Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 30 March 2015]

Hancock, M to Malhotra, S

Member (i.e. Sponsor) Staff Other Relevant Gainful Occupation or Benefit
HANCOCK Mike Robert Hardware None.
HANDS Greg Emily Hellicar Antenan Overseas Visits: 16-23 August 2014, to the Republic of China (Taiwan) with UK Parliamentary Staff delegation. Accommodation, hospitality and travel paid for by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan).
Roxanna Lackschewitz Martin None.
Meredith Lloyd None.
Robert Stroud None.
HANSON David Samuel Bacon None.
Anne Hollis None.
Geraint Rennie None.
HARMAN Harriet Mariam Boakye Dankwa None.
Charlotte Dunn None.
Clare Gosbee None.
Rumbidzai Gotosa None.
Ayesha Hazarika Gifts and Benefits: Ticket to attend Wimbledon on 30 June 2014 was provided by Digital UK; ticket to attend the Tour de France in London on 7 July 2014 was provided by British Sky Broadcasting Group plc (registered July 2014).
Hannah Lazell Political Advisor, The Labour Party.
Matthew Price None.
Sham Tsegai None.
Sophie Wingfield None.
HARPER Mark Patrick Cartwright None.
Edgar Johnson None.
HARRINGTON Richard Yasmin Goldsmith None.
Jennifer Reed None.
Tiffany Trenner-Lyle None.
HARRIS Rebecca Ryan Bruce None.
Samuel Nahk None.
Andrew Sheldon Councillor (Deputy Mayor), Castle Point Borough Council.
Christopher Speight None.
Sara Zygmunt None.
HARRIS Tom Russell Antram None.
Donald Campbell None.
Stuart Donaldson None.
HART Simon Georgina Kester None.
HARVEY Nick Philippa Page None.
HASELHURST Alan Joel Fayers None.
David Haselhurst None.
Ruan Tremayne None.
HAVARD Dai Ann-Marie Moran None.
HAYES John Ian Bettles None.
Scott Kelly Lecturer, New York University.
Lee Rotherham Campaign Secretary, Conservatives Against a Federal Europe. Research Fellow, Taxpayers' Alliance (political campaigning on public spending). Revenue accruing from authorship of books published by Bretwalda on issues of political and social history.
Robert Thomas None.
HEALD Oliver Mara Bulf None.
Christine Heald None.
Catherine Kingsbury None.
Robert Price None.
HEALEY John James Hall None.
Irene Hartley None.
HEATH David Claire Hudson None.
HEATON-HARRIS Chris David Hoy None.
Sarah Peck None.
HEMMING John Martin Shapland None.
Emily Wilson-Gavin None.
HENDERSON Gordon Jessica McMahon None.
Samantha Williams None.
HENDRICK Mark Sam Goodman None.
HENDRY Charles Asja Powys-Smith None.
Kari Sargeant None.
Miles Waistle None.
HEPBURN Stephen James Kennedy None.
HERBERT Nick Georgia Hill None.
Gloria Nicholl None.
William Timmins None.
HERMON Sylvia Matthew Jamison None.
HEYES David Norman Briggs Local Councillor, Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council.
HILLIER Meg Qadeer Abdilleh None.
Richard Banham None.
Jamie Boote None.
Matthew McCracken None.
Emily Sollis None.
Mariah Wilde Gifts/Benefits: On parliamentary internship scheme funded by bursary from Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales.
HILLING Julie Noelene Gillatt None.
Lisa Homan Councillor, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.
Ian Pattison None.
HINDS Damian Janice Dust None.
Ruby Riley Gifts/Benefits: On parliamentary internship scheme funded by bursary from the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales.
Verity Ryan None.
HOBAN Mark Peter Kershaw None.
Anne Langley None.
Jonathan Puttick None.
HODGE Margaret Elizabeth Bradshaw None.
Thomas Crewe None.
Jessica Mullins None.
HODGSON Sharon Jasmine Bailey None.
Alan Hodgson None.
Daniel Tye None.
HOEY Kate Ada During None.
Max Freedman None.
Katherine Matheson None.
Lara Nicholson None.
HOLLINGBERY George Joanna Lloyd None.
Robina Longworth None.
Owen Millward Director, White Hart Farm Ltd (agriculture and horticulture).
Sheena Nicholson None.
HOLLOWAY Adam John Brazier None.
Katherine Dilworth None.
