Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 10 July 2015]

Mathias, T to Saville Roberts, L

Member (i.e. Sponsor) Staff Other Relevant Gainful Occupation or Benefit
MATHIAS Tania John Flesher None.
MAY Theresa Jennifer Sharkey None.
MAYNARD Paul James Keith None.
Mathew Morris None.
Simon Renwick None.
MCCABE Steve Sergio Esposito None.
MCCAIG Callum Stephen Flynn None
MCCARTHY Kerry Chloe Alexander Part-time Co-ordinator for the Performers' Alliance All-Party Parliamentary Group and paid for this work by the Performers' Alliance.
Orla Berry Overseas Visits: 21-8 March 2015, to Hong Kong as part of a Sponsored Visit Programme for researchers, organised with the All-Party Parliamentary China Group. Travel, accommodation and some hospitality was paid for by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office.
Mark Condren Regional Coordinator, Andy4Leader (political campaign)
MCCARTNEY Jason Florence Masser None.
John Travis None.
MCCARTNEY Karl Mel Barratt None.
Michael Vivona Councillor, Reigate and Banstead Borough Council.
MCDONAGH Siobhain Deirdre Colgan None.
Ross Garrod Councillor, London Borough of Merton.
MCDONAGH Siobhan Jade Colgan None.
MCDONALD Andy Karl Hansen None.
MCDONALD Stewart Paul Leinster None.
MCDONALD Stuart Christopher Simpson None.
MCDONNELL Alasdair Paula Kelly None.
Claire Tighe Officer Manager for Westminster Office, Social Democrat and Labour Party.
MCDONNELL John Sebastian Bracchitta Corbyn None.
Jacqui Connor None.
Harry Fletcher None.
MCFADDEN Pat Daniel Whittle Director, Unions 21 (think tank).
MCGINN Conor Patrick Dougherty None.
MCGUIRE Anne Graham Fraser Parliamentary Assistant, Scottish Parliament.
MCINNES Liz Mary Dobbin None.
Kirsty McCullagh None.
MCKINNELL Catherine Benn Hall None.
MCLAUGHLIN Anne Annette Christie None.
MCPARTLAND Stephen Kirsten McAuliffe None.
MEACHER Michael Jon Lansman None.
Monica Masson None.
MEALE Alan Roger Easterby None.
MEARNS Ian Leigh Kirton None.
Roisin McDermott None.
MENZIES Mark Guy de Vito None.
William Moore None.
MERCER Johnny Ben Coltham None.
MERRIMAN Huw Frances McKenna None.
Anja Wiedemann-Bates None.
METCALFE Stephen Beverley Groves None.
Philip Hayman None.
Robert Sheridan None.
MILIBAND Edward Katherine Bell None.
Jill Cuthbertson Diary Manager, the Labour Party.
MILLER Maria Lynn Fox None.
Juliet Henderson None.
Annabel Jones None.
Emily Moore None.
Anastasia Starostina None.
MILLS Nigel Emma Reece None.
MILTON Anne Sarah Coleby None.
Rhys Harry None.
Antonia Kerridge None.
MITCHELL Andrew Karen Grieve None.
Yasmin Kalhori None.
Christina Moorhouse None.
MOON Madeleine Matthew Ward None.
MORDAUNT Penny Adam Chambers None.
MORDEN Jessica Lynn Glaister None.
Samuel Hughes None.
Chenisha Sangha None.
MORGAN Nicky Susan Clarke None.
John Cope None.
Elise Peek None.
MORRIS Anne-Marie Thomas Baycock None.
MORRIS David Emma Smith None.
MORRIS Grahame Simeon Andrews Parliamentary consultant. Clients: Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union, Rail Maritime and Transport Union, Public Commercial Services Union, Fire Brigades Union, NAPO (the family court and probation union) Prison Officers Union, and the Trade Union Coordinating Group (all the above are trade unions); Westminster Drugs Project, Blenheim CDP and Addaction (drug and alcohol service providers).
William Brown Councillor, London Borough of Lewisham. Overseas Visits: 28-30 November 2014, to Ankara to attend a conference. Flights and accommodation paid for by the Confederation of Turkish Businesswomen and Businessmen (registered January 2015).
