Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 19 May 2014]

Ruane, C to Zahawi, N

Member (i.e. Sponsor) Staff Other Relevant Gainful Occupation or Benefit
RUANE Chris Christopher Cullen Mindfulness teacher and advisor, Oxford University Mindfulness Centre.
Ian Thomas None.
RUDD Amber Constance Aziz None.
Elisha Walia None.
RUDDOCK Dame Joan Matthew Dix None.
Victoria Flippance None.
Jessica Maloney None.
Nicholas Sowemimo None
RUFFLEY David Richard Batley None.
Tim Cook None.
Antonia Merrick None.
RUSSELL Sir Bob Claire Beedell None.
Susan Hislop None.
Owen Howell None.
RUTLEY David Stuart Barrow Sole trader, Politiker Productions (theatre company) – Clients: Gyro (design agency). Sole trader, Sea the Future (writing and research on tourism) – Clients: VisitBritain (national tourist board) and the Crescent Trust (heritage research).
Lynda Fryer None.
Jack Kelly None.
Tracy Sutton None.
SANDERS Adrian Laurence Atchison None.
Lauren Dobbs None.
Julia Freytag None.
Alison Sanders None.
Thomas Smith None.
Nancy Williams None.
Lily Wu None.
SANDYS Laura Aidan Corley None.
Kane Daniell None.
Kathleen McAneney None.
Sarah-Jane Patel None.
SARWAR Anas Yassar Abbas Overseas Visits: 25-31 August 2013, to the Republic of China (Taiwan) with UK Parliamentary Staff and Young Scholars Delegation. Accommodation, hospitality and travel paid for by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan). 1-4 December 2013, to Bosnia and Herzegovina on a Lessons from Srebrenica visit. Accommodation, food and travel paid for by Remembering Srebrenica.
John Duncan Press and Policy Adviser, Scottish Labour Party.
Helena McGinty None.
SAWFORD Andy Alan Brookfield None.
Robert Dale None.
Lynsey Tod None.
Vincent Torr Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
SCOTT Lee Martin Clarke None.
Allan Doran None.
Melvyn Marks None.
SEABECK Alison Beverley Archibald None.
Iain Turner None.
SELOUS Andrew Amber Hucker None.
Christina Keen None.
SHAPPS Grant Melina Allen None.
Nicholas Langley None.
Rebecca Loi None.
Aaron Patel None.
Robyn Thackara None.
SHARMA Alok Madeleine Ash None.
John Higgins None.
Jessica Inns None.
Cyril Mitkov None.
SHARMA Virendra Julian Bell Councillor, London Borough of Ealing.
Tiranjot Khehra None.
Aimy Saunders Overseas Visits: 3 October 2013, to Auschwitz with the Holocaust Educational Trust, who met the cost of flights, travel and entry to the Auschwitz museum.
SHEERMAN Barry Clare Coghill Councillor, London Borough of Waltham Forest.
Rory Graham None.
SHELBROOKE Alec Sophie Carter None.
Yulia Marshall None.
Ryan Stephenson None.
SHEPHERD Sir Richard Davida Catleugh None.
Peter Vines None.
SHERIDAN Jim Jennifer Formby TU Official, Unite the Union (trade union).
Mariela Kohon Researcher for Justice for Colombia (non-profit human rights campaign).
SHUKER Gavin Andrew Flannagan None.
Charlotte Gibb None.
Amy O’Callaghan None.
Lara Parker None.
SIMMONDS Mark Hannah Daniel None.
Rosemarie Pollock None.
Lizbeth Simmonds None.
SIMPSON Keith Adele Carritt None.
Catherine Craven None.
Iain Dale Broadcaster, LBC Radio. Publisher, Biteback Publishing. Political commentator for BBC, Sky News, ITV. Journalist and columnist for Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Eastern Daily Press, Attitude magazine,
Barbara Kyriakou None.
SKIDMORE Chris Allison Bradley None.
SKINNER Dennis Lois Blasenheim None.
SLAUGHTER Andy Iain Cassidy None.
John Dawson None.
Kristin Hartman None.
Christopher McQuiggin None.
SMITH Andrew Justin Meadows None.
Elizabeth Walne None.
SMITH Angela James Clark None.
Robbie Marsland Advisor on animal welfare issues for International Fund for Animal Welfare.
Steven Wilson Councillor, Sheffield City Council.
SMITH Chloe Katie Hartwill None.
Sarah Liddiard None.
Nina Rosen None.
Samuel Walker None.
SMITH Henry Steven Aldridge None.
Derek Sivyer None.
SMITH Julian Jennifer Dunn None.
