Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 30 December 2015]

Abbott, D to Cunningham, J

Member (i.e. Sponsor) Staff Other Relevant Gainful Occupation or Benefit
ABBOTT Diane Henry Badenoch None.
Georgios Chalkias None.
Adam Jogee Councillor, London Borough of Haringey.
Sheyda Monshizadeh-Azar None.
Bellavia Ribeiro-Addy None.
ABRAHAMS Debbie Sabah Kanwal None.
Kari Mawhood None.
Harpreet Uppal None.
ADAMS Nigel Malin Baker Bogue Overseas Visits: 2-9 November 2015, to Israel on Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) delegation. CFI met cost of accommodation, meals and travel.
Howard Ferguson None.
William Hanley None.
AFRIYIE Adam William Archdeacon Rapporteur, Digital Policy Alliance (policy think tank)
Thomas Harrison None.
Mary Stamp Councillor, Aylesbury Vale District Council.
Claire Wilson-Leary None.
AHMED-SHEIKH Tasmina Hannah Brown None.
Cameron Crawford None.
Ellen Forson Office Manager, Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body. Councillor, Clackmannanshire Council.
Eleanor Green None.
Claire Mckay Constituency Assistant to Keith Brown MSP, Scottish Parliament.
ALDOUS Peter Renee Cunningham None.
Craig Harvey None.
George King None.
Annabel Kirk None.
ALEXANDER Heidi Scott Dickson None.
Melanie Haslam None.
Jamie Milne None.
Ben Nunn Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
Fiona Roberts None.
Thomas Whitney Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
ALI Rushanara David Clinton None.
Ayaan Gulaid None.
Catherine Poust None.
Alice Prescott None.
Joy Steele None.
ALLAN Lucy Daniel Bradshaw None.
Chantelle De Villiers None.
ALLEN Graham Irena Hulova None.
Marie-Claire Platt None.
James Potts None.
ALLEN Heidi Alex Lyons-Negus None.
Julia Smith None.
Paula Wade Councillor, St Edmundsbury Borough Council.
AMESS David Naomi Chapelhow None.
Gillian Lee None.
Dominic Newman None.
Thomas Short None.
ANDERSON David Paul Foy None.
Karie Murphy None.
ANDREW Stuart Andy Clarke None.
Julie Jolly None.
Elizabeth Lumley Field Campaigner, The Conservative Party.
Paul Stewart None.
ANSELL Caroline Nicholas Ansell None.
Robert Findon None.
Ian Lucas None.
ARGAR Edward Joanna Thomas None.
ARKLESS Richard Jacqui Ringrose None.
Anastasios Vourexakis None.
Kerry-Anne Willacy None.
ASHWORTH Jonathan Radhika Madhani None.
Bradley Marshall None.
Sarah Tattum Coombes Political Advisor, The Labour Party.
ATKINS Victoria Emma Barr Ad hoc communications work for Women2win (organisation which aims to increase the number of Conservative women in Parliament and in public life).
AUSTIN Ian Sophie Francis-Cansfield None.
Jennifer Gerber Director, Labour Friends of Israel (campaigning group).
Callum Hood None.
Harry Nicol None.
BACON Richard Kasra Aarabi None.
Joanna Church None.
James Emberley None.
Tracy Reeve None.
Mike Rigby None.
BAILEY Adrian Chloe Bukata None.
BAKER Steve Robyn Halbert None.
Amy Patching None.
BALDWIN Harriett Edward Davies Managing Director, Miii Marketing Consulting (a marketing consultancy).
Victoria Elvidge None.
Philippa Plevey None.
BARCLAY Stephen Constance Anker None.
Samir Dwesar None.
BARDELL Hannah Caroline Key None.
Stephanie Mctighe None.
Marcus Woods None.
BARON John Claire Chipp None.
Edward Sargeant None.
Benjamin Yates Overseas visits: 22-28 March 2015, to Hong Kong with a delegation from the All-Party Parliamentary China Group and the Hong Kong Trade and Economic Office, which met the cost of the visit.
BARRON Kevin Michael Denoual None.
Kate Edwards None.
BARWELL Gavin Mario Creatura Councillor, London Borough of Croydon.
Jason Cummings Office assistant, Croydon Conservative Federation. Councillor, London Borough of Croydon.
John Hammersmith None.
BEBB Guto Barbara Baldon None.
Samantha Cotton None.
Esyllt Penri None.
Harriet Turner None.
BECKETT Margaret Nicola Brown None.
Lyn Bryan None.
Jessica Maloney None.
BELLINGHAM Henry Eleanor Harris None.
Karis Sands None.
BENN Hilary Imran Ahmed Political Advisor, The Labour Party.
Stephen Benn Parliamentary Affairs advisor, the Society of Biology (a registered charity).
