Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 19 May 2014]

Abbas, Y to Corrigan, R

Staff Member (i.e. Sponsor) Other Relevant Gainful Occupation or Benefit
ABBAS Yassar Anas Sarwar Overseas Visits: 25-31 August 2013, to the Republic of China (Taiwan) with UK Parliamentary Staff and Young Scholars Delegation. Accommodation, hospitality and travel paid for by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan). 1-4 December 2013, to Bosnia and Herzegovina on a Lessons from Srebrenica visit. Accommodation, food and travel paid for by Remembering Srebrenica.
ABDILLEH Qadeer Meg Hillier None.
ABELLAN SAN MARTIN Manuel Tom Brake None.
ADAMS Anne Laurence Robertson None.
ADAMS Charlotte Theresa May None.
ADAMS Christopher Mark Williams None.
ADELSTONE Tara Nick Hurd None.
ADEYEMO Joy Sadiq Khan None.
AFILAL Nabila David Nuttall None.
AFOKO Carys Lisa Nandy Civil Society Adviser, Compass (think tank).
AGATHANGELOU Helena Hugo Swire None.
AHMED Imran Hilary Benn Paid by The Labour Party as a Political Advisor on Communities and Local Government.
AHMED Nusrat Rehman Chishti None.
AIRD Christine Mary Glindon Overseas Visits: 6 November 2013, to Auschwitz with the Holocaust Educational Trust, who met the cost of flights, travel and entry to the Auschwitz museum.
AITKEN Alan Gordon Banks None.
AKINBUSOYE Festus Mark Lancaster Company Director, Ikan Facilities Management Limited (security services).
ALBINSON Chris Priti Patel None.
ALCOCK Simon Edward Miliband None.
ALDEN Natasha David Cameron None.
ALDRIDGE Steven Henry Smith None.
ALEXANDER Chloe Kerry McCarthy None.
ALEXANDER Jane Richard Drax None.
ALEY Victoria James Brokenshire None.
ALI Sadia Yasmin Qureshi None.
ALI Vinous Dr Julian Huppert None.
ALLAN Carol Charles Walker None.
ALLAN Emily Theresa Villiers None.
ALLAN Kirsty Lynne Featherstone None.
ALLEN Melina Grant Shapps None.
ALLEN Natalie Tobias Ellwood None.
ALLEN Tracey John Healey Assistant to the General Secretary, The Labour Party.
ALLISON Mark Siobhain McDonagh Councillor, London Borough of Merton.
ALLNUTT Adam Tom Watson None.
ALLSOBROOK Elizabeth Norman Baker Town Councillor, Lewes Town Council.
AMIN-SMITH Neil Helen Goodman None.
AMOORE Susannah Michael Gove None.
AMUTHARASAN Siobhan Bob Blackman None.
ANDERSEN Eliot Jamie Reed None.
ANDERSON Catherine Rory Stewart None.
ANDERSON Joseph Tom Blenkinsop Information Technology Advisor, London School of Economics and Political Science.
ANDERSON Julie Jeffrey Donaldson None.
ANDERSON Stacy-Ann Andrew Love None.
ANDREWS Rachel Anne Marie Morris Financial Director, Andrews Computer Services Ltd (computer services).
ANDREWS Simeon Mike Wood Independent parliamentary and political consultant trading under the name Union Services. Clients: Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union, Fire Brigades Union, Justice Forum, Rail Maritime and Transport Union, Public Commercial Services Union, National Union of Journalists, Trade Union Coordinating Group, National Union of Teachers, University College Union, United Road Transport Union (all the above are trade unions); Labour Representation Committee (Labour party supporters’ organisation; Westminster Drugs Project (agency for treatment of drug and alcohol abusers).
ANELAY Thomas Eleanor Laing None.
ANSON Chloe Douglas Carswell None.
ANTHONY Shireen Tim Farron None.
