Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 7 February 2020]

Megaw, H to Sekiraqa, A

Staff Sponsor (ie Member) Other Relevant Gainful Occupation, Employment, Gift or Benefit
MEGAW Helen Nick Gibb None.
MEIRION-JONES Megan Tim Farron Researcher, Faith in Public (not for profit company).
MELLIAR-SMITH Rhiannon Jade Emily Thornberry None.
MELLING James Ranil Jayawardena None.
MELLOR Frances Victoria Atkins None.
MELLOTTE Rebecca Michael Gove None.
MENDEE Louis Jeremy Corbyn None.
MERAT Arron Lloyd Russell-Moyle None.
MERRILL Sarah Jeffrey Donaldson None.
METCALFE James Anna McMorrin None.
MICHNA Vanessa Robert Neill None.
MIDDLEHURST Peter Nicholas Brown None.
MIDDLETON Graham James Wild Councillor, Kings Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council. Councillor, Norfolk County Council.
MIDGLEY Anneliese Ian Mearns Political Director, Unite the Union.
MIDGLEY Laura Philip Davies Founder, Campaign Against Political Correctness (non-profit organisation).
MILL Bernadette Robert Goodwill Councillor, London Borough of Waltham Forest.
MILLAR Juliet Claire Coutinho None.
MILLER Catherine Caroline Lucas Chief of Staff, Green Party.
MILLER Honor Emma Lewell-Buck None.
MILLER Thomas Alex Sobel Councillor and Cabinet Member, Brent Council.
MILLETT Peter Darren Henry None.
MILLIGAN Charlotte Imran Ahmad Khan Consultant, Maypole Media (UK) Ltd (Communications and Media training).
MILLS George Simon Hoare None.
MILLS Hugo Stephen Morgan None.
MILLS James John McDonnell None.
MILLS Joanna Caroline Lucas Parliamentary Media Officer, Green Party.
MILNE Seumas Jeremy Corbyn Executive Director Strategy and Communications, Labour Party.
MINAL Julie Stephen Morgan None.
MINICHIELLO Brandon Mark Spencer None.
MINNS Elizabeth Rupa Huq None.
MITCHELL Alexander Rosie Cooper Regional Organiser, Labour Party.
MITCHELL Andrew Julie Elliott None.
MITCHELL Elisabeth Chris Grayling Head of Ministerial Liaison, Conservative Party.
MITCHELL Richard Dan Jarvis None.
MITSON Henry Laura Trott None.
MOFFITT Dominic Virendra Sharma None.
MOHAMMED Zeyn Charlotte Nichols None.
MOLE Jonathan Mike Penning None.
MONASTERIO Giulia Bambos Charalambous None.
MONCRIEFF James Jonathan Lord None.
MONTAGNE Sophie James Gray None.
MONTEITH-MANN Jamie Dave Simmonds None.
MOORE Alex Nicola Richards None.
MOORE Joseph Angela Rayner Political Adviser, Labour Party.
MOORE Rebecca Andy Slaughter None.
MOORE Sally-Ann Jim Shannon None.
MORETON Joshua Gary Sambrook Campaign Manager, Conservative Party.
MORGAN Emilia Isobel James Heappey None.
MORGAN Hayley Kevin Brennan None.
MORIARTY Jerry Chris Law None.
MORRELL Sophia Jonathan Reynolds Gifts/Benefits: Ticket for Chelsea Flower Show and dinner on 20 May 2019, from EY (registered May 2019).
MORRIS Joseph Bill Esterson None.
MORRIS Theo Andrea Leadsom None.
MOSELY Max Stella Creasy None.
MOUSLEY Jeanne Conor Burns None.
MULDOWNEY Michael Scott Mann None.
MULHOLLAND Arran Stuart McDonald None.
MUNDELL Hamish Rebecca Harris None.
MUNN Jonah Stephen Morgan None.
MUNRO Greg Boris Johnson None.
MUNSON Thomas Priti Patel None.
MURPHY Andrew Alison Thewliss None.
MURPHY Callum Wendy Morton None.
MURPHY Ella Aaron Bell None.
MURPHY Karie Jeremy Corbyn None.
MURPHY Niall John Nicolson None.
MURRAY Elizabeth Chris Loder None.
MURRAY Margaret Alan Brown None.
MURRAY Maria Greg Hands None.
MURRAY Thomas Rachel Reeves None.
MURRISON Jennifer Andrew Murrison None.
