Register Of Interests Of Members' Secretaries And Research Assistants [as at 20 March 2020]

Mackinlay, C to Richardson, A

Sponsor (ie Member) Staff Other Relevant Gainful Occupation, Employment, Gift or Benefit
MACKINLAY Craig Mel Barratt None.
Ruth Lea None.
MACKRORY Cherilyn Huw David None.
MACLEAN Rachel Rebekah Davis None.
Andrew Powell None.
Kurt Ward None.
MACNEIL Angus Nikita Harkin None.
Christopher Levick Regional Director, Westminster Foundation for Democracy (foreign affairs).
MADDERS Justin Kerie-Anne Ivory None.
Julie Spencer None.
MAHMOOD Khalid Elaina Cohen None.
Agha Hasan None.
MAHMOOD Shabana William Hingley None.
Luke Holland None.
MAK Alan Stuart Crow None.
Imogen Payter Consultant, APPG on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (All Party Parliamentary Group). Overseas Visits: 15-20 April 2019 to San Francisco Bay Area, USA to support APPG on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IRAPPG) visit to Silicon Valley technology companies. All flights, accommodation, food, transport and other expenses paid for by the 4IRAPPG (registered May 2019).
Alexander Rennie Councillor, Havant Borough Council. Overseas Visits: 15-20 April 2019 to San Francisco Bay Area, USA to support APPG on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR APPG) visit to Silicon Valley technology companies. All flights, accommodation, food, transport and other expenses paid by the 4IRAPPG (registered May 2019).
MALHOTRA Seema Anthony Egan None.
Gurinder Jhans Councillor, Crawley Borough Council.
Aadam Mirza None.
Raquel Filipa Rodrigues Pinto None.
Benjamin Wright None.
MALTHOUSE Kit Charles Hosmer None.
Raymond Sadri None.
Emma Tilley None.
MANGNALL Anthony Jennifer Rackham None.
MANN Scott Rachel Beadle None.
Michael Muldowney None.
Nicola Wade None.
MARSON Julie Lesley Bagulay None.
Elena Bunbury None.
Olivia Frost None.
Edward Prior None.
MASKELL Rachael Andrew Flannagan Researcher, Christians in Politics (citizenship).
Daniel Myers Councillor, City of York Council.
Claire Newman Senior Parliamentary Officer, Parliamentary Christian Trust (charity).
Helen Pearce Director, TULO (The Trade Union & Labour Party Liaison Organisation).
MATHESON Chris Lina Del Rosario Araujo Contract Lawyer, Iilex Limited (legal services)
Katherine Robson None.
Samanta Scipanova Office staff, Sir John Cass Halls.
MAY Theresa Maya Mann None.
Jennifer Sharkey None.
Emma Willis None.
MAYHEW Jerome Tomas Roberto None.
MAYNARD Paul Simon Renwick None.
Robin Stocks None.
MCCABE Steve Bethan Jones None.
Linda Spencer None.
MCCARTHY Kerry Thomas Anderton None.
Marley Bennett None.
Jake Clough None.
MCCARTNEY Jason Robert Daniel None.
MCCARTNEY Karl Daniel Bell None.
MCDONAGH Siobhain Daniel Ashcroft None.
Deirdre Colgan None.
Edward Randall None.
MCDONAGH Soibhan Helen Mackie None.
MCDONALD Andy Karl Hansen Paid by the Labour Party to work in the office of Andy McDonald MP.
Marc Machover None.
Ian Taylor Policy Adviser, Labour Party.
MCDONALD Stewart Malcolm Dovydas Kuliesas None.
Keith Thomson None.
MCDONALD Stuart Kirsty Andrew Office Manager, Jamie Hepburn MSP (Member of the Scottish Parliament).
Angus MacLeod Parliamentary Assistant to Jamie Hepburn MSP, Scottish Parliament.
Arran Mulholland None.
MCDONNELL John Suha Abdul None.
Beth Ashby Operations Officer, The Labour Party.
Sebastian Bracchitta Corbyn None.
Jacqui Connor None.
Max Harris None.
Rory Macqueen Political Advisor, Labour Party.
James Mills None.
Finn Smith None.
Andrew Whitaker None.
Madeleine Williams Chief of Staff, Labour Party.