ANTRAM Russell Tom Harris None.
APPLETON Jade Dr Philip Lee None.
ARCHER Laura Nick Clegg Press and Social Media Officer, the Liberals Democrats party.
ARCHER Ross Jackie Doyle-Price None.
ARCHER Stephanie Michael Moore None.
ARCHIBALD Beverley Alison Seabeck None.
ARENSON Daniel Joseph Johnson None.
ARMITAGE Joe Dr Phillip Lee None.
ARMITAGE Katherine Tobias Ellwood None.
ARMSTRONG Sandra Sammy Wilson None.
ASANTE Zara David Lammy None.
ASATO Jessica Dame Tessa Jowell Political Adviser, The Labour Party. Councillor, London Borough of Islington.
ASH Madeleine Alok Sharma None.
ASHLEY Laura-Jane Mark Williams None.
ASHRAF Salma George Galloway None.
ASHTON Thomas John Stevenson None.
ASKEW Anna Peter Aldous None.
ASLETT Susan Gareth Johnson None.
ATCHISON Laurence Adrian Sanders None.
ATKINS Lynda Edward Vaizey Councillor, Oxfordshire Country Council. Director and sole shareholder of Under the Rainbow Ltd (a management consultancy). Clients – Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.
ATKINSON Joe Chris Leslie None.
ATKINSON John Karen Buck None.
AVERY Katherine Bob Stewart None.
AYRES Claire Owen Paterson None.
AZIZ Constance Amber Rudd None.
BACHRACH Theodore Andrew Mitchell None.
BACON Cheryl Dame Angela Watkinson Councillor, London Borough of Bexley.
BACON Samuel David Hanson None.
BADENOCH Henry Diane Abbott None.
BADLEY Caroline Gisela Stuart None.
BADYAL Jonathan Edward Vaizey External Consultant, British Chambers of Commerce (business network).
BAGE Anna Graham Allen None.
BAGGE Catherine Sir Malcolm Rifkind None.
BAGULAY Lesley Mark Prisk None.
BAILEY Amanda Catherine McKinnell None.
BAILEY Henrietta Jeremy Lefroy None.
BAILEY Mary Gordon Brown Diary Coordinator, Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown Ltd (a registered company).
BAILEY Olivia Angela Eagle Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
BAILEY Ronald Martin Caton Parliamentary consultant. Contracts with: Association for the Conservation of Energy (an NGO that promotes energy efficiency); Micropower Council (trade association that promotes microgeneration). Hammond PR (public affairs group).
BAINBRIDGE Joshua Meg Munn None.
BAINS Amarit Seema Malhotra None.
BAKER Alexandra John Woodcock None.
BAKER Josephine Mark Williams None.
BAKER Matt Simon Danczuk None.
BAKER Roger Yvette Cooper None.
BALCON Caroline David Cameron None.
BALDAM Jean Alan Duncan None.
BALDON Barbara Guto Bebb None.
BALL Nicholas Roberta Blackman-Woods None.
BALL Philip Andy Burnham Political Advisor, The Labour Party.
BANHAM Richard Meg Hillier None.
BANKS THOMPSON Julie Andrew Bingham None.
BANNISTER Amy Stephen Phillips None.
BARKER Claire Nicholas Soames None.
BARKER Rachel Emily Thornberry None.
BARLOW Thomas Karen Lumley Speechwriter for Lord Sheikh.
BARNES-BROOKS Ashleigh Toby Perkins None.
BARR Victoria Douglas Carswell None.
BARRATT Mel Karl McCartney None.
BARRATT Samuel Nick Clegg Broadcast Press Officer, Liberal Democrats party.
BARRETT Andrew Andrew Percy None.
BARRON Janet Sammy Wilson None.
BARROW Stuart David Rutley Sole trader, Politiker Productions (theatre company) – Clients: Gyro (design agency). Sole trader, Sea the Future (writing and research on tourism) – Clients: VisitBritain (national tourist board) and the Crescent Trust (heritage research).