MUSPRATT Chris Andrew Rosindell None.
MYERS Daniel Rachael Maskell Councillor, City of York Council.
MYERS Sally Peter Bottomley None.
MYTON Gareth John Cryer None.
NAGLE Rosie James Heappey None.
NEIL Yvonne Elizabeth Truss None.
NELSON Carrie Chris Green None.
NELSON Daniel Jackie Doyle-Price Councillor, Southend Borough Council.
NELSON Richard Jeremy Hunt None.
NEWHALL James John Penrose None.
NEWMAN Claire Rachael Maskell Senior Parliamentary Officer, Parliamentary Christian Trust (charity).
NEWMAN Harriet Richard Drax None.
NEWMAN Katie Laurence Robertson None.
NEWMAN Lara Laura Trott Senior Consultant, Portland Communications (political consultancy and public relations agency).
NICHOLL Gloria John Redwood None.
NICHOLSON Oliver Edward Miliband None.
NIXON George George Eustice None.
NIXON Tracy John Stevenson None.
NOBLE Sarah Richard Holden None.
NOON Conor Tracey Crouch Late Duty Press Officer, Conservative Campaign Headquarters.
NORKETT Rebecca Daniel Kawczynski None.
NORTH James Maggie Throup None.
NORTH Kirsty Thérèse Coffey Test Valley Borough Councillor. Hampshire County Councillor. Gifts/Benefits: 21 June 2019 Ticket to Royal Ascot provided by ITV (registered July 2019).
NORTON Ryan Martin Whitfield Communications Manager, Iain Gray MSP, Scottish Parliament.
NOWAK Stefan Adam Afriyie None.
NUNN Ben Keir Starmer Political Adviser, Labour Party.
NUNNS Alex Jeremy Corbyn Speechwriter, Labour Party.
OAKES Joseph Chris Heaton-Harris None.
OATES George Ellie Reeves None.
OATES Mark Daniel Kawczynski None.
OBORN Nicholas Steve Baker None.
O'BRIEN Amy Ruth Cadbury None.
O'BRIEN Bethany Oliver Dowden None.
O'DONNELL Ruaidhri Tony Lloyd None.
O'DONOHOE James Chris Grayling None.
OFFLEY Jemma Felicity Buchan None.
O'KEEFFE Ben Ben Lake None.
O'LEARY John Ian Blackford None.
OLINS Jack Kelly Tolhurst None.
OLIVER-LAWLOR Regina Angela Rayner None.
OLSEN Sara Chris Grayling None.
O'MALLEY Olivia Julian Knight None.
O'NEILL Conor Fabian Hamilton None.
O'NEILL Daniel Esther McVey Director, DJO Political, Digital Strategy Consultancy.
O'REILLY Tara Clive Efford Coordinator, Labour Tribune MPs (a group of MPs in the Parliamentary Labour Party).
O'RIORDAN Katherine Edward Leigh Solicitor, Yugin & Partners Solicitors.
ORR Austin Paul Girvan None.
OSAMOR Ishmael Kate Osamor None.
OSBORNE Alice Rupa Huq None.
OSBORNE Joseph Peter Bottomley None.
O'SHEA Lorraine Cheryl Gillan None.
OWEN Charlotte Boris Johnson None.
OWEN Gwenda Jo Stevens None.
OWENS Ella Chris Green None.
OXLEY Gregory Eddie Hughes Parliamentary Intern, Catholic Bishops Conference (public affairs).
PADGETT Nathalie Catherine West None.
PAGES-SANCHEZ Tiffany Thérèse Coffey None.
PAINE Oliva Caroline Lucas None.
PAKES Andrew Daniel Zeichner Union Official, Prospect (trade union).
PALLISTER Patsy Rose Julie Elliott None.
PALMER Sarah-Jane Tracey Crouch None.
PALMER Sharon Marsha De Cordova None.
PALMIERI Laura Richard Fuller None.
PANTELIC Natasa Chris Bryant Councillor, Slough Borough Council. Member of LGA Community Wellbeing Board, Local Government Association.
PAPWORTH Holly Robert Halfon Overseas Visits: 11-12 July 2019 to Geneva, Switzerland to attend UN Human Rights Council Session. Flights, accomodation and food provided by the British Tamil Forum (registered August 2019).
PARFITT-REID Charlotte Helen Grant None.
PARISH Susan Neil Parish None.