MCFADDEN Pat Terri Garratt None.
Sadia Ghani None.
MCGINN Conor Benjamin Lucas None.
Claire Tighe Director, Banba Communications Limited (public affairs consultancy). Clients: British Irish Chamber of Commerce, Irish in Britain, Irish International Business Network, London Irish Construction Network.
Winston James Winston None.
MCGOVERN Alison Deborah Caine Local government and union matters consultant, Arc Creative Studies Ltd (liaising with local government and unions).
Jay Glover None.
Holly Higgins None.
MCKINNELL Catherine Daniel Greenhough None.
Jordan Hall None.
MCMAHON Jim Robert Bates Political and Parliamentary Officer, The Co-Operative Party.
Marianna Masters Councillor, Lambeth Council.
Paul Wheeler Trainer, Political Skills Forum (training). Clients: Local Government Association (training of Councillors).
MCMORRIN Anna Hannah Buckingham None.
Lauren Kinsey None.
James Metcalfe None.
MCNALLY John Rebecca McKinlay None.
Cheryl Mills None.
MCPARTLAND Stephen Charlotte Cady None.
Katherine Reynolds None.
MCVEY Esther Anika Bourley None.
Angela McPake None.
Daniel O'Neill Director, DJO Political, Digital Strategy Consultancy.
MEARNS Ian Leigh Kirton Councillor, Gateshead Council.
Kris Lavery None.
Anneliese Midgley Political Director, Unite the Union.
MENZIES Mark Adam Gibbor None.
Richard Grocott None.
MERRIMAN Huw Iona Cullen-Stephenson None.
Memuna Hussain None.
Frances McKenna None.
METCALFE Stephen Beverley Groves None.
Robert Sheridan None.
Karen Smith Paid by the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee (an All-Party Parliamentary Group) to act as its Secretary.
MILIBAND Edward Oliver Nicholson None.
Francesca Phillips None.
Lynsey Tod None.
Laura Wigan None.
MILLER Maria Juliet Henderson None.
Annabel Jones None.
Chris Lynch None.
Anastasia Starostina None.
MILLING Amanda Claudia Blair None.
Francesca Froggatt None.
MILLS Nigel Charlotte Cupit District Councillor, North East Derbyshire District Council.
Bethany Warke None.
MITCHELL Andrew Emily Allan None.
Yasmin Ghaffar None.
James Higgs None.
Samantha Mackewn Administrator, One Nation Dining Club, Nick's Diner, (members dining clubs).
MOLLOY Francie Joseph Dwyer None.
Ciaran McElhone None.
Emma Sheerin None.
MONAGHAN Carol Alistair Cassidy None.
Catherine Frazer None.
Cylina Porch None.
Craig Steele None.
MOORE Damien Daniel Dewhurst Councillor, Preston City Council.
Marc Levy External Affairs Manager, Jewish Leadership Council (charity).
MOORE Robbie Jenny Fleischer None.
Jordan Young None.
MORAN Layla Jack Baldwin None.
Samuel Payne None.
Jack Valentine None.
MORDAUNT Penny Lucinda Jamieson None.
Laura Round None.
Daniel Wemyss None.
MORDEN Jessica Lynn Glaister None.
Daniel Parker None.
MORGAN Stephen Ellen Giddey None.
Hugo Mills None.
Julie Minal None.
Jonah Munn None.
MORRIS Anne Marie Jonathan Haseldine None.
Emma Heywood None.
MORRIS David Emma Smith Overseas Visits: 9-12 May 2019 to Jersey accompanying David Morris MP. Flights, accommodation, travel, food and drink paid for by the Government of Jersey (registered June 2019). 4-18 August 2019 to Turkey accompanying David Morris MP paid for by ITSEB Turkish Speaking Health Professionals in the UK and Yunus Emre Institute (registered September 2019). 6-8 September 2019 to Gibraltar accompanying David Morris MP as part of the Gibraltar APPG for Gibraltar National Day. Flights and accommodation paid for by Government of Gibraltar (registered October 2019).
MORRIS Grahame Leeann Clarkson None.
Richard Hanford Consultant, Solidarity Consulting Ltd (political consultancy). Clients: PCS (Public and Commercial Services union), RMT (National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers), FBU (Fire Brigades Union); Addaction, Humankind, and WDP (drugs and alcohol treatment providers) (registered July 2019).