Sally Clark None.
Nicholas Hope Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
BENYON Richard Michele De Angeli None.
Miles Evans None.
Catherine Haig None.
BERCOW John Georgia Smith None.
Charlotte-Anne Swift None.
Thomas Tweddle None.
BERESFORD Paul Zoe Sherbrooke None.
Sam White None.
Annie Winsbury None.
BERGER Luciana Eve Byrne None.
Paul Richards None.
Kate Talbot None.
Katherine Thompson None.
BERRY Jake Paul Fairhurst None.
Louise Inglis None.
Julia Surman None.
BERRY James Tamara Barnett None.
William Lockwood None.
Greg Munro None.
BETTS Clive Andrea Fischetti None.
Jessica Otefisan None.
BINGHAM Andrew Julie Banks Thompson None.
William Crook None.
Jamie Douglas None.
BLACK Mhairi Declan McBride None.
Ann-Marie Parry None.
BLACKFORD Ian Steven Brown Councillor, East Lothian District Council.
John O'Leary None.
BLACKMAN-WOODS Roberta Alyssa Campbell None.
Annabel Pryke None.
Georgina Smith None.
Elizabeth Walne None.
BLACKMAN Bob Connor Batty None.
Nicola Blackman Overseas Visit: 26-31 July 2015, to Israel and the West Bank on a fact finding political delegation. Conservative Friends of Israel paid subsistence for food and accommodation.
Simon Finkelstein None.
Lakshmi Kaul None.
Martine Martin Overseas visits: 2-9 November 2015, to Israel and the West Bank on a fact-finding political delegation. Travel, accommodation and subsistence were met by Conservative Friends of Israel.
BLACKMAN Kirsty Jonathan Kiehlmann None.
BLACKWOOD Nicola Guy Daws None.
Paul Honey None.
Kirsty McKellar None.
Louis McMahon None.
BLENKINSOP Tom Jonathan Keenan None.
BLOMFIELD Paul Claire Hughes None.
Benjamin Mackay None.
Jason Read None.
Amy Williams None.
BLUNT Crispin Andrew Hollingsworth None.
Alexander Keynes None.
Harry Prance None.
BOLES Nick Hayyan Bhabha None.
Elliott Chang None.
Kelham Cooke Constituency Agent, Grantham and Stamford Conservatives. Councillor and Cabinet Member, South Kesteven District Council.
Jane Gordon-Cumming None.
BONE Peter Jordan Ayres None.
Neelam Cartmell None.
James Shipp None.
BORWICK Victoria Alexander Greer Campaign Assistant for Kensington, Chelsea and Fulham Conservative Association.
Amy Selman Research and Policy Assistant to the Chief of Staff, Greater London Authority.
John Sweeney None.
Camilla Walker None.
BOSWELL Phil Katelyn Geraghty None.
Patrick Rolink None.
Paul Welsh Councillor, North Lanarkshire Council.
BOSWELL Philip Julie McAnulty Councillor, North Lanarkshire Council.
BOTTOMLEY Peter Colette Hanson None.
Sally Myers None.
Maureen Singer None.
Jessica Zbinden-Webster None.
BRADLEY Karen Jack Brereton None.
BRADSHAW Ben Hannah Carson None.
Jack Falkingham None.
Murray McKirdle None.
Rebecca Walker None.
BRADY Graham Sybil Crowther None.
Sacha Surgenor None.
BRAKE Tom Manuel Abellan San Martin Councillor, London Borough of Sutton.
Callum Morton Councillor, London Borough of Sutton.
Fraser Seifert None.
Christian Wood None.
BRAZIER Julian Katherine Brazier None.
Grant Cherry None.
Hilary Dannatt None.
BRENNAN Kevin Colette Collins-Walsh None.
BRIDGEN Andrew Harpreet Sangra None.
Andrew Woodman None.
BRINE Steve Gabrielle Mancini None.
Naomi Snowdon None.
BROCK Deidre Calum Cashley None.
BROKENSHIRE James David Thompson None.
BROWN Lyn Felix Grenfell Bozek None.
Stuart Ingham None.
Peter Lewis None.
Asger Van Lier None.
BROWN Nicholas David Hickling None.
Neil Ross None.
BRUCE Fiona Samuel Bruce None.
Jonathan Monro None.
Mervyn Thomas Researcher, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (religious freedom NGO).
BRYANT Chris Samuel Bacon None.
Haydn Belfield Gifts/Benefits: EE provided tickets and accommodation at a festival held 25-29 June 2015.
Maria Finnerty None.
Mark Norris Councillor, Rhondda County Borough Council.
BUCK Karen John Atkinson None.
Adam Johnstone None.
Agim Sekiraqa None.
BUCKLAND Robert Claire Ellis Councillor, Swindon Borough Council.