PARKER Daniel Jessica Morden None.
PARKER Lauren James Murray None.
PARKES Jonathon Liz Kendall None.
PARRETT Victoria Melanie Onn None.
PARROTT Nick Angela Rayner Researcher, Labour Party. Part-time consultant, clients: GMB trade union, and People's Momentum Limited (a political organisation).
PARSELLE Stephen Conor Burns None.
PARTINGTON Mary John McDonnell None.
PATEL Kushal Grant Shapps None.
PATEL Mili David Lammy Cabinet Member local council, London Borough of Brent.
PATERSON Alexander Zarah Sultana Communications Officer, Labour Party. Councillor, Rochester West, Medway Council.
PATERSON Angela John Howell None.
PATERSON Brooke Dominic Raab None.
PATERSON Daniel Jonathan Djanogly Freelance contractor providing PR/public affairs advice. Client: Best for Britain (a civil society campaign to keep the door open to EU membership).
PATON BROWN Lucy Giles Watling None.
PAYNE Andreas Charles Walker Councillor, Broxbourne Borough Council.
PAYNE Katie Nadhim Zahawi None.
PAYNE Rosella Michael Tomlinson Paid by the Methodist Church for part-time work I do in Parliament.
PAYNE Samuel Layla Moran None.
PAYTER Imogen Alan Mak Consultant, APPG on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (All Party Parliamentary Group). Overseas Visits: 15-20 April 2019 to San Francisco Bay Area, USA to support APPG on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IRAPPG) visit to Silicon Valley technology companies. All flights, accommodation, food, transport and other expenses paid for by the 4IRAPPG (registered May 2019).
PEACE Victoria Karl Turner None.
PEACOCK Daniel Fleur Anderson None.
PEARCE Helen Rachael Maskell Director, TULO (The Trade Union & Labour Party Liaison Organisation).
PEARSALL Claire Caroline Nokes Councillor, Sevenoaks District Council.
PECK Sarah Chris Heaton-Harris None.
PEEK Elise Jane Hunt None.
PELLEW Dominic Stephen Timms None.
PELLY Susanna Stephen Doughty None.
PENNY Cheryl John McNally None.
PENTLAND Harriet Tom Pursglove District Councillor, East Northamptonshire Council.
PERCIVAL John Cat Smith None.
PERRY Marion Jeffrey Donaldson Researcher, Democratic Unionist Party.
PETERMAN Annie-Rose Emily Thornberry None.
PETERS Dana Mark Pawsey Secretary, Elanar Properties (property development). Secretary, The Podcast Company (audio production).
PETERS Thomas Peter Dowd Political Adviser, Labour Party.
PETERSEN Nicolette Jeremy Corbyn None.
PETRIE Ann Pete Wishart None.
PHILIPSBORN Jack Julian Smith None.
PHILLIPS Nathan Lloyd Russell-Moyle None.
PHIPPS Simon Suzanne Webb Councillor, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council.
PIRIE Lee Douglas Chapman None.
PISKA Edward Chris Philp None.
PLANT Katherine Christopher Pincher None.
PLATT Lorraine Roger Gale Researcher, Conservatives Against Fox Hunting (wildlife protection campaign).
PLATT-WILLIAMSON Julie Julian Smith None.
PLAUT Martin Nick Smith None.
PLIMMER CLARKE Susan Jane Hunt None.
PNG Abel (Jun Jian) Holly Mumby Croft None.
PODBIELSKI-STEWART Claire Bob Stewart None.
POLLEN Carmel Marsha De Cordova None.
POLUNINA Darja Paul Scully None.
POMEROY Jim Sarah Champion None.
POOLE Emma Richard Graham None.
POOLEY Clare John Whittingdale None.
POONI Narinder Singh Neil O'Brien None.
POPAT Bhavika Darren Henry None.
POPE Jacqueline Chris Evans None.
PORCH Cylina Carol Monaghan None.
PORTER Alexandra Liam Byrne None.
POSKITT Adele Jeffrey Donaldson None.
POTTER Addison Andrew Percy None.
POTTS Ruth Caroline Lucas Researcher, Green New Deal Group (policy group).
POULTER Carol Daniel Poulter Councillor, Suffolk Coastal District Council.
POULTER Nigel Daniel Poulter None.
POWELL Andrew Rachel Maclean None.
POWYS-SMITH Asja Nusrat Ghani None.
PRESTON Lewis Elliot Colburn None.