MORRIS James Michael Croghan None.
Samantha Hadley None.
MORRISSEY Joy Thomas Broom None.
Joanna Dabrowska Councillor, London Borough of Ealing.
Aleksandra Turner None.
MORTON Wendy Callum Murphy None.
Peter Vines None.
MULLAN Kieran Katharine Beswick None.
Sean Houlston None.
Alistair Walker None.
MUMBY-CROFT Holly Abel (Jun Jian) Png None.
MUNDELL David Christopher Bamber None.
Alex Brown None.
Sophie Ferdinand None.
MURRAY Ian Hannah Carson None.
Lesley Gulland None.
MURRAY James Jenny Killin None.
Lauren Parker None.
Keira Vernon None.
Diane Wall None.
MURRAY Sheryll Robert Davidson Overseas Visits: 9-12 May 2019 to Jersey accompanying Sheryll Murray MP. Airfare, accommodation, travel, food and drink paid for by the Government of Jersey (registered June 2019). 4-18 August 2019 to Turkey accompanying Sheryll Murray MP. Flights, domestic transport and accommodation paid for by Yunus Emre Enstitüsü (Yunus Emre Institute) and ITSEB Turkish Speaking Health Professionals in the UK (registered September 2019).
MURRISON Andrew Jennifer Murrison None.
NANDY Lisa Jade Azim None.
Luke Francis Consultant, Lisa Nandy for Leader (campaign).
Christopher Randell None.
NEILL Robert Jane Matthews None.
Vanessa Michna None.
Samuel Robins None.
NEWLANDS Gavin Jonathan Mackie None.
Lindsay Stevenson None.
NICHOLS Charlotte Zeyn Mohammed None.
NICI Lia Mark Seymour None.
NICOLSON John Niall Murphy None.
Archippus Sturrock None.
Lynda Williamson None.
NOKES Caroline George Causer None.
Claire Pearsall Councillor, Sevenoaks District Council.
Ryan Sutton None.
NORMAN Jesse Zeinub Hussain None.
NORRIS Alex Graham Allen None.
Milton Brown None.
Suzanne Clark None.
Joseph Fortune General Secretary, The Co-operative Party.
O'BRIEN Neil Catharine Kingsbury None.
Narinder Singh Pooni None.
Shirley Tovell None.
O'HARA Brendan Michelle Van Der Stighelen None.
OFFORD Matthew George Bose Overseas Visits: 12-15 July 2019 to Albania to accompany Matthew Offord MP to attend the Free Iran Gathering. Travel and accommodation paid for by Mr Hadi Saidi (registered August 2019).
Hilary Butler-Smith None.
Madeline King None.
OLNEY Sarah Phoebe Finn None.
Ellen Purton None.
Charlotte Weir None.
ONWURAH Chi James Bamborough None.
OPPERMAN Guy Matthew McPherson None.
OPPONG-ASARE Abena Michelle Uden None.
OSAMOR Kate Joseph Hurst None.
Amy Laver None.
Ishmael Osamor None.
OSBORNE Kate Keith Chapman Official Matchday Programme Editor, Stockport County Football Club.
Kate Emily Dove None.
Liam Lavery None.
OWATEMI Taiwo Siddo Dwyer None.
Mollie McHale None.
OWEN Sarah James Ali None.
Natalie Williams Communications Consulant, Jubilee+ (poverty fighting charity).
PAISLEY Ian Barry Hall None.
PARISH Neil Edward Bayfield None.
Carys Major None.
Susan Parish None.
Joseph Tetlow None.
PATEL Priti Stuart Gulleford None.
David Leaf Councillor, London Borough of Bexley.
Thomas Munson None.
Sacha Surgenor None.
PATERSON Owen Claire Ayres None.
Alexandra Guyver None.
Robert Thomas None.
PAWSEY Mark Nicola Boyle None.
Yousef Dahmash Councillor, Warwickshire County Council.
Dana Peters Secretary, Elanar Properties (property development). Secretary, The Podcast Company (audio production).
PEACOCK Stephanie Elin Smith None.
PENNING Mike Henrietta Freeman Owen None.
Jonathan Mole None.