BARWELL Alex Patrick McLoughlin None.
BASS Michelle Rob Wilson None.
BATE Heather Anne McIntosh None.
BATES Rachael Mike Weatherley None.
BATLEY Richard David Ruffley None.
BATROUNI Dimitri Jessica Morden None.
BATTY Connor Andrea Leadsom None.
BAYCOCK Thomas Jeremy Browne None.
BEAL Christine Craig Whittaker None.
BEALES Greg Edward Miliband Director of Policy, The Labour Party.
BEARD-GOULD Alexandra Charlie Elphicke None.
BEARRYMAN Caitriona Frank Doran Councillor, London Borough of Enfield.
BEAUCHAMP Charlotte Barry Gardiner None.
BEAUMONT Harriet Bill Wiggin None.
BEAUPERE Charlotte John Penrose None.
BECALICK Tamsyn Rob Wilson Sales Assistant, Shoezone (retail).
BECKETT Robert Jeffrey Donaldson None.
BECKINGHAM David Theresa May None.
BEDFORD Catherine Frank Field Parliamentary Consultant, Foundation Years Trust (a charity).
BEDFORD Martha Adam Holloway None.
BEDFORD Sarah Gareth Johnson Solicitor, Thomas Boyd Whyte (private legal practice).
BEEBE Delma Sir John Randall None.
BEECHEY Bridget John Thurso None.
BEEDELL Claire Sir Bob Russell None.
BEHAN Michael Jim Dobbin None.
BELARDINELLI Alex Ed Balls Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
BELCHER Rory Nick Clegg None.
BELCHEV Martin John Pugh None.
BELFIELD Haydn Luciana Berger None.
BELL Julian Virendra Sharma Councillor, London Borough of Ealing.
BELL Katherine Edward Miliband None.
BELLO Xavier Angus MacNeil None.
BELLWOOD Kay Eric Pickles None.
BENFIELD Sophie Richard Graham None.
BENN Stephen Hilary Benn Parliamentary Affairs advisor, the Society of Biology (a registered charity).
BENNETT Antony Alun Cairns None.
BENNETT Jamie Aidan Burley None.
BENNETT Joan Vince Cable None.
BENNETT Matthew Steve Reed Councillor for the London Borough of Lambeth.
BENNETT Nathan John Denham None.
BENNETT Ruth Bob Stewart Councillor, London Borough of Bromley.
BENNETT Veronica Bill Esterson None.
BENSON Robert Paul Burstow None.
BENSUSAN Iona Eleanor Laing None.
BENZING Heidi Natascha Engel Political Liaison Officer, GMB (General, Municipal, Boilermakers and Allied Trades Union).
BERRY Orla Kerry McCarthy None.
BEST Andrew Mark Harper None.
BETTERTON Judith Geoffrey Clifton-Brown None.
BETTLES Ian John Hayes None.
BETTLEY Charlotte Bill Wiggin None.
BEVAN James Owen Smith Political Advisor, The Labour Party.
BHABHA Hayyan Nick Boles None.
BHOGAL Sundeep Steve McCabe None.
BHOJANI Jyoti Gordon Brown None.
BILLENNESS Joseph Mel Stride None.
BILLING Clare Stella Creasy District Councillor, North Herts District Council.
BILOA FOE Danielle Eric Joyce None.
BIRCH Emma Anne Main None.
BIRCHALL Marie Yvette Cooper None.
BITHELL Natalie Mark Prisk None.
BLACK James Mark Field None.
BLACK Teresa Nick Smith None.
BLACKMAN William Mark Pritchard None.
BLAGBROUGH Howard Craig Whittaker None.
BLAKELY Christopher Esther McVey None.
BLAKISTON MOORE Stefan Clive Efford None.
BLAND Jemima John Pugh None.
BLANE Victoria Gregory Barker None.