Jack Howard None.
Benjamin Jafari None.
Andrew Timlett None.
BURDEN Richard Lucy Hadley None.
Joshua Newton None.
Tom Wilkinson None.
BURGON Richard Benjamin Folley Helped organise visits and events for four weeks during summer 2015 for the Jeremy Corbyn leadership campaign and was paid for this by Jeremy Corbyn Supporters (Services) Ltd. (Registered 16 September 2015).
Mariela Kohon Researcher, Justice for Columbia (Trade Union Campaign)
Stephen Turner Assistant General Secretary, Unite (trade union).
BURNHAM Andy Philip Ball Political Advisor, Andy4Leader (political campaign)
Kevin Lee Political Advisor for the Andy4Leader Campaign (campaign organisation). Gifts/Benefits: Granada TV provided 2 tickets for the Rugby World Cup match held on 10 October 2015 at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester.
Philippa Menzies Head of Operations and Events, Andy 4 Leader (leadership campaign) from 16 May-12 September 2015. (Registered 29 June 2015).
BURNS Conor Richard Cleary Gifts/Benefits: On parliamentary internship scheme funded by bursary from Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales.
James Edwards None.
Jeanne Mousley None.
Stephen Parselle None.
BURNS Simon Annalinda Riley None.
Edward Winstanley None.
BURROWES David Imogen Atkinson None.
Alessandro Georgiou None.
Ryan Henson Councillor, East Hertfordshire District Council.
Evelina Vulpe Party Official, Conservative Christian Fellowship.
BURT Alistair Eve Burt None.
Amanda Buttimore None.
Helena Gilfedder Overseas Visits: 7-12 June 2015, to Israel and the West Bank on fact finding political delegation. Conservative Friends of Israel and Embassy of Israel met the cost of the visit.
Gurdev Singh None.
BUTLER Dawn Dawn Faniku None.
James May None.
BYRNE Liam James Pignon None.
Emma Rawlinson None.
Matthew Reilly None.
CADBURY Ruth Grace Dobson-Hughes None.
Damon Fairley None.
Jo Heal Service Assessor, World Duty Free (retail).
Andrew Jackson None.
Samantha Jury-Dada None.
Gavin Patel None.
CAIRNS Alun Antony Bennett Councillor, Vale of Glamorgan Council.
Ross England None.
Garaint Evans None.
Katharine Pearce None.
CAMERON David Caroline Balcon None.
Emma Quarterman None.
Rose Rawlins None.
CAMERON Lisa Nicola Hetherington None.
Linda McCorrison None.
Mohammed Rabbani Constituency Assistant to Nicola Sturgeon MSP, Scottish Parliament.
CAMPBELL Ronnie Carol Porteous None.
CARMICHAEL Alistair Thomas Panton None.
Helen Wishart None.
CARMICHAEL Neil Theodore Hadlow None.
Lewis Robinson None.
Sharon Sugars None.
CARSWELL Douglas Victoria Barr None.
Brogan Kear None.
Grace Lievesley None.
Duncan Simpson None.
CARTLIDGE James Helen Harris None.
Harriet Steer Councillor, Babergh District Council.
Harriet Whitman None.
CASH William James McConalogue None.
Sarah McConalogue None.
CAULFIELD Maria Philip Brownlie None.
Edward Dwight None.
Matthew Harrison None.
Brian Oxley None.
CHALK Alex Kathryn Burke None.
Benjamin Carlton None.
James Dee None.
Hannah Wright None.
CHAMPION Sarah Victoria Brown None.
Tom Colclough None.
Dawn Elliott Councillor, Broxtowe Borough Council.
Alexander Guest None.
CHAPMAN Douglas Graeme Spence None.
Neal Stewart None.
CHAPMAN Jenny Tom Wilson None.
Grace Wright None.
CHERRY Joanna George Bruce None.
Natasha Fox None.
Sarah O'Gallagher None.
CHISHTI Rehman Nusrat Ahmed None.
Barry Watts None.
CHOPE Christopher Giorgio Annecchini None.
Cassian Horowitz None.
CHURCHILL Jo Carolyn Bacon None.
Lesley Canham None.
Tim Cook None.
Anna Trevers None.
CLARK Greg Matthew Dickins Councillor, Sevenoaks District Council.
Joanna Garner None.
Rachel Godfrey None.
Jessica Guy None.
CLARKE Kenneth James Hall None.
Deborah Sugg Paid by Mr Clarke from his personal resources to act as his PA for his private/personal correspondence.
Charlotte Wallis None.
CLEGG Nick Rosie Gray Correspondence Assistant, Policy Unit, Liberal Democrats party.
Steven O'Neil Party Headquarters staff, Liberal Democrats party.
Phil Reilly None.
