Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 7 February 2020]

Abdul, S to Darrow, A

Staff Sponsor (ie Member) Other Relevant Gainful Occupation, Employment, Gift or Benefit
ABDUL Suha John McDonnell None.
ABDULLAHI Amal Ben Lake None.
ABEL Lawrence Gillian Keegan None.
ABLORH Memphis Rebecca Harris None.
ADAMS Niall Helen Hayes None.
ADDIS Melanie Cheryl Gillan None.
AFZAL Angela Tim Farron Parliamentary Advisor, Good Faith Partnership (immigration and asylum policy group).
AGBOAYE Imiose Valerie Vaz None.
AHMED Nusrat Rehman Chishti None.
AIRD Christine Mary Glindon None.
AITCHISON Fiona Kirsty Blackman None.
ALDRED Daniel Sarah Dines None.
ALDRIDGE Steven Henry Smith None.
ALEXANDER Alistair Ruth Cadbury None.
ALEXIS Marquis Alistair Carmichael None.
ALI James Sarah Owen None.
ALI Sadia Yasmin Qureshi None.
AL-IZZI Hana Annaliese Dodds None.
ALLAN Carol Charles Walker None.
ALLAN Charley Mary Glindon Consultant, Solidarity Consulting Ltd (public affairs consultancy). Clients: Prison Officers Association, National Association of Probation Officers, Public and Commercial Services Union, University and College Union, Police Federation England and Wales, Professional Association (Police Federation) (trade unions).
ALLAN Emily Andrew Mitchell None.
ALLAN Georgina Simon Fell None.
ALLEN Graham Alex Norris None.
ALLEN Katy Helen Grant None.
ALLEN Melina Grant Shapps None.
ALLEN Richard Luke Evans None.
ALLEN Thomas Brandon Lewis None.
ALLISS Harry Ruth Edwards None.
ALSTON Francesca Edward Davey Paid by the Liberal Democrats to be administrator in Leader's office.
ALTON Stephen Michael Ellis None.
AMES BLACKABY Joshua Yasmin Qureshi Researcher and Coordinator, APPG Religion in the Media (promoting religious literacy).
AMINI Milad Rupa Huq None.
AMOORE Susannah Michael Gove None.
AMOS Josephine Afzal Khan None.
ANDERSEN Brooke Lyn Brown None.
ANDERSON Beverley Catherine West None.
ANDERSON Jessica Rebecca Pow None.
ANDERSON Julie Jeffrey Donaldson Researcher, Commonwealth Church.
ANDERTON Thomas Kerry McCarthy None.
ANDREW Kirsty Stuart McDonald Office Manager, Jamie Hepburn MSP (Member of the Scottish Parliament).
ANDREWS Liam Ben Everitt None.
ANDREWS Pierre Damian Collins None.
ANNECCHINI Giorgio Bob Blackman None.
ANTHONY Andrew Mike Freer None.
ARAUJO Lina Del Rosario Chris Matheson Contract Lawyer, Iilex Limited (legal services)
ARCHIBALD Beverley Thangam Debbonaire None.
ARMSTRONG Dominic Marie Rimmer None.
ARMSTRONG Sandra Sammy Wilson None.
ARMSTRONG William Tulip Siddiq None.
ARROYAVE RAMINEZ Alejandra Jeremy Corbyn None.
ASHBY Beth John McDonnell Operations Officer, The Labour Party.
ASHBY Jack Imran Hussain None.
ASHCROFT Daniel Siobhain McDonagh None.
ASHRAF Nadeem Yasmin Qureshi None.
ASHTON Thomas John Stevenson None.
ASLETT John Kwasi Kwarteng None.
ASLETT Susan Gareth Johnson None.
ATHERTON Daniel Peter Bottomley None.
ATKINSON John Karen Buck None.
AVETA Ilaria Chris Skidmore None.
AWAN Eaman Jeremy Corbyn Events Officer, Labour Party.
AYRES Claire Owen Paterson None.
AYRES Jordan Peter Bone None.
AZIM Jade Lisa Nandy None.
BACKHOUSE Peter Sajid Javid None.
BACON Carolyn Jo Churchill None.
BACON Cheryl Kemi Badenoch Councillor, London Borough of Bexley.