BLASENHEIM Lois Dennis Skinner None.
BLIZZARD Robert Michael Connarty None.
BLOOM Colin Jeremy Lefroy Executive Director, Conservative Christian Fellowship (faith organisation).
BLUMENTHAL Laura Mary Macleod None.
BLYTH Samuel Albert Owen None.
BLYTHYN Hannah Mark Tami Political Officer, Unite (trade union).
BOAKYE DANKWA Mariam Harriet Harman None.
BOCKING Andrew Mark Lazarowicz None.
BOGGIS Theo Tracey Crouch None.
BOLA Varinder Mike Gapes None.
BOLSOVER Sophie Claire Perry None.
BOORA Sukhcharn Huw Irranca-Davies None.
BOWEN Christine Toby Perkins None.
BOWER Maria Desmond Swayne None.
BOWES Nick Sadiq Khan Senior Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
BRACCHITTA CORBYN Sebastian John McDonnell None.
BRACKENBURY Thomas Crispin Blunt None.
BRADFIELD Valerie Susan Elan Jones None.
BRADFORD Johanna Justine Greening None.
BRADLEY Allison Chris Skidmore None.
BRADLEY Christopher Wayne David None.
BRADLEY Thomas Stephen Mosley None.
BRADSHAW Elizabeth Margaret Hodge None.
BRADY Kate George Howarth None.
BRAMALL Alice Mark Lancaster Councillor, Milton Keynes Council.
BRAMWELL Catherine Alan Johnson None.
BRAVO BALESTRINI Miguel Francis Maude None.
BRAZIER Katherine Julian Brazier None.
BRENNAN Matthew Sheila Gilmore None.
BRENNAN Thomas Dr Julian Huppert None.
BRIDGES Garry Lucy Powell None.
BRIDGMAN Sarah Andrew Griffiths None.
BRIGGS Hannah Nick Hurd None.
BRIGGS Norman David Heyes Local Councillor, Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council.
BROADBERY Jonathan Stella Creasy None.
BROADHURST Robert David Nuttall Senior Researcher, European Research Group (a group of Members that collectively employs a member of staff to support them in their Parliamentary functions). My employment by the ERG is funded by: Members’ subscriptions paid for from their parliamentary allowances; a donation from GR Software & Research Limited; and by a donation from Lord Lamont of Lerwick.
BROCKLEHURST John Matthew Hancock None.
BROOKER Camilla Sir George Young None.
BROOKFIELD Alan Andy Sawford None.
BROOK-FOX Katherine Theresa Villiers None.
BROOKS Diana Dr Julian Lewis Councillor, New Forest District Council. Councillor, Totton Town Council.
BROOKS Richard Ed Balls None.
BROOM Philippa Karen Lumley Director, International Office, The Conservative Party.
BROTEN NOBLE Julianne Naomi Long None.
BROWN Cameron James Wharton None.
BROWN Daniel Guy Opperman None.
BROWN Hannah James Duddridge None.
BROWN James Jon Cruddas None.
BROWN Jean Sharon Hodgson None.
BROWN Jill Nick Hurd None.
BROWN Kirsty Meg Hillier None.
BROWN Lloyd Robert Flello None.
BROWN Martin Eric Joyce None.
BROWN Megan Andrew Tyrie None.
BROWN Morwenna Jeremy Hunt None.
BROWN Nicola Margaret Beckett None.
BROWN Ruth Brian Donohoe None.
BROWN William Grahame Morris None.
BROWNE Matthew Sarah Newton None.
BROWNLIE Philip Simon Kirby None.
BRUCE Samuel Fiona Bruce None.
BRYAN Lyn Margaret Beckett None.
BRYANT Jayne Paul Flynn None.
BRYANT Yvette Helen Grant None.
BRYANT-PEARSON Jennifer Laurence Robertson Chief Executive, JBP Associates (public relations and parliamentary affairs consultancy).
