None.
BALDWIN Harriett Edward Davies Director, Miii Marketing Consulting (a marketing consultancy).
Rose Eastham Press Officer, Conservative Party.
Victoria Elvidge None.
Philippa Plevey None.
BALLS Ed Alex Belardinelli Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
Richard Brooks None.
Claire Calder None.
Gary Follis Chief of Staff to the Shadow Chancellor, The Labour Party.
Leo Haigh None.
Balshen Izzet Visits and events management, the Labour Party.
Julie McCandless Diary Secretary and Office Manager, The Labour Party.
Jon Newton Senior Parliamentary Researcher, The Labour Party.
Karim Palant Political Adviser, The Labour Party. Overseas Visits: 3-5 July 2013, to Berlin and Hamburg on an energy fact-finding trip. Friends of the Earth paid for flights and other travel costs, accommodation, and food.
BANKS Gordon Alan Aitken None.
Sonny Leong None.
Colin McFarlane Sales Consultant, Next Retail Ltd (retailers).
BARCLAY Stephen Thomas Gatzen None.
Hannah McGrath None.
Felix Parker-Smith Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
Holly Smith None.
BARKER Gregory Frances McKenna None.
Anja Wiedemann-Bates None.
BARON John Claire Chipp None.
Loren Little None.
Benjamin Yates None.
BARRON Sir Kevin Kate Edwards None.
BARWELL Gavin Mario Creatura None.
Katrina Jones None.
BAYLEY Hugh Lesley Dellagana None.
Martin Leay None.
BEBB Guto Barbara Baldon None.
Siwan Puw None.
Nathalie Tamam Deputy Director, Conservative Friends of Israel (political advocacy).
BECKETT Margaret Nicola Brown None.
Lyn Bryan None.
Elizabeth Dudley None.
BEGG Dame Anne Jessica Spry None.
BEITH Sir Alan Gillian Cheeseman None.
Matthew Klesel None.
Clare Mills None.
BELLINGHAM Henry Eleanor Harris None.
BENN Hilary Imran Ahmed Paid by The Labour Party as a Political Advisor on Communities and Local Government.
Stephen Benn Parliamentary Affairs advisor, the Society of Biology (a registered charity).
Sally Clark None.
Nicholas Hope Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
BENTON Joe Martin Collins Paid by the Federation of Irish Societies (a charity) to provide secretariat services to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Irish in Britain. Adviser to the Irish Post newspaper.
BENYON Richard Michele De Angeli None.
Miles Evans None.
BERCOW John Georgia Smith None.
Sadie Smith Freelance writer for W4MP website (website for MPs’ staff) and Total Politics (magazine).
Thomas Tweddle None.
BERESFORD Sir Paul Maureen Duke None.
Zoe Sherbrooke None.
Sam White Office Manager, Mole Valley Conservative Association.
BERGER Luciana David Clinton None.
Ryan Jones None.
Jason Keen None.
Katherine Thompson Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
BERRY Jake Mildred Skriczka None.
BETTS Clive Ross Picton None.
James Thomas None.
BINGHAM Andrew Jamie Douglas None.
Rosemary Moss None.
Caroline Ready None.
BINLEY Brian Rebecca Garrett PA to HM Coroner, Essex County Council.
Ruth Lea Non-Executive Director, Arbuthnot Banking Group (banking).
Robert Pettigrew None.
Craig Wilson None.
BIRTWISTLE Gordon Alice Hannam None.
Laura McLeod None.
Ellen Tiala None.
BLACKMAN-WOODS Roberta Nicholas Ball None.
Chris Caulton None.
Frederick Derbyshire None.
BLACKMAN Bob John Dawson None.
Billie Harwood None.
Anushka Mahendran None.
Martine Martin Overseas Visits: 19 June 2013, to Auschwitz with the Holocaust Educational Trust, who met the cost of flights, travel and entry to the Auschwitz museum.
Alastair McNair None.
BLACKWOOD Nicola Valerie Crawford None.
Bianca D’Orsi None.
Meghan Green None.
Paul Honey None.
Kirsty McKellar None.
Jane Nelson Lucas None.
BLEARS Hazel Charlotte Chin None.
Sarah Linney None.
Jordan Newell Overseas Visits: 10-13 October 2013, to Czech Republic to attend international forum on social enterprise. Travel and accommodation paid for by Ergotep Ltd (registered October 2013).
BLENKINSOP Tom Joseph Anderson None.
Jonathan Keenan Councillor, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council.
BLOMFIELD Paul Anna Chester None.
Thomas Hunt None.
Amy Williams None.
BLUNKETT David Chloe Hamilton Overseas Visits: 30 October-1 November 2013, to Lagos, Nigeria accompanying David Blunkett MP. Cost of flights, accommodation and meals was met by The Young Presidents Organisation.