BAGULAY Lesley Julie Marson None.
BAILEY Laura Bim Afolami None.
BAKER Piers Geoffrey Clifton-Brown None.
BALDAUF-GOOD Gavin Toby Perkins None.
BALDRY Ryan Chris Philp Late Duty Press Officer, Conservative Campaign Headquarters. Gift/Benefit: Ticket and hospitality to the 02 Arena on Tuesday 19 March 2019, provided by RBS. (Registered March 2019).
BALDWIN Jack Layla Moran None.
BAMBER Christopher David Mundell None.
BAMBERY Christopher Hywel Williams None.
BAMBOROUGH James Chi Onwurah None.
BANAHAN Elizabeth Gavin Williamson None.
BANHAM Richard Keir Starmer None.
BANKS Elliott Robert Butler None.
BANKS THOMPSON Julie Andrew Lewer None.
BARBER Gerard James Sunderland None.
BARGE Michael Miriam Cates None.
BARKER Joseph Ben Bradley None.
BARNARD Alan Julie Elliott None.
BARNES Antonia Marcus Fysh None.
BARNES Emma Barbara Keeley Political Adviser, Labour Party.
BARR James Tom Tugendhat None.
BARRAND Andrew Kevin Foster Admin Officer, Totnes Conservatives (political association).
BARRATT Mel Craig Mackinlay None.
BARRIBALL Laura Geoffrey Cox None.
BARROW Stuart Jack Brereton None.
BARTLETT Iryna Robert Syms None.
BASILICO Stefano Andrea Jenkyns Freelance contributor, Easternational Connecting (Italian think tank).
BASRA Mukesh Andrew Bridgen None.
BASS Michelle Andrew Bridgen None.
BATEMAN William Alberto Costa Overseas Visits: 18-19 July 2019 to Brussels to accompany Alberto Costa MP to lead British Parliamentary Emergency Taskforce on Citizens Rights at a meeting with Michel Barnier, EU Chief Negotiator, European Union Commission.
BATES Kathryn Maria Caulfield None.
BATES Robert Jim McMahon Political and Parliamentary Officer, The Co-Operative Party.
BATLEY Eleanor Derek Thomas None.
BATTY Connor Bob Blackman None.
BAYFIELD Edward Neil Parish None.
BAYNE Helen David Duguid None.
BEADLE Rachel Scott Mann None.
BEALL Nicholas Steve Reed None.
BEARE John Peter Grant Councillor, Fife Council.
BEAUPERE Charlotte John Penrose None.
BECKFORD Paul Zac Goldsmith Policy Director, No Third Runway Coalition (community group).
BEDFORD Sarah Gareth Johnson Solicitor, Thomas Boyd Whyte (private legal practice).
BEGLEY Jacqueleen Mike Amesbury Company Secretary, Oxford Group (charity).
BEGUM Salma Rushanara Ali None.
BELIC Alexander Alison Thewliss None.
BELL Daniel Karl McCartney None.
BELL Steve Maria Caulfield Councillor, Brighton & Hove City Council. Overseas
BELL Toby Michael Gove None.
BELL-CROSS Lorin John Spellar None.
BELLWOOD Kay Alex Burghart None.
BELOTEN Elisabeth Jeremy Wright None.
BENHAM Mathew Jeff Smith None.
BENN Stephen Hilary Benn Director of Parliamentary Affairs, The Royal Society of Biology (registered charity).
BENNATHAN Oliver Lyn Brown None.
BENNETT Antony Jo Churchill None.
BENNETT Daniel Michael Ellis None.
BENNETT Marley Kerry McCarthy None.
BENNETT Ruth Bob Stewart None.
BENSUSAN Iona Eleanor Laing None.
BERRY Ruth Diane Abbott None.
BERRY Sam Michelle Donelan None.
BESSEY Benjamin Lyn Brown None.
BEST Stacy Stuart Andrew None.
BETTERTON Judith Geoffrey Clifton-Brown None.
BETZ Samuel Andrew Bowie None.
BEVERLEY Alexandra Luke Pollard None.
BEVIN Phillip Jeremy Corbyn Administration and Correspondence Assistant, The Labour Party.