PREW Maria Steve Brine None.
PRICE Carys Chris Elmore None.
PRIME Jennifer Mark Pritchard None.
PRINCE Kerri-Anne Alex Cunningham Local Authority Councillor, London Borough of Hillingdon.
PRIOR Edward Julie Marson None.
PRITCHARD Jason Clive Lewis Common Councilman, Common Council of the City of London. Director, Community Energy London (support and projects for community energy).
PRITCHARD William Christopher Pincher None.
PROSYANYK Yuliya Robert Goodwill None.
PROUDFOOT Luke Maria Caulfield Administrator, Lewes Constituency Conservative Association.
PROVAN Amy Paul Blomfield None.
PUDDY Thomas Chris Philp None.
PUGH Kate James Gray None.
PUGH Reece Steve Brine District Councillor, Thanet District Council.
PULA Regont Nia Griffith Political Adviser, Labour Party.
PURCELL Kathryn Jeremy Corbyn National Executive Committee and Trade Union Liaison Manager.
PYCOCK Daniel Craig Tracey None.
QUINN Ellis Rushanara Ali None.
QUINN Kathleen Martin Docherty-Hughes None.
QURESHI Kassim Andrew Percy None.
RADFORD James Gareth Johnson None.
RADIA Devi Jeremy Quin Councillor, ward of West Ruislip.
RAINBOW Harriet Richard Harrington None.
RAMSAY Alison Geoffrey Cox None.
RANDALL Edward Siobhain McDonagh None.
RANDELL Christopher Lisa Nandy None.
RANGER Phoebe Mike Penning None.
RANSON Lauren Ben Bradshaw None.
RASPIN Jessica Toby Perkins None.
RAVEN Niamh Neil Coyle None.
RAYNSFORD Alison Rupa Huq None.
READ Jason Paul Blomfield None.
READ Meg Neil Coyle None.
REARDON BOND Helene Jeremy Corbyn Director of the Leader's Opposition, Labour Party.
REARDON BOND Jack Jeremy Corbyn None.
REASON Mitchell Danny Kruger None.
REAY Tamara Danny Kruger None.
REES Bethan Oliver Dowden None.
REEVE Helen Christine Jardine Programme Manager, Westminster Foundation for Democracy (democracy strengthening).
REEVE Tracy Richard Bacon None.
REILLY Ciaran Barry Gardiner Political Adviser, Labour Party.
RENNARD Chloe Anthony Browne None.
RENNIE Alexander Alan Mak Councillor, Havant Borough Council. Overseas Visits: 15-20 April 2019 to San Francisco Bay Area, USA to support APPG on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR APPG) visit to Silicon Valley technology companies. All flights, accommodation, food, transport and other expenses paid by the 4IRAPPG (registered May 2019).
RENWICK Simon Paul Maynard None.
REVILLE Rachel Stephen Timms None.
REYNOLDS Claire Jonathan Reynolds National Officer, Labour Women's Network.
REYNOLDS Frances Michael Gove None.
REYNOLDS Katherine Stephen McPartland None.
REYNOLDS Kelly Tobias Ellwood Associate Secretary, Bournemouth East Conservatives.
REYNOLDS Siobhán Peter Kyle None.
RICHARDS Charlotte Eleanor Laing None.
RICHARDS Jennifer Iain Stewart None.
RICHARDS Suzanne Mike Kane Councillor, Manchester City Council.
RICHER Harry Lucy Frazer None.
RICKARD Samuel Theresa Villiers None.
RILEY Ian Dominic Raab None.
RILEY-SMITH William Chris Heaton-Harris None.
RIZK Samantha Robert Jenrick None.
ROACH Carey Edward Davey Also employed as Parliamentary Assistant, paid for by the Liberal Democrats.
ROBERTO Tomas Jerome Mayhew None.
ROBERTS Alun Hywel Williams None.
ROBERTS Amanda George Eustice None.
ROBERTS Bethan Tonia Antoniazzi None.
ROBERTS Nicola Graham Stuart None.
ROBERTS Rhian Hywel Williams None.
ROBERTSON Anne Laurence Robertson Gifts/benefit: Hospitality provided by Chester Race Company Limited at Chester Racecourse on 10 May 2019 (registered May 2019). Hospitality provided by Alizeti Capital Ltd at Ascot Racecourse on 19 June 2019 and Sports Information Services Ltd at Ascot Racecourse on 22 June 2019 (registered July 2019). Hospitality provided by GVC plc (Ladbroke Coral) at Cheltenham Racecourse on 14 March 2019, and Sandown Park Racecourse on 6 July 2019 (registered August 2019). Hospitality provided by William Hill plc at Doncaster Racecourse on 14 September 2019 (registered October 2019).