Richard Hanford Research Assistant, Union Political Services (political and parliamentary consultancy). Clients: PCS (public and commercial services union), FBU (fire brigades union), Westminster Drugs Project (drugs and alcohol treatment).
MORRIS James Christopher Aikens None.
Samantha Hadley None.
Gary Sambrook Councillor, Birmingham City Council.
MORTON Wendy George Hopkin None.
Peter Vines None.
MOWAT David Stewart Gardiner None.
Robert Hancock None.
Ryan Witchell None.
MULHOLLAND Greg Mo Saqib None.
MULLIN Roger Lynda Holton None.
MUNDELL David William Holloway None.
MURRAY Ian Martin McCluskey Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
David Shaw Political Advisor, the Labour Party.
MURRAY Sheryll Gloria Challen Councillor, Saltash Town Council.
Natalie Dunwell None.
Lisa Sargeant None.
NANDY Lisa Lucille Harvey None.
NASH Pamela Matthew Grady Policy Adviser, STOPAIDS (HIV charity).
NEILL Robert Jane Matthews None.
Vanessa Michna None.
Samuel Robins None.
NICHOLSON John Frank Mckirgan None.
NOKES Caroline George Causer None.
Claire Pearsall Councillor, Sevenoaks District Council.
Ryan Sutton None.
NORMAN Jesse Thomas Kennedy None.
Amy Woolfson None.
NUSRAT Ghani Joshua Crossley None.
NUTTALL David Andrew Rimmer None.
OFFORD Matthew George Bose None.
Hilary Butler Constituency Agent, Hendon Conservative Association.
Hannah Evans None.
ONN Melanie Jacqueline Jagger None.
ONWURAH Chi Mark Simmonds Overseas Visits: 15-20 September 2014, to West Bank and Israel staffing Chi Onwurah MP. Travel2Palestine Ltd met the cost of travel, accommodation and guides.
OPPERMAN Guy Daniel Brown None.
OSAMOR Kate Edward Armston-Sheret None.
Ishmael Osamor None.
OSBORNE George Lisa Buckland Special Advisor, HM Treasury.
James Caldecourt None.
Phillipa Rudkin None
Sally Rushton None.
OWEN Albert Samuel Blyth None.
Martin Parry None.
PAISLEY Ian Stephen Knowles None.
PARISH Neil Laura Goodall None.
Timothy Jenkins None.
Diana Varley Councillor, Chiltern District Council.
PATEL Priti John Hope None.
David Leaf Councillor, London Borough of Bexley.
William Mitchell None.
PATERSON Owen Claire Ayres None.
Christopher Bullivant Executive Director, UK 2020 Ltd (think tank).
James Harrison-Allen None.
Adam Keene Research Assistant, UK 2020 (think tank)
PATERSON Steven Lynne Gibbons None.
PAWSEY Mark James Roberts None.
PEARCE Teresa Joseph Ferreira Councillor, London Borough of Bexley.
Abigail O'Reilly None.
Patrick Wise-Walsh None.
PENNING Mike Heather Mole Director, Buttermountain Ltd (websites and e-newsletters for MPs).
Jonathan Mole Director, Buttermountain Limited (websites and electronic newsletters for Members of Parliament).
Ronald Moss None.
Susan Stow None.
PENNYCOOK Matthew Leueen Fox None.
PENROSE John Charlotte Beaupere None.
PERCY Andrew James Gurd Manager, Conservative Friends of Israel (public affairs).
Kassim Qureshi None.
PERKINS Toby Daniel Baynes None.
Matthew Kelcher Borough Councillor, London Borough of Brent.
PERRY Claire Anna Pandoulas None.
Tamara Reay None.
PHILLIPS Stephen Emma Salisbury None.
PHILLIPSON Bridget Scott Gilfillan None.
Aidan Mundy None.
PHILP Chris Lynne Hale Councillor, London Borough of Croydon.
Madeleine Hale None.
Emma Willis None.
PICKLES Eric Kay Bellwood None.
Lesley Gaymer None.
Karen Sheehan None.
PINCHER Christopher Henry Poultney None.