Hannah Galley None.
Ann Morris-Addington None.
SMITH Nick Teresa Black None.
Ian Caleb None.
Austin Casey None.
SMITH Owen James Bevan Political Advisor, The Labour Party.
Kate Groucutt Councillor, London Borough of Islington.
Gareth Mantle None.
SMITH Sir Robert Elishia Harji None.
SOAMES Nicholas Claire Barker None.
Corinne Conrath None.
James Elder Programme and Research Director, Cityforum Ltd (organises policy round tables). Trustee, Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation (expenses only).
Candida Robson None.
SOUBRY Anna Jeremy Driver None.
Rebecca Maher None.
SPELLAR John Linda Colyer None.
Matthew Pound None.
SPELMAN Caroline Alexandra Duff None.
Rachel Quayle None.
Abigail Sykes Benefit: Bursary/ scholarship received from CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) a registered charity, as an intern on their graduate training scheme.
SPENCER Mark James Sharpe None.
Natalie Wells None.
STANLEY Sir John Jane Matthews None.
Elizabeth Simister None.
STEPHENSON Andrew Alastair Gunn None.
Christophe Scholer None.
STEVENSON John Thomas Ashton None.
Hannah Dolan None.
Tracy Nixon None.
Sarah Walker Administrative Secretary, The Society of Conservative Lawyers (society affiliated to The Conservative Party).
STEWART Bob Katherine Avery None.
Ruth Bennett Councillor, London Borough of Bromley.
Julie Podbielski Stewart None.
Robert Straker None.
STEWART Iain Alexander Hunt-Braddock None.
Gerald Small Ward Councillor, Milton Keynes Borough Council.
Alexander Walker None.
STEWART Rory Catherine Anderson None.
Gethin Jenkins None.
Sarah Ludlow None.
Alexandra Quinn None.
Nicholas Self None.
STRAW Jack Deborah Crewe Freelance writer/ghost writer/editor: BCSG (business services), Simon & Schuster (publishing), Hamad Medical Corp (health), West London Synagogue (religion), Civil Service Selection (civil service selection).
Daniel Sleat Overseas Visits: 6-7 June 2013, to Istanbul, Turkey to attend a conference with Jack Straw MP. Flights paid for by ‘Rethinking Global Challenges: Constructing a Common Future for Turkey and the EU’(a project based in Turkey), which is co-financed by the EU under the IPA ( Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance) programme in Turkey. Gifts and Benefits: British-Turkish Forum (the ‘Tatlidil’) met the cost of my accommodation, food, transport and fee for assisting the organisers of a Tatlidil conference I attended in Edinburgh from 1-3 November 2013. British-Spanish Tertulias met the cost of my accommodation, food, transport and fee for assisting the organisers of a conference I attended in Oxford from 22-24 November 2013.
STREETER Gary Nigel Double None.
Mark Harris Parliamentary Officer, Bible Society (a charity).
Talitha Tanner None.
STRIDE Mel Joseph Billenness None.
Lucie Eyles None.
Dominic King None.
Michael Knuckey None.
STRINGER Graham Dominic Moffitt None.
STUART Gisela Caroline Badley None.
Linda Spencer None.
STUART Graham Jonathan Carroll None.
Simon Clarke None.
STUNELL Sir Andrew Andrew Garner None.
Louise Higgins None.
STURDY Julian Kathleen McLean None.
Tyson Taylor None.
Amy Yelland None.
SUTCLIFFE Gerry Sarah Merrill Parliamentary Officer, Justice for Columbia (human rights non-governmental organisation).
Robert Middleton Councillor, Milton Keynes Borough Council.
Michael Swales None.
SWALES Ian Emma Deane None.
Dominic Haney None.
Benedict Maguire None.
SWAYNE Desmond Maria Bower None.
Richard Coekin None.
SWINSON Jo Cara Keenan None
Corrine Leon None.
Thomas Panton None.
SWIRE Hugo Helena Agathangelou None.
Sasha Swire None.
Suzanne Townsend None.
Frances Trivett None.
TAMI Mark Hannah Blythyn Political Officer, Unite (trade union).
Claire Pilsbury None.
Sally Tami None.
TAPSELL Sir Peter Sandra Dougall None.
Elayne Jude None.
Georgina Perry None.
TEATHER Sarah Caitlin Burbridge None.
Edward de Quay Gifts/Benefits: On parliamentary internship scheme funded by bursary from Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales.
Omar Deedat None.
Edward Douglas None.
Jonathan Featonby None.
Paul Fowler None.
Rachel Haase Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
THOMAS Gareth Natalie Franklin None.