ROBERTSON Mary Jeremy Corbyn Head of Economic Policy, Labour Party.
ROBIN Rafaelle Daniel Zeichner None.
ROBINS Samuel Robert Neill None.
ROBINSON Adam Neil Gray None.
ROBINSON David Rob Roberts Teacher, Kol Chai Synagogue.
ROBINSON Jack Felicity Buchan None.
ROBINSON Joshua Antony Higginbotham None.
ROBINSON Lewis Stuart Graham None.
ROBISON Fay Kirsty Blackman None.
ROBSON Candida Miriam Cates None.
ROBSON Katherine Chris Matheson None.
ROCHE Rosemary Daniel Zeichner None.
RODGER Michelle Hannah Bardell Communications Consultant, Tartan Cat Consultancy.
RODRIGUES PINTO Raquel Filipa Seema Malhotra None.
ROGERS Benedict Fiona Bruce East Asia Team Leader, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (human rights NGO).
ROLFE Adam Iain Stewart None.
ROLFE Alex Helen Grant None.
ROMAINE Rebecca Chris Skidmore None.
ROSS Alan Stewart Hosie Councillor, Dundee City Council.
ROSTRON Catherine Boris Johnson None.
ROTHERHAM Lee John Hayes Executive Director, Veterans for Britain (think tank). Director, The Red Cell (think tank). Research work for Rupert Matthews (Member of the European Parliament).
ROUND Laura Penny Mordaunt None.
ROUTLEDGE Alexandra John Mann None.
ROWE Timothy Chris Philp Managing Director, Cobalt Consulting Limited.
ROWLANDS Kay Jamie Wallis Councillor, Bridgend County Borough Council.
ROWNTREE Gillian Julie Elliott None.
ROYCROFT Alexander Nicholas Brown None.
RUDKIN Phillipa Thérèse Coffey None.
RUFFLES Kathryn Kevin Foster None.
RUSSELL Daniel Giles Watling None.
RUSSELL David Angela Crawley None.
RUSSELL-JONES Lily Geraint Davies None.
RUTHERFORD Jonathan Rachel Reeves Political Advisor, Labour Together (Labour political organisation).
RUTLAND Darren Henry Smith None.
RYDER Anna Jess Phillips None.
SABOOR Jennifer Albert Owen None.
SABRI Dean Stephen Lloyd Councillor, Eastbourne Borough Council.
SADRI Raymond Kit Malthouse None.
SALISBURY Emma Paul Holmes None.
SALL Gulsharan John Cryer None.
SALTER Joseph Karin Smyth None.
SALTSMAN Madeline Andrew Percy None.
SANDERSON Ross John Lamont None.
SANDS Davide Ben Bradshaw None.
SANGRA-PICKERING Harpreet Andrew Bridgen None.
SANQUEST Cara Stella Creasy None.
SANSOM Timothy Luke Evans None.
SANUSI Ayobami Diane Abbott None.
SARGEANT Kari Tim Loughton None.
SAUNDERS Chantel Shailesh Vara None.
SAUNDERS William Alister Jack None.
SAVAGE Bartholomew Lucy Allan None.
SCALLY Clare Mike Amesbury None.
SCHWARTZ Connor Caroline Lucas None.
SCIPANOVA Samanta Chris Matheson Office staff, Sir John Cass Halls.
SCOTT Nina Chloe Smith Councillor, Sevenoaks District Council.
SCOTT-JAMES Sophie Robert Halfon None.
SCOTT-MCCLAFFERTY Jennifer Ronnie Cowan None.
SCOZZAFAVA Emilio Rosena Allin-Khan Campaigns Organiser, Labour Party.
SCULLION David William Cash Deputy Editor, Brexit Central (website).
SEACHOY Declan Jeremy Corbyn None.
SEARS Samuel Alun Cairns None.
SEATON ULLIOTT David John Cryer None.
SEBBANA Yasmeen Kier Starmer None.
SEDGWICK Tom Andrew Gwynne None.
SEIFFARTH Martin Rehman Chishti None.
SEKIRAQA Agim Karen Buck None.