BUCHANAN Roz Edward Timpson None.
BUCKLAND Lisa George Osborne None.
BUCKLEY Sarah Tim Yeo None.
BUKATA Chloe Adrian Bailey None.
BULF Mara Francis Maude None.
BULMAN William Madeleine Moon None.
BUNTING Anne-Marie Sir Menzies Campbell None.
BURBRIDGE Caitlin Sarah Teather None.
BURDETT Ashley Paul Farrelly None.
BURDITT Emily Robert Halfon None.
BURGE Jill David Tredinnick None.
BURKE Bonnie Helen Goodman None.
BURNETT Rebecca Andrew Jones None.
BURNSIDE Zachary Roger Williams None.
BURT Eve Alistair Burt None.
BURTON Lucy Caroline Dinenage None.
BUTCHER James Tim Loughton None.
BUTCHER Lee Jim McGovern None.
BUTLER Hilary Matthew Offord Constituency Agent, Hendon Conservative Association.
BUTT Faira Chi Onwurah None.
BUTTERWORTH Heather Jeremy Hunt None.
BYRNE Eve Luciana Berger None.
CACACE Georgia Claire Perry None.
CAHILL Imogen Sadiq Khan None.
CAINE Jonathan Owen Paterson Special Adviser, Northern Ireland Office.
CALDER Claire Ed Balls None.
CALDERBANK Michael John McDonnell Project and Research Consultant, Union Services (political consultancy). Clients: National Union of Journalists; Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union; Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (all the above are trade unions).
CALDWELL Laura Ian Paisley None.
CALEB Ian Nick Smith None.
CALLAGHAN Gavin Steve Rotheram Councillor, Basildon Council.
CALWAY Mark Laurence Robertson None.
CAMPBELL Charlie Guy Opperman None.
CAMPBELL Donald Tom Harris None.
CAMPBELL Elspeth Sir Menzies Campbell None.
CAMPBELL Philip David Amess None.
CANE Lulu Nigel Evans None.
CANNON Peter Bernard Jenkin Councillor, Dartford Borough Council. Payment from Diplomat Magazine for 2 articles (registered November 2013).
CARBERRY Joseph Michael Dugher None.
CARDINALE Jennifer Andrew Percy None.
CARLICK Philip Glyn Davies None.
CARLISLE Frances Sir James Paice None.
CARLTON Benjamin Richard Graham None.
CARPENTER Rebecca Glenda Jackson None.
CARR Robert Jim Dobbin Parliamentary Researcher, Christian Socialist Movement (campaigning non-profit organisation).
CARRITT Adele Keith Simpson None.
CARROLL Jonathan Graham Stuart None.
CARTER Sophie Alec Shelbrooke None.
CARTWRIGHT Patrick Mark Harper None.
CARTWRIGHT Russell Kelvin Hopkins None.
CASEY Austin Nick Smith None.
CASEY Keiran Ian Austin Councillor, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council.
CASSIDY Iain Andy Slaughter None.
CATHCART Melissa Dominic Grieve None.
CATLEUGH Davida Sir Richard Shepherd None.
CHACKSFIELD Laurence Elizabeth Truss None.
CHACKSFIELD Laurence Elizabeth Truss None.
CHADA Noreen Helen Grant None.
CHALKIAS Georgios Diane Abbott None.
CHAMBERS Adam Penny Mordaunt None.
CHAPLIN David Douglas Alexander Paid by the Labour Party to act as a political adviser to Douglas Alexander MP. Overseas Visits: 14-18 July 2013, to Israel and the Palestinian Territories for meetings and briefings with journalists, officials and policy experts. BICOM paid for flights, accommodation and internal travel. 12 November 2013, to Poland to tour the Auschwitz-Birkenau camps. Holocaust Educational Trust met the cost of flights, travel, staff/guide and access to the camps.