Matthew More None.
Devaki Rudran Campaign Assistant, The Labour Party.
Elisabeth Turner-Morris None.
THORNBERRY Emily Rachel Barker None.
Lucy Gill None.
Thomas Spencer None.
THORNTON Mike Rupert Kyrle Borough Councillor, Eastleigh Borough Council. County Councillor, Hampshire County Council.
Kayleigh McGrath None.
Hanna Zuchowska None.
THURSO John Bridget Beechey None.
Margaret Harrison None.
TIMMS Stephen Ian Geary None.
Alasdair Gordon None.
Peter James None.
Elizabeth Walmswell None.
TIMPSON Edward Roz Buchanan None.
Daniel Large Director, ByAndLarge Ltd (campaign strategy). Clients: Westbourne Comms Company Ltd (communications agency).
TOMLINSON Justin Andrew Credington None.
Toby Elliott Councillor, Swindon Borough Council.
Christopher James None.
TREDINNICK David Jill Burge None.
Stuart Swann Constituency Agent, Bosworth Conservative Association.
Philippa Way None.
Matthew Williams None.
TRICKETT Jon Leah Jennings Employed by the Labour Party as Political Advisor to Jon Trickett MP.
Thomas Lydon None.
Kate Mahoney None.
TRUSS Elizabeth Laurence Chacksfield None.
Laurence Chacksfield None.
Thomas Dempster None.
Fiona Walker None.
Peter Woodman None.
TURNER Andrew Carole Dennett Provides marketing services to Parkes Browne (solicitors).
Denise Dorley-Brown None.
David Holmes None.
TURNER Karl Lyndsey Jefferson None.
Darren Milner None.
TWIGG Derek Marianna Stokes None.
TWIGG Stephen Kevin Pilnick None.
Jake Richards None.
Joan Worker None.
TYRIE Andrew Megan Brown None.
Joy Greenfield None.
Mojgan Jamalipour None.
Sean O’Shea None.
Tulsa Tollemark None.
UMUNNA Chuka Lisa Eynon None.
David Hale None.
Gabriel Huntley Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
Duncan Sinclair None.
Jake Sumner Overseas Visits: 23-26 July 2013, to China on a business delegation to strengthen and develop links, meet senior officials and business leaders, and attend the ‘2013 Cooperation and Understanding Dialogue’ conference. Chinese for Labour paid £1990 and Labour Finance and Industry Group paid £500, for flights, accommodation and other disbursements. 11-14 November 2013, to West Bank and Israel on fact-finding delegation by Council for Arab-British Understanding. Sir Joseph Hotung Programme met the cost of travel, accommodation and subsistence.
UPPAL Paul Matthew Harley None.
Sarah Montgomery None.
VAIZEY Edward Lynda Atkins Councillor, Oxfordshire Country Council. Director and sole shareholder of Under the Rainbow Ltd (a management consultancy). Clients – Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.
Jonathan Badyal External Consultant, British Chambers of Commerce (business network).
Oliver Diamond None.
Rebecca Hill None.
VARA Shailesh Frederick Hodgson None.
Charles Simpson None.
John Sweeney None.
VAZ Keith Thomas Fairchild None.
Malgorzata Furga None.
Matthew Peck None.
Kiki Roberts None.
Rafael Saraiva None.
Adam Swidzinski None.
VAZ Valerie Tiago Dias None.
Samuel Dillon None.
Rafael Saraiva None.
VICKERS Martin Alistair Lamyman None.
Liam Overfield None.
Dina Tchernych None.
VILLIERS Theresa Emily Allan None.
Katherine Brook-Fox None.
Sally Underwood None.
Thomas Woods None.
WALKER Charles Carol Allan None.
Chloe French None.
WALKER Robin Katie Dixon None.
Heather Millican None.
Katherine Moor None.
WALLACE Ben Zoe Dommett None.
Benjamin Robey None.
WALLEY Joan Jan Ostrowski Member of employment tribunals, Department of Trade and Industry
Simon Oswald Employed by the Lighting Industry Federation (a trade association) to provide secretariat services to the All-Party Parliamentary Lighting Group.
WALTER Robert Arabella Garnett None.
Dana Peters None.
Caroline Scott None.
WARD David Andrew McGuinness None.
Georgia Scoot-Morrissey None.
Jeanette Sunderland Councillor, Bradford District Council.
WATKINSON Dame Angela Cheryl Bacon Councillor, London Borough of Bexley.
Marcus Lllewellyn-Rothschild None.
Marjorie Ramsey None.
Samuel Robberts None.
WATSON Tom Adam Allnutt None.