Nicola Dolman None.
Sarah Lloyd-Davis None.
HOOD Jim John Burns None.
HOPKINS Kelvin Russell Cartwright None.
Sara Kibel None.
HOPKINS Kris Elizabeth Walton None.
Barry White Partner, Vanbar Associates (communications company).
HORWOOD Martin Fionna Tod None.
HOSIE Stewart Anne Harvey Director, Perjink Research and Editorial Services Ltd (provides research and editorial services). Clients: Scottish National Party.
Christopher Levick Programme Manager, Westminster Foundation for Democracy (a non-departmental public body).
HOWARTH George Kate Brady None.
HOWARTH Gerald Vanessa Gearson None.
Marisa Heath None.
Rollo Hope None.
Elizabeth Johnston None.
Bianca Nobilo None.
HOWELL John Angela Paterson None.
Bryony Pring None.
Olivia Stanton None.
HOYLE Lindsay Michael Gaskill None.
George McNamara None.
Peter Wilson Councillor, Chorley Council.
HUGHES Simon Hannah Chalmers None.
Michael Paul None.
Phil Scullion None.
Kyle Taylor My parliamentary role as Campaigns Director is partly funded by Bermondsey and Old Southwark Liberal Democrats Party.
Philip Taylor Paid by the Liberal Democrats party as Political Adviser to Simon Hughes MP.
HUNT Jeremy Morwenna Brown None.
Heather Butterworth None.
Emma Terry None.
HUNT Tristram Thomas Graham Management Consultant, PwC (management consultancy).
Alan Lockey None.
Adam McNicholas Political Advisor, The Labour Party.
Hannah O'Rourke None.
Sarah Waite Labour Party Policy Officer, The Labour Party.
HUNTER Mark Benjamin Cowdrey None.
HUPPERT Julian Thomas Brennan None.
Penelope Jackson None.
Francisco Lewis None.
HURD Nick Jill Brown None.
Amy Cox None.
Sophie Hughes None.
Jeremy Mutton None.
IRRANCA-DAVIES Huw Anna Dixon None.
JACKSON Glenda Rebecca Carpenter None.
Lydia George None.
Susan Wyatt None.
JACKSON Stewart Michael Horwood District Councillor, Sevenoaks District Council.
Chloe Walker Harrison Overseas Visits: 30 April 2014, to Auschwitz with the Holocaust Educational Trust, who met the cost of flights, travel in Poland and entry to the Auschwitz museum.
JAMES Margot Kate Evans None
Jack Shaw None.
Georgina Treacy None.
Emma Turney None.
JAMES Sian Jenny Clarke None.
Carolyn Harris None.
JAMIESON Cathy Janet Chapman None.
Ian Sharpe None.
David Shaw None.
JARVIS Dan Jay Asher None.
Nikki Belfield None.
Jason Keen None.
Luc McDonald None.
JAVID Sajid Jessica Hosmer-wright None.
Danielle Johnston-Jones None.
Jennifer Mayhew None.
JENKIN Bernard Ashley Coates None.
Thomas Fairweather None.
Catherine Perry None.
Alistair Scrimgeour None.
JENRICK Robert Susan Gray None.
Samantha Rizk None.
Thomas Ward None.
JOHNSON Alan Catherine Bramwell None.
Karen Friend None.
John McKenna None.
JOHNSON Diana Dominic Blythe None.
Martin Lennon None.
Thomas Stephens None.
JOHNSON Gareth Susan Aslett None.
Sarah Bedford Solicitor, Thomas Boyd Whyte (private legal practice).
Ursula Hudson None.
James King None.
JOHNSON Joseph Spencer Chilton None.
Kate Goodhart None.
Camilla Trotter None.
JONES Andrew Eric Cooper None.
Edward Darling None.
Timothy Myatt None.
JONES David Deri Hughes None.
Carys Taylor None.
JONES Graham Benjamin Swanson None.
JONES Kevan Joseph Carberry Overseas Visits: 21-25 April 2014 to Chicago and Washington DC as staff to Michael Dugher MP. Flights paid for by Mr Graham Cole; accommodation paid for by University of Chicago and Mr Malcolm George.
Alexander Diner Councillor, London Borough of Islington.
Kelly-Anne Thomas Policy Officer, Labour Party.
JONES Marcus Hayden Walmsley None.
Michael Windridge None.
JONES Susan Elan Valerie Bradfield None.