Phoebe Ranger None.
Susan Stow None.
Imran Ullah None.
PENNYCOOK Matthew Georgina Beasley None.
Maria Coatz None.
Nicola Cootes None.
Erik Cummins None.
PENROSE John Charlotte Beaupere None.
James Newhall None.
PERCY Andrew James Gurd Political Director, Conservative Friends of Israel (political research).
Addison Potter None.
Kassim Qureshi None.
Madeline Saltsman None.
PERKINS Toby Gavin Baldauf-Good None.
Craig Busby None.
Amanda Collumbine None.
Jessica Raspin None.
PHILLIPS Jess Olenka Hodge None.
Anna Ryder None.
PHILLIPSON Bridget Jeeshan Choudhury None.
Scott Dickson None.
Ben Fazakerley None.
Jessica Holden None.
Charlotte Tosti None.
PHILP Chris Ryan Baldry Late Duty Press Officer, Conservative Campaign Headquarters.
Lynne Hale Councillor, London Borough of Croydon.
Edward Piska None.
Thomas Puddy None.
Timothy Rowe Managing Director, Cobalt Consulting Limited.
PINCHER Christopher Katherine Plant None.
William Pritchard None.
Marcus Wells None.
POLLARD Luke Alexandra Beverley None.
Matthew Cooper None.
Kieran Maxwell None.
POULTER Daniel Elaine Bryce None.
Carol Poulter Councillor, Suffolk Coastal District Council.
Nigel Poulter None.
POW Rebecca Jack Davies Assistant to Baroness Amanda Sater, House of Lords.
POWELL Lucy Anthony McCaul None.
PRENTIS Victoria Sophie Bond-Jones None.
Thomas Haynes None.
Zoe McLernon None.
Catharine Wozniak None.
PRITCHARD Mark Carl Jackson None.
Jennifer Prime None.
Sondra Spaeth None.
PURSGLOVE Tom Harriet Edmunds None.
Archie Greenslade None.
Harriet Pentland District Councillor, East Northamptonshire Council.
Mallory Thorpe None.
QUIN Jeremy Callum Mansfield None.
QUIN Jeremy Susan Hay None.
Devi Radia Councillor, ward of West Ruislip.
QUINCE Will Fabian Green None.
QURESHI Yasmin Sadia Ali None.
Joshua Ames Blackaby Researcher and Coordinator, APPG Religion in the Media (promoting religious literacy).
Nadeem Ashraf None.
RAAB Dominic Rosie Matheson None.
Brooke Paterson None.
Ian Riley None.
Jack Worlidge None.
RANDALL Tom Sam Smith Councillor, Gedling Borough Council.
Naomi Snowdon None.
RAYNER Angela David Doig Political Adviser, Labour Party.
Joseph Moore Political Adviser, Labour Party.
Regina Oliver-Lawlor None.
Nick Parrott Researcher, Labour Party. Part-time consultant, clients: GMB trade union, and People's Momentum Limited (a political organisation).
REDWOOD John Myles Larrington None.
Gloria Nicholl None.
REED Steve Nicholas Beall None.
Loizos Carserides None.
Louise Szpera None.
REES-MOGG Jacob Melissa Cathcart None.
Stacey Tong None.
REES Christina George Cawsey Councillor, Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council.
Matthew Corti None.
Ciaran James Kearney None.
Brendan Toomey None.
REEVES Ellie Hayley Blair None.
Julia Margetts None.
George Oates None.
REEVES Rachel Natasha Brian None.
Frederick Davies None.
Gabriel Forcella-Burton None.
Nick Garland Research Consultant, Labour Together (political organisation).
Jayne Hill None.
Thomas Murray None.
REYNOLDS Jonathan Louise Davies None.
Sophia Morrell Gifts/Benefits: Ticket for Chelsea Flower Show and dinner on 20 May 2019, from EY (registered May 2019).
Claire Reynolds National Officer, Labour Women's Network.
RIBEIRO-ADDY Bell Oliver Collard None.
Aliyah Davies None.
Suzanne De Emmony None.
William Singh None.
RICHARDS Nicola Scott Chapman None.
Alex Moore None.
Dominic Stanford None.
RICHARDSON Angela Diana Brown None.
Kristopher Hearsum None.
Robert Lammas None.