Edward Simpson Direct Communications Manager, The Liberal Democrats Party.
CLEVERLY James Vanessa Gleisinger None.
Paula Malone None.
Mo Metcalf-Fisher Overseas Visits: 7-12 June 2015, to Israel and the West Bank on fact finding political delegation. Conservative Friends of Israel and Embassy of Israel met the cost of the visit.
CLIFTON-BROWN Geoffrey Judith Betterton None.
Mary Hodge None.
Jeremy Lilley None.
Paul Morgan None.
CLWYD Ann Catherine Baker None.
Sharon Grant None.
Abigail O'Reilly None.
Philip Randall None.
COAKER Vernon Beth Miller Overseas Visits: 28 February-4 March 2015, to Japan. Cost of visit was met by Japanese Embassy.
Janet Peet None.
Simon Puddick None.
Colette Roberts None.
COFFEY Ann Joseph Caluori Councillor, London Borough of Islington.
Joy Copley None.
Ruby Shrimpton None.
COFFEY Therese Alexander Bright None.
Kirsty Locke None.
Philip North Gift/Benefit: ITV provided tickets, including dinner, to England versus Wales match at Twickenham held on 26 September 2015 (registered October 2015).
Hugo Sumner None.
COLLINS Damian James Davenport None.
Lorraine Pitcher None.
Andrew Smith None.
COLVILE Oliver Stuart Pilcher None.
Alastair Russell None.
Thea Shaw None.
COOPER Julie Patricia Ellis Councillor, Burnley Borough Council.
Sam Goodman None.
Joanne Greenwood Councillor, Burnley Borough Council.
Tamoor Tariq Councillor, Bury Council.
COOPER Yvette Roger Baker Consultant, YvetteForLabour (campaign)
Marie Birchall None.
Thomas Dunn None.
Karl Pike Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
Amy Richards Political Advisor, The Labour Party.
CORBYN Jeremy Janet Chapman None.
Katy Clark None.
Neale Coleman Policy Director, The Labour Party
Stephanie Driver Head of Events, Head Office, The Labour Party.
Andrew Fisher Political Adviser, The Labour Party.
Kat Fletcher Researcher, The Labour Party.
Simon Fletcher Chief of Staff, The Labour Party.
Billie Heath None.
Joss MacDonald Diary and Correspondence Administrator, The Labour Party.
Anneliese Midgley None.
Seumas Milne None.
James Murray Housing Policy Advisor, The Labour Party. Executive Member (Councillor), London Borough of Islington.
Nicolette Petersen None.
Nancy Platts None.
Jack Reardon Bond None.
Gavin Sibthorpe Events Officer/Researcher, The Labour Party.
Joshua Simons None.
Kevin Slocombe Provides media and spokesperson services for the Labour Party.
William Smith Political Assistant, The Labour Party.
Niall Sookoo None.
Angie Williams Office Administrator, The Labour Party.
COSTA Alberto William Bateman None.
Narinder Pooni None.
Diana Thompson None.
COWAN Ronnie Iain Fraser None.
Colin MacDonald None.
Jennifer Scott-Mcclafferty None.
Rhiannon Spear None.
COX Geoffrey Jonathan Cox None.
Alison Croft None.
Oliver Mundell None.
COX Jo Dan Howard None.
COYLE Neil Laura Hutchinson None.
Harry Johnson None.
Sarah McGuire None.
Oana Diana Olaru None.
Hannah Olbison None.
CRABB Stephen Jonjo Robb None.
Jacqueline Stanley-Johns None.
CRAWLEY Angela Rhona Kenny None.
David Russell None.
Josh Wilson None.
CREAGH Mary John Leahy None.
Felicity Slater None.
Jessica Toale Overseas Visits: 6-9 September 2015, to Lebanon accompanying Mary Creagh MP. Islamic Relief paid for travel, accommodation, food.
CREASY Stella Jonathan Broadbery None.
Danielle Grufferty None.
Sam Woodcock None.
CROUCH Tracey Theo Boggis None.
Georgina Nicolettos None.
Sarah-Jane Palmer None.
Khobi Vallis None.
CRUDDAS Jon James Brown None.
Jonathan Rutherford None.
CRYER John Gareth Myton None.
Gulsharan Sall None.
David Seaton Ulliott None.
Vanessa Woollacott None.
CUMMINS Judith Rita Harrison None.
Robert Middleton Councillor, Milton Keynes Borough Council.
Andrew Thornton Councillor, Bradford Metropolitan District Council.
CUNNINGHAM Alex Susan Donaghy None.
Sam Reeve None.
CUNNINGHAM Jim Eleanor Connolly None.
Adam Farrell Councillor, North Warwickshire Borough Council and Coleshill Town Council.
Spencer Powers None.