Katy Harrison None.
Nicholas Tott Consultant, Herbert Smith (solicitors). Solicitor, Freehills LLP (solicitors).
JOWELL Tessa Jessica Asato Political Adviser, The Labour Party. Councillor, London Borough of Islington.
Duncan Chapman None.
Andrew Coates None.
Liam Conlon Research for PwC (management consultancy).
Shamir Patel None.
Peter Robbins None.
Julia Rowley None.
JOYCE Eric Danielle Biloa Foe None.
Martin Brown None.
Rosalind Lund None.
KANE Mike Alan Franco None.
Louise Leyland None.
Suzanne Richards Councillor, Manchester City Council.
Joanne Taylor None.
KAUFMAN Gerald Nicola Cootes None.
KAWCZYNSKI Daniel Thomas Critchley None.
Michael Green None.
Mark Oates None.
Rashmi Paul None.
KEELEY Barbara Cherry Miller Graduate Training Assistant, University of Birmingham.
Alexandra Rennick None.
KELLY Chris Philippa Dorries None.
Daniel Horrocks Overseas Visits: 16-23 August 2014, to Taiwan as staff to Chris Kelly MP. Taipei Representative Office in the UK (TRO) met the cost of the visit.
Nicola Kelly None.
KENDALL Liz Rebecca Bailey Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
Samuel Mather None.
Anna Wojnilko None.
KENNEDY Charles Peter Ellis None.
Sian Norris-Copson None.
Jane Vaus Co-ordinator of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Intelligent Energy and paid for this work from the group's funds.
KHAN Sadiq Joy Adeyemo None.
Nick Bowes Senior Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
Kirsty Brown None.
Anna Cooper None.
Ali Picton None.
Shueb Salar None.
Jack Stenner None.
Carissa Tossell None.
KIRBY Simon Philip Brownlie None.
Brian Oxley None.
KNIGHT Greg Matthew Thomas None.
KWARTENG Kwasi Sarah Knight None.
Stephanie Lis Head of Communications, Institute of Economic Affairs (think tank).
Marc Morrison None.
LAING Eleanor Thomas Anelay None.
Iona Bensusan None.
Carol Chatfield Receptionist, BMW (motor trade).
LAMB Norman Edward Maxfield None.
Andrew Wells None.
William Woodward None.
LAMMY David Matthew Bethell None.
Natasha Byaruhanga None.
Georgina Colegate-Stone None.
Daisy Goodman None.
Benjamin Kentish None.
Lindsey Rostron None.
Matthew Whitty None.
LANCASTER Mark Festus Akinbusoye Company Director, Ikan Facilities Management Limited (security services).
Charlotte Eynon None.
LANSLEY Andrew Katherine Lawless None.
Ghazaleh Pourzadi None.
Briony Whitehouse None.
LATHAM Pauline Jake Hervin None.
Sam Millicheap None.
Rosalia Wood None.
LAVERY Ian Michael Calderbank Research Assistant, Union Services (parliamentary consultancy). Clients: National Union of Journalists; Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union; Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (all the above are trade unions).
Mark Fitton None.
Liam Lavery None.
Lori Malone Research Assistant, Union Services (parliamentary consultancy). Clients: Trade Union Co-ordinating Group (federation of trade unions), Public and Commercial Services Union (union representing civil servants), and Justice Forum (association of professional organisations involved in criminal and family justice).
LAWS David Alec Newton None.
Khloe Obazee None.
LAZAROWICZ Mark Andrew Bocking None.
Thomas Jobling None.
LEADSOM Andrea Luke Graystone None.
Ellie Hanger None.
Sarah Jackson None.
Marc Pooler None.
Clair Rees None.
LEE Jessica Lorraine Clarke None.
Allison Maguire None.
LEE Philip Joe Armitage None.
Lucy Hutton None.
Gareth Rice-Jones None.
LEE Phillip Michael Burgess None.
LEECH John James Harkins None.
Jawad Hassan None.
Bruno Marino None.
Drew McGregor None.
Pip Moss None.
LEFROY Jeremy Colin Bloom Executive Director, Conservative Christian Fellowship (faith organisation). Presenter, Share Radio (radio station). Provided some strategic advice on London to Maxcel (corporate event consultancy based in the USA).
Diego Grammatico None.
Jenny Leigh Researcher, Comment on Reproductive Ethics (research and campaigning organisation).