CHAPMAN Clark Stella Creasy Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
CHAPMAN Duncan Dame Tessa Jowell None.
CHAPMAN Janet Cathy Jamieson None.
CHAPMAN Joshua Andrew Rosindell None.
CHARD Rebecca David Burrowes None.
CHARLES Angela Oliver Letwin None.
CHARLETT Inger James Arbuthnot None.
CHATFIELD Carol Eleanor Laing None.
CHEEK Florence Jason McCartney None.
CHEESEMAN Gillian Sir Alan Beith None.
CHEESMAN Cathryn Ian Austin None.
CHERRY Grant Julian Brazier None.
CHESTER Anna Paul Blomfield None.
CHILD Russell Karen Buck None.
CHILVERS Timothy Robert Neill None.
CHIN Charlotte Hazel Blears None.
CHIPP Claire John Baron Overseas Visits: 30 April 2014, to Auschwitz with the Holocaust Educational Trust, who met the cost of flights, travel and entry to the Auschwitz museum.
CHO Ara John Healey None.
CLARE Richard Norman Baker None.
CLARK Douglas Stewart Hosie None.
CLARK James Angela Smith None.
CLARK Matthew Dan Byles None.
CLARK Oliver Heather Wheeler None.
CLARK Sally Hilary Benn None.
CLARKE Alan Emma Reynolds None.
CLARKE Jeffrey Marcus Jones None.
CLARKE Jenny Sian James None.
CLARKE Malcolm Pat Glass None.
CLARKE Martin Lee Scott None.
CLARKE Simon Graham Stuart None.
CLARKE Susan Nicky Morgan None.
CLIFTON Emily Nicola Blackwood None.
CLINTON David Rushanara Ali None.
COATES Andrew Dame Tessa Jowell None.
COBB Rosanna Don Foster None.
COCKFIELD Jonathan Nick Gibb None.
COEKIN Richard Desmond Swayne None.
COGHILL Clare Barry Sheerman Councillor, London Borough of Waltham Forest.
COHEN Elaina Khalid Mahmood Advice and support to the Davenports Group (hospitality industry).
COLE Jane Jane Ellison None.
COLE Philip Caroline Flint Councillor, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.
COLEBY Sarah Anne Milton None.
COLEGATE-STONE Georgina Clive Efford Constituency Organiser for Eltham, The Labour Party.
COLEMAN Laurence David Lammy None.
COLEMAN Strarbuck Andrew Rosindell Parliamentary Officer, IMAN Worldwide (interfaith organisation).
COLGAN Deirdre Siobhain McDonagh None.
COLLINS Barbara Frank Dobson None.
COLLINS Martin Joe Benton Paid by the Federation of Irish Societies (a charity) to provide secretariat services to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Irish in Britain. Adviser to the Irish Post newspaper.
COLLINS-WALSH Colette Kevin Brennan None.
COLYER Linda John Spellar None.
CONLON Liam Jim Murphy Management Consultant, PwC (management consultancy).
CONNOLLOY Eleanor Jim Cunningham None.
CONRATH Corinne Nicholas Soames None.
COOK Martyn Katy Clark None.
COOK Robert Alex Cunningham Councillor, Stockton Borough Council.
COOK Tim David Ruffley None.
COOKSON Huw Glyn Davies None.
COOPER Anna Sadiq Khan None.
COOPER Eric Andrew Jones None.
COOPER John Chris Williamson None.
COOPER Nicholas Rob Wilson None.
COOTES Nicola Sir Gerald Kaufman None.
COPE John Nicky Morgan None.
COPLESTON Francesca Ben Gummer None.
COPLEY Joy Ann Coffey None.
CORBELL Lucy Helen Goodman None.
CORBETT Hugh Michael Ellis None.
CORLEY Aidan Laura Sandys None.
CORNFORTH Sylvia Frank Dobson None.
CORRIGAN Rosie Andy Burnham None.

Prepared 20th May 2014