Alastair Whitby None.
POULTER Daniel James McDermott-Hill None.
Carol Poulter Councillor, Suffolk Coastal District Council.
Camilla Scrimgeour None.
POUND Stephen Cieran McCartan Councillor, London Borough of Ealing.
Diane Wall None.
Anthie Zachariou None.
POW Rebecca Olivia Grant None.
Sharon Grant None.
POW Rebbeca Katherine Toone None.
POWELL Lucy Anthony McCaul None.
John Powell None.
PRENTIS Victoria Catharine Gammie None.
Stephanie Garnett None.
PRISK Mark Natalie Bithell None.
Joan Hunter None.
Charles Rowley None.
PRITCHARD Mark William Blackman None.
PUGH John Anna Bailey Filing Clerk for Carter Perry Bailey (Law firm). Gifts/Benefits: On parliamentary internship scheme funded by bursary from Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales.
Karlia Lykourgou None.
PURSGLOVE Tom Zara Beavan-Vaughan None.
Rhiannon Padley None.
QUIN Jeremy Elizabeth Dewdney-Herbert None.
Susan Hay None.
Devi Radia None.
QUINCE Will Daniel Ellis None.
Joy Morrissey None.
QURESHI Yasmin Sadia Ali None.
Chris Fegan Chief Operating Officer, Chess in Schools and Communities (a charity). General Secretary, Catholic Concern for Animals (a charity).
Karen Lawrinson Assistant Editor, W4MP (website for MPs' staff).
RAAB Dominic Nicholas Cooper None.
Thomas Hewitt None.
Ian Riley None.
Anona White None.
RAYNER Angela Michael Amesbury Council, Manchester City Council.
Nick Parrott None.
REDWOOD John Myles Larrington None.
Gail Sidnell None.
REED Jamie Rosie Corrigan None.
John Fyfe Adviser, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.
Benjamin Miller None.
REED Steve Ross Haynes None.
Jason Milligan None.
Louise Szpera None.
REES Christina Jaselle Williams None.
REES-MOGG Jacob Max Burnett None.
Fiona Oldfield-Hodge Personal Assistant, Somerset Capital Management (investment).
Stacey Tong None.
REEVES Rachel Keir Cozens None.
Joseph Derrett None.
James McIvor Political Advisor, The Labour Party.
Julia Pitman None.
Louise Tinsley None.
REYNOLDS Emma Luke Murphy Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
Dominic Palma None.
Tessa Trabue None.
REYNOLDS Jonathan Thomas Marsland None.
Jason Prince None.
RIMMER Marie Barrie Grunewald None.
Alexander Mitchell None.
Patricia Murray None.
RITCHIE Margaret Martin Collins Secretariat and Consultant for the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Irish in Britain, paid by Irish in Britain (a charity).
ROBERTSON Angus Christopher Mullins-Silverstein None.
Jason Scott-Sheets None.
Sigridur Torfadottir Tulinius None.
ROBERTSON Laurence Nicole Garrett None.
ROBINSON Geoffrey Elizabeth McFarlane None.
Brenda Price None.
ROBINSON Mary Matthew Dawes None.
ROSINDELL Andrew Osman Dervish None.
Theodore Hadlow None.
Mo Metcalf-Fisher None.
ROTHERAM Steve Gavin Callaghan Councillor, Basildon Council.
RUDD Amber Stephen Richardson None.
Elisha Walia None.
RUTLEY David Stuart Barrow Sole trader, Sea the Future (writing and research on tourism) – Client: Crescent Trust (heritage research).
Lynda Fryer None.
Alastair McNair None.
RYAN Joan Nesil Cazimoglu None.
Stuart Drakes None.
SALMOND Alex Fergus Mutch None.
Ann-Marie Parry Parliamentary Assistant, Scottish Parliament.
SANDBACH Antoinette Rhiannon Glover Late Duty Press Officer, The Conservative Party.
Lisa Townsend None.
SAVILLE ROBERTS Liz Ian Johnson Head of Policy, Plaid Cymru (political party). Councillor, Vale of Glamorgan County Council. Councillor, Barry Town Council.
Elin Roberts None.

Prepared 10th July 2015