Emily Mills Benefit: Bursary/ scholarship received from CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) a registered charity, as an intern on their graduate training scheme.
Alexander Simpson None.
LEIGH Edward Andrew Cusack None.
LESLIE Charlotte John Flesher None.
Stephanie North None.
LESLIE Chris Peter Edwards None.
Jessica Levy None.
Maighread McCloskey Economy and Business Policy Officer, The Labour Party.
Mathew Panteli None.
LETWIN Oliver Angela Charles None.
Thomas Fieldhouse None.
LEWELL-BUCK Emma George James None.
LEWIS Brandon Justine Duggan None.
Hannah Gascoigne None.
Christopher Parkinson None.
LEWIS Ivan David Courcoux Shadow Department for International Development Team Co-ordinator, The Labour Party.
Jesseca Manville None.
Jessica Toale None.
Heather Vernon None.
LEWIS Julian Diana Brooks Councillor, New Forest District Council. Councillor, Totton Town Council.
Nina Karsov-Szechter None.
Colin Smith None.
LIDDELL-GRAINGER Ian Jill Liddell-Grainger None.
May Liddell-Grainger None.
Peter Liddell-Grainger None.
LIDINGTON David Verity Inge None.
Victoria Mackarness None.
Kieran Sinclair None.
LILLEY Peter Fiona Parker None.
Christine Percival None.
Ruth Stanley None.
LLOYD Stephen Shona Brown None.
Joshua Edwards None.
Harvey Rudden None.
LLWYD Elfyn Harry Fletcher Parliamentary Secretary, National Association of Probation Workers.
LLWYD Elfyn Ian Johnson Head of Policy, Plaid Cymru (political party). Councillor, Vale of Glamorgan County Council.
Elin Roberts None.
Rhian Roberts None.
LONG Naomi Julianne Broten Noble None.
Claire Johnson None.
LOPRESTI Jack Selina Short None.
LORD Jonathan Kirstyn Keable None.
Lynda Malins None.
Richard Perowne None.
LOUGHTON Tim James Butcher None.
Justine Kent None.
Caroline Macnaughton None.
Michael Simpson None.
Juliette Smith None.
LOVE Andrew Stacy-Ann Anderson None.
Christopher Drinkwater None.
Adam Lewis None.
Tessa Lidstone None.
Claire Stewart Councillor and Chief Whip, London Borough of Enfield.
LUCAS Caroline Ingrid Davidson None.
Laura Mackenzie None.
Catherine Miller Chief of Staff, The Green Party (political party).
Mehreen Rahman None.
Jennifer Williams Parliamentary Press Officer, The Green Party.
LUCAS Ian Bethan Twigg Overseas Visits: 16-23 August 2014, to Taiwan as staff to Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister. Taipei Representative Office in the UK (TRO) met the cost of the visit.
LUFF Peter Julia Luff None.
Olivia Phoenix None.
LUMLEY Karen Thomas Barlow Speechwriter for Lord Sheikh.
Lucy Lermer Overseas Visits: 16-23 August 2014, to Taipei in Taiwan as staff to Karen Lumley MP. Taipei Representative Office in London met the cost of the visit.
MACLEOD Mary Emily Follis None.
John Hildred None.
Sally Stephens None.
Joseph Vardon-Hynard None.
Siobhan Weller Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker's Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
Harriet Whitman None.
MACNEIL Angus Xavier Bello None.
Nikita Harkin None.
MACTAGGART Fiona Suraj Odedra Gift/Benefit: Paid by the Social Mobility Foundation as a parliamentary intern on the Speaker's Parliamentary Placements Scheme.
Susan Shutter Gifts and Benefits: Occasional attendance at Westminster Legal Policy Forum seminars, for which the Forum provides complimentary places to MPs' staff who hold a parliamentary pass.
Raymond Smith None.
Angela Watson None.
MAHMOOD Khalid Elaina Cohen Advice and support to the Davenports Group (hospitality industry).
Benjamin Gallagher None.
Anthony Smith Policy Executive, Birmingham City Council.
MAHMOOD Shabana Glenda Dunster None.
Beck Smith None.
MAIN Anne Emma Birch None.
Connar McBain None.
Victoria Parkin None.
Eleanor Towns None.
MALHOTRA Seema Navjyot Lehl None.
Robert Neville None.
Oliver O'Callaghan None.
Sofia Patel None.

Prepared 1st April 2015