Katy Minshall None.
Tizane Navea-Rogers Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
Janet Pickering None.
David Sturrock None.
BLUNT Crispin Thomas Brackenbury None.
Teresa Craig None.
Harry Prance None.
BOLES Nick Hayyan Bhabha None.
Jane Gordon-Cumming None.
Andrea Webster None.
BONE Peter James Newhall None.
Eliza Richardson None.
Emma Wade None.
BOTTOMLEY Sir Peter Colette Hanson None.
Katherine O’Riordan None.
BRADLEY Karen Abigail Kay None.
BRADSHAW Ben Murray McKirdle None.
Jodie Renshaw None.
Rebecca Walker None.
BRADY Graham Sybil Crowther None.
Jake Morrison None.
Miles Waistle None.
BRAKE Tom Manuel Abellan San Martin None.
James Brown None.
Natasha Johnson None.
Emily Lawrence None.
Duncan Parkes Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
Jonathan Sutcliffe None.
BRAY Angie Emily Knight None.
Joy Morrissey None.
Nicholas Sabin None.
Hugo Sutherland None.
BRAZIER Julian Katherine Brazier None.
Michael Crosby None.
Hilary Dannatt None.
BRENNAN Kevin Colette Collins-Walsh None.
Amanda Platt None.
BRIDGEN Andrew Harpreet Sangra None.
Andrew Woodman None.
BRINE Steve Matthew Baird None.
Gabrielle Mancini None.
Naomi Snowdon None.
Margaret West None.
BROKENSHIRE James Victoria Aley None.
David Thompson None.
BROOKE Annette Janise MacKay None.
Thomas Panton None.
Christine Payne None.
BROWN Gordon Mary Bailey Diary Coordinator, Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown Ltd (a registered company).
Jyoti Bhojani None.
BROWN Lyn Emily Coghill None.
Peter Lewis None.
Frances Parrott None.
Abigail Pollock None.
Asger Van Lier None.
BROWN Nicholas David Hickling None.
Harry Packer None.
BROWN Russell Wilfred Wong Director of Stephen’s Children (humanitarian aid organisation which assists poor Christian children and their families in Egypt).
BROWNE Jeremy Thomas Baycock None.
BRUCE Fiona Samuel Bruce None.
Jeremy Day None.
Lucy Eddison None.
BRUCE Sir Malcolm Alexandra Hernandez None.
Myles Wickstead None.
BRYANT Chris William Goode None.
Kevin Morgan None.
Mark Norris Councillor, Rhondda County Borough Council.
Matthew Reilly None.
BUCK Karen John Atkinson None.
Russell Child None.
Adam Johnstone None.
Agim Sekiraqa None.
BUCKLAND Robert Claire Ellis Councillor, Swindon Borough Council.
Peter Heaton-Jones Councillor, Swindon Borough Council.
Benjamin Jafari None.
Nathan Mathiot Overseas Visits: 24-31 August 2013, to Republic of China (Taiwan) with UK Parliamentary Assistants and Young Scholars Delegation. Accommodation, travel, food and sightseeing paid for by the Taiwanese Government.
Ann Memmott None.
BURDEN Richard David Grier None.
Lucy Hadley None.
Adam Jones None.
BURLEY Aidan Alexander Simpson None.
Greg Smith Councillor and Cabinet Member, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Communications and marketing consultant for Bournemouth West Conservatives. Communications consultant for Greg Hands MP.
BURNHAM Andy Philip Ball Political Advisor, The Labour Party.
Rosie Corrigan None.
Kevin Lee Political Consultant, Lee Communications & Public Affairs Ltd.
Philippa Menzies None.
Thomas Whitney None.
BURNS Conor James Edwards None.
Jeanne Mousley None.
Robert Winterton None.
BURNS Simon Annalinda Riley None.
Edward Winstanley None.
BURROWES David Rebecca Chard None.
BURSTOW Paul Christina Hackett None.
Natasha Kutchinsky None.
David MacDonald Constituency Organiser, Sutton Liberal Democrats.
Jessica Mace None.
Sean O’Brien None.
Emily Smith Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
BURT Alistair Eve Burt None.
Helena Gilfedder None.
James Lee Parliamentary Officer, Bible Society (a charity).
Samantha Mackewn None.
BURT Lorely Edward Lamb None.
Jack Williams None.
BYLES Dan Matthew Clark None.
Raluca Cursureanu None.
Sandra Trickett None.
Sally Wilson None.
BYRNE Liam Antonia Fagbohun None.
Rachana Shanbhogue None.
Catherine Sprent None.
CABLE Vince Joan Bennett None.
Sandra Fayle None.
Shona Priestley None.
CAIRNS Alun Antony Bennett None.