BIRD Collette Jonathan Ashworth None.
BLACHUT Marek Alexander Darren Jones Intern, Labour Digital, Labour Party.
BLACK Alexander Andrew Griffith None.
BLACK Chloe Fiona Bruce None.
BLACKMAN Nicola Bob Blackman Overseas Visits: Overseas Visits: 12-14 July 2019 to Tirana/Ashraf, Albania accompanying Bob Blackman MP to attend a conference on Iran. Transport and accommodation paid for by Hadi Saidi (registered July 2019).
BLACKWELL Kane Andrew Rosindell None.
BLAGBROUGH Howard Craig Whittaker Councillor, Calderdale Council.
BLAIR Claudia Amanda Milling None.
BLAIR Hayley Ellie Reeves None.
BLEACH Sapphire Edward Davey None.
BOCKING Andrew Margaret Greenwood None.
BODEN Rory Mark Francois None.
BOGGIS Theo Tracey Crouch None.
BOLD Matthew Jo Stevens None.
BOLD Suzanne Rosie Duffield None.
BOLTON Jack Shailesh Vara None.
BOND Robert Steve Double None.
BOND-JONES Sophie Victoria Prentis None.
BOSE George Matthew Offord Overseas Visits: 12-15 July 2019 to Albania to accompany Matthew Offord MP to attend the Free Iran Gathering. Travel and accommodation paid for by Mr Hadi Saidi (registered August 2019).
BOUGHTON Joshua Philip Dunne None.
BOUGHTON Matthew Tom Tugendhat Councillor, Maidstone Borough Council.
BOURLEY Anika Esther McVey None.
BOWE Sophie Nusrat Ghani None.
BOYLE Nicola Mark Pawsey None.
BRACCHITTA CORBYN Sebastian John McDonnell None.
BRADBURY Cameron Chloe Smith Presenter, BBC.
BRADFIELD Holly Michelle Donelan Town Councillor, Chippenham Town Council.
BRADLEY Christopher Wayne David None.
BRADY Kate George Howarth None.
BRADY-TURNER Cameron Preet Gill Telephone researcher, Electric Marketing (business-to-business (b2b) marketing)
BRAZIER TOPE Holly Clive Lewis None.
BRIAN Natasha Rachel Reeves None.
BROADHEAD Catherine Bill Wiggin None.
BROCKBANK Louie Julian Sturdy None.
BROOKS-WYATT Adam Robert Courts None.
BROOM Thomas Joy Morrissey None.
BROUGHTON Michael Nigel Evans Gifts/Benefits: 11-12 May 2019 Hospitality ticket to Heineken Champions Cup and one night hotel accommodation, paid for by Heineken UK and Ireland. (registered May 2019).
BROWN Ailie Patrick Grady None.
BROWN Alex David Mundell None.
BROWN James Jon Cruddas None.
BROWN Jill David Simmonds None.
BROWN Kirsty Meg Hillier None.
BROWN Lee Richard Burgon Political Advisor, Labour Party.
BROWN Milton Alex Norris None.
BROWN Morwenna Jeremy Hunt None.
BROWN Nicola Margaret Beckett None.
BROWN Samuel Wesley Paul Girvan None.
BROWN Shona Munira Wilson None.
BROWN Steven Ian Blackford None.
BRUCE Charles Sajid Javid None.
BRYAN Lyn Margaret Beckett None.
BRYCE Elaine Daniel Poulter None.
BUCHANAN Heather Peter Dowd Senior Advisor, Project Heather (Scottish Stock Exchange). Director, FBB (Fair Business Banking) Foundation (research).
BUCHANAN Tara Sally-Ann Hart Administrator, JAF Buchanan (Consultant Surgeon).
BUCKINGHAM Hannah Anna McMorrin None.
BULF Mara Oliver Heald None.
BULLER Jack Nigel Evans None.
BUNBURY Elena Julie Marson None.
BUNTING Conor Kevan Jones None.
BURGESS Simon Lloyd Russell-Moyle None.
BURKE Michael Diane Abbott Parliamentary Adviser, Labour Party.
BURNELL Emma Alex Sobel Communications Consulant, Political Human Ltd (consultancy). Client: Labour for a Public Vote (Campaign on Brexit).