Barbara Hearn Researcher/Advisor, Royal Society of Arts.
Paul Moore Cabinet Member for Health and Commissioning, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council.
WATTS Dave Nicholas Keehan None.
WEATHERLEY Mike Rachael Bates None.
Michael Ireland None.
Robert Nemeth None.
Rebecca Weatherley None.
WEBB Steve Glyn Ley None.
WHARTON James Cameron Brown None.
Christopher Duggan None.
Rory Manley None.
WHEELER Heather Oliver Clark None.
Linda Coxon None.
Charlotte Smoothy None.
WHITE Chris William McGarrigle None.
Zoe Parkin None.
Fiona Tracey None.
Carole Weaver None.
WHITEFORD Dr Eilidh Kenneth Hutchison None.
Robert Merson Councillor, Aberdeenshire Council.
WHITEHEAD Dr Alan Rebecca Williams None.
WHITTAKER Craig Christine Beal None.
Howard Blagbrough None.
WHITTINGDALE John Chloe Jago None.
Lucy Millgate None.
Clare Pooley None.
WIGGIN Bill Harriet Beaumont None.
Charlotte Bettley None.
Oliver Michelson None.
Avril Towning None.
WILLETTS David Dean Machin None.
Annie Winsbury None.
WILLIAMS Hywel Delyth Jewell None.
WILLIAMS Mark Christopher Adams None.
Laura-Jane Ashley None.
Josephine Baker None.
WILLIAMS Roger Zachary Burnside None.
Robert Hardware None.
Laura Round None.
Oliver Thomas None.
WILLIAMS Stephen Thomas Frear None.
Stephen Kirkwood None.
William Pett None.
WILLIAMSON Chris John Cooper None.
Matthew Frost None.
Sarah Russell Councillor, Derby City Council.
James Shires None.
WILLIAMSON Gavin Alice Neilson None.
Katherine Slowe None.
WILLOTT Jenny William Robertson None.
Victoria Scrope None.
WILSON Rob Michelle Bass None.
Tamsyn Becalick Sales Assistant, Shoezone (retail).
Nicholas Cooper None.
WILSON Sammy Sandra Armstrong None.
Janet Barron None.
WINNICK David Valerie Kershaw None.
Alexander Phillips None.
Jane Richardson None.
WINTERTON Rosie Keir Dawson None.
WOLLASTON Dr Sarah Daniel Slipper None.
Sam Wakeham None.
WOOD Mike Simeon Andrews Independent parliamentary and political consultant trading under the name Union Services. Clients: Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union, Fire Brigades Union, Justice Forum, Rail Maritime and Transport Union, Public Commercial Services Union, National Union of Journalists, Trade Union Coordinating Group, National Union of Teachers, University College Union, United Road Transport Union (all the above are trade unions); Labour Representation Committee (Labour party supporters’ organisation; Westminster Drugs Project (agency for treatment of drug and alcohol abusers).
Richard Hanford Research Assistant, Union Political Services (political and parliamentary consultancy). Clients: PCS (public and commercial services union), FBU (fire brigades union), Westminster Drugs Project (drugs and alcohol treatment).
Dan Howard None.
WOODCOCK John Alexandra Baker None.
Terence McSorley None.
Martha Morey None.
WOODWARD Shaun Barrie Grunewald Deputy Leader of St Helens Metropolitan Borough Council.
Catherine Jackson Occasional administrative support to Gus Campbell Photography at Labour Party Conference and other Labour Party events. Mostly paid for this work by Gus Campbell Photography but occasionally by the Labour Party.
Nathalie Padgett None.
WRIGHT David Clive Elliott Councillor, Telford and Wrekin Council.
Sally Grocott Executive Officer, Association of Ex-MPs (retirement association).
WRIGHT Iain Thomas Denning Director, KPMG LLP (professional services) on secondment to The Labour Party.
Helen Naylor Head of Business Relations, The Labour Party.
WRIGHT Jeremy Caroline Pickering None.
Ravi Sodha None.
WRIGHT Simon Jessica Mace None.
YEO Tim Sarah Buckley None.
Sarah Williams Research work for Locana Corporation (London) Limited (an investment company).
YOUNG Sir George Camilla Brooker None.
Madeleine Hale None.
Wendy Hampton None.
ZAHAWI Nadhim Emma Grubb Overseas visits: 15-20 February 2014, to Iraqi Kurdistan. Travel and accommodation paid for by the Kurdistan Regional Government.
William Hensher None.
Simon McIntyre Director, Elected Technologies Ltd (software company).
Katie Payne None.

Prepared 20th May 2014