Katherine Pearce Gifts/Benefits: Japan Tobacco International provided me with a ticket to attend each of the following events: Chelsea Flower Show held on 22 May 2013; Michael Buble concert at the O2 Arena on 8 July.
Linda Ware None.
CAMERON David Natasha Alden None.
Caroline Balcon None.
Julia Spence None.
CAMPBELL Alan Christopher Lennie None.
CAMPBELL Ronnie Carol Porteous None.
CAMPBELL Sir Menzies Anne-Marie Bunting None.
Elspeth Campbell None.
Laura Gilmour None.
CARMICHAEL Alistair James Stewart None.
Helen Wishart None.
CARMICHAEL Neil Laura Muller None.
Lewis Robinson Councillor, London Borough of Southwark.
Deborah Young Cabinet Member for Housing, Stroud District Council.
CARSWELL Douglas Chloe Anson None.
Victoria Barr None.
CASH William Alexander Hackett Consultant, Business for Britain (a political lobbying group).
James McConalogue Editor, The European Foundation (EU affairs think tank).
Sarah McConalogue None.
CATON Martin Ronald Bailey Parliamentary consultant. Contracts with: Association for the Conservation of Energy (an NGO that promotes energy efficiency); Micropower Council (trade association that promotes microgeneration). Hammond PR (public affairs group).
Cally Oldershaw None.
CHAMPION Sarah Alexander Guest None.
Vanessa Johns None.
Morgan Killick None.
Victoria Whittington None.
CHAPMAN Jenny Craig Smith None.
Grace Wright None.
CHISHTI Rehman Nusrat Ahmed None.
Barry Watts None.
CHOPE Christopher Georgia Newell None.
CLAPPISON James Tom Hunt None.
Emma Tilley None.
CLARK Greg Matthew Dickins None.
Joanna Garner None.
Rachel Godfrey None.
CLARK Katy Martyn Cook None.
Laura McCleish None.
John Percival None.
CLARKE Kenneth Kathryn Laing Employed as Special Adviser to the Minister without Portfolio by the Cabinet Office.
Deborah Sugg None.
Charlotte Wallis None.
CLARKE Tom Stephen Gallagher None.
Samuel Harty None.
CLEGG Nick Laura Archer Press and Social Media Officer, the Liberals Democrats party.
Samuel Barratt Broadcast Press Officer, Liberal Democrats party.
Rory Belcher Employed by the Liberal Democrats party as Parliamentary Researcher and Leader’s Aide.
Helen Duffett Internal Communications Manager, Liberal Democrats party.
Rosie Gray None.
Tim Hobden Press Officer, the Liberals Democrats party.
Valerie Kirwan None.
Elizabeth Mayhew Senior Policy Manager, Liberal Democrats Party.
Steven O’Neil Policy Development Manager, Liberal Democrats party.
Adam Pritchard Senior Policy Manager, Liberal Democrats Party.
Benjamin Rathe None.
Ian Sherwood None.
Edward Simpson Direct Communications and Research Officer, The Liberal Democrats Party.
CLIFTON-BROWN Geoffrey Judith Betterton None.
Paul Morgan None.
CLIFTON-BROWN Geoffry Jeremy Lilley None.
CLWYD Ann Nathan Bennett None.
Sharon Grant None.
Tweli Griffiths None.
James Kennelly None.
Nicole Piche Coordinator/Legal Advisor, All-Party Parliamentary Human Rights Group. Paid for this work from the group’s registered funds.
COAKER Vernon Conor McGinn Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
Beth Miller None.
Colette Roberts None.
COFFEY Ann Joy Copley None.
John Farrell None.
COFFEY Dr Therese Jessica Goodrum None.
Kirsty Locke None.
Philip North Councillor, Test Valley Borough Council.
Edward Winfield None.
COLLINS Damian James Davenport None.
Daniel Kirkpatrick None.
Lorraine Pitcher None.
COLVILE Oliver Sophie Evans None.
Sophie Hutchinson None.
COLVILLE Oliver Alastair Russell None.
CONNARTY Michael Robert Blizzard None.
COOPER Yvette Roger Baker None.
Marie Birchall None.
Thomas Dunn None.
Bethany Gardiner-Smith None.
Leonie Mathers None.
Karl Pike Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
CORBYN Jeremy Nicolette Petersen None.
Jack Reardon Bond None.
Catherine Smith Parliamentary Officer, British Association of Social Workers (professional association).
COX Geoffrey Carol Freeman Overseas Visits: 19 June 2013, to Auschwitz with the Holocaust Educational Trust, who met the cost of flights, travel and entry to the Auschwitz museum.
CRABB Stephen James Jeffreys None.
Emily Poole None.
Catrin Rees None.
CRAUSBY David Emily Pignon None.

Prepared 9th January 2014