BURNETT Max Martin Vickers None.
BURROWES David Fiona Bruce Chairman, Equity Release Council (not-for-profit organisation).
BURSTOW William Michael Tomlinson Gifts/Benefits: Ticket from Belfast International Airport for England vs South Africa ticket match held on 30 May 2019 at The Oval (registered June 2019).
BUSBY Craig Toby Perkins None.
BUTCHER Harriet Peter Bone None
BUTLER-SMITH Hilary Matthew Offord None.
CADY Charlotte Stephen McPartland None.
CAFFERTY John Emma Hardy Regional Secretary, Unison (trade union).
CAINE Deborah Alison McGovern Local government and union matters consultant, Arc Creative Studies Ltd (liaising with local government and unions).
CALDER Christine Martyn Day None.
CALDERBANK Michael Ian Lavery Consultant, Solidarity Consulting Ltd (political consultancy). Clients: Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union; Fire Brigades Union; Public and Commercial Services Union; National Union of Journalists; Rail, Maritime and Transport Union, Trade Union Coordinating Group (registered July 2019).
CALLAGHAN Daniel Christine Jardine None.
CAMERON Franklin Karl Turner None.
CAMP Emma Jamie Stone None.
CANE Lulu Nigel Evans None.
CANHAM Lesley Jo Churchill None.
CANNON Emily Peter Kyle None.
CARLTON Benjamin Alex Chalk None.
CARLTON Joshua Adam Holloway None.
CARMICHAEL Ella Peter Bottomley None.
CARNALL Stanley Sarah Jones None.
CARSERIDES Loizos Steve Reed None.
CARSON Hannah Ian Murray None.
CARSON Margaret Mary Martyn Day None.
CARTWRIGHT Russell Rachel Hopkins None.
CASEY Georgina Adam Holloway None.
CASS Joshua Dehenna Davison None.
CASSIDY Alistair Carol Monaghan None.
CASSIDY Colleen Lilian Greenwood Councillor, Corby Borough Council.
CASSIDY Iain Andy Slaughter Councillor, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.
CASTLE Laura Julian Smith None.
CASTLEDINE-DACK Sophie Alexander Stafford None.
CATHCART Melissa Jacob Rees-Mogg None.
CAUSER George Caroline Nokes None.
CEKEREVAC Yelena Ben Bradley None.
CHALLINOR Laura Stella Creasy None.
CHAMBERS Adam Mel Stride None.
CHANG Elliott Gareth Davies None.
CHAPMAN Edmund David Amess None.
CHAPMAN Janet Jeremy Corbyn Operations and Project Manager, Labour Party.
CHAPMAN Keith Kate Osborne Official Matchday Programme Editor, Stockport County Football Club.
CHAPMAN Lucy Meg Hillier None.
CHAPMAN Scott Nicola Richards None.
CHARLTON Nova Marie Rimmer None.
CHATFIELD Carol Eleanor Laing Receptionist, Sytner BMW (motor trade).
CHEADLE Luke Lucy Frazer None.
CHIBAH Katherine Bambos Charalambous Councillor, London Borough of Enfield.
CHITTY Alex Wes Streeting None.
CHOHAN Bilal Ruth Cadbury None.
CLACK Graham Laura Trott District Councillor, Sevenoaks District Council.
CLARIDGE Thomas Laura Farris None.
CLARK Celia Alok Sharma None.
CLARK Katy Jeremy Corbyn Political Secretary/Adviser, Labour Party
CLARK Suzanne Alex Norris None.
CLARKE Sophie Danny Kruger None.
CLARKSON Leeann Grahame Morris None.
CLEGG Susan Jack Lopresti None.
CLEVERLEY James Gill Furniss None.
CLODE Victoria James Brokenshire None.
COATMAN Emily Richard Burgon Political Assistant, Labour Party.
COATZ Maria Matthew Pennycook None.
COBBOLD Harry Jo Churchill None.
COEKIN Richard Desmond Swayne Senior Pastor Dundonald Church and Executive Director of Co-Mission, Co-Mission Churches Charitable Trust.
COFFEY Clare Thérèse Coffey None.
COHEN Elaina Khalid Mahmood None.
COHEN Honor Sarah Champion None.
COLEMAN Maurisa Bob Seely None.
COLES Jo-Anna Yvette Cooper None.
COLGAN Deirdre Siobhain McDonagh None.
COLLINS Charles Andrew Selous None.
COLLINS Louis Gordon Marsden None.
COLLIS Louis Shaun Bailey None.
COLLUMBINE Amanda Toby Perkins None.
COLVIN Hannah Jeremy Hunt None.
COLYER Linda John Spellar None.
CONAGHAN Art Andrew Lewer None.
CONEY James Nickie Aiken None.
CONLON Samantha Theo Clarke None.
CONNEELY HUGHES Alex Margaret Hodge None.
CONNOR Jacqui John McDonnell None.
CONTABLE MAXWELL Theresa Bill Wiggin None.
COOK Christopher Andrew Griffith None.
COOK Frederika Alex Davies-Jones None.
COOKE Kelham Gareth Davies Leader of Council, South Kesteven District Council. Constituency Agent, Grantham and Stamford Conservative Party.
COOPER Eric Andrew Jones Councillor and Leader, Harrogate Borough Council. Councillor, North Yorkshire County Council.
COOPER Matthew Luke Pollard None.
COOTES Nicola Matthew Pennycook None.
COPE Elinor Caroline Dinenage Social Media Manager, Wendy MacLennan (exercise company).
CORENBLOOM Vicki Nick Gibb None.
CORIN Spencer Virendra Sharma None.
CORNELL Charlotte Rosie Duffield None.
CORRY-ROAKE Joe Preet Gill Councillor, Lambeth Council.
CORTI Marta Alec Shelbrooke International Programme Manager, Conservative Party.
CORTI Matthew Christina Rees None.
COSGROVE Caroline Lucy Frazer None.
COSTA Maria Alberto Costa None.
COWIE William Wendy Chamberlain None.
COWINGS Gavin David Lammy None.
COWLING James Matt Hancock None.
COX Matthew Selaine Saxby None.
COXON Linda Heather Wheeler None.
COYNE Daniel Louise Haigh None.
CRABB Beatrice Stephen Crabb None.
CRAIG Caroline John Whittingdale None.
CRAVEN Catherine James Sunderland None.
CRIMES Daniel Karl Turner Policy Officer, RMT (trade union).
CRITCHLEY Thomas Barry Sheerman None.
CROGHAN Michael James Morris None.
CROMPTON Harriet Fiona Bruce None.
CROOK Richard Richard Fuller None.
CROOK Samuel David Davis None.
CROOK William John Whittingdale None.
CROPPER Neil Bob Stewart None.
CROSBY Melvin Gareth Thomas None.
CROSSE Maire Nigel Adams None.
CROW Stuart Alan Mak None.
CROWLEY Marianne Darren Henry None.
CROWTHER Sybil Graham Brady None.
CRUSH Jay Stephen Hammond None.
CSONKA Lilla Andrew Rosindell None.
CULLEN Louise Emily Thornberry None.
CULLEN CLOSE Minnie Helen Hayes None.
CULLEN-STEPHENSON Iona Huw Merriman None.
CULLING Sally Richard Bacon None.
CUMMINS Erik Matthew Pennycook None.
CUNEO Julieta Barry Sheerman Project Manager, Bill Macbeth (industry).
CUNNINGHAM John Alex Cunningham None.
CUNNINGHAM Rupert Flick Drummond None.
CUPIT Charlotte Nigel Mills District Councillor, North East Derbyshire District Council.
CURLEY William Paul Scully None.
CURRIE Roz Tommy Sheppard None.
CUSACK Andrew Edward Leigh None.
CZULOWSKI Alexander Nick Fletcher None.
DABROWSKA Joanna Joy Morrissey Councillor, London Borough of Ealing.
DAHMASH Yousef Mark Pawsey Councillor, Warwickshire County Council.
DALES Hazel Kevin Hollinrake None.
DANIEL Kathryn Ruth Cadbury None.
DANIELS Rosie Philip Dunne None.
DANNATT Hilary David Duguid None.
DARBY Martin Oliver Dowden None.
DARROW August Adam Holloway None.